Born of Darkness

A fic by: Jen

Rating: NC-17. This fic contains language-violence and graphic sexual situations and content—if you aren't old enough—don't read.

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**Last time:


She heard him whistling long before he got to the room. The tune reminded her of Sunnydale and some not so great times, but things were different-they were different. She wanted him now and she would have him! That was that! He flung open the door, smirking, but Buffy was waiting for him, poised to strike like the predator she was...he had about one second to gape at her outfit before she had him pinned to the bed on his back. She straddled his hips and grinded against the bulge she found there.

"Hello, lover…" she purred, cuffing his captured wrists to the bed…


Chappie 21

"What game is this, Buff?" he growled, tugging at the restraints she had him in. They didn't budge and he gave another soft snarl, tugging harder. "You know I like to be on top, babe—unchain me," he demanded.

Buffy placed her hands on his chest, letting her fingers do the walking as she explored the perfect physique that fascinated her so thoroughly. "No," she stated, wriggling her hips harder against his erection.

Angelus couldn't help but arch into her. He may not like being chained up, but he did like Buffy's hot little body bearing down on his groin. She tore his shirt open, sending buttons flying pell-mell across the room. "There…" she murmured, gazing down at his pale, muscled chest, "perfect."

He gaped at her aggressiveness. "Buff-what the hell has gotten into—fuck!" he gasped when she suddenly raked her nails across his chest and nipples, drawing blood. His body trembled. That was a little too close to vampiric behavior and while normally that would have pleased him—being tied up (against his will) wasn't his cup of tea. He smirked at her. "Getting in touch with your wilder side, are we?"

She giggled, running one pink tipped finger around the injured areola of his nipple. "Maybe…"

Angelus growled at the impish grin on her face. "Untie me lover and I'll show you wild…"

Buffy stared at the bright red drop of blood for a moment before sucking it into her mouth—tasting him. Angelus growled again and Buffy moaned teasingly. "Ooohh I so don't think so." His eyes narrowed and Buffy leaned down, her soft blond hair brushing against Angelus' clenched jaw to nip and nibble at the corded muscles of his throat. "It's time you realized something…lover…" she whispered against his cool flesh, laving her love bites with her tongue.

Suppressing the moan her hot tongue on his skin inspired, Angelus waited, his entire body tense and horny as she rubbed her scantily clad body all over his. "What?" His fists clenched and he just barely managed to keep the yearning out of his husky voice.

Buffy's hands got even more daring, drifting down his heaving abdomen to his impressive package. She cupped him, giving a gentle, but firm squeeze. Angelus bucked his hips and Buffy's smile widened, pleased with his reaction. "You, are mine. This…" she said, tightening her grip on his leather clad cock, "is mine. Put it in anyone else and I promise you…I'll cut it off." She ignored the way his jaw tightened and his eyes flashed golden fire. It was time he realized this mating thing was a two way street and she wasn't going to tolerate any kind of 'playtime' with any other woman, but her. The grip she had on him tightened until he hissed in pain and flashed his fangs at her. She leaned down and kissed him, swirling her tongue along a fang, knicking it and kissing him deeply.

Angelus groaned, deepening the kiss heatedly as her powerful blood flooded his mouth. She tasted like raw power and sunshine-it was pure ecstasy. He moaned again, sucking on her tongue. "Buffy..."

She mashed her mouth against his, ending his sentence and dominating the kiss for a moment before sucking his bottom lip into her mouth. She suckled it, nursing that soft lush bit of flesh before biting it hard enough to make him bleed. He growled, rearing back and Buffy gave him a bloody grin before letting him go. She sat up, sensing his hunger as she made a show of licking the blood off her lips and chin. Buffy ran a finger along his lower lip and jaw. He was horny-excited. She could feel the bulge under her and his fangs were dropped-definitely a sign of arousal. She kissed him again, gently this time, taking her time. He opend, even moaned softly and Buffy felt her tummy clench with desire, but she forced herself to play her game. She leaned back, raking her nails along his hard belly. "Keep your pants on and we'll get along just peachy," she said licking his blood away with a flourish that had Angelus' libido soaring.

