Isabella goes to the Volterra

Fifteen years later

Happily Ever After

Bella's POV

Dear Diary

You'd think I'd be frustrated by the constant screaming and bickering by my two eldest boys by now. But honestly, I'm not. Having children was something I had always dreamed about. My father told me about the whole vampire's not being able to reproduce thing nearly fourteen years ago. So when we had Antony Kyle Cullen, two years after our wedding, we were a tad surprised. Antony was born fourteen years ago and is the rough and bad ass of the family. He was constantly picking fights with people and always knew how to push the boundaries with us. We thought that it was just a faze he was going through at the age of ten. But when it didn't stop; we finally figured out that our son was just exactly like his father. He was extremely over protective and got easily annoyed by the littlest things in life. Antony has the power to control earth, fire, water and air. You wouldn't believe how many desks and chairs I've had to throw away before he accidently lit them on fire or accidently filling the room with water. After Antony was born I became half human and half vampire. Nobody knew how this happened; but ever since his birth I've been a half breed.

Four years after Antony was born we had another child called Troy Collin Cullen. Troy was constantly trying to make everyone's life hell. He would put super glue on Antony's head phones so when he put them in his ears they wouldn't come out. Sometimes he was just a little too much to handle. Antony has the ability to shape shift into anything he thinks of. If he wants to transform into a bird then in less than a minute he'll be flying around the room. Luckily, we live in a big house in the middle of the forest. Which means that the boys are able to be free and do whatever they want without having human's becoming suspicious of us.

We live on the outskirts of an old Italian town which is surrounded by a large forest which goes on for miles. I was hesitant to move to Italy and away from my family. But I loved knowing that I was going to be closer to my second family who live at the Volterra. Two years after Troy was born we had another baby boy. Spenser Aro Cullen was my good baby. He was a mommy's boy which meant that I didn't have to worry about him going off and causing trouble. Everywhere I went I had my little shadow following right behind me. Spenser was able to transport himself anywhere he wanted with a blink of an eye. I've lost count on how many times we've been parted in the mall and then he would suddenly appeared right beside me.

Having three boys was tricky. But what made it even trickier was having three vampire boys. Dad was able to tell me that they were part vampires when they were still in my womb. But when I had them the seemed to turn into a full vampire straight after birth.

We had decided to have our last child four years ago. It was another boy. We decided to call him Justin Carlisle Cullen. He was the quiet one in the family. But he was always aware of what was happening around him. He's extremely smart for his age and is an extremely happy kid. Justin was the first one out of my children to show us his power. He's able to store information in his head and remember it for life. Or until he feels the need to get rid of it. One day he just came up to me and told me that he liked my blue night gown that I wore when I gave birth to him. I was beyond words when I heard that.

We didn't end up stopping having children four years ago. I ended up falling pregnant seven months ago. After this child is born we've decided that I'm going to get changed into a vampire. I'm two years away from being as old as my husband and I don't to be an old women when I finally become a vampire. I want to live forever and watch my children find their mates and be happy. Just like Afton and I are.


I closed my diary and placed it back into its draw. I looked out the window and saw my family throwing the foot ball around the backyard. I rubbed my large belly and sighed. I had been placed on bed rest by my father a week ago and I was dying of boredom. I wasn't able to hunt at all. I always got my food delivered to me whenever I got hungry just so I wouldn't hurt myself. I was sick of sitting here all day while everyone else is able to go to school, work and live their life. I get carried everywhere. I can't even walk to the bathroom by myself without having someone carry me the entire way.

"Love, I know you're sick of sitting there doing nothing" Afton said from outside. "But you need to rest. You get dizzy if you stand up for a long period of time and you always get so tired after standing"

"I know" I mumbled sadly as a big gust of wind came through the room. I looked up and saw my husband standing there with a giggling Justin in his arms. "Can I please come outside? I'll sit on the steps"

I watched him think for a couple of minutes before sighing when he shook his head. "Afton, nothing is going to happen to her while were here" A tinkling voice sang from the door way. I looked over and saw Alice along with the rest of the family standing there watching us. I squealed and tried to sit up but ended up failing terribly. Alice ran over and pulled me into a soft hug. "Afton, you can't expect her to sit in this bed for the next two months doing nothing"

"Why not?" Afton mumbled in a confused manner. I giggled and held onto Alice as I tried to sit up. "Fine, but you have to stay seated at all times and not move a muscle"

"This is what I have to put up with" I grumbled as I shoved my finger into Afton's chest and rolled my eyes. Afton helped me up and got ready to collect me in his arms when Alice suddenly stopped him.

