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Five Years Later

They had both been surprised by the general reaction to their relationship; even the most vocal of their detractors had merely predicted a swift end to their relationship – saying that the age gap was insurmountable. Yet here they were five years later, in the house that they had bought together, still in love, still with the ability to make the earth move, both happy and contented with the life that they had built together.

It had been a long time since Hermione and Minerva's relationship had been a scandal in the Daily Prophet – even longer since they had told their friends and colleagues about their relationship. So it was no surprise when the invitation to Neville's wedding was addressed simply to Hermione and Minerva.

"I guess that this means you'll be buying a new dress." Green eyes gleamed at her young lover, who pulled a face. Hermione's wardrobe was quite a joke between them. Success in research and business had opened doors to Hermione that were normally closed to the muggle-born. They often attended functions together that required Hermione to dress like the successful woman she was, mixing with the elite of the wizarding world – determined that they accept her as an equal and have less reason to dismiss her ideas; she conformed to their standards, never wearing the same outfit twice.

Hermione had used this power and influence to campaign for the rights of muggle-born witches and wizards, having championed a number of reforms in the past few years and was largely responsible for changing public opinion. In fact she was gradually moving from research into politics, into instituting the changes that she had dreamed about at Hogwarts. All down to the confidence that Minerva had restored within her all those years ago.

Lips brushed across her temple, "What are you thinking about?"


"Oh, really...?"

Hermione smirked at the teasing note in Minerva's voice, "Yes you. You saved me, brought me back from an abyss." She brought her hand around, to tangle in her lovers' hair, "You are the most intelligent witch I have ever met, more than able to keep up with me... it's like your input adds another dimension to my talent. You understand me in a way that no one else ever could."

There were tears in Minerva's eyes at her sincerity but still she had to tease the young witch a little, "But..?"

"But I really don't want any more new clothes."

"You always look fabulous in them, mind you – you look wonderful wearing anything.....or nothing." The older witches' voice dropped a little on those last two words, becoming husky. Hermione smirked again recognising the lusty tone in Minerva's voice.

"Mmmm, I don't know. Might need a little reassurance..." she moaned as Minerva pulled her into a decisive, passionate kiss.

Hermione blushed furiously standing next to Ginny, when she had discussed having new clothes for the wedding this was not what she had in mind. "I look like a bloody fairy." Ginny cleared her throat, obviously feeling worse about her own dress. Hermione was wearing a frilly multi-layered dress in bright yellow, Ginny's dress was hot pink – clashing with her red hair. They were both wearing what the kind members of the audience would have called customised jewellery. Hermione would have called them vegetables; radish earrings and necklace combined to make them look truly ridiculous, at least in her opinion.

She shifted her weight a little, hearing the small silver bells in her hair chime as she did so – Luna had told them that it was to keep away the Nargles, even after all these years Hermione still found Luna incredibly frustrating at times. Hermione glanced across the aisle to grin at her two best friends, Ron wore lavender dress robes that did awful things for his complexion, Harry's were lime green. Hermione blinked, the riotous combination making her head hurt.

When the bridal party turned to face Neville, Hermione caught Minerva's gaze, blushing even more as she recognised the smirk in those green depths. Neville looked wonderful, in black robes his only oddity was the turnip pinned to his lapel. He grinned at the two girls as he walked past them, standing next to Ron and Harry, waiting for his bride.

When Luna appeared on her fathers arm she smiled radiantly at the guests. Her dress was black and white in a polka dot pattern, she had picked it to confused the Snarf-Lodgers. Hermione's idle thought was that her mother had something similar in the back of the wardrobe from her youth. She had seen Luna's dress earlier but not the modifications that she had made since. A long train trailed behind her, fringed with what looked like mousetraps baited with daffodils. As she passed Hermione, Luna saw her looking at the traps and whispered in passing, "Well we can't have Furlangs disrupting the ceremony, can we?"

Hermione bit her lip hard, feeling her shoulders shake with repressed laughter.

Minerva slid her hands around Hermione's waist as the younger woman stood talking to Luna's father, pressing a kiss to the back of Hermione's neck – she greeted the Quibbler editor, chatting for a moment before he excused himself. Leaning in closer again Minerva whispered in her ear, "You look..."


"...well perhaps a little but still beautiful."

Hermione turned in her lovers embrace, looking into those green eyes for a long moment. "I love you." She wrapped her own arms around Minerva's neck, kissing her with all the love and passion she felt for the older woman, immeasurably glad that they didn't have to hide their relationship.

Ron walked past a few minutes later tapping them both on the shoulder, "Get a chamber you two."

Pulling apart they stared into each others eyes for a long moment, amused and loving eyes gazes met and held. They separated from the embrace and began to make the rounds of the reception, still holding hands, touching at the shoulder.

