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A small slim girl walked through the gates of her new school. 'Konoha High School for the Gifted' read across the top in majestic golden letters. Her crisp new uniform made her stand out from the rest, who, apart from being either really smart or extremely rich, had faded colors, undone ties and too-short-skirts. She tugged her skirt up higher and pulled her knee-high socks just a bit down further.

Her bag was slung around one arm as she entered her new school's patio that was littered with teenagers. She was heading towards the double doors leading to the office when a dark-haired, tall boy burst through them with a scowl on his handsome features. He looked up and glanced at the girl's eyes just barely, but it made him take a second look at her.

It was like a string was connected between them.

Time froze; everyone around them was death-still and suddenly all that was really there was each other.

'I know him' her mind screamed.

A massacre. Two intertwined hands. Three kisses. Four 'I love you' s.

They made their way towards each other cautiously but almost instinctively. Emerald green eyes locked with the darkest black for what seemed like an eternity, like their eyes had known each other forever.

By the time they could feel the other's breath brushing their cheeks softly, the petit girl had tears tugging at her eyes, tears that found a way out eventually. The boy, towering over, her touched her cheek softly with one lone finger, wiping a tear away.

Ba-thump. Their irises dilated as everything surrounding them melted into a comfortable white.



'No! Don't leave me!'

'S…ura, thank you.'


Broken images, too many tears, painpainPAIN.


'So, we meet again, S…ura'

A piercing scream and a deafening yell echoed.

Two broken bodies lying in the dirt covered with a red wave of their own blood.


Shell pink and deep ebony.

White feathers. White wings.

'I'm sorry.'


Both teens jumped back into reality as everything seemed to regain its colors.

'Sasuke-kun' flashed in her mind.

'Sakura' whispered a voice in his head.

Everyone started moving around them again, hurrying into class and away from the cold, not even glancing at the two teens that didn't follow. Their breaths became tiny white clouds once they came in contact with the freezing unwelcoming air.

They stared and stared into each other, even after every other student had deserted the patio.

"What… just happened?" Sakura broke the silence.

Sasuke barely grunted.

Well that was going to help. Not.


'Ok, so, somehow we know each other, even though we haven't even heard each other's name before right?' Sakura queried before going deep into thought.

'Yeah.' Sasuke looked away uninterested.

The rosette-haired girl huffed. "Don't you want to know what's really going on?"

He shrugged, slurping her banana-strawberry juice. After their encounterslashfate (as Sakura called it) she had dragged him to a café close to their school. It was the first day of school and he was already cutting class, this was new to him. Well, to both actually, since Sakura had never even thought of cutting class.

"But Sasuke! I have already been through 16-almost-17 years of my life without any excitement whatsoever. Let's solve this mystery 'kay? Okay? Say yes. Come on say-"

"Fine." He growled "Just shut up."

Sakura smiled. "So we should introduce ourselves properly. I'm Sakura Haruno and I've just moved here. Oh, I'm a junior this year."

"Hn. Sasuke Uchiha. Lived here my whole life. Live by myself now. Junior."

"Well you sure are expressive aren't you?" she teased. "I can see you must always smile."

He smirked. "I do."

"Whatever, anyway, back to business." She swatted her hand in the air as if brushing away the thoughts that distracted her. "Okay, so when I first saw you I felt attracted to you, like-"

"Well almost every other girl does." He smirked interrupting her.

"Not like that and stop interrupting. I felt like as if I had known you my whole life. You see, right now is proof that we've met in a past life or whatever, 'cause I'm usually very shy. I had a sort of vision right then. Like bits of memories and conversations that were stored in my subconscious. Oh, and there was this immense pain, right here." She explained as if talking to a long lost friend.

"In your stomach?" Sasuke asked, keeping his monotone voice.

"Just kidding, I meant in my heart." She giggled as Sasuke rolled his eyes.

Sakura had also heard a voice telling her about a murder. A mass murder, but maybe she wouldn't tell him just yet.

"What did you see Sasuke-kun?" she said without thinking. "Ah! I'm sorry I didn't mean to… it just slipped out… and-"

"Forget it, it's fine." He paused, "I heard someone call my name like that in that 'vision' we had."

This was making Sasuke uncomfortable, for some reason, and he was looking for a way out. He glanced at his watch and noticed that it was nearly lunch time.

"Let's go back; we can sneak in during lunch."

"But we still have so many things to talk about and-" Sakura rushed.

"Let's do that some other time. I have a headache."


Sakura was very impressed with Sasuke. He had jumped the school gate and landed on his feet, like some super hero would do.


He was expecting her to do the same.

To put it simply, Sakura sucked in sports. Like heck.

Besides, the super hero was supposed to help the damsel in distress. Right?

"Sasuke, I can't do this." Sakura sighed, expecting him to help her in some way.

"Fine, then go home." The boy turned walking away from her.

"Wha? Hey! Wait for me you jerk!" the petit girl half-yelled, making Sasuke turn around and walk back to the gate.

With shaking legs she climbed to the top of the lowest part of the gate and threw her bag at Sasuke. He merely dodged letting it fall to the floor, smirking in the process.

Sakura tried to calm her nervousness before starting to climb down. Damn him.

She was about half way when her foot slipped making her yelp and tumble down on to an unsuspecting Sasuke. She was spread over him in a very compromising position. Both of them groaned.

"Ow, that hurt. Sasuke this is your fault." The pink-haired girl accused lifting herself up with her arms.

"How the hell is this my fault? You were the one who fell." The Uchiha hissed.

"Well, it was you who didn't help me, you were about to leave me out there!" she retorted angrily.

They glared at each other when voices started coming their way.

"I heard a yell around here."

"What happened?"

"What do you think was that? A burglar?"

The two teens got up in two seconds flat and made a run for it, Sakura grabbing her bag and Sasuke dragging his backpack.

They ran into the bushes and kept running until they reached a wall. Sasuke groaned something about his headache and Sakura huffed about leaves in her hair. Silence surrounded them as they found they were staring at each other.


"Sasuke, I am happy you're back." Sakura paused looking at the boy in front of her. "But I have to ask you something; are you happy?"

Sasuke didn't meet her eyes. He didn't even know how they had ended up together sitting under a tree in the old Team 7's training grounds.

She was wearing different clothes then he remembered. Clothes that fitted combat better.

"No." Sasuke heard himself say.

"So now you see what everyone had been trying to tell you." she smiled sadly. "Revenge doesn´t do you good. It didn't do anyone good. Not Naruto, not you, not me… I missed you."

Out of impulse she hugged him.

Static. Pain. Regret.


"Did you see that too?" Sakura whispered, her voice sounding afraid.

"Aa." Sasuke was still a bit dazed about the strange things that were happening. "Let's just go back to class."

"Yeah. W-wait! I don't know where I have to go."

"Didn't they at least tell you what class you were in?"

"Umm… hold on a minute." Sakura fumbled around in her bag and finally pulled out a piece of paper. "It says… Class 3-A."

"That's mine too, let's go." Sasuke replied completely annoyed, lunch was almost over and he was starving.


When Sakura walked into class, her mouth dropped open.

"YOU!" she said rather loudly pointing accusingly at a student.

Said person turned around, his jaw dropping in a similar way to Sakura's.


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