"How about you take a slow walk downstairs?" Alice said. "It will do you some good"

"Alice" Afton growled not liking the way she was barging in here and telling him what was good for me and what wasn't. "You're going to tire her out"

"Bella will be fine" Alice giggled before taking my hand and slowly walking me downstairs. I looked behind me and saw Afton talking with Carlisle while carrying my cardigan and slippers. Afton was right. By the time I got downstairs I was tried. I nearly cried when I saw the state of the living room and kitchen though. There were broken glasses everywhere and there was even a massive crack in the window above the TV.

"Who smashed the window?" I screeched. "Was it Antony? He needs to stop breaking and setting things on fire!"

"Calm down, love" Afton said. "Everything's fine, we have it under control"

"Under control?" I said. "Look at my living room. Oh, and don't even get me started on the kitchen"

"Bella, why don't you go outside" Mum said calmly. "I'll fix things up in here"

I nodded and got slowly pulled outside where there was currently a big argument going on between Antony, Spenser and Troy. I sighed in relief as I sat down on the couch which had been brought outside for me to sit on. My back was aching and my feet were on fire. Afton placed my cardigan on me before racing over to stop the fight which was about to break out. I could hear Afton murmuring words to the boys. They all shrank back and gave me apologetic looks.

Watching my family tackle and yell at each other weirdly made my day. I felt like it was the first time in years that I had actually been outside and seen my family. Mum came and sat next to me half way through and let me know that everything was cleaned up inside and that the glass repairer would be here on Monday. I thanked her and laid my head on her shoulder.

"Time out" Afton said before racing over to me. "Do you want to go inside, love? Are you hungry? Cold? Tired?"

"I'm fine" I laughed. "Go back to your game. Don't worry about me"

He sighed before quickly reading my mind. He was probably searching for any sign of discomfort from me.

"That's exactly what I was looking for" He grinned. I poked my tongue out at him and shooed him away. We have a very cute and playful relationship according to Alice. He quickly kissed my cheek before running back to the game.

"Are you excited?" Mum asked. I smiled and nodded. I knew everyone was hoping that I would have a baby girl this time round. "Alice see's you having a boy one day and then you having a girl another. It's confusing her so she just buy's boys and girls clothes"

I smiled and rubbed my belly as I watched my family rolling in the mud. I looked over at Justin and saw that he was right where Emmett was about to tackle Antony.

"Justin" I screeched as my small baby boy suddenly disappeared under his brother and uncle. I stood up quicker than I ever had and raced over to where Emmett was getting off him. Once both Emmett and Antony had gotten up I saw Justin half buried in the soil giggling to himself. Antony pulled him out and smacked him on the back like it was there way of saying sorry.

"Mommy, I'm a vampire, silly. I won't get hurt" Justin giggled in a high pitched voice as I squished his little face into my belly. "You're suffocating me"

"I don't care whether you're a vampire or human you're still my little baby" I cried as I began to sob. Everyone but Afton, backed away from the severely hormonal female who was crushing her child to death by her stomach.

"It's ok" Afton whispered. "He's fine. See"

"I know he's fine" I sobbed. "But what if next time he get completely buried under the ground and we can't find him again"

Afton chuckled and I could heard Emmett laughing in the garage behind me. Afton kissed my head and pulled Justin away from me.

"Don't be silly, mommy" Justin giggled. "I'm not going anywhere"

I sniffed and nodded before kissing his face. "Love you, little man" I said as I hugged him again.

"Love you to, momma" He said.

"Alright, I think it's time you go back upstairs now" Afton said. I groaned and picked Justin up and placed him in front of me. I didn't think about his weight until my back crackled. I groaned and hunched over just as liquid spilt down my legs.

"I guess this baby wants to come a little earlier than planned" I mumbled. Before I could say another word I was rushed off into the house by my family. I knew this was going to be a quick birth compared to the boys. Two and a half hours later Afton and I had a little baby girl named Isadora Marie Cullen. She had her father's deep brown, nearly black, human eyes and my brown, curly hair.

"She's beautiful" Afton whispered as he kissed my head. I smiled and nodded as I watched my daughter try to open her eyes. "Are you ready to be a vampire for life? Because once you're a vampire you're stuck with me forever"

I giggled and kissed him softly. "I know" I replied as I gave Isadora once last kiss before passing her over to Rosalie. I laid back on the bed and looked up at Afton.

"Ready?" He asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be" I replied. He kissed me strongly before moving his lips down my chin and to my neck where he softly bit into my skin causing me to gasp. I could feel him feeding from me as my body slowly became extremely light. He suddenly flew back off me and licked the wound clean.

"You'll be fine love. I'll be right here when you wake up" Were the last words that I heard before I closed my eyes and got plunged into the raging fire.