It was the end of year show and Jez squeezed Lola's hand tightly. They were seconds before performing their dance duet together.

"Tonight I present to you two of this schools most talented dancers. They dance brilliantly together and tonight will be no exception. I give you Lola Jonze and Jeremy Tyler," Mr Nugent's voice bellowed through the PA system and the rows of audience clapped at high speed.

The pair walked hastily onto the stage and took their places. Anna, Mr Nugent and Stefan stood in the wings and watched in anticipation.

The music hollered out of the speakers. Jez picked Lola up above his head, his hands gripping her tiny waist. Running his hand over her thigh as she bent his leg around him, feeling electricity running through his veins. She wrapped his legs around him and he spun her round, building up the momentum, letting her arms fly out behind her.

"How do they dance with such chemistry?" Anna whispered to Stefan.

"They're great actors," Mr Nugent smiled, butting in.

"Are you sure about that?" Stefan asked giggling and winking towards Anna.

Jez's hand grabbed Lola's wrist and for a moment it seems as though their eyes were locked for hours. He pulled her into him and they noses were touching, rubbing against each other, her frizzy locks cascading down her back. Lola arched her back and lifted her leg above Jez's shoulder; Jez's hands gripped her coccyx and his nose nuzzled her belly button.

"They've got to be fucking," Claudine spat from the other side of the wings.

"How can they? Jez is gay…" Lauren giggled.

"Didn't stop Ronnie," BB joined in.

"They dance so beautifully," Lauren commented, "I'm a bit jealous," her eyes fleeted to and from Danny.

Jez ran his hands down Lola's triceps, cradling her stomach as though sacred. They danced with current, voltage and power and the drive that possessed them, pushed them into every move. Each finger and toe point, perfect and the pair wrapped around each other and intertwined like ivy.

Suddenly, Lola ran at Jez and he lifted up above her head and spun her around as though she were floating on air. With such ease he slowly lowered her to the ground again, and they held their position signalling the end of the dance. The audience up roared in claps and woops and whistles. The pair bowed and bowed again, Jez picked her and spun her around, and he carried her off stage into the wings with her legs wrapped around his waist.

"Nice one guys," the group chorused. Jez and Lola smiled at each other and she kissed his nose gently.