"Bella, hurry up!" My friend Lucinda called to me.

"I'm hurrying, I'm hurrying!" God! My eight year old legs could only go so fast! We were at the "Ironside Fair" that took place every year in the middle of the year. As usual it was very crowded. We had just gotten off the Tilt-A-Whirl and were trying to get to the Haunted House before the line got any bigger. I dodged one person after another trying to get to Lucinda when I ran smack into someone.

"I'm sorry." I started to apologize. I looked up at the person I ran into, and I felt my jaw drop open. It was a man. His skin was even paler then mine, never actually thought that was possible, his hair was long and blonde and tied back in a ponytail. But that wasn't the surprising thing about him. What really got me were his eyes. They were positively red! Who in all of Phoenix had red eyes?!

"Bella! Come on!" Lucinda ran up to me and pulled my arm around the man. We ran until we reached the end of the line of the Haunted House. "What was taking you?"

"Sorry Lucinda. I ran into this guy and… God, Lucinda! His eyes were red!"

"Red? Are you alright Bella?" Lucinda asked, giving me a 'are you crazy' look. "No one in all of Phoenix has red eyes."

"But they were!" I insisted.

"It might just have been one of the color lights hanging everywhere made it look like he had red eyes. Or maybe you're getting tired. It is late." It was late. Maybe ten, ten-thirty, something like that.

"Yeah. That must be it." That was the only logical explanation. I was just tired and my eyes were playing tricks on me. We finally were able to get into the last car for the haunted house. This was going to be fun. It was always funny to see the lame monsters and stuff in these places. Apparently there were three rooms. One for werewolves, one for zombies, and one for vampires.

"After this ride we'll go back to your house and finish our sleep over." Lucinda said as the ride started to move. I couldn't stop laughing. The first thing we saw was The Forest Of Werewolves. The wolves were obviously made out of some cheap fabric. Next was The Town Of Zombies. Please. They were just pillow cases stuffed with raw meet in clothes. We finally made it to The Graveyard Of Vampires. I looked up at the first vampire and gaped at it. It actually wasn't bad looking at all. Normally in these things they had these little skeletons with capes and bat wings but this… this one look almost human. It had pale skin and dark hair. It's eyes were red and seemed to actually be looking right at me. I had to give these guys credit. The first two rooms stunk but they did very well with this one. I was still looking at the vampire when the car started to move on.

Before I even realized it I was screaming. Lucinda started shaking me yelling at me to calm down. I put my hands over my face and kept screaming. "Let me out! Let me out!"

"Bella we are out!" Lucinda yelled to me. I moved my hands from my face and saw that we were out of the Haunted House. I quickly scrambled out of the car that I was in and ran. I didn't stop running till I got to the entrance of the fair. Lucinda came up next to me a moment latter panting like I made her run a marathon.

"Bella. What happened to you back there?" Lucinda asked, glaring at me.

"It smiled at me! The vampire in there smiled at me!"

James POV

"What did you do Felix?" I asked as I watched him climb out of the Haunted House ride. I couldn't stop myself from laughing. That girl screaming and carrying on after the ride was over was to priceless.

"I seemed to have frighten the little child." Felix said, laughing to himself.

"I'd say you did." I said, starting to calm down. "But didn't I tell you?" When that girl ran into me her scent rolled off her like a wave. I could still smell it on my clothes. It was unbelievable.

"Yes. I can't believe such a scent exist. And to such a small thing." Felix said, still laughing to himself.

"Yes and if she smells like that... can you just imagine what she taste like?" Felix immediately stopped laughing, a smile spreading across his face.

"What are we going to do James?"

I couldn't keep the smile from come across my face. "We are going to have some fun."