A Zack and Cloud and possibly others (not telling yet ) fic… yaoi…

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Train Ride

Zack chewed his lip almost painfully.

He was extremely uncomfortable and he was scared to move. Oh, there was an easy way out of this problem, but he was not sure if he wanted to solve it.

The train screeched at it hit a curve and jostled him slightly.

He gasped and could feel the sweat beading down the back of his neck.

~ Damn it. ~

He hoped that was the last curve because if they hit one more bump like that, he was going to loose it! How could he have allowed himself to get into this situation! He knew that he could stop it, but he wasn't sure if he really wanted to now that he was in it.

The train car that they were riding in was empty.

Well, not completely empty. Zack and Cloud sat next to each other coming back from a night out in the slums and they were the only ones on the train at this still early hour of the night.

Zack was very aware of how close that the drunken Cloud was sitting, no, leaning, beside him.

Very aware!

They had gone down to go relax and unwind and the night was looking good that way. Hell, even Reno and Rude and joined them down at the bar. Of course, Reno being there had most likely been the downfall of the whole evening.

As usual.

He had walked away from the table to go talk with Kunsel who was sitting at the bar with some other SOLDIERS. Of course, it was more than a few minutes and he had left Cloud alone with Reno. He was not aware of how much the two lightweights were drinking until he returned to table and both were sickeningly intoxicated. The table was little with bottles of vodka cooler and alcoholic lemonades. They had been both giggling like silly school girls when he returned. He couldn't get a word out of the two but a snort and a chuckle for a good ten minutes.

The night was pretty much over when Reno was the first to have his head rest against the table. Cloud raised his hand in a victory pose and promptly joined the red head.

And it was only ten!

Rude had not said a word, grabbed the small red head and lugged him out of the bar. He had tried to wake Cloud but all he got was a grunt and a moan, even though he still had a smile on Cloud's lips and he put one of his arms around his shoulder to take him out of the bar.

Cloud had woken up slightly in the walk to the train and the cool air. All he would do was giggle and mumble words that were really more like sounds. The only thing that the could make out was, "I beat Reno." And "I am going to win." At least that is what it sounded like. He had asked the drunk how he was going to win, when he already beat Reno and had sent the blond into a fit of laughter with that comment. He didn't know what was so funny about what he said, but then, he didn't drink as much as he did.

He was grateful that Cloud wasn't puking his guts out and the train's movements seemed to lull him into a comfortable sleep as soon as the train started to move. He was worried that his little girly-drink-drunk was going to get sick with the movement, but Cloud seemed quite content where was sitting.

And that was why he was so uncomfortable.

He didn't mind Cloud leaning on him and that was quite cozy having the warm body next to him, it was where Cloud had his right hand.

He let go of his lip with his teeth and allowed a heavy sigh to leave his lips as he leaned his head back. He ran his one free hand through his hair and whispered, "Gaia." He didn't even want to look at the hand that sitting on his thigh.

Not near his knee.

Not in the middle of his thigh.

No it was near his crotch, just a few little centimetres away from where his body was reacting inappropriately. And his hand wasn't just resting on the top of his thigh. He could have probably have handled that. That would mean that he could have just moved it off with the bounce of his knee, but that was not where the hand was.

It was firmly placed in between his legs and every bump in the train cause his whole body want to either tear his hand away, or encourage Cloud to do more. He admitted to himself at the beginning of the train ride that he most likely would have taken advantage of him, if he wasn't passed out.

~ Damn it. ~

The train braked. The hand squeezed his thigh and pressed against his already painfully taunt crotch. He groaned and turned toward Cloud and took a deep breath of Cloud's hair.

He smelled like the bar. There was the smell of the annoying cigarettes that Reno smoked on him as well as the sickly sweet alcoholic drinks that he had been drinking that night. But then there was the smell of Cloud. He smelled like the Cloud that had comforted him after the tragic events in that ice covered mountain. A comforting and soft smell that he could only describe as cozy. Yeah. He knew that wasn't a smell, but that is what he thought of it.

