Undeniable Attraction

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"I fear they have awoken a sleeping giant"

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Chapter 25
Leave it all Behind


"It seems it was a trap. They have us surrounded."

"And how the fuck did they surround us?!"


"We're the fucking Police, how did that-"

"I DON'T KNOW! I was here with you, remember? Now calm the fuck down and let's get outta here! I'll call for backup!" She turns around fuming, and I try to calm myself, remembering that I'm no good when panicked.

I hold my Edward tighter in my arms, feeling the faint rise of his chest with every feeble breath, and try to think quickly of a way out. I need to get him out of here, no matter what. I can come back later to deal with Aro and the fucking Volturi, but right now my only concern is getting Edward to safety and getting him medical attention. I have no idea how bad the damage to his body is, and I can only hope the damage to his mind is not nearly as bad as his body looks.

"I called for backup and they're coming, although I don't really know how bad the situation is out there. They've got about three times our force because we split in two teams to check out the two possible locations. It doesn't look good,"

I close my eyes just for a moment, trying to rid my mind of the loud noise of gunshots and screams outside the house. Fuck! I know I should be joining them and attacking those bastards. Maybe even Aro is there, and I'm a public servant after all, but I can't find the strength to pull me away from Edward, leaving him here on the cold floor, shivering, while I go out there to play the hero.

I can't.

I feel Maria's warm hand on my shoulder giving me a soft squeeze.

"They can handle it, Jasper," she answers my silent question softer this time, "You stay here with Edward, and some of us will go upstairs to guard you if they come in. The backup will come soon. You just have to hold on a little while longer. "

I just nod.

They help me cradle Edward in my arms, and I move us to the open space of the basement. I feel my stomach churning when Edward tucks his face into my chest, holding tighter to me and still whimpering at the sharp light of the lamp, but I can't stand to be in that small, dark room for another minute, imagining what could've had happened to him in there.

The rest of my team follows Maria upstairs, and I perch us in a corner of the room with Edward still in my arms. I hate the feeling of cowering in a basement while my men are out there risking their lives, but I just can't leave Edward. I realize I really don't have the heart to do this anymore, and I have to wonder if I ever had. Would I have chosen this career of my own free will if my father's expectations didn't pressure me into it? But another violent shake of Edward in my arms reminds me that this is not really the best time to question my life's choices.

I start rocking us softly, stroking my hands over his body, trying to give him some warmth and murmuring stupid things in Edward's ear. I feel the traitorous sting of tears in my eyes while I tell him how I had first discovered my true feelings for him. I tell him how it all started with that tingly feeling in my guts every time I would see him parading shirtless around the apartment, or how my mind would stop working every time he smiled at me that gorgeous, crooked smile of his, or how my breath would hitch every time he touched me somehow. I tell him how I burned with jealousy every time he dated some new brainless Barbie, or how suddenly I found myself seeking his company more frequently. I tell him all kind of stupid things while hearing the loud tumult outside this filthy, abandoned house and wondering if we would make it out of here safely.

I apologize to him too, for being such an asshole sometimes, for my stupid mood swings, and for all the times I've hurt him without even noticing it. I apologize for trying to leave him, and for putting him in danger with my recklessness. I apologize for every bruise marring his perfect skin, and for every drop of blood on his hair, and for every shiver of his sweet body. Will he want to be with me again after this?

I'm sure he'll hate me. I know I hate myself.

A loud bang resonates from upstairs and I tense immediately, gathering Edward as flush to my body as possible. I sharpen my hearing, trying to pinpoint what the noise was. Are they in?

A loud tumult upstairs answers my question, and I know they're inside the house, and probably fighting with my men upstairs. I swear under my breath, looking wildly around for something. I know I can't have Edward with me any longer as much as I want it; it makes us both vulnerable and useless. I see some boxes in the far corner of the room, almost behind the stairs. I know it won't be comfortable, but it's the safest place for my Edward right now.

I carry him through the basement and sit him on the floor, steeling myself to the whimpering sound when I pull away from him. I quickly arrange the boxes in a makeshift bed, and hurry to place Edward there, who curls into a tight ball and starts shivering harder than before.

"I'm sorry love, but it's better this way. I promise not to leave your side once we get out of here, baby," I murmur babbling while taking some of my clothes off to wrap them around him. I don't know how much of my babbling reassures him or me, but my mouth keeps running without my permission, and I'm not even aware of half the things I'm saying.