The grounds around the hall had been filled with mythical beasts, the ones Xenophilius could persuade to come or had bought were real but those he could not find were transfigured objects or illusions. Of course the wedding guests had found this highly amusing and had added their own animals as the day had gone on. Dragons cavorted with Sphinxes, Mermen splashed around in the fountain and everywhere you looked you could see more amazing beasts. Hermione could have sworn that at one point she had even seen a tiger with blue eyes running around causing havoc.

Neville and Luna stood at the front of the group preparing to depart, Hermione stood at a distance, still holding Minerva's hand, still wearing the awful dress. "Are you planning to try and catch the bouquet?"

Startled brown eyes looked up into green ones, "...Do you want me to try?"

"Do you want to?"

Another emotion showed in Hermione's eyes, one that was tender, loving and hopeful. "Are you asking me to marry you?" Her voice was soft, filled with wonder.

Teasingly Minerva kissed the tip of her nose. "Are going to catch the bouquet?"

A brilliant smile crossed the younger womans face as she left Minerva's side, elbowing her way through the throng in front of her, trying to find the optimal position. Surrounded by jostling, noisy women, Hermione gritted her teeth and went into battle with the same determination with which she had once faced Death Eaters.

There was a part of Hermione that was laughing at her determination to catch an object that resembled salad greens more than a bouquet. The women around her tensed as Luna's arm rose, Hermione kept herself relaxed by sheer power of will, watching the way that the other womans body moved, dodging through the crowd before it had even left Luna's hand. Throwing herself into the air, she caught it before landing on the ground with a thump.

Listening to the outraged cries from the assembled woman Hermione struggled to her feet, caught up in layers of gauzy material; she heard something rip but was suddenly desperate to get back to Minerva's side. Slightly bedraggled she walked back through the dispersing crowd, emerging triumphant to face Minerva, moving slowly towards her lover.

The assembled guests turned to watch the young witch walk towards her older lover. She stopped standing in front of Minerva, glancing down at the 'flowers' in her hand and expectantly into green eyes, raising a teasing eyebrow.

The older witch ran a hand down the side of Hermione's face, watching her eyes close at the gentle touch. Her audience vanished, all she could see and feel was the young woman that she loved. Minerva slid her hand down Hermione's jaw and lower, taking hold of the white gold necklace with the cat charm that the younger woman always wore, a necklace that Minerva had given her years before. A slight tug broke the thin chain, making Hermione gasp.

Minerva took a step backwards, letting the jewellery pool in her palm. Her eyes never left Hermione's as without her wand she transfigured the necklace. Oblivious to the cat-calls and supportive comments, Minerva dropped to one knee, taking hold of Hermione's hand.

"Hermione, I love you. You are my soulmate, you mean the world to me. You are my heart, my soul, my future, my dreams, my hope, my reality, my everything. Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?"

Hermione smiled through her tears, "Yes."

Minerva slipped the ring she had just made onto Hermione's finger, before standing up, holding her fiancée by the waist, twirling her around in her arms. Passionately kissing, they held each other tightly – the bouquet forgotten on the floor.

The number of witches and wizards at the wedding necessitated security arrangements to hide from muggles, one of which was that anyone with muggle transport should use it. This was why Hermione and Minerva left in her Mercedes, driving fast, heading in the direction of home.

Minerva smirked as she watched her young lover drive, she loved to watch her operating the levers and wheels confidently. Hermione was beautiful when she was concentrating, the confidence she showed when doing anything was a huge turn on for the older woman and Hermione knew it. Hermione pressed a little harder on the accelerator, the powerful car responding, as did Minerva.

She watched as the occasional flashing light of a passing vehicle illuminated her fiancée's face, the ring gleaming on her finger, the hint of a knowing smile, nimble fingers almost caressing the wheel, the gearstick. Hermione was not unaffected by Minerva's scrutiny, shifting her thighs, she could feel her arousal mounting, knowing the passion that usually followed a trip in the car.

The older witch slid a little closer, undoing her seatbelt, one arm along the back of Hermione's seat to hold herself still. Her lips found Hermione's throat caressing the tender skin, her free hand sliding underneath Hermione's dress. Her fingers lightly began to caress the length of Hermione's warm thigh, softly caressing.

"Minerva what are you doing?"

Slightly muffled words reached Hermione's ears, "Can't you guess? An intelligent witch like you Miss Granger?" The younger woman moaned softly at the use of her former title and then gasped as Minerva's fingers moved a little higher. "Perhaps I should demonstrate..." Oh so talented fingers shifted upwards, caressing the already damp patch on Hermione's underwear.

Hermione gripped the steering wheel tightly, her nails digging into the soft leather. A soft whimper escaped her lips as she fought to control her reaction to Minerva's touch. She eased up on the accelerator, struggling to control the powerful car, far too busy concentrating on the fingers circling against her tender flesh. Minerva flicked her thumb over her swollen nub, delighting as she felt the muscles in Hermione's thighs jump in response.

