He had been like a brother to him. A sad, soulful brother. But then again, Ernst was sad and soulful as well, which is why they were so close. They lived next door to each other. They had been neighbors, friends, classmates, pirates, but in Ernst's eyes, the most prominent relationship between them had been brothers.

Sure, they had grown apart recently, and maybe that was one reason Moritz had… had gone. Ernst sat at the grave-sight and sighed a very unhappy sigh.

"I'm worse-off in the class because of this, Moritz," he told the grave.

For some odd reason, Ernst felt less whole without Moritz. They had been twins, cut from the same cloth, but for some odd reason, God had put them in different households, with different feelings for the other kids around them. Moritz had started to hang out with Melchior, and Ernst would hang around Hanschen. Moritz loved Ilse, and Ernst loved Hanschen.

The grave seemed to whisper to him as the wind whipped around the leaves. Ernst sighed again and lay on the dirt, "I hate this as much as you do, Moritz. I would never kill myself though… you were kind of a moron doing that…"

Ernst was silent for a moment, and then he added, "Without you, I feel like I've been split down the middle. You were my other half… how could you?"

"Talking to ourselves, are we?" another voice asked.

Ernst sat up and whipped around, "Hanschen!"

Hanschen sat next to him and looked at Moritz's grave-sight. They stared together at the mound of dirt and the stone at the head of where the coffin would be.

"Split down the middle, hm?" Hanschen asked.

Ernst felt his cheeks flush, "Yes. I know it sounds silly, but—"

"You were very close with Moritz in your youth, weren't you?" Hanschen asked.

Ernst simply nodded, "Yes."

"I guess I would feel that way too if I was that close to someone who died…" Hanschen replied.

Ernst simply smiled as silence once again settled over the two boys. They didn't have to say anything as they sat next to Moritz's grave and watched the leaves dance on the ground.