I place some of the boxes and stuff in the basement around Edward to keep him from view. It's all I can do before placing a last, lingering kiss on his temple and running upstairs to fight for him. I know I would die protecting him if that's what is needed.

I open the door, and look around wildly. With my gun raised in front of me, I try to decide what to do. Some of them are just shooting everywhere, others are just shooting to the ceiling, trying to create more commotion, and others are even fighting body to body. I see Maria punching a guy on the face and turning around to shoot another, and I run to help her. A hard body collides with me from my left side, and I turn around in an instant to catch my falling teammate while shooting his attacker right in the chest.

I look at the fallen body of the unknown man, feeling pity for just a second, and then I remember the pitiful sight of my Edward downstairs, all naked, and bloody, and shivering uncontrollably because of these fucking bastards. A whole new, unknown level of rage rises from my guts, filling me with its powerful feeling until my sight fills with red. I want them dead, all dead for what they've done.

I watch everything in almost an out-of-body experience.

I watch myself shooting right and left, punching faces and kicking groins.

I smash someone on the wall, hearing the crack of a skull and feeling nothing.

Another shot, right through the forehead of another nameless man.

I tumble with a body on the floor, and I just kick it out of the way before attacking someone from behind, and smashing another head on the threshold.

Somewhere inside me I know I should be sick with this whole thing; sick with the situation I'm in, sick with the blood and the number of people here, sick with my own actions, but I just can't feel it. I know this is wrong; this is all wrong, everywhere.

I turn around just in time to see Aro making his way through the mass of fighting bodies with two other guys behind him, and all my previous thoughts leave my mind. I smile wildly thinking of vengeance. I'll make him pay for every fucking bruise on Edward's body.

You should've never crossed my path..

I watch Maria taking one of the guys down, and I notice Aro is running to the basement. His fucking balls! Is he actually looking for Edward? I run all the faster, pushing some bodies out of my fucking way with no other thoughts but making Aro pay. I finally reach him, and pulling him forcefully by the shoulder, I have the great satisfaction of watching him fall at my feet.

"You looking for someone?" I sneer in his face, spiting the words.

I'm awfully joyful at the wide, completely shocked look on his ugly face, and without even thinking about it, I land my first blow on his nose, smiling at the beautiful sound of an unmistakably 'crack'. I land a second one on his jaw and a third on his cheek. Grabbing a fistful of his hair I smash his head on the floor one; two; three; four… until I feel arms pulling me away.

I watch wildly around me, trying to break free to get back to my private party, but the strong arms of Peter hold me in place.

"Calm down, Jazz," Peter speaks soothingly in my ear, "You're not yourself. This is not you, Jazz. Calm down," he keeps whispering, and I want to break free and yell that this is me, that this is fucking Whitlock when someone hurts what I love, but I just hear grunts coming from me like some wild animal, and I keep trashing in his hold.

I turn down to look at Aro's body barely moving on the floor and moaning pathetically. I look at his bloody, swelling face, and the churning feeling in my stomach returns with a vengeance. I'm not this: a wild beast able to hurt and take pleasure in it.

I turn my face around, unable to keep looking at him, and I'm greeted by another horrible sight. A fucking battlefield, filled with corpses and blood and writhing, whimpering bodies barely moving around. I realize the noise of gunshots is over, and I almost miss it as the silence just makes my disgusted conscience all the louder in my head.

I sigh, stopping my struggle and leaning in Peter's body for some kind of comfort that I know I don't deserve. I know now I should've quit earlier. How can I reconcile what I did with myself again? How to heal these scarred eyes, and knuckles, and soul? And how could an unmarred angel would want to be with a wild beast?

Peter holds me tight, surrounding me with his arms, and I realize my whole body is shaking with silent, defeated tears. I'm breaking apart. I know I'm braking apart, and I can't do anything about it.

"I'll go get Edward," I hear Maria saying, and I look up sharply. That's perhaps the only thing that could pull me together for a little while longer. I have to take him out of here. He's my responsibility, and if he doesn't want to be with me again, I'll at least be by his side every minute until he tells me otherwise.

"No," I clear my throat at the roughness of my voice, "I'll go get him. Is the ambulance here?"

I see the slight frown and questioning look on Maria's face, looking behind me at Peter, presumably. I feel Peter nod behind me and Maria relaxes a little. She gives me a soft squeeze on my arm, and I feel Peter relaxing his hold around me, releasing me.