Gravel crunched under the wheels as Hermione pulled off of the road, waving her wand, casting the spells that would hide them from passing motorists. Minerva released her fiancée's seatbelt, pulling her into a proper kiss. Passion rose quickly, fire flooding through their veins, making them tremble, needing more than teasing touches.

"In the back now." Hermione panted, too consumed with desire for etiquette. Minerva hastened to obey, having to exit the car to do so. Hermione watched her go and followed suit, stopping to get a carrier bag out of the boot as she did so, tossing it in the footwell before closing the door behind her. She slid across the expensive leather to Minerva.

"You could have bought a bigger car..." Minerva growled against her neck.

"Are you a witch or aren't you?"

Minerva chuckled, straddling Hermione's thighs, magically giving herself a little more headroom. She lowered her lips to the neckline of her fiancée's dress, unfastening the material to reveal the most heavenly breasts - to her touch. She glanced down at the bag, "What's an Anne Summer?"

"It's a special kind of shop."

"What kind of shop?"

"I'd have to show you."

Hermione whispered a series of words that removed their clothing, allowing the two of them more intimate contact. She could smell the scent of her own arousal mingling with Minerva's. Pulling her tightly into a kiss that was full of fire Hermione could feel every inch where their skin touched, the incredible sensation as their breasts brushed against each other. Minerva pulled back slightly, raising a questioning eyebrow.

A silent summoning charm brought a box into her hand, with fingers that suddenly trembled Hermione opened it. She dropped the contents onto her lap, tossing the packaging aside carelessly. Minerva looked down eyes widening as she realised exactly what was resting in Hermione's lap. "Hermione?"

The younger woman looked up with a smirk. Another whispered spell secured leather straps around Hermione's groin, Minerva swallowed hard, continuing to stare. Hermione reached up, cupping Minerva's cheek with her palm, encouraging eye contact with her lover. Her other hand began to caress her lovers body, feeling the goosebumps that rose in the wake of her fingers, the rock hard nipples begging for her touch. Abandoning Minerva's cheek, Hermione ran both hands down her back, cupping her backside, pulling her lover a little closer – leaning down to capture a rosy nipple between her lips.

"Mione...." The younger woman grinned to herself as she felt Minerva's back arch, bringing her into intimate contact with the strap-on that Hermione was wearing, causing both women to gasp. "Oh Hermione..." She ground her hips against the younger womans, in gorgeous tawdry suggestion.

"I take it that's a yes then?" Hermione uttered the rhetorical question with her wolfish smile making an appearance.

"Oh yes!"

Hermione sat back making eye contact, watching as Minerva's eyes, almost black with arousal moved closer. She raised herself up a bit higher, wrapping her arms around Hermione's neck. She was already panting with anticipation when she felt a gentle but firm hand settle around one of her hips, guiding her downwards.

Minerva gave a loud, lusty cry of intense pleasure as she felt Hermione penetrate her, a cry that was swallowed by fiery lips on her own. She began to ride her fiancée, moaning as she felt the toy thrusting deep within her. Hermione's lips found her throat, sucking and licking, leaving her mark on the soft skin. Minerva's hands tangled in her hair, trying to hold her close.

Hermione began to arch her back in time with the rhythm of Minerva's hips, listening as the cries got louder and faster. Running her hands up and down the expanse of Minerva's naked back, Hermione gripped Minerva's hips increasing the speed and intensity of her rocking motion. She could feel the muscles in Minerva's thighs trembling madly, as they gripped her tightly, trying to pull Hermione even deeper inside her.

"Hermione....!" Minerva's scream when it came was high-pitched and ear-splitting. She collapsed forwards against Hermione's body, panting heavily, pressing her lips against Hermione's thundering pulse.

The younger woman grinned, using a combination of agility and magic to move their joined bodies into a lying position. Still sheathed inside her lover, lying between thighs that still twitched in the aftermath of her climax – Hermione began to move, slowly at first but guided by Minerva's cries increasing her pace.

When Minerva came back to awareness after her second orgasm, she laughed as she realised that the rear seat of the car had been magically enlarged to accommodate their energetic lovemaking. She glanced at the woman lying in her arms, sweaty and flushed - Hermione looked incredible.

"You are amazing!"

Hermione grinned, tiredly. "So are you."

Minerva magically removed what was now her favourite purchase of Hermione's. With a smirk she dropped a light kiss on Hermione's mound. Suddenly she glanced over at the bag, "What else is in the bag?"

The younger witch smirked in response saying nothing. "Accio." Minerva caught the bag as it flew into her palm, finding another box inside it. She sat up to look inside. "And what might this be Miss Granger?"

A very dirty, very naughty giggle filled the car. Hermione reached out and pressed a small button on the object. Minerva almost dropped the vibrator when it began to buzz and shake in her hands, surprise gave way to a devilish impulse. She began to softly run the device up the inside of Hermione's thigh, smirking as the younger witch began to tremble.

"You've gotta love muggle ingenuity."

Hermione grinned up at her future wife, "I love you."