Born of Darkness

A fic by: Angel's blue eyed girl

Rating: Oh a definite M. This is a dark fic. I'm going to add a warning for real darkness guys. Not just smut, but way darker than anything, I've ever written.

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Chappie 1

Darla lay on the cold cement of the alley. Rain was pouring down from the heavens, but somehow, Angel kept her sheltered from it. He'd been so wonderful; she'd finally stopped wishing for Angelus to come back. She reached up and touched his face. He grasped it and brought it to his mouth. She felt his cold lips brush across her knuckles and she smiled. Love for him flowed through her dead heart and she knew what she had to do. A desperate kind of peace settled over her as she reached out and grasped the sharp piece of wood lying in the garbage of the alley.

"This child," she whispered, clutching the jagged bit of death with a fierce grip. Angel held her hand tighter and let out a soft shuddering breath that sounded strangely like a sob. "Angel, it's the one good thing we did together…the only good thing. You make sure to tell him that," Darla said, and before Angel realized what she was going to do, she staked herself.

He gasped as Darla disintegrated. He looked down and lying where her body had been was a perfect little baby boy. The baby started to wriggle and cry. Kicking his feet and waving his fists as Angel stared, filled with an amazing feeling of wonder and joy. He couldn't ever remembering being this happy…except for maybe one other time, but this was different—this was his child being born, something he thought he'd never have. He reached down to pick up his son, awed that this tiny beautiful creature had been created by Darla and himself.

"Hey there little guy," he murmured, overwhelmed with such love and tenderness, his throat felt tight, achy. The baby gurgled and waved his fists and Angel swallowed back his tears. He cuddled the boy to his chest in a protective manner when all of a sudden; he felt pain rip through him, tearing away at him from deep within. His eyes widened and it took a few seconds before he realized what was happening. With realization, came fear. "No!" he gasped, almost dropping his son as panic set in. "No, no, please—why?"

"Take the baby, Fred and get him away from me…" he growled, thrusting his son into her hands. He could feel the chains that kept Angelus locked away snapping as he scrambled as far away from Fred and his child as he could get before it was too late. But it already was. Angel felt his demon break free and he toppled over onto his side, gripping his chest and panting as he felt his soul being torn away. He tried to tell Fred to run—to not trust him anymore, but he was out of time. Angel gave one last strangled gasp before his eyes closed and he passed out.

"Angel, are you okay?" Fred asked, holding the baby, now wrapped in Angel's leather coat.

The first thing he realized was the dank smell of garbage—must be another alley. What is it with you and alleys soul-boy? The second was the feel of the rain as it beat down upon his face, his face...not Angel's. He was free again. A slow wicked grin pulled his lips upward; as he sat up and blinked open his eyes. He looked around and gave a soft laugh. "Well, Darla you finally did it—just not the way you planned darlin'."

Fred didn't catch his words, but she leaned forward, trying to see his face through the downpour. "Angel. What's wrong? Are you okay?" she asked again, cradling the baby to her.

Angelus jumped to his feet and winked at her. "I feel fantastic." He stretched. "Really, ready to go one on one with Mike Tyson…" He flashed a grin. "If he thinks he can bite…" His face shifted and he snapped his fangs. "Hell, wait till he sees me!"

Fred's brows drew down. "Angel—what are you..? Why are you acting so weird? Are you sure you're okay?" The baby began to cry and she cooed to him. "I think we need to get the baby to the Hotel—someplace safe and dry, don't you?"

Just then Holtz walked out of the remains of Caritas and Angelus' eyes widened, then narrowed. "Son of a bitch!" he growled. He grabbed Fred and pulled her over to the doorway. He pushed her farther into the alcove and pulled the jacket closer around her and the baby. "There, safe and dry," he said. "Now, wait here—I need to handle something."

Holtz was expecting the same passive vampire he'd met a few hours previously, so when Angelus attacked him full force, he was taken aback and dropped his crossbow.