"Come on,"

( )

I'm in a hospital room once again, only this time I'm not the patient. I wouldn't mind it being me if I could just spare Edward his wounds.

It's been four days from that awful day, and I'm sitting beside Edward's bed, holding his hand just as he did with me before and waiting.


I'm so fucking sick of it. I can't imagine how Edward waited for me to wake up when I was shot. I'm completely freaking out. I think the doctors and nurses hate me already for all the times I demanded answers on why doesn't he wake up, and what does that mean. I could never live with myself if some permanent damage lingers after this.

I haven't slept well either. I keep having nightmares and waking up abruptly, shivering and sweating after a couple of hours. My mind keeps going to that day. I clearly remember the moment we got to the hospital, hovering over Edward's stretcher until I was held back by some nurses. I was so frightened that the last time I saw Edward would be his figure disappearing into the closing doors of the Intensive Care Unit.

I remember Peter holding me in the lobby, and I can't remember how or when he got there until I felt him holding me together and whispering soft, meaningless reassurances in my hair.

I had another shock soon after that, when Peter led me to the bathroom to clean myself. I remember it so clearly. I looked at my image on the mirror, and I can't even describe the horror I felt. A beast. I found a wild, merciless beast as my reflection. Somehow, looking at myself covered in blood made it all real. I would've been able to delude my mind, saying it was all a nightmare, but when I saw my reflection covered in blood, and then felt the sticky substance drying in my fingers and my clothes, I just couldn't deny it. It was like a fucking blow to my stomach.

I remember turning around to empty the contents of my stomach in the toilet until I didn't have anything more inside me, and I just kept heaving, throwing up empty air. How I wished I could throw up the emptiness of my heart too.

I remember washing myself under the scalding water of the hospital shower, scrubbing and scrubbing until my whole skin burned, and even then I thought all the red hue was still blood. I knew the blood of my hands would never get off completely, ever.

My nightmares are filled with corpses and the deafening noise of gunshots. I fight and shoot all of them, enemy or ally alike, and I transform in a beast, an awful, disgusting, wild beast and attack everyone on my way, until I get to a dark basement where I find a shivering, naked body on the floor, and I dive in joyfully, tearing it's limbs apart with savage satisfaction until I look into Edward's beautiful face twisted in horror and agony; that's when I wake up screaming mostly.

I keep hoping that Edward will wake up soon and lets me know that he's fine, that everything is fine, and I fear the moment as much as I long for it, knowing that the moment he wakes up, my time beside him will begin a countdown. I never understood why he would love someone like me, damaged and marred, but now I'm broken beyond repair, and how would someone like him love something like me?

I look at his face, still bruised and pale, but slightly healthier than a few days back. How much I hate to see him like this, connected to all this tubes and needles, with the ventilator filling loudly the otherwise silent space. I don't talk to him anymore. What would I tell him? About what happened that day? About my nightmares? I remember again and again how it all started, my love for him, my impulsive kiss, that incredible trip to Mexico, our fights, our stolen kisses, our cuddling at night, our bright breakfasts. It all feels like another lifetime, a different universe now closed behind. How could we go back there, even if he wanted to? I feel my recurrent, mourning tears spilling over my cheeks. It hurts to think about the past, especially when it was so fucking beautiful and perfect, and now is completely lost.

A soft moan startles me, and I stand up immediately, hovering over Edward. He starts to stir slightly, and he squeezes my hand weakly, and I squeeze back. I feel the hope and joy filling my chest, and it all feels so foreign suddenly, it confuses me. I watch in fascination his eyes fluttering open slowly, sleepily, and I have the stupidest thought about how much more intelligent he is than me at not opening them quickly and letting the light burn his eyes. I have to chuckle at the ridiculous thought, and the soft tugging of my smile feels alien to me too.

He finally opens his eyes completely and blinking slowly, he finally focuses his sight on me. I can't help the happiness I feel at looking those beautiful, green eyes again after so long. He's awake, he's awake, I chant in my head, my heart filling with warmth every time.

"Hey," I murmur stupidly, but I'm rewarded with a relieved and happy smile lighting his whole face up, and making me respond in kind. I don't fucking care if he really doesn't want me anymore. He's safe, and awake, and he'll be happy, no matter what.

I can't help myself but to lean in a kiss his forehead softly, and then his temples, and his cheeks and his eyes, and I smile wider when he gives a weak chuckle.

"I knew you would come back," I murmur into his ear, and I notice I'm crying when my tears spill into his face and pillow, and I can't care about it in the least.

