Randy aims for Jack first and he strikes, his knee connecting with the younger man's face with a loud crack. Jack releases Evan's foot to grab at his nose which has started spurting an alarming amount of blood. Next Randy turns to Mike, who has jumped away from Evan and is backing himself into a corner, trying and failing to stay out of Randy's line of fire.

The larger man makes a grab for him and pulls him into a headlock – a real one. Mike is gasping as Randy pulls tighter and growls, "I warned you. I told you what would happen if you put your hands on him again."

"I . . . I won't!" Mike rasps out, trying his best to wriggle his way out of Randy's iron grip. Jack is stumbling around, disoriented, trying to find his way to the door. He finally gets to it and wrenches it open. It hits the wall with a bang and he trips out of the room, a trail of blood dripping after him.

The bang attracts the attention of other wrestlers in the hallway and John, Mickie, and Kofi rush over to the doorway. Jack shakes off their hands and storms off down the hall, disappearing around a corner so they turn to see what is happening in the locker room. Randy still has a death grip on Mike's neck and Evan is still curled up on the floor in pain.

John and Kofi run over to Randy and try to pry his arms from around Mike, whose face is starting to turn purple. They're not having much luck as Mickie kneels down next to Evan, trying to see where he is hurt.

"Let go Randy!" Kofi shouts, "He's going to pass out!"

But it seems like that is what Randy is going for, because he won't let go no matter how hard Kofi and John pull at him. His face contorts with rage and John can't remember ever seeing Randy this angry before.

Mike is fading fast now and Randy takes the opportunity to issue one last warning, whispering menacingly in Mike's ear, "If you ever, ever come near him again, I. Will. End. You."

And with that he lets Mike drop to the floor, grasping his neck and drawing in as much oxygen as he can. Kofi kneels to check on him to make sure that Randy hasn't caused any permanent damage.

"What the hell are you thinking?!" John bellows at his friend, "Have you lost your mind?!"

Randy doesn't answer, just makes to move towards Evan but John steps in his path, not letting the angry young man go until he gets an explanation, "Hold on, Randy. What the fuck is going on?"

"They were beating on him!" Randy gestures to Evan, "Again! What the hell was I supposed to do John? Just let them hurt him?"

As soon as Kofi hears this, he stands up and backs away from Mike as if he's been bitten. John face now shows concern for the smallest man, "They were beating him up?"

"This is the second time I've caught them doing it!" Randy says, exasperated. This time John moves out of his way as he walks towards Evan. Mickie is helping him sit up as he clutches his stomach, but he doesn't get very far before groaning in pain.

Ignoring the looks of the others in the room, Randy hauls his and Evan's bags on to a shoulder and then scoops him up off the floor in an instant, carrying Evan bridal style.

"You guys should take care of that," Randy snarls, referring to Mike who seems to be playing opossum on the floor. He disregards the others protests and continues out of the room and down the hall, finding another empty room that is set up for the superstars.

He sets Evan down gently in a folding chair, dumping their bags on the floor and kneels in front of him to inspect the damage. He is poking Evan's abdomen gingerly when the younger man finally speaks up, "Why did you do that?"

"Do what?" Randy looks at him, a confused expression on his face, "Stop them? I couldn't let them hurt you. Why would you even ask?"

"I don't know. You just seemed so angry, I just thought . . ."

"Thought what?" Randy's hands remain on Evan's skin and Evan shivers a bit.

"I dunno. I guess I was just wondering if you would act that way for anyone."

Randy smiles up at him and says truthfully, "Actually, I don't think I would."

And now he's being completely honest. When he had seen Jack and Mike on top of Evan; Evan contorted in pain, he had really just wanted to rip someone's head off. Randy can't remember the last time he felt this strongly about someone, but he now finds that it doesn't bother him anymore. All he wants to do is hold onto Evan and let the younger man know how he feels about him.

During his thought process, Randy doesn't realize that he is stroking Evan's sides gently and Evan is relaxing into the touch, breathing deeply. He tenses a bit when Randy accidently presses too hard and this brings the older man back to reality.