Angelus backhanded him, picked him up by his jacket and snarled in his face. "Ya little fuck! It wasn't bad enough, ya chased me an' Darla halfway across friggin' Europe, but ya just had ta show yerself here too!"

The accent gave it away—angry; Angelus had fallen back into the brogue he'd lost years ago.

Holtz gasped. "Angelus!" His face took on a stony look. "I knew they were wrong. You have no soul."

It was the last thing he said. Angelus grabbed him by the hair and tilted his head. "Yeah and I can't dance either, so fucking what?" he growled and sank his fangs into the vampire hunter's neck. In seconds Daniel Holtz dropped to the ground…dead. Towering over him, Angelus smirked down at the body. "I told Darla, we should've done that years' ago. Now stay down!" he snapped and walked away, feeling all pumped up on the magic in Holtz' blood.

He debated what to do first—kill all Angel's crew or head to Sunnydale and punish his Slayer for sending him to hell and not triumphantly either, but trapped under that whiny ass soul again. "Why not do both?" he said under his breath. That plan satisfied him and he whistled softly as he made his way over to the weird, skinny girl Angel had adopted from Pylea.

Fred took in the devil-may-care grin. It was cocky almost. Not at all the broody look he normally wore. Maybe it was the baby—that made sense; well it did until she looked past him, to the body he'd left lying on the ground. "Angel…did you just—?"

He cupped her jaw and debated killing her right then, but he'd need her to take care of the kid. The brat would go a long way in getting Buff under control and since he planned on spending most of his time fucking Buffy into submission, he'd need a babysitter, and it was either Fred or Cordy. He rolled his eyes, that wasn't even up for debate actually since he knew for a fact, he'd kill the loud mouthed seer before he even got around the corner, much less Sunnydale.

He put on his 'best' Angel face. "He was going to kill my son—I had to take him out. You understand, don't you? I didn't want to…" he said, biting back his smirk when she began to nod and apologize.

"Let's go home," he said and put his arm around her and headed for the Hyperion.


He killed Cordy first. She'd been right in the middle of a tangent on how rude Angel was to let her worry like this, when he grabbed her and bit deeply into her neck. The shock on her face had been priceless, but her blood had been so foul he'd spit it out. Hadn't Soul-Boy realized she was tainted with some nasty kind of demon? Guess that really wasn't surprising—he'd let the loud-mouthed harpy control his life pretty much. Well not anymore. Angelus grinned when he snapped her neck and dropped her body to the ground with a thud. "Bitch," he growled. "You've done nothing but make Soul-Boy feel like a pathetic puppy and a killer, yet you're just some demon hybrid who likes to yap all the time." He kicked her aside. "Stupid cow," he muttered and went upstairs to find Gunn and the green demon that liked to meddle in his mind.

Lorne went next. One flick of his hands and Lorne's neck went snap. Angelus winked. "I guess that's all folks…" he quipped, as Lorne's body fell to the floor.

He leaped over the dead anagogic demon and grabbed Gunn when the street-fighter rushed out of his room at Lorne's broken cry. Angelus tilted the bigger man's neck, and bit down hard. Gunn's blood was filled with rage and grief, and Angelus savored it as he drained him. They sank to the floor. After Gunn's heart had stopped beating, Angelus bit his wrist and made the warrior drink. He needed some new childer and this one could fight, plus he had such sorrow and anger inside—it intrigued the dark vampire. Not to mention, he might need a fighter in Sunnydale. Gunn was a win/win.

The only one who wasn't there was Wes. "Dammit," Angelus muttered as he looked up and down the street, hoping the ex-Watcher would just show up as he tossed Gunn's body into the trunk. Meanwhile, Fred was getting the baby ready inside the Hotel. "Fuck…" he growled when there wasn't a sign of Wesley. He didn't really want to go off and find the little prick, but he had to eliminate all of Angel's little crew of white hats or else Buffy would get a call and the jig would be up. With a sigh of impatience, he leaned back against the car and waited for Fred.