He places a hand on my neck and pulls me to his face, until I rest my forehead to his, our thing, I remember him saying once.

"I'll always come back to you, my Jasper. Always," he said to me some days later, when he was finally out of Intensive Care. I kissed him softly on the lips and tucked my face in his neck. I knew everything was fine then.

( )

Six months later…


I smile looking at the sleeping form of my Jasper. He's curled up in the seat beside me with his head resting on my chest while I'm awkwardly pressed against the window. I don't really care, my Jasper keeps me warm, and I bask in his soft breathing and beautiful form; he looks like a child.

I was so looking forward to this trip, I'm happy we're finally on our way there. I keep imagining Jasper's face when I give him my surprise.

It's been a rough time for the both of us.

After the incident, we had the tiresome and hard task of picking up the pieces and pulling them together, or more accurately, us together. So many things changed that day.

Jasper finally quit his job about a week later, after the case was officially closed and the leaders of Los Volturi tucked away in jail. But we still had a long way to walk. We both started therapy almost right away, each of us working hard through our problems, and Jasper was left with the difficult, frustrating task of deciding what he wanted to do with his life now.

Jasper had the most to work on, starting with his problems before and then the ones after the incident, but it's been not a walk in the park for me either. After recovering physically from the hypothermia and the beginnings of frostbite on my toes, and being discharged from the hospital after making sure that everything was fine with my healing wounds, I noticed some things in me that were not normal.

I started to feel really paranoid when in open spaces, and I would feel extremely anxious every time Jasper would as much as leave my side. I started to get clingy and needed to be with company at all times, and I developed an unhealthy aversion to darkness. The nightmares were the worst though. I would be constantly awakened by them, sometimes by my screams and sometimes by Jasper's and his own nightmares. We were a mess.

The only thing pulling us together was us; the fact that we were still together and that we needed each other so much. I realize now that it was not really healthy, the way we were back then, but it worked for us at the moment and kept the little sanity we had left. Jasper started his therapy immediately after I was discharged; his boss put him in contact with a shrink who specialized in traumas and who was accustomed to working with police officers. After a couple of weeks, Jasper arranged my meetings with him too, so that I could work on the trauma of my abduction.

The past couple of months have been full of some interesting, intense, and hard work. We sometimes snap at each other, and we still need to be close most of the time, but we're slowly and steadily getting better. I'm better. I worked out my fear of open spaces and darkness within a few months and both, Jasper and I, are working slowly on our need to be with each other, turning to our friends and family to make a healthier relationship. My parents came immediately after they heard what happened, and even when they were really angry at Jasper, especially my mom, for him not telling them about it, I couldn't really blame him. I'm sure the last thing on his mind was calling anyone to explain the situation. I remember how hard it was to focus on anything else but Jasper while he was at the hospital after being shot. Needless to say, my mom had completely forgotten her problems with my sexuality, or at least she had never mentioned anything about it since then, not that she would have any other choice but accept us, with the way I needed to be touching Jasper every moment of the day, if she wanted to be near.

A soft moan and movement from Jasper brings my attention back to him. I frown a little when he moans again, and I know it's in distress. He jerks in my arms, and I immediately lean down to whisper into his ear softly, reassuring him that he's with me, and he's just dreaming, that he can wake up whenever he wants and that he's safe; that I am safe with him. He told me about his nightmares, and I told him about mine. We needed to know those kinds of things about each other if we wanted to be able to help. After a few minutes he sighs softly and calms down again, nuzzling my chest and snuggling to me.

The nightmares keep coming sometimes, but they're getting more spaced and fuzzy every time. We're able to keep them at bay for the most part.

Our romantic life hadn't diminished in the slightest, and I have to thank God for that. As soon as I was discharged, we locked ourselves at home and made love like bunnies until we were too tired to be awake. We needed each other so much, a tangible reassurance that we were indeed there, together and safe and still madly in love with each other. Since then we're usually very sexual, being around the house for the most part. We used it as an escape from our own minds at the beginning, and a perfect way to reconcile after a particularly nasty fight. We're now working on it too, to make it healthier and keep it at bay enough to be able to work and go out with other people.

Hard work all of it, but now I finally feel that everything is coming around to its right place. We're finally able to make that trip, and I plan on making the best of it.

