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Last chapter!

Sam left Jake to talk to her dad and continued on towards Jen. Jen was smilingly brightly by Ryan's side and flounced over to Sam seeing a different expression on her best friend's face.

Once she had reached Sam's side, she pulled her away from the group and demanded, "Spill it," with a smirk of understanding on her face.

Pretending to play clueless, Sam smiled knowingly and asked, "What?" Jen lowered her head to look over the rim of her glasses and get Sam to talk. Grinning, Sam continued, "Jake asked me to be his girlfriend!"

Squealing, Jen pulled Sam into a hug, "I wondered what was going on when I saw you two. So tell me!"

In that moment, Sam decided she wanted to keep the kiss private and special between her and Jake. She then said, "Before midnight, he asked me at the river and I said yes! Now he is talking to my dad."

"I am happy for you, Sam although you could do better." Jen couldn't resist giving her opinion of Jake, but still was happy for her friend. "Why is he talking to your dad?"

"Not sure I want to know," Sam grimaced at the possibilities.

Jen nudged Sam in the side and nodded her head to the right, "I'm afraid you might have to find out." Jake was walking toward them a little uncertainly. As if Ryan suspected Jake's indecision, he moved to Jen's side.

Sam saw Jake tense at Ryan's presence, but was surprised that he continued on to stand by her anyway. For silent appreciation for his sacrifice, Sam shifted her weight toward Jake and was the first to break the silence, "How is Shy Boots, Ryan?"

Some of the tension between the guys lessened as Ryan dropped his superior act to brag about his colt. Jake let his shoulders drop and Jen stood looser next to Ryan as he talked. When the short conversation concluded, the Kenworthy family and Ryan were preparing to leave as well as the Ely family amongst the other stranglers.

Good-byes were being exchanged as well as final New Year's wishes as people headed out. While the Forster family sent most of the Ely's on their way with final words, Sam surprised Jake by wrapping her arms around his fit middle. He hugged her back softly and whispered, "Good night, Brat."

She replied, "Good night, Jake." After everyone had left, Brynna went inside to check on a sleeping Cody and Gram bustled inside to do the last few dishes. Wyatt asked Sam to help him check the horses and the two walked to the barn 10 acre pasture together.

Taking a breath, he began his little speech to his only daughter, "I'm allowing you and Jake to date with the knowledge that you both are responsible and good kids. I warned him not to hurt you since you're my little girl." Her dad's voice was husky with hidden emotion as he finished, "I love you, Sam." With the grace of a seasoned rancher, Wyatt pulled Sam into a hug and kissed the top of her head.

Sam's eyes were shining with tears from the meaningful words her dad had spoken and she knew he rarely used so many words at one time so it was extra special. Looking up at his weathered face, she replied, "I love you too, Dad and you'll always be my dad." With a final squeeze, they finished checking the horses and went in to bed.

After Sam said good night, she showered quickly and crawled under her covers. Gazing out her window from her bed, Sam looked at the bright crescent moon and a smile played over her lips thinking about the night.

Her heart fluttered at the memory of Jake's lips softly covering her own and her toes curled with delight. A happy tear trickled down her cheek remembering his quiet words and later the caring words of her dad. Drifting off with the night replaying in her mind, Sam fell asleep with thoughts of the past and future dancing through her mind.

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