Though stunned at her show of possessiveness, Angelus stared up at her intently for several seconds, trying to guess her game. It was obvious she wanted to torment him, but why? Finally he decided he didn't care-he could give as good as he got. He pumped his hips upwards hard and fast-enjoying her quick gasp as his cock hit her center. "Jealous, Buff?" he asked with a smirk and a chuckle.

She knew his game too and this time Buffy was determined she would be the winner of their match. She placed her hands on his chest and leaned down to lick the blood off his lip, teasing him as she nibbled at his lush lower lip. "Yes," she admitted softly, sitting back on her heels to stare intently at him. "I am. What of it?"

Buffy smirked and Angelus could almost read her thoughts on her was like a neon sign was flashing the words-'There take that'! He was surprised she was opening up after they're fight and his eyes widened, giving proof of that before he recovered and his expression went back to teasing again. "Really...well isn't that...interesting...I thought you wanted to stake me and any children I might ever have too..."

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Nope, your kids are safe-they're not jerks even if you are most of the time," she quipped.

"Ouch! What happened to I love you?"

"I still do."

"So chaining me to the bed was just another way to say I love you-is that waht you're telling me, Buff-cuz I don't buy it," he snapped.

"No, chaining you to the bed was my way of claimning you."

"Possessive suddenly, aren't we? Feeling insecure?"

"No, it was liberating actually," she stated, lifting her chin. "Now I can say your mine and be cool with it."

Her hazel eyes were deep, dark—conquering-he recognized it. He'd felt just like it many times in his un-life. Angelus' stomach tightened-he wasn't prey, dammit. "Buff…" he warned, not at all comfortable with the predatory look in her eye.

She ignored him. "Don't," she ordered. "I'm not listening to any more of your cave-man demands on obedience, Angelus!" she snapped. "I'm the Slayer—I'm your Slayer. You've said it over and over and…" She paused, smiling at him teasingly, "Well, guess what? I'm starting to buy it," she said, "but as your Slayer, you will start treating me like your mate or I'm just going to go primeval on every woman you show an interest in—got it, lover?" She smirked and pinched his nipple hard enough for him to snarl at her. She winked. "I'd remember that the next time you get the urge to wander." She scooted down his body and Angelus began to struggle again as she pulled a pair of manacles from underneath the bed and attached them to each post at the foot of the bed.

This was going too far. She was serious. Angelus refused to be claimed! "God dammit, Buffy," he snapped, kicking at her as she struggled to get his boot off. "You're not going to chain me to the bed like a fucking pet-or a fucking sex-toy!" Buffy giggled at that description and he shot her a furious glance, bucking and writhing on the bed, calling her names that made her ears burn and her face blush.

Buffy tossed aside one boot and went to work on the other one. "Oh, calm down—you might just enjoy yourself," she said, finally getting both boots off. She reached for the ankle chains again and Angelus exploded. Another round of curses flowed from his lips—some of which were in Gaelic so she had no idea what he'd called her and with that, Buffy had had enough. In a flash she scrambled back up his body and leaned over his naked chest to rummage in the drawer of the bedside table.

Angelus paused in his poisonous ranting to flick his gaze at her curiously, "What the fuck are you looking for now?" he growled, rattling his chains again, the veins in his neck bulging as he struggled to get free. She ignored him, furthering his rage. "I'm warning you, baby, if you don't let me go right now, I'll rip these posts off and when I get free, I'm going to—"

"Aha-finally!" Buffy crowed as she pulled a bright red scarf out of the drawer. Before Angelus could finish his threat she'd shoved the flamboyant silk into his mouth, looped it around his head and tied it, successfully gagging him and ending his angry diatribe. His eyes blazed and the scarf huffed and puffed, his yells muffled as he raged at this newest indignity. Buffy sat back on her heels observing his tantrum. She clapped a hand over her mouth so as not to giggle at the murderous look on his face, but since this night was important to this relationship they'd developed she'd risk his ire. It needed to be done—Buffy needed him to see her as his partner. He'd run rough-shod over her for too long and tonight she wasn't just laying claim to her title as Slayer again—she was laying her claim on Angelus too—in a way he'd never-ever doubt again.

