What about now?

A/N: I do not own twilight, nor do I own any of the characters. Reviews would be lovely. This is a story about Emmett saving Bella. Now that that's cleared up, on to the story xoxo

Chapter One

Emmett POV

Alice just gave me the bad news, we were too late. Edward didn't hear Bella, and he walked out into the sun. We were too late. My brother is dead. He wasn't coming back. If I could have cried, I'd be bawling right now. I will never forgive Rosalie for this. Alice is still worried about Bella. She saw him die. Alice couldn't find Bella's future. It kept coming in and out. One second she's happy, then her future is non-existent, but not because of the werewolves (even though their pretty dumb) but because of the Volturi. Bella is a human who knows too much, so she must be punished. I can't believe their going to kill her. She couldn't save Edward, so I was going to try my hardest to save her.

Bella POV

Edward's dead. Oh my god, he's dead, I saw him die. I watched them kill him. Now, I was afraid that I was going to face the same fate if Alice couldn't get to me in time. I could barely see in front of me, and I was cold. Alice, where are you, I thought. Hell, I'd settle for Rosalie right now. I walked into a bright room. Stark white. Yep, this is it. This is where I'm going to die. I took a deep breath and prayed to god that somebody would get to me in time.

Chapter Two

Emmett POV

Damn those stupid millennia old vampires. She's done nothing wrong. I just kept thinking this to myself over and over again. I was running through the streets of Volterra, Italy trying to pick up Bella's scent. Please god; don't let me be too late to save her. AS I was thinking this, I got her scent. I started to run so fast that there was no chance in hell that anyone would see me. I burst into a bright, stark white room. I saw the back of her head. I saw them glaring at her. They were totally oblivious to me. They all had a ravenous blood thirsty look in their eyes. I just growled the most horrifyingly guttural sound ever. The Volturi heard, and then turned their attention to me. So did Bella. She looked so excited to see me. Even in the face of a most certain death.

Bella POV

They sent Emmett to save me!!?? Great, now I knew I was going to die. I looked into his eyes, but I still couldn't help but be excited. He ran to my side and hugged me. One of the members of the Volturi cleared his throat. "Who are you?" He asked Emmett in a very haughty tone.

"I'm Emmett Cullen. I am Edward's brother. I know why you think Bella needs to die, but it's really unnecessary." Emmett said this so fast I could barely hear it. Was he nervous? I think Emmett's nervous. All the while, he never let me go. I finally stopped crying enough to hear what he was saying. Was he going to try to save me? There was only one way that I could be saved, but Edward hadn't wanted me anymore and I highly doubt that any of the other Cullen's wanted to keep me around if Edward hadn't.

"Well then, Emmett, how exactly do you plan to prove that she does not deserve death? Clearly, she's human, and clearly her mate chose to not be with her. She knows too much. She must be punished."

Emmett just snarled at the one speaking, I believe that he told me his name was Aro. "You dare protest our decision?"

"Her life doesn't have to end. Just because Edward didn't want her doesn't mean she has to die. He is not the only one capable of changing her." He looked down at me and my mouth hung open in shock. Ohmygod I can't believe he said that. Ohmygod I can't believe that he's willing to save me. I wish I knew what he was thinking right now. Emmett smiled at me, and closed my jaw. I hadn't realized it was still open.

"How can we be sure?" Aro asked Emmett. "How do we know that you are just lying to save both of your skins?

"It will happen." I heard a voice like chimes. Alice! Finally Alice is here. "I have seen the future and Bella will very soon become one of us."

"Very well then, I will take your word for it." Aro stated before turning to me and saying, "Bella, I hope that there are no hard feelings, we had to kill your Edward, he broke the rules." I felt my control slipping as this vile vampire spoke Edwards name, and Emmett and Alice must have sensed it to, because we were quickly out of that horrid place. Before I knew it, I was crying so hard I was shaking.

Chapter Three

Emmett POV

She was crying so hard she was shaking. Oh my god, I saved her. Thank god I made it in time. If I didn't, Rosalie and I would have been having a serious talk. We still might though. I really do care about Bella…

"Emmett," Bella was crying and she still sounded scared. That terror in her voice brought me back to reality. "Thank you for saving me Emmett, you didn't have to. I mean, Edward didn't want to keep me anymore, so I would understand if you change your mind." She started shaking again and I really wished that Edward was here, or maybe Jasper. At least he could make her forget what she just saw.

