Danny lay on the sofa in the flat that he shared. He shared the flat with Lauren and Claudine, his two ex girlfriends, who had now decided to buddy up and create an "I hate Danny Miller" club. He did have Lola aswell but she was too busy dancing around and giggling at cute pink fluffy things to notice how down he was feeling. BB had gone away to see some of the little family he had left and so the only person left to talk to was Jez. And in this situation it was Jez's expertise he REALLY wanted.

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- Dan The Man

"Mate, come over to the flat, I need your help bad man. Big D"

Jez smirked at the text; he had nothing better to do.

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- Jezza Babes

"Be there in 5 x"

Jez's phone snapped shut and he made his way over to the flat. It was 'The Flat' because so many people lived in it; Jez could never keep track of who was in and out of it at the same time. Guaranteed he'd walk in and be shocked at who was sitting in the living room. This time he wasn't though, because he knew Danny was waiting for him.

"You wanted to see me, man," Jez closed the door behind him

"Yeah," Danny got up out of his seat nervously, "I – I do,"

Jez gestured him to go on but realised Danny looked very stressed. He was running his hands through his hair and had his hands on his hips.

"Dan, what's up?" Jez asked, putting his hands on his friend's shoulders, "Are you okay?"

"Erm, yeah, it's just I have something to tell you,"

"Go on," Jez was feeling the tension

"I -," Danny stuttered, "I'm gay," he finally confessed

"You're gay," Jez repeated

"Yes," Danny confirmed, there was a moment of silence.

"Cool," Jez nodded and proceeded to get a biscuit out of the tin

"Cool? Just cool?" Danny asked

"I mean what should the response be?" Jez asked, "I'm gay too, I can't exactly be prejudice about it, even if I wanted to," he munched on an Oreo cookie.

"I guess," Danny hung his head

"Were you expecting me to scream, wail and cry, praying for you to be straight again?" Jez laughed with his mouth full

"I wasn't expecting that but I expected something a little more than cool," Danny cracked into a smile

"Who else knows?" Jez asked, relaxing in his seat

"No one not even my family just me and now you. I've concealed it for so long, it feels surreal that I'm even talking about it,"

"Why did you conceal it?" Jez asked

"Because I was ashamed," Danny hung his head, feeling his heart pounding in his chest

"Ashamed of who you wanted to be?" Jez could feel the angry rising in his voice but he was determined to keep it down, "I thought more of you Danny,"

"Don't get moral with me Jez, you're the one who lied to us all about who you really were," Danny spat

"At least I didn't use people; you used Lauren and Claudine as a cover up, it all fits now," Danny hung his head in shame as Jez spat the words at him, "At least I love you all like you were my siblings, lying was a mistake and I gave myself up, at least I wasn't lying for most of my life, and at least I wasn't lying to myself,"

"That hurts Jez," Danny cried

"It's the truth!" Jez huffed, "Isn't it,"

"Yes," Danny admitted, "Yes it was,"

"So what are you going to do now?" Jez asked

"This," and Danny ran forward and pulled Jez into him. His lips crashed down on Jez's full of lust and passion. Danny was surprised that Jez even kissed him back but he did, "This is why I'm admitting this now, Jez, for you," he smiled. Jez's face cracked into a smile and he kissed him back.