When the skinny Texan came out carrying the tiny bundle of vomit, Angelus had to repress his urge to just kill them both. Instead he put on his best Angel face again and helped her into the car. He'd use these two as leverage to get Buffy to do what he wanted…especially the baby. Wait until the Slayer heard the tale he had to tell…

"Where are we going?" Fred asked as he headed to Wesley's house.

"I need something from Wes—it's this way, right?"

Fred nodded and Angelus almost laughed. It was so easy to get Fred to go along on this trip, it was almost ridiculous.

"Stay here and watch the baby," Angelus ordered when they pulled up outside Angel's boss' apartment. That was another joke—what the fuck? How had his pathetic soul sunk so low as to work for this group?!

But to Wes' credit, when he opened the door, he took one look at Angelus and knew it wasn't Angel standing there. But to his shame, he screamed like a girl and tried to slam the door shut. Angelus had simply put his shoulder down and shoved the door backward, sending the watcher flying. As he stalked his victim, Angelus taunted the man.

"Come on Wes, you must have realized this could happen sometime? Didn't anyone think when Angel had a kid—he'd be happy?" Angelus smirked and kicked the couch out of his way. "Perfectly happy?" He shook his head and made a tsk-tsk sound. "It never occured to any of you?" He rolled his eyes. "How the fuck do you morons always win?" he muttered under his breath.

Wes realized it should have, but it hadn't. He ran for his weapons chest, but Angelus was there in front of him. "Please.." Wes whimpered.

"Oh come on—you know that never works," the dark vampire said with a grin and sank his fangs into Wesley's neck. He dropped Wes's body and wiped his mouth. "Mmmm, now that's how I like my watchers..." He shoved Wesley's body with the toe of his boot. "Not so bossy now are you?"

Before he left, Angelus dug through Wesley's collection of books, grabbing any that might be of use to him later. He shut the door with a soft click and his dark eyes went back and forth looking for anyone who might have heard the watcher's cries, but as he suspected, Wes' neighbors' had gotten used to the sounds of violence coming out of the Brit's house, so no one was paying any attention to him.

"Where are we going, again?" Fred asked, getting Connor strapped in to the car seat Cordy had gotten for Angel earlier.

"To Sunnydale," Angelus said, waiting for her to hurry up and get the brat all tucked in. "Come on, Fred. He's fine. We gotta go—people want to kill my son…remember?"

She tucked a blanket around the baby, then got herself fastened in. "But where is everyone? Isn't anyone else coming too?"

He glanced at the trunk and smirked. "Well, some of them will be meeting us in Sunnydale—the rest will probably stay here and take care of the office. We need to go." He cupped her cheek and smiled at her—putting just enough brood in his look to pass himself off as Angel. "Fred, I need your help to take care of my son, so can we worry about him instead of anyone else?" he said.

She flushed and started to stammer. "I-I—sure, of course and…thank you, Angel," she said, shyly.

Angelus raised a brow as the soft scent of her desire became apparent. So little Fred was still hot for his body? He shook his head. She really was a poor pathetic little thing wasn't she? Had it bad for Soul-Boy even after he told her it wouldn't work. His eyes traveled over her briefly, she was too skinny for his tastes, but he might take her for a test drive—it had been awhile. He watched her lean over the seat to adjust the baby and felt his cock take notice. She had a great ass, but he just didn't have the time—plus the first woman he wanted to fuck was Buff. He sighed, he still had a few more stops to make though before that would be happening. He adjusted his pants and started up the big car—the quicker he got this done, the quicker he'd be inside his Slayer.

He pulled up outside the last stop on his list for L.A. The 'Magic Circle' in Korea Town was known for having 'everything'—he needed to remove a few of those everything items.

Fred looked at him. "Angel, why are we stopping at all these Magic shops?"

"I need to get a few things before we get to Sunnydale. Stay in the car, I'll be right back."

