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Randy enters the elevator quickly, just wanting to get up to his hotel room and sleep. They have matches to rehearse and he's just as curious as everyone else to find out which superstars are moving to RAW. It won't be long now, he'll meet them tomorrow in practice. Even so, he knows they're in the hotel somewhere, if he could just . . .

The elevator pings, distracting him from his thoughts and the doors slide open on his floor. As he steps out, he notices a door open down the hall and Randy can't help himself. He pauses right outside his own door, just wanting to catch a glimpse of the person exiting, no matter who they may be.

What surprises him is that he actually recognizes the young man.

He's a wrestler from ECW and this leads Randy to conclude that he's one of the new additions to RAW. He's short, only coming up to about Randy's shoulder and he's very . . . cute. Now, Randy would never say that out loud, but it's really the only way to describe the guy. Besides, he doesn't like guys like that anyway.

Randy turns towards the smaller man as he begins to walk towards him, "Hey, I finally found one of you! You're going to be on RAW now, right?"

He stops in his tracks, looking up at Randy with big brown eyes, "Uh . . . yeah. Yeah I am. I'm Evan Bourne."

"I knew I recognized you. From ECW, right?"

"Yup," Evan looks very intimidated, "That's me."

"Ah, so where you headed?"

Evan gestures vaguely, "Just to hit the vending machines. It's getting late you know."

"Yeah, right," Randy says kindly, "Well I'll see you at the run through, yeah?"

"Sure," Evan actually smiles at him, "See you tomorrow."

Randy lets himself into his room as Evan continues down the hallway. He changes quickly and flings himself down on the bed, the last thing he pictures before he falls asleep is that bright smile.


He arrives at the arena right on time, dressed in workout clothes and ready to find out what his match is going to be this week. Probably more crap with Hunter. Even Randy has to admit that it's getting a little old.

He makes his way to the middle of the arena where the ring is set up and looks around him. Ted and Cody are giggling over something, while Kofi, Show, and John watch them amusedly. Montel is chatting with some of the divas and Dave is standing a bit away from everyone, trying not to jostle his arm too much.

It's the giant Mark Henry that catches Randy's eye though. So two down, one to go. Mark actually reminds him that Evan should be somewhere around here, but he fails to see him. He does however, see Jack Swagger. So they all came from ECW? Interesting.

They start the 'meeting,' everyone listening intently as they are told who they are going to be matched up with. Randy cringes a bit, when he hears that more punishment is in order for him. They may plan all this stuff, but it can still really freaking hurt. A 3 on 1 gauntlet match against the new guys, that means Evan really has to be around here. So where is he?

It's only when everyone scatters to find their respective opponents that Randy sees him, visible now because Jack has shifted slightly and is no longer blocking the other wrestler. Randy let's a small smile show, he just can't get over how tiny Evan seems.

He makes his way over to the three men to talk through their matches with one of the creative staff. In greeting, he first shakes Jack's hand, then Mark's. He has met Mark briefly a time or two before and Ted and Jack were friends from FCW so Randy had of course been introduced. Next he turns to Evan and the younger man just offers a shy smile, still seemingly a bit nervous to be around the WWE Champion.

"Hi Randy," Evan says quietly and Randy can't help but find it oddly endearing. Where the hell are these thoughts coming from?

He is supposed to face Evan first, then Jack who lets him win, then Mark who tries to kill him. They all listen intently on how the matches are supposed to go down and then receive papers that detail the matches so they can rehearse them. Looking at it, Randy quickly decides that the match between him and Evan is going to need the most practice.

Honestly, he can't remember the last time he was in a match against someone with Evan's style and he knows that the high risk maneuvers take a lot of practice and knowledge of the precise movements so nobody gets hurt.

"Guys, is it okay if just Evan and I go over our match today? I'm probably going to need a lot of work."

Jack and Mark nod hurriedly, glad that they may make it out of the arena without having to do anything today. The ECW and RAW schedules line up awkwardly and they were a little worn out because they had had their show the night before.

Evan and Randy climb into the ring while the other superstars and divas head backstage. Whoever has the title belt gets to use the ring first, that's the rule.

"So what do you want to start with?" Evan asks now that everyone else has left.

"How about you hit me with one of those roundhouse kicks of yours?" Randy thinks back to the list, "Let's see what kind of power you have. Don't hold back."

Evan nods and positions himself in front of Randy, readying himself. With a yell, he swings his right leg up and strikes Randy across the chest with his shin and Randy startles himself by actually stumbling back. He's almost surprised that it hurt like a bitch.

He brings a hand to his chest and rubs it gingerly, looking at Evan who appears to be waiting for his judgment.

"You're freaking strong for a little guy," Randy grins, "My turn though. So from my back I have to throw you between the ropes onto the apron."

He lies on his back with his head by the ropes on one side of the ring and Evan approaches as if he's going to try and execute a move. Instead Randy reaches up and grabs him by the hips, tossing him head first through the top and middle rope.

It's interesting how under Evan's t-shirt he can feel the hard muscle that the younger man is made of, but he can still lift him like he's nothing. He rolls over onto his stomach, only to see that Evan is not on the ring apron like he is supposed to be. It appears that he missed the rope and ended up on the floor, hands clutching the front of his face.

"You okay down there?"

Evan moves his hands revealing a red cheek and Randy can't help the feeling of protectiveness that wells up in him, "Yeah, just smacked my face on the floor. That's going to take some practice, huh?"

He scoots back up into the ring and for the next hour they continue to go over the moves that are required for their match. When they're finally done, they're both hot, sweaty, and tired.

"You did good today kid. Time to get some rest," Randy says as they head towards their respective rental cars.

"Thanks!" Evan beams, then gets quiet again, "Ugh shower first though. So . . . I'll see you later?"


And as they go their separate ways, Randy can't help but wonder if 'later' can be when Evan gets to that shower.