Buffy hopped off him and moved back to the foot of the bed. Her eyes traveled hungrily over his semi-nude body, licking her lips. "Now all I have to do is get your pants off and chain your ankles…"

Angelus nearly came undone. Not since he was a newborn fledge and under Darla's thumb, had a woman wielded this kind of power over him. He'd sworn after dealing with his sire's twisted games, he'd never let anyone have any kind of control over him. Yet here he was, tied to a bed and under Buffy's control. Angelus huffed and puffed, furiously trying to get out of the situation he found himself in. But eventually Buffy got his right ankle shackled. He heard the latch click with a metal clang and snarled angrily, kicking at her with his left foot when she grabbed that ankle, but quicker than he'd thought possible she had him spread eagled and fully restrained. He glared at her, watching her warily as she picked up the riding crop. He shook his head-threatening her with his eyes to cease and desist, but Buffy was through listening—the time for playing nice was gone. He needed to understand she was his equal in every way.

*******B/Aus**xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx****************************************************************************************** ***************************************************************B/Aus**************xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


"Suvolte demon—rare, lethal and nearly extinct—not nearly enough. Sam and I've been tracking it through Central America for nearly a month. It's a killing machine—starts as soon as it's hatched," Riley explained, handing Giles an official Government report stamped classified-Black-Ops.

"This one is three months old and growing fast," Sam added.

"And you tracked it here?" Giles surmised.

Riley nodded. "We followed the body parts…"

"So this thing shredded your guys and now you want some payback?" Xander cut in, "well, we'd love to help, but we have a little crisis of our own to deal with." He glared at the rest of the room. "Anyone else thinking we need Buffy here?" He snapped his fingers. "Oh that's right she's in the hands of her psycho ex." Riley's jaw clenched and Xander sneered, "Sorry, but that's kind of the bigger problem for us since I don't see this egg layer hunting us down and killing us in ways Wes Craven hasn't dreamed up."

Riley pulled Sam aside and they had a brief, but intense conversation. Rejoining the group, Riley went into the new plan. "Okay, Sam and I will help you get Buffy back, but first we need to find the Suvolte's nest and destroy the eggs." Xander started to argue, but Riley cut him off. "Listen one of these things went through an entire village in less than an hour—no one was left alive." The soldiers' eyes were deadly serious as he said, "imagine what an entire nest could do to this town." Giles took his glasses off again and began to clean them as the severity of the situation finally sunk home with the Scoobies.

"But Angelus—" Xander started.

"Isn't here," Riley cut in. The blonde sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Look, I want to help Buffy and I will, but if she was here she'd say the same thing I am. First we find the nest—take care of the immediate threat to her town—then save her."

"He's right," Giles said, slipping his glasses back on. "Any idea on the timetable the eggs will hatch on?" he asked Riley as he picked up one of his books and quickly began to search for any reference to a Suvolte demon.

"Any day—maybe hour from now. We lost it yesterday and the gestation period is forty-eight hours. Tops," Sam said.

"That doesn't give us much time," Giles said turning to Willow, "Do you think you can do a locator spell?"

"I can do the magicks," she said, nodding. "Though it'd be quicker if I had some of its blood…"

"Got it," Sam said. She flipped open her utility belt, pulled out a small vial and handed it to Willow.

Willow took the vial and headed into the kitchen. A few minutes passed as everyone waited to see if Willow could locate the demon. Sam and Riley sat off to the side of the group, talking quietly. Xander was perched on the edge of the couch—waiting for something-anything to happen. Giles had his nose buried in a book while Dawn glared daggers at her sisters' ex and the woman who was married to him.

It took far longer than expected. Finally Willow came out of the kitchen followed by Tara. The red head's shoulders were slumped and her brows were knitted. "I—" Willow paused. "Something's wrong. I couldn't do the spell," she said softly.

Xander leaped to his feet. "What? Why?"

Willow ignored his outburst as she explained. "My powers—something's happened…they're all…wonky."

Giles set his book down. "You can't do a simple locator spell?" he asked, shocked. Willow nodded and Giles sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Well, this is troubling."

Willow pushed aside her own panic at having no powers. Now wasn't the time to wonder how and whys. "But we got the spell done." The group looked up at her, obviously surprised and relieved.