We get outside of the small airport, and I'm hit with that oppressing, salty air that warms my heart and body. I take a deep breath, letting the warm air fill my lungs. Obviously, I prefer the warmth over the cold since the incident. I feel Jasper taking my hand from beside me, and I turn around to look at him. I can't help the goofy grin taking over my face when I'm greeted with his wide, beautiful smile. Yes, everything is coming together for us.

We take a taxi, and once again traverse that small, scenic road to that magical place. I'm almost humming with excitement, earning an amused, questioning look from Jasper.

"I just can't wait to get there," I answer truthfully, not giving him the reason why I want to get there so much, but he doesn't seem to notice.

I watch him for a moment, looking out the window. He was so quiet the first weeks after the incident. I remember I had to pick a fight with him to make him snap out of it. It wasn't pleasant. When he finally broke down right in front of my eyes after yelling hell at me, sobbing and screaming his hate for himself, but it was definitely more helpful than his annoying habit of keeping everything to himself. He's getting better too, I know it. Watching him today with that soft, peaceful smile on his face while looking out the window, and breathing deeply to fill his body with the warm air of the beach, confirms that this was a great idea and that he'll love my surprise. I can't wait.

We arrive at the small, white entrance of Alice's house… well, not really, and get our suitcases. This time I open the door, as I'm the one organizing this trip for my Jasper, and we go inside. I love this place, of course I do, with all its wild, colorful vegetation and clean skies and the relaxing sounds of the waves, but all I have eyes for is my Jasper. I watch in awe his sparkling, blue eyes widening a little, taking it all in. I watch that content expression on his face that I hadn't seen in months, and when he turns around with his arms opened just for me, I feel complete again, for the first time in so long.

I throw myself at him, sighing happily when his strong arms surround me tightly by the waist, and I feel his whole, beautiful body flush to mine in the hot weather. Alice told me once this was a place to heal wounds of the soul, and I believe it. I believe it now that my Jasper is finally becoming himself again, and that I already feel lighter and full.

"Happy anniversary, love," I murmur into his soft, warm lips, before diving in joyfully, and kissing him passionately, as just happiness and love can make you.

"Happy anniversary, Edward.

"I can't believe we're here again, I love it. Thanks for making me come," he chuckles, and I laugh silently too.

I had to talk him into this for about a month, because Jasper was being stubborn and didn't want to come back. He told me much later that he didn't want to laint his beautiful memories of this place with his depression and nightmares, but I convinced him that it would be good for us. It is our paradise, after all, and we can go back anytime we want.

"Well, now I can finally give you your gift," I whisper, feeling the excitement running through my body and my heart beating forcefully in my chest.

He looks at me curiously and a little embarrassed.

"But I- I didn't-"

"It doesn't matter. I wanted to give you this for a long time, and now I finally can, so don't ruin this for me," I scold playfully, making him smile again. I'm happily going to get used to that again.

"So, close your eyes. Come on! Now turn around…" I make a show of covering his eyes with my hands and make him walk around the patio to confuse him a little, until we get back to the place we started.

"Now open your eyes," I whisper into his ear from behind, and look in front of us to see what he's seeing.

I'm met with the beautiful view of the bay; white cloudy sky, blue sea, startling green vegetation and gigantic colorful flowers all around us. He smiles but looks at me confusedly.

"The trip?" he asks tentatively.

"Part of it, but not really," I smile wider.

After a few confusing moments I can't wait any longer, holding him from behind, with my arms around his waist I turn him around again to look at the beautiful house.

"The house," I whisper.

Jasper turns his head so fast I fear for his neck, and looks at me as if I grew a second head.


"The house. I bought it from Alice, only under the condition that she could borrow it any time she likes. Of course I agreed to it immediately,"

"Are you serious?"

"Yes," I chuckle, "I've wanted to buy a house here since our first trip, but we had so many beautiful memories in this house that I made a proposal to Alice because it wouldn't hurt to try, and she accepted.

"Welcome home, my love,"

He finally turns around, and I'm met with a fierce kiss, Jasper's hands roaming all over my body until he pulls back just a little to breathe deeply a few times. He looks sheepishly at me smiling, and I smile back, softly stroking his soft cheek with my thumb, and slowly leaning in to kiss his eyes, and then his nose, until we meet again in a soft, loving kiss, and our bodies intertwine again.

We've been working on making love again. Our lovemaking suddenly transformed into just primal fucking to forget our problems, and we lost our intimacy and care for each other in that department until we realized what we'd been doing. We're working now to connect intimately before the physical part, and hit the brakes before it gets out of control. Maybe soon we'll be able to meet the happy balance between lovemaking and fucking, as we thoroughly enjoy both of them, but in the meantime, we need to work on this… not that we mind terribly.

