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Chapter One

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

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It started with a chair. A rocking chair.

It was one late December night and Ginny was sound asleep for the first time in over a month. I on the other hand kept on tossing and turning, I was restless, something, perhaps my auror senses, kept me alert.

And so, I got up and did what I usually do when I'm disturbed during the night, I go and check up on the kids.

Knowing by sound of soft snores, both James and Albus were long gone in dreamland, leaving me with the only and newest option.


I tiptoed into towards her crib only to find my little girl wide awake and starring back at me and I watched her. Slowly and carefully I reached and held her in my arms.

Her big brown eyes looking at me and her little mouth in a pout that can melt anyone's heart.

"I see there is one more person in the house who can't sleep. Taking after your old man after all?" she smiled as answer. Well she can't talk now can she?

I went to the window, Lily cradled in my arms and watched as snow began falling to the ground. Ginny, being the smart witch I always knew she it, had put a rocking chair by the window.

"The baby deserves to see the view too." She said when she and Molly decorated the room while heavily pregnant.

"So what to think about the view?" I asked and set down on the rocking chair. Her hand was in her mouth and then she flung it at me touching my mouth with her saliva covered hand. I'd like to think this was her kissing me.

I lifted her up and let her rest her head against my shoulder. "That's my little golden snitch."

I began humming some lullabies I knew but Lily, already being the special little girl I knew she would be, began to cry.

Note to self: no more bunny song.

"Perhaps something a little more…mature?" I asked as I rocked my little Lily. "Pack up all my cares and woeshere I go, singing lowBye-bye Blackbird..." there was a little stirring sound coming from my youngest.

It seemed like I finally found my partner in crime for loving old jazz songs.

"Where somebody waits for me…sugars sweet, so is she…Bye-bye Blackbird…" somehow during my pour singing we both fell asleep.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­"I'm getting married." My little Lily beamed at us as my heart stopped.

Married? My Lily?

"No!" I said while the rest of the family got up to embrace her. Ginny stopped at looked at me.

"I'm sorry?" she said slowly.

I cleared my throat to cover up my bad sense of acceptance. "No…no one can be happier than me, Snitch." I went up to her and hugged her.

"Are you sure Dad?" my Lily asked, her mouth in a little pout and an image of her cradled in my arms while I'm singing poorly.

"Of course I am." I hugged her gingerly and kissed the top of her head.

"D-ad!!!" my six year old little girl ran towards me. "Dad, James ruined my drawing!" she lifted up a piece of paper where a supposed redhead princess was holding hand to blond prince, only the prince in the drawing moved and hit the princess on the head with what looked like a troll's club.

"Ja-mes!" I called and watched as my oldest stumbled down the stairs hiding something behind his back. "Give it here, James."

"I was only kidding…" he trailed off as he handed me what looked like Teddy's wand.

"Where is Teddy?"

"Outside with Al and Rose and…" Lily began to say but then she covered her mouth with her hands and giggled.


"And Victoire." James stated and Lily giggled even harder. "Making funny faces to each other, yuck!"

I went to the back window and indeed found my second eldest son and both my nephews sitting outside with my godson, his hair, much to my surprise, silky blond and much like Victotire's own silver blond hair, only shorter. They did look rather friendly, much more than they should be.

"I like blond boys!" Lily suddenly said and I turned to her, knowing that I look taken aback.

"You like blond Teddy!" James teased her and my little girl blushed. "That's why you draw him as the prince." And then he began to sing. "Lily likes Teddy, Lily likes Teddy, Lily likes Teddy, Lil-"

"That's enough!" I cried as I saw my little girl's eyes start to water. "James! Go to your room right now!"

His teasing stopped as he looked up at me. "But Dad-"

"What is the rule James?" I asked while picking Lily up in my arms.

"It stops being fun when you make someone cry." He said quietly and looked up at Lily who was still sobbing in my arms. "I didn't mean to-"

"Maybe you didn't but right now you are to go to your room until I call you for dinner, and no flying tonight either."

"D-ad!" he cried in protest.

"Do you want me to make two nights with no flying?" that shut him and with a feeble "no" James went up the stairs and to his room.

"I'm sorry, daddy." Lily said to my neck. "I didn't mean for you to be angry at James."

"I'm not angry at James, Snitch." I tickled her side and as she giggled lightly I took it as a sign to move us to the living room.

"Are you angry at Teddy?" she asked as I set her down on the couch.

"Why should I be angry at Teddy?"

"Because he has blond hair and I want to marry a blond prince." She said and she blushed again.

"Well…" I paused for a moment. "You can marry anyone you'd like, blond hair, black hair, brown hair, rainbow colored hair, as long as he makes you happy and loves as much as I do."

"Can I marry you, Daddy?" she asked with a smile, her eyes are still pink from crying but she was smiling.

I released a cry of joy and hugged my little girl once again. "I'm afraid I'm not blond, Snitch."

"I know that, daddy," she rolled her eyes, something she just learned from watching Ginny and Hermione. "But Mum, said you're her prince so that's okay with me."

"And one day you'll find yours, Snitch."

"Are you sure, Dad?" she asked, her big brown eyes staring at me hopefully.

"Of course I am." I hugged her gingerly and kissed the top of her head.

It was Ginny who found me sitting by the kitchen table later that night.

"Hey you." She said and kissed me softly on the lips. "You okay?"

"I'm fine," I shrugged. "You?"

She smiled and took my hand in hers. "Our little girl is getting married, Harry, how do you think I feel?"


She smacked me. "No, you Tosser!" Even at forty-five my wife still as feisty as she was at fifteen. "I'm sad! And you're the one who's old." She flipped her long red hair and smirked.


"I just remembered something."

"Which is?"

"The coming of age present I gave you." She leaned forward and her face was inches from mine.

"I never met a veela that can compare to you, Gin." I said slyly. "You're a force of nature of your own."

"There's the silver lining I've been looking for." She whispered as she closed the gap between us, wrapping her arm around my neck her lips warm and soft against mine. It was her way to tell me it will be okay.

I really wanted to believe her.

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