Hi everyone! Since I'm in the process of moving (I'm at my uncle's house tonight, because I can't move into my new place until tomorrow), I haven't had time to write my usual updates for "Eternity" this week. In lieu of that, I have a short treat for you. I wrote this awhile ago, after I finished "The Honeymoon" and found myself wishing that I could continue it. So who knows; maybe I'll do more updates like this from time to time in the future; we'll see…:)

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer is the author of "Twilight," and I only borrow Carlisle and Esme and the rest of her characters for fun. :)

The Honeymoon: Coda

It had been a long day—scratch that, it had been almost forty-eight hours since Carlisle had left the hospital. There was a nasty virus going around, and since four nurses and two doctors had called in sick that night, he'd be needed for two surgeries before this shift was over. He and Esme had only been married for a few weeks, and now, just days after returning from their honeymoon, he was missing her terribly. He'd called that morning to ask her how she was, and to wish Edward a good day at school, but now he was thinking of calling again—he'd been given just an hour to take a break before he'd need to go on rounds again, and at least hearing from Edward and Esme would get him through the rest of the night…

Carlisle was crossing the lobby to use the telephone behind the nurse's station when he saw someone slip in through the double doors. It was late, and he was surprised to see anyone at all, but he was really shocked when he saw that it was Esme. The nurse's station was momentarily deserted, so Carlisle was able to meet Esme halfway across the lobby, moving so quickly that any human watching would have only seen a blur.

"Esme?" he said, delighted to see her, but worried too—why was she taking the risk of coming here?

Esme was carefully holding her breath, so she didn't speak, but she glanced around the lobby, and Carlisle guessed that she was looking for a more private place where they could talk.

"Come on," Carlisle said quietly, taking her hand and leading her forward. "There's a supply room just around the corner. And incidentally, surgeries don't happen in this part of the building, so it might be safe for you to breathe. If it bothers you though, we can go outside."

Esme shook her head quickly and then, looking around the deserted lobby, she exhaled and then cautiously inhaled. A look of discomfort crossed her face, but then she smiled. Over the past few weeks, she had begun to venture closer and closer to humans, either by taking walks in town, or simply running near human houses at night, always with Carlisle or Edward or both of them there to watch her. It appeared that her practice at exercising self control was paying off.

"You're right. It smells like humans, but I can bear it."

"Here," Carlisle said, pulling open the door to the supply room. Esme stepped inside and turned to face him as he closed the door.

"Are you all right?" he whispered gently. Without a word, Esme reached behind his back, locked the door, and then she shoved him against the nearest wall. Startled, Carlisle caught her in his arms as she jumped up, wrapping her legs around his waist, and began kissing him furiously. Carlisle's confusion only lasted an instant, and then his mouth was open, his tongue tasting and moving against hers, and he heard her groan when he slid his hands into her hair and held her face even more firmly to his. Somehow, she'd already unbuttoned his shirt, and though he hadn't heard any buttons fall, he quickly removed his belt and pants for fear that she might not be so careful with his clothing in another moment or two. Already, she'd driven him to the point where he'd hiked her skirt up well past her knees and all but shredded her underclothes.

Esme kicked off the tattered remains of her underthings and ground her body against his, moaning into his mouth, and with a strangled cry, Carlisle turned around, pinning Esme against the wall as he entered her. They thrust against each other frantically, and though Carlisle knew he should slow down—he always worried about hurting her when they came together this desperately—when he tried, she simply tightened her hold on him, her legs and arms locking behind his back, and when she trailed kisses down his neck and chest, he simply gave up on trying to move slowly and met her thrust for thrust. In just a few minutes, she was crying out in ecstasy, and Carlisle buried his face in her neck, kissing the place he'd bitten her a year before just as he felt himself explode. Judging by the way Esme was giggling, his own shout of delight hadn't been especially quiet.

"Hi, by the way," she whispered, and they both laughed as Carlisle stood there in the darkness, still supporting them both, their bodies still tingling with pleasure. Carlisle glanced at the wall behind Esme, noting the small cracks in the bricks with a sigh.

"Your head doesn't hurt, does it?" he asked uncertainly.

Esme laughed, then kissed and tickled him until he laughed too.

"No," she said, turning around and examining the wall. "Do you think anyone will notice that?"

"Probably not," Carlisle said, suddenly feeling better than he had in days. "Thank you for coming to see me."

Esme shrugged. "In the morning, we're both going to be rather horrified that I took such a big risk, and Edward's already faintly disgusted with me…but then again, he was disgusted to have me at home, thinking about what I wanted to do to you when you got home."

"Well, I've got forty minutes until my break is over," Carlisle said, grinning at her. "What do you want to do to me?"

Esme smiled, and then she pushed him down onto the floor, pulled off her sweater, his shirt and coat, and showed him. As she did, Carlisle realized that though their honeymoon was technically over, being with Esme like this was always going to be amazing. They had eternity to spend together, and in that sense, Carlisle knew that the rest of his life was going to be better than any honeymoon.