I smile again, taking his hand in mine and walking to the main house directly to the bedroom. It's just the way I remembered it. Huge, with its huge bed and its faithful couch and its beautiful balcony with floor-to-ceiling windows lighting everywhere. I leave him beside the bed, and turn around to open the huge windows, letting the warm air and relaxing sound of the waves and birds outside enter the room.

I walk slowly back to him, smiling softly at him and enjoying the sudden darkness in Jasper's eyes shining with love and lust. I treasure his constant need of me. Slowly I unbutton my shirt while still walking, one by one until the two ends are open at my sides, and I let the soft fabric drop at my feet.

I finally reach my Jasper sitting on the bed and I drop to my knees in front of him, between his thighs, and reach out to entwine my fingers into his wild, soft hair to pull him to me and trap his luscious lips within mine. This is heaven; my heaven is Jasper, my home. We kiss slowly, passionately, reveling in our taste and warmth and the delicious feeling of our lips together, until Jasper lets me in, and I attack his mouth with my tongue. Soft, hot, wet; my perfect sanctuary, where I explore thoroughly and caress him, devouring his mouth until I can't breathe, and I need to pull back for air.

Even then I keep kissing his face and jaw, as if I couldn't imagine anything better to do with my mouth but having it attached to this beautiful man, and I can't. I unbutton his shirt, too, with fumbling fingers while I keep kissing him, and he allows his warm, big hands to roam along my back and sides and neck; softly, lovingly, worshiping my body the same way I'm worshiping his.

I finally take his shirt off his shoulders and down his arms, and when it's off, I take his left hand softly in mine and lift it to my face, where I kiss his knuckles slowly, one by one, and then his fingertips and then his palm, all the time with Jasper watching me avidly, until he takes me from my nape again and pulls me to him into yet another passionate kiss.

"I love you so much," he murmurs into the skin of my neck, diving in to kiss and bite softly, making my whole skin tingle with excitement and warmth and arousal. He stands up, taking me with him and after a few kisses and caresses, he finally reaches for my fly to get my pants out of the way, and I respond in kind. In the next second we're finally naked, with our clothes lying everywhere on the floor and the warm air of the coast already adorning our skin with perspiration.

I gently lower him into the bed, and he pulls me with him by the hands, until we're in the middle, on our sides, still caressing and kissing the skin offered to us and looking intensely at each other. This is our place; this is our heaven; this is our home. We love each other so much, and I repeat it over and over into his skin, knowing how much Jasper needs to hear it to feel reassured, and I tell him with my voice and my hands and my mouth and my whole body entwining with his, surrounding him, until he has no doubts left, and he's free to love me equally.

I finally reach down to that perfect piece of humming flesh, and I take him into my hand, making him shiver in pleasure and moan loudly in my mouth. I stroke him slowly, surely, just the way I know he likes, and I respond in kind, shivering and moaning when he reaches for me.

We stroke each other languidly, no hurry, no pressure, just keeping each other hard and needy while exploring the rest of our bodies with our free hands and mouths and every free surface of skin. I release him after a few minutes, holding my arms around his waist to pull him hard into me and feel the delicious feeling of his cock rubbing with mine. I moan again, louder, feeling myself go wild and free, and I relish Jasper's strong hold on me, and the proof of his passion in the slick liquid sliding over our members.

"I want to taste you," he whispers in my ear, making me groan, and I want it too, as much as I want to taste him.

I arrange my body in a 69, still on our sides, so that we both are able to claim our prize without denying the other. I take a hold of his cock with my hand and languidly let my tongue sneak out and trace the hot pattern of his swelling head. I hum at the taste, liking my lips. This is all Jasper. I moan when I feel him responding in kind, and I realize this is one of my favorite games. He will follow my lead.

I lick him again, this time all along his beautifully hard member and shiver at Jasper's response on my own. I venture further and lick his balls, velvety soft and clean, and I moan loudly at the vibrations of Jasper's own moan against my sack.

"I told you it was a good idea," I cheekily say, but I'm immediately shut up by a hot mouth engulfing one of my balls.

I convinced Jasper to have our nether regions shaved this morning in the shower. We shaved each other nervously and slowly without any incidents (thank God!), and now we're enjoying the delicious result. It feels amazing.