He remembered how Cloud had sat so close to him and clutched at his hand, despite his own injuries, to ensure that he was okay. It wasn't quite as intimate as his current situation but it reminded him of that time. No one else in that truck noticed how Cloud pressed against him to make sure that he was okay.

At least he hoped that no one did.

He was grateful for his presence that day. It kept him quite sober and calm and he didn't break down until later because of Cloud. Cloud had helped him so much with out any judgement or questions. He was just there.

They were fast friends after that trip and he knew that he tended to drag Cloud around quite a bit, but he enjoyed it. Cloud could be nervous but usually loosened up for whatever activity they were doing.

He had pleaded with Cloud to join him tonight to go drinking and as much as Cloud didn't want to go out, he gave in. As he always did.

He was enjoying his evening and didn't really mind that his friend had a drinking match with Reno. It was quite humorous that the little blond had out drank Reno, if only by a minute. But the situation that he was now in was turning extremely painful for him. He knew that he could move the hand and that would have stopped the tempting rubbing from that sword calloused and glove-less hand that was pressing on the inner most part of his upper thigh.

~ Damn it, it felt good too. ~

Zack was grateful that the train was empty because his groan would have been heard by anyone in the car and most likely got him some strange looks.

~Would I stop it, if someone was in the train? ~

He wondered the answer to the questions he asked himself and before he could really string together his thoughts, he thought he felt the fingers that were already torturing him move.

Did they move? He looked for signs that his friend was waking up, but he didn't feel a shift in the body that was leaning so heavily on him. The fingers were still now, but he was pretty sure that the fingers moved. Of course, it could have been just the sway of the train or the fact that he was twitching in his alcohol induced sleep.

He knew that he could move that hand that was so close to him and yet still so far. The reason he couldn't move that hand was because he didn't trust himself to. He wanted that had to move close. He wanted to have Cloud move closer to him. He wanted to squeeze him and… and…

The fingers DID move. There was a soft moan that escaped the blonde's throat. Damn those fingers were pressing and massaging, his inner thigh. The blonde's head moved and his hair brushed against his throat. Zack couldn't help but involuntary shiver at the feeling as he was trying desperately to control himself.

"Cloud?" he whispered and rubbed the back of the infantry man to try to get him to wake up a bit more before he realized what he was doing. That could solve all his problems, if Cloud would wake up and realize what he was doing.

"Humm," was all he got and he just about jumped out of skin as the hand moved and was now pressed tight against his crotch and pressed against his thigh and the fingers moved in a steady motion. He found himself paying particularly close attention to the motion of the hand massaging his thigh.

~ Pinky, ring, middle, index and the thumb rubbing awfully close to his crotch and then back to the pinky, ring, middle, index and the rolling thumb. ~

"Wha…ya… st….lllleee," Cloud said. Again with words and sound that really didn't have any meaning to him.

"Cloud?" Zack pleaded with him. He was going to have to move that hand of his if he kept that up he was going to loose it completely. The alcohol was affecting him as well and he was way too excited now, especially when that thumb twirling against his hip.

"Llleee……tat?" Cloud mumbled and Zack found that Cloud other hand was no longer trapped between them, but was now snaking around his back, allowing his body to move closer to him as Cloud gripped him in a tight hug and that other hand was not letting up on its movements.

~Pinky, ring, middle, index and the twirling thumb ~

…and the pressure was increasing. He gasped at the increasing sensations that Cloud was creating. He knew that he shouldn't be turned on by this, but then… how could he not be?

"Cloud!" he said sharply. He reached his arm over to the blond shoulder and gave him a shake. That unfortunately moved his hand so that his thumb grazed the rise in his pants while Cloud was performing that circle with his thumb.

Cloud made a noise that was suspiciously like a chuckle. Then the hand stopped its maddening motion (but remained in place) and then Cloud was still and a small snore escaped his lips.

Zack had to take a couple of shallow breaths and swallow hard. "Tease," he whispered as the train announcer announced their arrival at the station.

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