Jez plonked the shopping bags onto the work top of his and BB's flat. He ran his hands through his wet glistening blonde hair that was dampened from the rain outside.

"Mate, can you help me with these bags?"

"I've just got up man, give me a minute," BB yawned, topless from his bedroom.

"It'll only take a second," Jez indicated to the bags

"Man, seriously, I've literally rolled out of bed…"

"I've been up since 8, I'm the only bred-winner in this house right now and you've been lazing around for weeks since we broke up from school," Jez put his hands on his hips, "It wouldn't kill you!"

"Why are you blowing off at me man?" BB asked, throwing his hands up in the air

"Because someone needs to motivate you and it looks like it's going to have to be me,"

"Are you not in a very good mood Jez?" BB asked, "Maybe you should chill out…"

"How can I chill out when I know you're at home doing nothing?" Jez cried, "I'm not trying to be a replacement of your mum –,"

Suddenly BB was on him, up against the fridge.

"Don't you fucking say a word about my mum, alright?" BB spat into Jez's pale face, "You heartless cunt!"

Jez took a moment to look deep into BB's brown eyes. He tightened his grip around BB's collar and threw him back against the counter.

"Grow the fuck up – Trevor," and he left the flat, banging the door which echoed in the silence.