Back to the task at hand, I slap Jasper's cheek for breaking the rules of our game, and he gives a little thrust of his hips in my face. I love it. I finally take his swelling head inside my mouth and suck, running my tongue all around and particularly along his slit. We're now moaning and groaning in earnest at the sensations, all traces of the game forgotten in favor of a good, delicious and thorough blow job. I lick and suck, bobbing my head, and trying to concentrate on making him feel good with his mouth attached to my dick in the most deliciously possible way. I fumble his balls in my hand, while I relax my throat to take all of him into my mouth, and I'm rewarded by his shivers and groans around my cock.

I won't last much longer, and in wanting to push him over the edge with me, I slick two fingers with my saliva and his precum and reach further to that perfect heaven between his ass cheeks. I round his entrance with my index finger, caressing all around and pushing in slowly while I keep sucking his beautiful cock. This time he copies my movements again, and my eyes roll to the back of my head at the sheer pleasure of the sensation.

We finally enter each other with out slick fingers, first one and then two, until our movements become erratic, and we're sucking breathlessly, still pulling our fingers in and out of our hot bodies. I feel it first, my stomach coiling and my hips jerking, until I feel myself releasing into the hot cavern of Jasper's delicious mouth. An instant later I feel his channel tightening its grip around my fingers and he jerks his hips, too, until my mouth is filled with his liquid essence, and I greedily swallow it all.

I slowly take my fingers out of him, releasing his softening member from my mouth and panting as if I ran a fucking marathon. I feel Jasper reaching for my hand and I comply, pulling myself up and turning again so that I can snuggle into his chest and enjoy the afterglow of that incredible orgasm.


"My beautiful lover, my love, my Edward," I murmur between kisses, showering him in them along his soft hair and his temples and his forehead. I couldn't imagine being like this, with my Edward in my arms, in this beautiful place and without a shadow of doubt in my heart just a few months ago. I didn't think it possible. It all came apart after that fateful day, I thought it destroyed us both and that I, at least, would never feel like this again, so content, and full, and happy.

Yes, just plain, perfectly happy.

But my Edward is stubborn and he wouldn't let us fall apart. I don't know what I would've done without him, but now I don't have the need to even think about it. He's with me, and he will be forever. I know it now; I believe it.

I caress his perfect, beautiful body again and again, memorizing every single contour of his muscles again, passing that ticklish spot again and chuckling at the twist of his ribs, humming contently to his hands roaming my own body. I lean in and kiss him softly, pouring all my love and passion and need for him in that kiss, because I need him to know that I love him just as fiercely as he loves me. It's like suddenly being awakened from a long, heavy sleep. I can't remember too much of the past months, only that they were difficult, but being here is like coming back home, like waking up into the sunshine after a dark, fearful nightmare. And it was.

He transforms the kiss into a passionate, hungry one, and I just comply. Something inside me sighs relieved, knowing that he wants me and needs me as much as I need him. I hunger for him, and when he pushes me to roll onto my back, I hold him to me to get him on top. I roam my hands along is body until I have two perfect handfuls of Edward's ass cheeks, round, hard and perfect in my hands. I massage them thoroughly, eliciting a moan from him and feeling his delicious member hardening again against my hip.

"Hungry?" I ask him in his mouth.

"Always," he answers, and I can't find it in me to roll my eyes at the stupid lines we just delivered, as they are completely true.

I reach down to stroke him again, feeling him hardening completely in my hand and moaning again. I fucking love that feeling. He reaches out for the lube and sits straight over me, straddling my waist and playing a little with his fingers on my nipples. I open my legs for him to prepare me, but he just smiles and shakes his head, answering my silent question when he pours a generous amount on his fingers, and he reaches back to take my hard cock into his slick hand and starts stoking me slowly.

I throw my head back, closing my eyes for just moment, already imagining my cock buried into that hot heaven that is Edward. I'm panting and sweating, and I watch a sneaky drop of sweat running down from Edward's neck along his beautiful chest, and I sit over my elbows to lick it away with my tongue. We both groan at that.

I take a moment to ground myself again. Reaching for the lube, I pour some on my fingers and take them back to that deliciously hot place inside Edward, making him moan. He leans over me, releasing my cock and spreading himself open for me. I prepare him gently, softly, fucking him with my fingers with just enough force to keep him hard and panting over my shoulder.

