"Ow....what happened?...wait, weren't we just here? Like, twenty minutes ago?" Ginny asked, looking around the hallway. The bell was just ringing, signaling the end of the day's classes. Biology was the last subject that day.

"...." Harry blinked, suddenly remembering about Lyoko. He didn't have to ask Ginny if she remembered too; she nodded, as if reading his thoughts.

"We have to confront them and see if they remember anything we told them," Harry said.

"Look," Ginny said, "there's Odd. Let's talk to him."

The pair approached the spiky-haired boy.

"Hey Odd!" Ginny called. The boy turned to see who had called his name.

"Yeah?" He asked lazily.

"Do you remember anything about earlier about something called a XANA attack, or something?" Harry asked.

"Who's this XANA?" Odd asked nervously.

"Come on," Ginny said, "We know what XANA is and Lyoko. But don't worry: We won't tell anyone."

"But, how do you remember?" Odd asked, pulling out his cell phone.

"It might be the magic in our blood," Harry said. "That might have made the Return to the Past immune to us."

"Okay, um Jeremy," Odd said into his phone, "Harry and Ginny remember everything." The two wizards clearly heard a loud 'WHAT?!' at the other end. "You heard me. What do we do now?"

Odd glanced nervously at Harry and Ginny while Jeremy said something quickly on the other end.

"I think Einstein wants to talk to you," Odd said. He handed Ginny the phone.

Ginny stared at it. "What in Merlin's name am I supposed to do with this thing?"

"Here, let me do it," Harry said. He held the device up to his ear. Harry listened for a moment, and then said, "He wants to talk to us in his room."



"So how much do you remember?"

"All of it."

Jeremy looked at them skeptically.

"Well," Jeremy said, "now that XANA has William on his side, we need warriors now more than ever. Do you two promise not to tell anyone about this?"

"I promise," Harry and Ginny said together.

"Next time XANA attacks, you can go to Lyoko with Aelita."


Two days had passed since Ginny and Harry had joined the Lyoko Warriors. The group was sitting around at the lunch table, watching Odd inhale all the food on his plate...and more besides.

"Doesn't he ever stop eating?" Harry and Ginny asked in unison.

"No," said Ulrich. "It's like he's a black hole at times."

All of a sudden, Jeremy's laptop started beeping. Students and teachers outside were screaming about something.

Ulrich pushed away from the table and was standing in one, solid movement. He was at the window in another. All eyes were on him as his face grew dark, and he announced what they all knew: "It's a XANA attack."

"What's it doing now?" Jeremy asked anxiously.

Ulrich looked out the window before turning back to his friends. A lot of the students in the lunch room were running away from the chaos taking place outside.

"It's going for a full-scale attack." He said flatly. "There are Krabbes everywhere..." he paused, then said, "Okay, there were two. But they're attacking people."

"That's not too bad," Yumi scoffed. "We've done that before."

Ulrich shook his head. "He's also stealing electricity." He'd seen the sparks flying on the electric lines. Then, as if to prove his point, the lights flickered suddenly and then went out. Now the only light source was the windows, but it was still pretty light.

"What do we do?" Ulrich concluded with a question.

Jeremy pushed his glasses farther up the bridge of his nose and began to take control.

"Ulrich and Odd, you two stay here," he said. "Do whatever you can to stop the Krabbes. Yumi, Aelita, Harry, and Ginny, you come with me."

Odd and Ulrich raced to the tool shed while the others raced to the park.

It was only several minutes later that the five arrived at the factory. Jeremy took his place at the super computer and the other continued down to the next level with the scanners.

Ginny looked around. She was actually a bit nervous. She'd never felt more out of depth. "Now what?" She couldn't help but ask.

"Jeremy will scan us to Lyoko." Yumi explained. "That's the virtual world, remember?"

Harry and Ginny both nodded. "So what do we do on this Loko place?"

"Lyoko," Aelita corrected. "On Lyoko we'll deactivate the tower, and it'll stop XANA's attack. It activates towers to access the real world."