"Bella, I didn't mind saving you. Once Alice told me, about, well," God how do I say this, I thought, "him, I promised myself that I would save you. You tried to save my brother after he left you, and you still cared about him enough to put yourself in danger. I won't change my mind. Its okay Bella, you're safe now. I won't let anybody hurt you, ever."

Bella POV

"I won't change my mind. Its okay Bella, you're safe now…" The words sunk in, but I couldn't stop sobbing. I just wanted to get out of here and go back home…to Charlie. I'm in so much trouble. I didn't realize that we had gotten on a plane; I didn't realize that Esme and Carlisle were waiting for us. I did hear apologies and thank you's' from Jasper and Carlisle. I looked into Esme's eyes and I saw that a part of her died. What made me wake up was the yelling, but it wasn't coming from Charlie. It was Emmett. Why was he yelling? I was so confused.

"Rose, how could you do that? To Bella, to Carlisle, to Esme?!? I always knew that you were kind of cold and mean-spirited, but this is just too much. You allowed my brother to die. You didn't care about his feelings. You just told him Bella killed herself; you didn't talk to Alice first. I cant believe that I ever loved you. We might be living in the same house but we're done!" Wow, what did I miss? Emmett and Rosalie were no longer together? I'm so confused. I wish I knew what to say.

"Bella," Rosalie said very tentatively, "I truly am sorry. Really, I didn't mean for this to happen." I had no energy for her lies today. I was so sick and tired of it.

"Whatever Rosalie, save it for someone who cares. Emmett, can I go home now? Please? I just want to feel safe again."

"Sure Bells. Anything you want." Emmett said to me before he kissed my forehead. Then he whispered, "It will be okay, trust me, Alice saw everything. You will be okay." I really didn't believe him, but before I could protest, we were in front of my house and I could hear Charlie yelling at me.

"ISABELLA SWAN!!!! YOU GET IN THIS HOUSE RIGHT THIS SECOND. AND BRING THAT CULLEN IN WITH YOU. I'M GOING TO GIVE HIM A PIECE OF MY MIND!!!!" He sounded really upset, and as I was walking up the steps and saw his livid face, I got even more scared and cringed into Emmett's side.

Chapter four

Charlie POV

This was not the Cullen I expected her to walk up with. This was the big one; I think his name was Emmett. I was expecting Edward. Was Bella crying? What had happened? Even when he left, she didn't cry. So why was she crying now? Emmett came up to me with his arms around Bella and shook my hand. "Hello sir," he said, "I'm sorry that Bella was not here when you got home. That was my ex-girlfriend's fault. She does not care for Bella and told Edward a horrific lie, and so Bella went to talk to him."

This boy looked like he wanted to cry. "Well, what's it matter to him if something happened to Be-" Emmett cut me off, doesn't their father teach any of them respect?

"Chief Swan, I'm sorry to interrupt, but when Bella went to talk to Edward, she saw him, well, how do I say this…" he paused, so I cut in.

"She saw him what? With someone else. I knew he never cared about her." I looked in Bella's eyes and instantly wanted to take back the words. Emmett hugged Bella closer as she spoke for the first time, not looking away from my eyes.

"I saw him die, Daddy," wow, she's never called me daddy before, wait, die??!!

"Bells, what happened?"

"Well, I went to talk to him, he didn't hear me, he didn't see me. I saw, I saw him, I can't even say it, Emmett, it hurts me too much." She leaned into him. I started to cry. I hated seeing my baby in so much pain.

"Charlie, Bella saw him overdose on cold medicine and meth." (A/N: Not really, obviously) Bella passed out, from the pain or exhaustion, I don't know which, maybe both. So, I did something I never thought I'd allow, I let a boy stay in her room with her. I didn't feel the need to worry about Emmett though. Sure, I didn't like Edward, but I knew Carlisle taught his sons to respect women. That, and I thought Bella should have someone there when she woke up in the morning. Poor kid, now I feel bad about yelling. I don't know how Emmett got any sleep. I couldn't. She kept waking up screaming Edward's name.