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A Night at Camp

A Duncan and Gwen FanFic (Part 4)

Duncan's POV

They ditched us. The morons ditched us. Chris probably didn't wanna move his "perfect butt" of his lounge chair to come get us. And when they decide to finally pick us up, he's gonna get killed, by me.

After miserably waiting for hours, we decided to head for the cabins and actually get some sleep. I really don't know how we're gonna get to sleep; the place is worse than Juvi. Anyway, the remaining guys went into one cabin, the remaining girls went in the other. Since there were only two guys left, me and Harold, we basically got the cabin to ourselves. But you could definitely hear the cat fights between the ladies in the other cabin.

Gwen's POV

In some ways I wish I were a guy. No need for makeup, or bras, or any of the "girlie things" we have to deal with. I bet Harold and Duncan just grabbed a bunk and went to sleep. Well, Duncan might have tortured Harold first or something, but guys getting along is like nothing compared to girls. There are five girls left in this competition, and if two get voted off next, this show would be much easier to deal with.

"Lashawna, I am not sleeping below your bunk. Who knows? These things aren't stable at all, and maybe your big butt would be in my face in the morning!" Heather shouted.

"Girl, you did not just say that!" Lashawna fumed.

Lindsey frantically kept changing sides trying to get them to stop fighting.

"Gretchen, Cynthia, a little help here?" She asked. I rolled my eyes. This day was never gonna end.

"I'm sleeping outside. Now everyone gets their own space. GOODNIGHT!" I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed my sketchbook, the ratty pillow, and the piece of fabric they called a blanket and stormed out, slamming to door behind me. Once I was outside I didn't know what to do. I crashed down onto the steps and started to think: I could always sleep in the mess hall, yuck. Maybe I could go back over to the lake; my thoughts were cut off when somebody said something to me,

"So the catfight got too rough for you, sweetheart?" Out of all people, it had to be Duncan to come.

"How did you know about that?" I asked him.

"Are you kidding? I could hear every bit of that conversation." He started to chuckle a bit.

"Great." I mumbled.

"So where are you gonna sleep now?" He asked me.

"So you heard that too? Huh?" I guessed.

"Pretty much. So where are you gonna sleep?" He asked again.

"Probably in the mess hall or something," I mumbled.

"I wonder if there's any food there. I'm starved." I giggled a bit when I heard his stomach growl.

"You're acting like Owen, c'mon." I picked up my stuff and headed for the mess hall with Duncan following me.

When we got to the mess hall the doors were jammed. Duncan was able to charge at the door and it opened.

"Now that's how its done." The minute we were inside he ran for the kitchen.

"Since when are you so hungry?" I teased.

"Well that Chris McJackass didn't feed me breakfast. So now thats two things I'm holding against him."

"What's the other thing?"

"For ditching us at this cruddy camp." He was still in the kitchen when I heard him shout, "I hit the Jackpot!" He ran out with a half eaten bag of mashmellows. "C'mon!." he pulled me with him as he ran for the campfire spot. Kneeling by the fire pit he took out his lighter and the pit went up in flames.

"Do you want me to get fire wood or something?" I asked him.

"Sure, sure." And he stuffed a handful of mashmellows in his mouth.

I came back and sat there under the stars. We basically stuffed ourselves with the left over mashmellows. I yawned.

"You're tired?" He mumbled.

"Duh." I said.

I fell back on the hard ground.

"Ouch." I muttered.

The next thing I knew he was lying next to me and we fell asleep.

Courtney's POV

I woke up to a silent cabin. Heather, Lashawna, and Lindsey were gone. I got up and decided to look around this cappy place. It was basically the same as when we were here last season, plus all the cobwebs and such untill I saw Duncan and Gwen lying together on the ground by the burnt out fire pit.

"What the...?" I screamed. They jolted awake.

"Oh, hey princess..." Duncan said drowsily.

"Don't you princess me, you cheater!" I said. I had become very aggrivated now, my lawyer will hear of this.

"Courtney, what?" He muttered.

Gwen was still half alseep but appeared to be a bit a shaken. I was fuming at this point and stalked back to cabins. Behind me, I quietly heard Gwen whisper something like, "What's wrong with her?" I tried to ignore them untill I was back in the cabin. I can't believe I still have feelings for that back-stabbing delinquent.

Duncan's POV

After Courtney left, Gwen looked at me weird.

"What's wrong with her?" She asked.

"I have no clue." Then I heard the roaring engine of a bus.

"The bus is here. Time to kill that guy." I got up, with Gwen following me, and headed for the entrance of camp. When the bus pulled up infront of us, I was gonna charge at Chris with my knife. But when the doors swung open Chris wasn't there, only Chef was, in the drivers seat who started to laugh as I slammed into nothing and fell on my face.

