Sid sat on a small bench in his local play park. He was gagging for a cigarette but he'd promised to give up ever since she came into his life. He absolutely adored her, through and through and there was nothing he wouldn't do for her. Right now, she was his world.

He flexed his fingers, trying not to remember how good it felt to take a pull from a cigarette. He saw some mum's smoking outside of the playground and he was so tempted to go and introduce himself. But no, he'd made that promise and if it meant keeping her he was definitely going to keep it.

He watched her, gazed at her lovingly. Her laugh was so infectious it made him want to giggle with her.

Then the blonde toddler waddled up to him and took his hand.

"Daddy, will you come play on the swings with me?" she asked, and pouted her lips.

"Alright," he smiled and picked her up by her sides. He placed her on his hip and walked with her over to the swings. He placed her in the small child seat and sat infront of the little 3 year old.

Her blonde curly hair fell down her back in little ringlets and he pushed her gently. He grinned at her as she giggled infectiously again. She pulled his beanie off his head and put it on her own, then she went for his glasses.

"No Cass…" he gently pushed her tiny hands away, talking in his baby voice, but she persisted, "Cassie," he said this time more stern, "Cassandra," he threatened cheekily.

He looked into her big blue eyes and his heart ached. Ever since Sid had become a Dad he couldn't stop thinking about Cassie, hell, he even named his child after her. Her mum didn't even wanna know anymore, it was just Sid and Cassie like it should have been. He could have cried when she was born with curly blonde hair and blue eyes.

Cassie had killed herself two years after college, after getting into debt with drug dealers and sleeping around she finally overdosed and this time Jal wasn't there to stop her.

Sid went to the funeral and couldn't stop crying, he had lost the girl he had loved for four years.

Then his child was born and he knew when he saw her.

"I think we should call her Cassandra," he suggested to his 'then' girlfriend

Two weeks later she was left on his doorstep, he looked into her big blue eyes and ran his fingertips through her blonde wisps of hair and his heart pounded inside his chest.

He knew he had to keep her.

Sid bought himself back to reality. Cassie was nearly three now and she was looking more like his Cassie everyday. It ached, Sid always had the dull ache of heartbreak in his heart, he was used to it now.