Angelus broke the lock on the door easily. He ignored the potions and books and headed right to the back of the store. He tossed boxes aside until he found what he was looking for. He smiled as he dropped the Orbs on the ground and proceeded to grind and crush each and every one of them under his heel. When they were all broken he headed for the door.

"One down…" He opened the door. "I'm coming, lover..." he said and jumped into his car, peeled out of the parking lot, and got on the freeway.

He finally relaxed when he saw the sign "Welcome to Sunnydale."



Buffy headed down an alley. It was dark—just like she felt inside. Her thoughts turned, as they always did, to Angel. A part of her hated him for being so tense and cold when they'd seen each other a few weeks ago. He'd given here some song and dance about how they couldn't just wedge themselves into each others' lives anymore. That had hurt. So now she was a wedge, pushing her way into his life, huh? She'd died for God's sake! Then he'd gone on to tell her he was fighting for his redemption and the most bizarre thing was when he went on and on about how much, Cordelia had changed. Like she really cared? It had been an intense meeting that had upset her, more than it had helped.

Spike stepped out in front of her. "Slayer," he growled.

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Great, and now, my night is complete."

He stood in front of her, blocking her path. "You never showed."

She walked around him. "I was busy, actually doing stuff."

He fell into step just behind her. "You shouldn't be so flip, luv."

Buffy shot him an irritated look over her shoulder. "Oh and what are you gonna do? Walk behind me to death?"

Spike leaped in front of her. His eyes seemed to be glowing. "I'm just saying—you oughta be a bit more careful, that's all."

Buffy narrowed her eyes at him and then shook her head. "Enough with the stalker guy routine, okay?" He stood in front of her and she clenched her fists. "Get out of my way." She went to walk around him, but he blocked her path. "Spike…" she warned.

He gave a small smile. "Or what? What are you going to do about it?"

Buffy shrugged and punched him in the face. "Well, for starters I could do that."

Spike reeled back, before he returned the blow. Buffy's head whipped around and Spike grabbed his head, but his voice was mocking as he cried, "Oh the pain—the pain…" His face hardened. "Is all gone." He grinned and stepped closer. "Guess I'm not as toothless as ya thought, eh?"

Buffy's jaw dropped. "How?" she whispered.

He laughed. "You really don't get it do you?" Without warning, he smacked her across the face. "You came back wrong, pet. Guess you're not quite human anymore…" he taunted, as a cunning smile spread across his face.

Buffy's face crumpled and she stared at him for a second, before she smacked him back and sent him flying. She stalked after him. "It's a trick. What did you do to your chip?"

Spike chuckled as he staggered back to his feet. He hit her again. "Nothing, you just came back a bit les human."

Buffy stumbled and almost fell. "NO!" she screamed. "You're wrong!" She shoved Spike through the doorway of an abandoned house.

Spike punched her in the face, hard and Buffy returned the blows, twice as hard, sending him flying into the kitchen and against the broken down refrigerator.

"Poor little lost girl," he said, laughing. "I think you just gotta a thing for vampires, personally. What is it, do we get you hot?"

Buffy rolled her eyes. "ONE vampire got me hot and he's gone. Get over yourself and leave me alone!"

"We'll see about that, pet." He jumped up and grabbed a half way broken chandelier and swung forward to kick Buffy in the face. Buffy flew across the room and Spike leapt down and strode over to where Buffy was struggling to get to her feet. "She doesn't fit in anywhere…she's got no one to love—"

"Sure she does, Spikey," Angelus cut in, walking into the room. "She still loves me—I'M the one who get's her hot and…since I'm right here…" He flashed his trademark smirk. "There's no need for a pinch hitter, Billy-boy—so beat it."

Spike's eyes bulged. "Bugger that! What the bloody hell are you even doing here?"

Buffy got to her feet. Her heart was racing. One look in those eyes and she KNEW that wasn't Angel. She wasn't sure if she was more angry or afraid. Anger won out. "So," she asked, crossing her arms, completely ignoring Spike. "Who gave Angel the big happy? Was it Cordy? He sure talked about her a lot!"

