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Pirate Hunt

A Duncan and Gwen FanFic (Part 1)

Duncan's POV

I've always liked Courtney. I liked her the second I saw her on the dock at camp. I liked her attitude. I liked how she sassed Chris and threatened to sue. It was pure gold, but emphasis on "liked." Courtney's good-looking but she's just a big know-it-all. Sometimes that's good, other times it gets very annoying, if you know what I mean. When I got kicked into season two without her, things changed. Gwen and Trent broke up. Gwen is goth, into scary movies, and doesn't run for class president. She's perfect. Then she got kicked off because stupid Trent threw challenges for her. What a doofus. Now she's kicked out and Courtney's returned. I am so dead.

Every once in a while they give us a break from humiliating ourselves and instead shoot this talk show with Geoff and Bridgett. Who makes these things up? I don't know but they're sure dumbasses for talking about Gwen and me. Apparently, Chris got footage of when Gwen and I snuck out one night. She saw a constellation of Harold's butt. It was really funny I might add. But I was thinking of Courtney so I was dazed. I basically ignored her and acted stupid, bad idea. She made a comment and somehow I ended up on top of her. Chris Maclean is a total jackass, if you ask me. Anyway at that moment I realized I actually like, liked Gwen. Scary huh? But then she realized was happening and ran away. Geez I'm an idiot.

Later on the public wanted Gwen back on the show. Thank God. I was losing myself without her. Really, Courtney was driving me crazy. Everyone wasn't very glad to see her. Heather wasn't very glad either, the little bitch. One night Trent snuck back on set and wanted to see Gwen and apologize. Holy God. How far will this guy go? I was in the confessional trailer snacking on stuff I stole from Chef's cabin. I had covered the lens with black spray paint so I wouldn't get caught. I was finishing a bag of chips when Gwen burst through the door out of breath.

"Hey Sweetheart, what's up with you?" I asked her.

She looked at me weird, and then told me about Trent. I actually felt bad for her. The dude was a lunatic. We ended up chatting for a while and snacking on stolen cookies. It's really fun to steal, no wonder I went to Juvi. I was really tired so I got up to leave but she asked me if I would stay. Of course, I did. I think it was midnight when she actually fell asleep. Her head drooped onto my shoulder. I couldn't leave her there, could I? I don't know. I stayed anyway. I woke up when I heard Chris shouting his pretty head off into a megaphone. Geez Chris. I tapped Gwen on the shoulder and she woke up.

"Good Morning, Sweetheart." I said to her.

She yawned. "Oh my God. What time is it?"

I really didn't know but then I heard Chris shout, "Time for you 6 am morning call people! GET UP!"

Gwen was still half asleep when I pulled her by her arm out of the trailer.

Breakfast was gross. Burnt toast and tiny shells stuck in the scrambled eggs. Yum. As usual, breakfast was rushed. The remaining contestants: Justin, Beth, Lindsey, Harold, Heather, Lashawna, Courtney, Gwen and myself were pushed onto the pirate ship set. Chris wore a retarded pirate costume and had a stuffed parrot on his shoulder. He explained that everyone was on their own for a scavenger hunt challenge. Perfect. He gave everyone a list and an empty pillow case.

I whispered over to Gwen, "Wanna work with me on this?" And as I predicted she said yes.

We looked down at the list. We had to find 10 things:

- A knife

- A watch

- A bead

- A black bra

- 50 cents

- A key

- Cowboy boots

- A photo

- A sandal

- A bottle cap

Chris wants us to find a black bra. Damn. That dude has to be a stalker. Once on our own we put my knife, a bottle cap, 50 cents, Gwen's sandal, and my photo of Courtney into the pillow case.

"Where'd you get the picture?" Gwen asked me.

"It was a gift." I muttered.

"That's not what I heard…" She wandered off. I followed her.

"What did you hear?" I asked her.

"That you stole it from Courtney's suitcase." She laughed.

Ok, so I snuck into her suitcase and stole it. I steal a lot of things. I tried changing the subject.

"So where are we gonna find that?" I said, pointing to the black bra.

"I might have a spare." She said and headed for the trailers. I stood there dumbfounded. Gwen has a black bra and is gonna give it to the stalker dude? Oh wow. This is gonna be interesting.