"I should get you back to the hotel," Randy says quickly and stands to rifle through their bags. From his own he pulls out sneakers, sweats, and a t-shirt and sits to remove his own boots. Once they are off he shoves them in his bag and pulls on the clothing over his trunks and then steps into his shoes. From Evan's bag he grabs a t-shirt and hands it to him, watching as Evan grimaces in pain as he shrugs into it.

They look at each other silently for a moment before Evan murmurs, "I need my shoes."

"No you don't," Randy picks up their bags again and then lifts Evan the same way as before, his bare feet dangling as they head out to the parking garage where Randy's rental car is.

"Randy!" Evan exclaims, grasping Randy around the neck, "I can walk by myself!"

"But I don't want you too."

They make it to the car and Randy maneuvers Evan so he can get to the car keys in his pocket. Once the car is open, he settles Evan down in the passenger seat and drops their bags in the back before getting in himself.

The drive back is silent, save for an occasional moan of pain from Evan. Randy looks over at him worriedly, already noticing purple bruises forming across his pale skin. They get back to the hotel and Evan insists on walking in himself, so Randy takes their bags and keeps a careful eye on the younger man who is walking barefoot through the lobby.

It's a short trip to the room and Randy puts their bags down in a corner as Evan curls up on his own bed. Randy sits down on the other one facing him and they sit in companionable silence until Evan asks, "Did you mean what you said? Back at the arena?"

"What do you mean?"

Evan blushes a fierce red, "That you wouldn't do that for just anybody?"

"Yeah, I really meant that," Randy moves to share the bed with Evan, sitting down on the edge turned towards him, "There's just something about you. I . . . I really like you Evan. I wanted to protect you from them."

"Oh," Evan mouths, then looks up at Randy with liquid chocolate eyes, and Randy can't resist.

"Can I kiss you?"

Randy's heart stops when Evan doesn't respond for a moment, fearing that he has made a huge mistake. But then Evan is struggling to sit up, tugging on Randy's arms to help him. Once his face is as close to Randy's as he can get it, he nods.

Their lips touch and Evan practically melts as Randy's strong arms embrace him. Seeing Randy defend him so ferociously had made him feel amazing . . . and incredibly horny. He presses against the larger man as best he can while trying to ignore the pain throbbing in his stomach.

Randy sighs in amazement at the hard muscle of Evan's back that he feels rippling under the t-shirt. Opening his mouth gives Evan a chance to plunder it with his tongue and Randy responds with his own, allowing them to dance together in the wet heat created by their lips.

They make the decision simultaneously; pulling apart they each rid themselves of their shirts, Evan having a bit more trouble than Randy before moving back to each other. They kiss again as Evan grasps Randy's large biceps tightly and Randy marvels at how small Evan's hands are; they barely cover any of his tattooed skin.

Randy runs a hand over Evan's smooth chest, gently encouraging the younger man to lie back down on the bed. He is running on pure adrenaline and instinct now, lowering his mouth to Evan's firm pectoral muscles. His tongue flicks a nipple lightly and Evan lets out a delicious whimper, his hands moving to grasp Randy's shoulders.

"God, you're so perfect," Randy whispers against Evan's warm skin.

"No, you are," Evan manages to squeak out and Randy moves back up so his icy blue eyes are looking deep into Evan's warm brown ones.

"I want you so bad."

"So have me."

So much of Randy's blood rushes south at that statement that he can barely react when Evan's hands are at his hips, trying to push his sweats down. He eventually realizes that he is going to have to move to get them off and he climbs off of Evan and stands up, kicking his sneakers off and shoving his pants to the floor.

His cock is straining against his tight trunks, but he ignores himself in favor of the aroused young man on the bed. Randy's hands go to his waist to peel off his tights, only to find that taking them off is more difficult that he thought. He yanks them down to Evan's thighs along with his tiny underwear, but once they get there, they stick.

The sight is almost comical. Evan is flushed, his hard cock lying against his stomach with his wrestling tights stuck halfway down his thighs. Randy grins until Evan notices and scowls, and then Randy grins more because it makes Evan look even cuter.

"Just get these off so you can fuck me!"