Angelus flashed a grin. "No, it wasn't the cow…" He shrugged and stepped closer, taking in the changes in her. Gone was the blush of innocence, the roundness in her face had given way to sleek cheekbones. She looked harder and so sad, so lost, but not broken—not yet, at least. He waited a beat and dropped his first bomb. "Actually it was his kid."

Both Spike's and Buffy's mouth gaped and they stared at him, stunned into silence.

Buffy recovered first. "His what?" she exclaimed. This was too much. He left HER for sunshine and babies and HE'S the one who has children?! "He doesn't—he can't—what do you mean? How?"

Angelus inhaled the sweet scent of her heartache. He wanted to savor it, but he noticed Spike inhaling too and growled. "Never mind that right now." When Buffy opened her mouth to argue, he shook his head. "Not now—I'll tell you the whole story after the bleached wonder over there is gone." He glanced at Spike. "But first I want to know… why you were hitting my girl, Spikey?"

"You're what…?" Spike's eyes widened. "Are you out of your bloody mind? She hasn't been your anything in…" He stopped when Angelus' eyes went amber and he began to stalk him. "Right, so you think you can just walk right back in and take over? Well, sorry, but you're just a big hunk of nobody cares—so piss off!"

Angelus grabbed Buffy and kissed her. She struggled for a few seconds, then moaned deeply and kissed him back. Angelus sucked at her tongue and let his hands roam her perfect little hard body, before lifting his head and winking at Spike. "Are you sure about that?"

Spike recovered his shock and managed to smirk at his Sire. "So, she's kissed me too."

Angelus growled and pushed Buffy away. "Really? Do tell…" he said and began advancing on the smaller vampire again.

Spike swung out and punched Angelus. The bigger vampire took a step back, spun and kicked Spike in the head. They traded blows for a several seconds and it was obvious both were well matched and good fighters, but Angelus had rage on his side and it wasn't too much longer that he landed a punishing kick to Spike's kneecap. The loud crunch of bone shattering made Buffy wince and Spike scream as he crumpled to the ground holding his knee. Angelus kicked Spike in the face, breaking his nose and sending blood spraying across the room. Buffy rushed him, but Angelus sent her flying back with a violent shove against her chest. "Not now, kitten. We can make up in a sec…after I take care of peroxide boy."

When Angelus pushed her back, Buffy stumbled and her foot went through a rotted out part of the floor. Her ankle was caught and she tugged at it, trying to free herself, while she watched Angelus pick Spike up by the scruff of his collar and the back of his jeans and swung him like a battering ram.

"Have you ever wanted to fly, Spikey?" He laughed as he tossed the smaller vampire across the room, grinning maliciously as Spike hit the wall and fell to the floor, curling up in a fetal position.

"Get the fuck up, you little runt, "Angelus growled, standing over him. "Always were just the pre-show, weren't you? Sniffing after what's mine…when are you going to get tired of being second choice, huh?" he growled and kicked Spike again, sending him flying through the air like a football. The blonde bounced off the wall, cracked the plaster and landed with a soft gurgle of pain. Spike rolled over, coughed up blood and struggled to get to his feet.

Buffy finally freed her foot and rushed across the room, she grabbed Angelus' arm to stop him from beating Spike anymore. "Stop—you're killing him!"

He shrugged her off and she punched him. His head whipped to the side and he grinned as he licked the blood from the side of his lip. "Oh I get it—you want a fight. Is that why I smelled your arousal earlier? Well just let me take out the trash first."

He ran across the room and before Buffy could stop him, he'd grabbed Spike by the shirt and with one arm, tossed him halfway across the living room and out the big window that over looked the alley. The glass shattered as Spike went sailing through it. His grin was wicked as he watched Spike bounce across the pavement below, before landing in a pile of boxes.

Angelus knew the other vampire wasn't getting up anytime soon. He turned back to Buffy with a smirk. "Now lover…where were we?"


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