When we reached the trailers, Gwen went into the girls'. I remembered Harold had a geeky watch with him so I went into the guy's trailer to go find it. It was under his pillow along with a few pieces of candy which I took too. I met Gwen outside; she only held the list and the pillow case, no bra.

"Where is it?" I whispered.

And she pointed to the pillow case. I handed her the watch and she carefully put it in the bag. I assumed cowboy boots and a key would be in the prop house so we headed there. We saw Justin running towards the food tent and Beth and Lindsey chasing after him. Poor guy. We could find the cowboy boots but no keys. Gwen said that a bead could have fallen off a costume. We searched the floor and eventually found one. Then we heard Chris' 10 minute warning. We had to find keys. Last night while stealing the food, I saw a set of keys that were probably for Chris' car. We headed for his cabin.

"This guy lives in luxury while we live in nothing." Gwen muttered.

"Yeah." I said.

Then I heard another warning, "Five minutes people! Five minutes!" We gotta hurry.

"There!" Gwen whispered as she grabbed the keys.

We ran back to the stage just in time.

"So what do we have here?" Chris took our pillow case and checked the items. I saw his eyes widen when he saw the bra and the photo.

Then he got mad when he saw the keys. "Not cool people, these are my keys." He pocketed them, mumbling something.

Then he pulled out his megaphone. "And we have a winner! There will be a Gilded Chris ceremony in 10 minutes!"

The dude names an award after himself, what a dork.

The nine of us gathered at the award ceremony. "Tonight my friends, a lot of you are lucky,"

Geez Chris cut the crap and kick someone off already…

"Gwen, Duncan, Lashawna, Harold, Justin, Courtney, and Heather here are your awards." It was down to Lindsey and Beth. "And the beautiful Lindsey gets the last Gilded Chris." I roll my eyes as Beth starts to cry.

Gwen elbows me hard. "Ouch." I say sarcastically. Beth said her goodbyes and let Chef to escort her to the Lame-o-sine.

Chris turned to the camera, "Join us next time on Total Drama ACTION!"

Holy God does that guy need to shut up. After the camera was put away we actually got to sleep. But when I reached my bunk I saw a not scratched onto a paper napkin. It read: Meet me the confessional trailer P.S. Bring spray paint. – Gwen. I pocketed the note and grabbed the spray paint on the way out.

I stood outside the trailer. I thought about knocking… never mind and busted the door open. Gwen was sitting in the chair with her combat boots on the table. She was eating a candy bar.

"I found your stash." She said between bites.

Damn. Note to self: Find new hiding place. I rolled my eyes and hopped onto the table.

"That was great teamwork out there." She said and tossed the wrapper into the trash.

"Thanks you too." She smirked.

"What?" I asked.

"Duncan the criminal saying thank you. There's a shock." The girl seriously thought that I didn't have a good side. Harsh.

"So what did you want me out here for?" She stopped what she was doing and hesitated.

"You're my friend. What? Friends can't talk to each other?" She had a point but…

"You know, Trent is still gonna bug you." I said.

"Really?" She sounded like it had never occurred to her before.

"Yeah, he'll keep begging you to come back to him, unless…" I really like where this was going.

"Unless what?" She asked anxiously.

"You do something that will let him know you don't want him anymore." I grinned. I am a devious genius.

"Like wh- oh." She stopped herself, grabbed the spray paint from me and blacked out the lens on the camera.

"That's not gonna do it, sweetheart." And I punched the camera hard. I saw her smile a bit. "Wanna come to the dark side Gwen? There's stolen cookies, funny insults, and great kissers." She smirked at me.

"Really Duncan?" She said and leaned towards me.

"I guess you're in." I said and kissed her. She kissed me back. But then she stepped away. We both smiled.

"Welcome to the dark side." I said. She rolled her eyes, gave me a punch in the arm and left. "Goodnight sweetheart." I yelled after her, but she probably didn't hear me. Then I walked back to my trailer to go to bed.

***I know I said that this was going to be a one-shot kind of story but I got an idea so I'll continue writing TDA Duncan and Gwen. I have the next chapter typed up and I will post it soon.***