Randy pounces, tearing the tights and underwear from Evan legs, throwing the destroyed spandex to the floor. He shoves his own trunks down and tosses them off the bed, now finally able to feel Evan's hard body pressed against his. He tries not to bear his entire weight down on the younger man, whose bruises are becoming more evident as the night goes on.

Instead, he lowers his lips to the deep purple marks, gently kissing his way across the battered flesh. Evan is trying to reach for Randy's hard cock, but Randy moves even lower nipping at a protruding hip bone.

"Randy, please, I want to-"

"No, this is about you. I want to make you feel good."

Evan moans at the sentiment, and then gasps as Randy's mouth moves from his hip down to his balls. Randy licks timidly, unused to the feeling of the incredibly soft skin, and decides that he is going to move onto something that he understands a little better. Using his right hand he lifts Evan's left leg and Evan bends his other leg at the knee, giving Randy a clear view of the tight little pink hole that lies between his muscular ass cheeks.

At this he dives in enthusiastically, swiping his tongue over and over the heated flesh. He pokes at the hole, wiggling his tongue inside, amazed at how tight the muscles constrict around him.

"You like that?" Randy says after blowing cool air on the wet trail he's left behind.

"Uhhh . . . yes! Fuck foreplay, Randy. I want you in me."

Randy lifts his head to stare at Evan, who looks so perfect stretched out naked and hard before him. He's a bit nervous now though. He's never been with a guy before and doesn't want to hurt Evan after seeing how tight he is.

"What's wrong?" Evan asks after seeing the apprehension cross Randy's face. Randy can't really see him back. From this angle Evan's face is blocked by his swollen cock, "You don't want me?"

"No! It's not that at all," Randy moves back up and lays next the Evan, wrapping the smaller man up in his arms. Their foreheads touch and looking to Evan's eyes Randy has to admit, "I've never done this before. I don't want to hurt you."

Evan just smiles at him and plants a tiny kiss on his lips. It's so sweet and seemingly innocent that Randy almost forgets his tension.

"It's going to be okay," Evan whispers against his lips, "You couldn't hurt me."

After making sure that Randy is okay, Evan rolls over to rummage though his backpack that is lying on the floor near the bed. He grunts in pain as his stomach presses into the edge of the bed and Randy's hand goes to his back, rubbing gently, but he doesn't turn back until he comes up with a tiny bottle of hand lotion and a condom.

"Use these," he kisses Randy deeply, "And you'll be perfect."

Evan lies on his back and spreads his legs, encouraging Randy to move back down between them. He does after taking the lotion and condom and for a moment Randy just looks at Evan with pure love in his eyes and Evan feels himself flood with emotion. He wants Randy so badly it hurts.

Randy rips open the condom and rolls it onto his cock, which is still hard even though it has gotten zero attention since they entered the room. He pops the cap on the lotion and first drizzles some of it onto his fingers. Then he lowers his hand to Evan's hole and warns him, "One finger first."

He pushes it in as smoothly as possible and groans at the heat that surrounds the digit. His groan mixes with Evan's who is trying to open as much as he can for Randy. It feels so amazing that Randy doesn't want to wait but for Evan's sake, he controls himself until he can fully push in two fingers.

Evan is twitching, shaking, sweating, panting, "Please Randy! Pleasepleasepleaseplease."

Randy withdraws his fingers and leans over, threading his fingers through Evan's dark hair before bringing their lips together. This time the kiss is passionate and rough; they are practically devouring each other's mouth. When they separate Randy immediately spreads lotion on his sheathed cock and tosses the bottle aside, ready to make Evan his.

He presses the tip of his engorged cock against Evan's tight hole and slowly slips it in, gasping at the feel of the muscle wrapped around him.

"Keep going," Evan begs, draping his legs around Randy's hip, pulling him farther inside, "More. I need it."

That's it. He can't resist Evan so he thrusts the rest of the way in, eliciting a cry from Evan. Randy stills abruptly, thinking that he's hurt that smaller man, but Evan whimpers and rocks down on him, trying to feel that delicious pressure against his prostate.

"Randy, you feel so good. Fuck me, fuck me."

