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Sam's POV

Sam glanced down at the place where Jake's rough hand held her rather small hand and she wondered what she felt about his sudden move. After Jake had always been her best friend, but did she like him more than that? As soon as she asked herself the question, she was startled to feel a resounding "no duh" resounding from her heart to her head.

Thinking back, Sam tried to figure out when these feelings started. Of course, she had always thought he was good looking, but recently she had found herself watching him. Although he could be over protective and annoying, she liked him. Letting him guide her across the yard felt right and silently to herself she said, "I like Jake Ely."

Jake's POV

On an impulse, Jake found himself taking Sam's hand and leading her across the ranch yard. Puzzled by his sudden action, he tried to sort through his feelings. His mind flashed to earlier that day as he watched Sam precariously climb up the side of the valley wall. His heart sped up feeling the earlier fear for her safety and the thought of losing her.

After the flashback ended, Jake discovered he liked Sam more than just his best friend. Then he realized, that lately instead of watching Sam for her own protection, he had been watching her with an appreciation for her cute looks. Appreciating the feel of Sam's soft hand resting in his own, Jake thought, "I like Sam Forster."

Random POV

Kit glanced at his baby brother and Sam noticing their intertwined hands and hid his grin to talk with them, "Jake, we have somethin' to smooth over, huh?"

Uncomfortably Jake rubbed the back of his neck, "Not really. You are oldest and have a right to the ranch."

Jake had been angry at Kit for considering their dad's offer for him to inherit and run the ranch, since Jake had always dreamed of owning the ranch. He also bristled at Kit calling him, "Baby Bear" because it reminded him that he is the youngest.

"Jake, I shouldn't have considered it. I knew it was your dream and I like to roam so I'm sorry. I was selfish." Kit mended things between he and his brother.

"I'm sorry too, I shouldn't have been mad." Jake tried to wrap things up with his brother with as little words as possible.

Letting go of Jake's hand, Sam watched the brothers share a manly hug and smiled about their apologies. She rarely heard Jake apologize or hug so it was something to behold.

Jake stepped back from Kit toward Sam and Kit said, "Thanks Sam." He nodded his Stetson at her and grinned at her puzzled expression. "You keep Jake talking somewhat regularly and keep him in line."

Although Sam's cheeks heated pink, she smirked saying, "Someone has to try." Kit let out a bark of laughter and Jake looked at his boots hiding a grin.

Jen came bouncing over with her blonde braids flopping against her shoulders, "Sam, we're playing 'truth or dare', while the adults go inside. Come on." Seeing Sam's hesitation, she grabbed Sam's wrist and dragged her along while glaring at Jake to follow.

"Have fun." Kit muttered as he walked away. Jake looked hesitant so Sam said, "Jake, you don't have to."

He decided it couldn't be too bad and started following the two girls. Speaking in a low voice, he said, "its fine."

Since the three teens were the last to arrive around the fire, Sam sat between them on a log. The others were four more Ely brothers, Daryll, Allie, Ryan, and Callie. As they played, laughter mingled with the cackling of flames. Daryll gladly danced the chicken dance while singing a Taylor Swift chorus for a dare and Nate dunked his head in the trough. These dares were some highlights. When Quinn admitted that he thought his economics teacher was hot, the circle burst into laughter.

Nearly an hour passed and no one had bothered Sam, until Allie asked her, "What is the most dangerous thing you've ever done?"

"Dang," Sam muttered causing a ripple of laughter through the kids.

Teasing Quinn said, "Sammy has too many to count and nothing to do with horses."

Glaring at him, Sam taunted, "Well, I'll tell you one thing. There were no hot teachers involved. Jake snorted as the rest of the group flat out laughed and Quinn replied, "I give Sam.

"I guess jumping off of Ace to punch Flick was the most dangerous." Sam surmised. As everyone continued the game, Jake leaned down next to Sam's ear.

"Ya sure it wasn't riding a wild stallion after bein' attacked by a cougar." He shot her his tomcat grin as she hit his thigh trying not to smile.

Sneakily, Jake picked her hand up off of his thigh and held it between their legs. Ten minutes before midnight, the adults came out and the game stopped.

Jake had formulated a plan and pulled Sam toward the barn and passed it to the river.

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