With that, the two female warriors stepped into the scanners. Harry and Ginny waited nervously while they were scanned. The two scanners opened and Harry glanced at Ginny. She looked a little frazzled.

"Ready?" Harry asked her.

"I think so." She responded, her voice shaking just a little. With that, the duo stepped into the metal chambers.

The first thing Harry noticed was that the ground was green, there were a lot of trees, and the ground seemed a long way away. The next second, he was falling and ended up on his butt. "Ow!" he said. Harry looked at his arms and saw navy blue sleeves with white stripes going down the sleeve. He saw a red shirt under his jacket and khaki pants and white tennis shoes.

Harry looked over at Ginny and saw her wearing a white sweater with red and light brown stripes with brown sweat pants and a brown headband. She had a red quiver on her back where a bow with red feathered arrows lay.

"Everyone all right?" Jeremie's voice asked.

"Jeremie?" Ginny asked.

"I'll take that as a 'yes'," Aelita said. Harry thought she certainly looked strange. She wore a multi-colored body suit which theme was pink and had pointed ears and an earring on her left ear.

"Come on! Let's get going," Yumi said. She wore a ninja like pink and purple outfit with weird silver pill-like eyebrows.

"Did you notice that you don't have your glasses on, Harry?" Ginny asked. Harry looked around and shook his head.

A large silver scooter and dark green one wheeled bike appeared out of nowhere. "Harry and Ginny, the Overbike is for you," Jeremie said. "Just twist the right handlebar to go and the left one to fly."

Harry and Ginny jumped on the Overbike, Harry in front, and sped off, following Yumi and Aelita to a tower-thing with a red aura. Ginny noticed three spider-like things and blocks on legs in front of the tower. Yumi pulled out a metal fan out of nowhere and threw it. The fan glowed and flew at the monsters and hit one of the blocks. The fan flew back, and Yumi caught it, then it vanished.

"Harry, I just found your powers," Jeremie said. "You can apparently do wandless magic and can conjure a green shield. Ginny, you can control fire, create a red shield, and can almost never miss a target with your arrows."

"Handy," Ginny said, drawing her bow and an arrow.

The warriors got to the monsters, and Harry and Ginny hopped off the Overbike. Ginny strung her bow and fired at the spider, which exploded. Harry fired several stunning spells, but only a few hit the remaining blocks.

The tarantulas took the chance to fire lasers at the Warriors. Ginny closed her eyes and held up her hands. She felt nothing hit her. She opened her eyes and saw a large red shield with ripples appearing in front of her.

After about seven minutes, all of the monsters were gone. Aelita ran into the tower, literally. She couldn't get through! "Jeremie, what's going on?" She asked, feeling the outside of the tower. "I cant' get in."

"It's all William!" Jeremie said. "He waltzed right into the tower and put up a 'barrier' around the tower! No one can get in! Unless, Harry and Ginny! Try to get inside."

"Us? You must be joking," Harry said, smiling. Then he noticed the serious looks. "Well, I guess we could give it a try," he said, scratching the back of his neck.

The wizards walked up to the tower and walked through the wall. "Wow," Ginny whispered. She walked to the center of the tower, and a translucent screen appeared with strange writing and figures.

"Do everything exactly as I say," Jeremie said. "Just don't touch anything you shouldn't, and you should be okay." The next few minutes were tedious. "That's it!" the boy genius said. "Aelita, you can come in now!"

Aelita rushed in and stopped at the center of the tower. A white mist surrounded her, and she floated up. After thirty seconds, the blue data dropped to the bottom of the tower. A white bubble appeared, and it grew quickly. Harry felt nothingness, just numb. After a few seconds, he was sitting at a table watching a certain purple-clad boy eating.

"Doesn't he ever stop eating?" Harry and Ginny asked in unison.

"No," Ulrich said. "It's like he's a black hole at times."

"Wait, didn't we already go through this?" Ginny asked.

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