"C'mon maggots." He jeered.

Everyone piled into the bus. I sat next to Gwen again and everytime I glanced at Courtney she gave me the death stare. When we got back to the empty movie lot, Chris stood there with a cheesy, evil grin on his face.

"I hope you enjoyed your extended time at Camp Wawanakwa." He snickered. I saw Heather roll her eyes. "As you know there is a double elimination so there's gonna be a quick challenge to decide who's riding the Lam-o-zine tonight." His grin widened as he led us up the huge hill set. His laughter sounded uncontrolable at this point. "If you remember the first challenge of last season you had to jump into the lake off this here hill, which is really fake this time. But if you've noticed there is no huge lake, only a small swimming pool." He started laughinging again.

"So you're saying that we fall into the pool or we can severely hurt or even die?" Lashawna confirmed.

"Exactly, well there is the mattresses to fall onto." We went over to the edge and looked down. You see worn out mattresses surrounding the swimming pool.

"Isn't that kinda dangerous?" Courtney asked.

"Yeah it is, but one of our interns checked it out and only got a few minor injuries." He said. We turned to the intern tent and saw a guy in a full body cast. I swallowed hard. "Ok, so who's first?" Chris asked us.

"I'll go." I heard someone say, it was Gwen. She was rolling her eyes and acted like it was no big deal, she probably just wanted to get this crap over with. I didn't want her to get hurt.

"Be careful." I told her. We did our handshake and she hugged me tight. Then she lined up to run and jump. I saw her jump into mid-air then I heard gasps behind me. I ran to the edge to see her land in the pool. I was relieved and without even thinking I yelled, "You show 'em, sweetheart!" I turned back at everyone else and they were staring at me. "What? She survived." I said. I crossed my arms across my chest and moved away from the edge.

"I'll try next." It was Harold. He ran up to the edge and basically fell. I held back a laugh. But he did make it into the pool. It would have been hilarious to see him in a full body cast. Then Heather and Courtney went. I was next. I stood five feet away from the edge and sprinted. Suddenly there was nothing beneath me and I dropped. I yelled and plummeted hard towards the ground trying to keep myself directly over the pool. I braced myself and hit the water. Coming to the surface I saw Gwen right by the edge.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah," I said and climbed out of the pool. "Woo! Brain rush!" I shouted and went to get a towel from Chef.

Then we heard the megaphone from the top of the cliff, "We got a few chickens, so a Gilded Chris ceremony will be in ten minutes."

I saw Lashwana fuming and Lindsey freaked out when Chris led them back down the cliff. They were both wearing the chicken hats. I can't believe Chris still has those things. I laughed out loud and Gwen elbowed me hard, again.

"To the stage!" Chris shouted.

We sat on the bleachers and Chris appeared in his blue tux while we were still wearing sweaty, digusting, drenched clothes. Chris cam to the podium,

"Ok, because Gwen as the first to jump, she'll be getting invinsibilty tonight, while the rest of you get nothing. So cast your two votes!" He said. I grabbed the little voting thingy and pressed the two chicken's names. "Ok, the votes are in!" Chris grabbed the results from Chef but didn't look too surprised. "Gwen, Harold, Heather, and Duncan. You guys all get a Gilded Chris tonight." It was down to Courtney, Lashawna, and Lindsey.

"If I do not get a Gilded Chris you will be hearing from my lawyer!" Courtney warned. And in seconds the golden trophy of Chris was in her hands.

"You were getting one anyway." Chris said.

"So Lindsey and Lashawna, the two chickens, are taking a ride in the Lame-o-zine. Have a nice trip home!" Chris jeered as Chef escorted the two out to the crappy limo. Then Chris turned to the cameras, "Join us next time on Total Drama ACTION!"

The cameras went off and I slowly headed for the trailers. I still wanted to punch Chris so hard for ditching us back at camp but was too tired. Wow, jumping off cliffs really is tiring.I was just about to open the trailer door when Gwen tapped me on the shoulder.

"Thanks." She said.

"For what?" I asked.

"For making sure I was okay, for sittting next to me on the bus, for finding the marshmellows, for..." I cut her off.

"Ok, ok, I get it." I was exhausted at this point.

"What I'm trying to say is, you're a great guy, Duncan, and I'm glad I have you." She said and she was smiling.

"Thanks." I said. Suddenly, for an instant, my sleepiness was gone and I reached out and hugged her.

"Goodnight, Gwen." I said.

"Goodnight, Duncan." She answered.

The minute she left my arms I basically crawled into the cabin and instantly fell asleep.