"Please, please," he mumbles incoherently, and I know he's prepared enough for me. Pulling out my fingers, he scoots back to place himself just over my cock and slowly, looking directly into my eyes with those lustful, green eyes, he lowers his body down on me. This is just what I needed to make this a perfect moment. Everything that was, is in the past now. I don't care about it, and I have no intention to get back to it. This is real, all I need: Edward; his body, his mind, his heart and soul connected to me in this perfect moment. He is mine.

I hardly breathe, giving him time to adjust to my body filling him, and I'm delighted when just after a few deep breaths he is ready for me. He moves over his knees, lifting his body slowly and then impaling himself on my cock forcefully, making me gasp every time. We keep a steady rhythm, driving us crazy but unwilling to rush this, and let it be over soon. I reach out to caress his chest, pulling on his nipples and loving the sight of his head thrown back in pleasure because of me.

"You're an angel," I whisper, imagining a pair of perfect, feathery wings growing out of his beautiful back, and spreading magnificently around him in the soft light coming from the windows.

I steady his hips over me, and lifting my hips, I take my turn to fuck him in earnest. I'm mesmerized by the sight of my cock going in and out of his body repeatedly, combined with his loud moans and cries above me, and I reach out for his hard, leaking cock, tugging on it gently and stroking him firmly to bring him to the edge with me.

He stops me with his hands though, one on my wrist and one over my abdomen, stopping my movements.

"No- not, yet," he gasps breathlessly, and I smile because I don't want this to end so soon either.

I sit slowly, keeping him above me and still buried inside him. The new position makes me feel closer to him, as I'm now able to look into his gorgeous face and kiss his luscious lips. I hold him tight to me, and in a swift movement I tuck my legs below me, so that I'm now kneeling on the middle of the huge, messy mattress, with Edward straddling my thighs.

We groan loudly the next time I move my hips out, and then inside him again. The new angle bringing new, delicious sensations to our bodies, and making Edward tighter, if that's possible.

"You ready, baby?" I ask into his mouth, and he nods enthusiastically, making us both laugh a little at our sweaty, needy faces.

"Ok," I warn him, and in the next minute, I'm fucking him mercilessly with the leverage of my opened legs, Edward clasping his legs around me as if his life depended on it, jerking his hips in rhythm with my thrusts. Our cries are loud and arousing, and the smell in the air, salt and warmth combined with the scent of our sweat and arousal is heady, fogging my senses. This is just surreal; being here, connected with my loving Edward, loving him finally freely and being able to make him cry this loud in pleasure is warming my insides with that familiar, delicious sensation of my orgasm approaching.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Edward keeps repeating below my ear, and he keeps sucking and biting onto that spot with every trust of my hips.

I can't help myself but to keep burying my cock into his hot body over and over again, enjoying the tightness and warmth of him. This is bliss.

"I'm close, baby," I warn him and he buries his face in my neck, biting softly in the jointure of my neck and shoulder, and pushing me further into ecstasy. I cry out loud when I finally feel myself filing Edward's hot insides with my passion, and my love for him, because only he can make me feel this strongly. I realize I'm squeezing his hips painfully to me, maybe a little too tightly, but for the love of God that I can't make myself release my hold on him. He doesn't seem to notice it either when he tightens his legs' hold on my waist and digs his short nails on my back, biting hard on my shoulder and muffling his screams with my skin. My dick gives another twitch in pleasure when I feel his hot cum spilling over our stomachs, feeling his own cock pulsate with release. There's nothing like this.

We finally land forcefully on the mattress, spread and entangled in a mess of sweat, cum and saliva, and I never in my life felt so clean. I feel as if I finally left a heavy load somewhere on the road, and just now I realize they were things I didn't need. I feel light and filled and happy and… humming with excitement and love.

I reach for Edward's head resting over my chest and softly caress his soft, dampened locks of strange-colored hair. I remember with a smile how much I used to make fun of it when we were kids, making him mad. Still breathing hardly, I realize here's where everything started, in this bed, in this house, in this heaven, and that if I really want to, we can start all over again.

And I want to. I want so badly to leave all my ghosts behind.

I tighten my hold around Edward, relishing his naked body flush to mine. We start all over again, right in this moment. With Edward by my side, there's nothing I cannot overcome. We start now. Together, happily resting after the most incredible orgasm; sweaty and entangled and thoroughly satisfied.


I hope you enjoyed my story. I really want to thank you all for reading and sharing this ride with me. I never imagined it would be like this, and I'm so happy with the way it all came out!

Thank you for reading!