Randy pulls back a bit then rolls his hips forward again, hitting that sweet spot inside of Evan. He begins to thrust at a steady pace and they moan and pant together, their hard sweat slicked bodies sliding against one another. Randy cock is already close to bursting from being untouched for so long and he speeds up. Evan is practically clawing at his back, probably leaving jagged scratch marks, but Randy doesn't care.

He leans forward to capture Evan's lips again, basically folding the younger man in half and Evan's body doesn't protest, even with the bruises on him. Randy revels in the flexibility of the body underneath him and this turns him on even more.

"Touch me," Evan gasps into Randy's neck, his arms wrapped around Randy's chest, "Make me come."

Randy quickly complies, grasping Evan's cock that is bobbing against stomach and strokes him in earnest, precome and sweat smoothing the way.

"I love you Randy."

It escapes Evan mouth so easily, that Randy stops moving altogether and just looks at him before feeling confident enough to reply, "I love you Evan."

And the moment has become so heavy, that Randy starts his pace again, wanting to make Evan come so badly. He tries to time his strokes and thrusts so that Evan is simply unraveling below him from the pleasure. He doesn't even dwell on the fact that he has a cock in his hand and his cock is in a guy's ass because it's Evan and he loves him and it just feels so damn good.

"I'm so close."

With Randy rocking his hips as hard as he can, Evan comes, screaming Randy's name. His come shoots far, onto his neck and chest and then dribbles over Randy's hand, while his hole clenches down on Randy's cock and sends him over that edge, spurting into the condom.

They both come down from their orgasms, panting as Randy pulls out and discards the condom. Evan is practically comatose on the bed, a tiny smile gracing his face and his eyes closed. Before climbing back into bed Randy grabs an abandoned t-shirt and wipes the sweat dripping from his face then uses it to clean the come from Evan's skin.

Evan sighs happily and Randy tosses the t-shirt away, then curls around Evan and places a gentle kiss to the young man's temple, "I love you."

"Love you too," Evan mumbles before slipping into the best sleep he's had in days and Randy joins him soon after.

The next morning finds Randy and Evan still sleeping, bathed in the sunlight that streams through the hotel window. A light knocking rouses Randy and he unwraps himself from Evan as he gets out of bed. He pulls on his discarded sweat pants from last night before answering the door, confused to see John standing there.

"Why aren't you ready man?" John questions, "We were going to work out early today."

Randy just shakes his head, having completely forgotten about the plans that they had made a few days ago.

"What's up? You look like you just got laid," John laughs before poking his head into the room jokingly. His laugh stops abruptly however when he gets a view of Evan sleeping, the clothes strewn across the floor and the sight of other bed still made up, "Oh my God."


"You didn't," John hisses to avoid waking the other man or attracting any attention in the hallway.

"Didn't what?" Randy isn't fooling anyone. He knows exactly what John is talking about.

"You had sex with him!"

". . . so?"

"Randy?" Evan's voice breaks into the conversation; he sounds nervous, "Who is that?"

"It's just John, Baby," the endearment slips out easily as he turns to Evan who has sat up in the bed, blanket clutched over him, "Everything's fine, right?"

The last word is directed back at John, who rolls his eyes at Randy, and says for Evan's benefit, "Of course everything's fine."

"I'll talk to you later, okay?"

"Yeah," John glances back at Evan, "We're going to talk later."

Randy closes the door and goes back to the bed, shucking off his sweats. As soon as he gets under the covers Evan immediately snuggles against him and Randy can't get over how much he absolutely loves the feeling.

"What did John want?"

"I forgot about our workout this morning," Randy shrugs lightly, "It's okay though. I'd rather be here with you."

Evan blushes and it's so adorable. Randy kisses him softly as the settle into the pillows, and Evan can't help but say, "You called me Baby . . . and in front of John."

"You don't want me to?"

"No, I do. I like it but-" Evan is beginning to look tense and Randy cuts in.

"Don't worry about John. He's my best friend; he'll be fine. Please, don't worry," Randy strokes Evan's face gently. Evan nods, honestly believing Randy, "Okay, love you Randy."

"Love you too Baby. Let's go back to sleep okay?"


They fall asleep wrapped together and, for now, everything is perfect.