"How?" Xander asked. "I thought you said you were like wicca-challenged."

Willow motioned to her blonde girlfriend. "Tara did it."

Several murmurs of appreciation was heard from the group. "I say, well done," Giles said, smiling at the shy blonde witch.

Tara returned the smile, but it was obvious she wasn't used to gratitude aimed at her as she blushed and looked away. "It was n-nothing really. Willow found the spell and w-we used some of the demon's blood to place it. See pretty simple, really."

Willow took her hand. "Don't let her fool you. It wasn't just a Wicca-101 spell. Tara found the demon-it's in a crypt in SunnyRest..." She smiled at the shy blonde, "she was great," she chirped, though it was obvious despite her enthusiasm that she was still confused and upset that her powers were out of whack.

Tara blushed even further at Willow's praise. "It wasn't anything. You found it -and y-you could have done it easier if your powers weren't—" She bit her lip, cutting off the rest of her sentence. "We'll find out what happened, honey. It's probably Angelus. You told me you were the one who cursed him before so it makes sense that he'd target you first." She squeezed Willow's hand and in the other she held out a glowing pink stone. "The spell is on this. All we have to do is follow to the d-demon's nest and—"

"Mr. and Mrs. Finn here can make with the killin…" Xander chimed in.

"Sam stood up, grabbed her utility belt and began strapping it around her slender waist. "Sounds good to me," she said flashing her husband a loving smile. "Hopefully we can get this thing neutralized before it does any damage."

The group got their weapons together, everyone seemingly lost in their own thoughts as they prepared to fight the demon.

Once ready, Dawn pulled Riley aside. "Are you going to help us rescue Buffy once this is over?" she hissed.

Riley phone beeped, but for once he ignored protocol. Dawn needed reassurance and he wanted to give it to her. "Yes," he told her. She looked skeptical and Riley hesitated to explain because his and Buffy's relationship wasn't something he wanted to discuss. It was still painful, but finally he said, "I know you're mad at me, Dawn, but you don't know the whole story between me and Buffy. I was…complicated," he finished softly.

Her eyes searched his. "I know. I don't want the gory details. I just want to know if you still care enough to show up when she needs you."

"I do," he said firmly.

Her eyes brightened and she nodded, hugging him. "Thanks," she whispered.

Blatantly eavesdropping, Xander picked up a baseball bat. "Okay…as much as I'd lie to contribute to the Dr. Phil moment…" he said, slapping the business-end of the Louisville Slugger against his palm, "I say, let's go scramble us some demon eggs…"


Haceata Head:

Gunn was sweating as he creeped down the basement stairs. He knew he shouldn't be going down here, but the screams…they were awful. He'd tried to ignore them as he drank his blood, but they wouldn't stop. They hurt his ears and made his fangs ache. A part of him enjoyed them and for that alone he needed them to stop.

The loud creeking of one of the stairs had Gunn freezing midstride. "Angelus…?" he whispered, praying his sire wasn't about to jump out at him and lock him up down here too. The dark vampire had said he would be in his room for the night-but that didn't necessarily make it true. This could very well be a cleverly designed ploy to test Gunn's ability to follow direction, but the screams—they sounded so real—so full of pain. He softly called his Sire's name again, but again there was no answer, only the whimpers from another voice other than the vampire who turned him. Relief washed over Gunn. Angelus wasn't down there. Without the fear of impending doom and immediate death Gunn confidently continued down the stairs and into his Sire's lair. Once inside the room, he stopped, staring at the two figures restrained inside the dark confines of the basement. His senses told him one was a vampire—the other was human, the heartbeat was fluttering wildly in the room and Gunn's vampire instincts went wild. His face shifted and he felt his hunger kick in. Flipping on the light his eyes went to the slender brunette chained up to some sort of bondage swing. He recognized her.

"Fred-what are you doing down here?" She was naked. Beyond his control he got hard and excited. She smelled so good. Gunn growled as he licked his fangs. He couldn't help it—he wanted to fuck and eat her.

Across the room, an injured, but healing Spike noticed the look of bloodlust-fuck and feed look on Gunn's demonic face. He glanced at Fred. She'd chewed through the gag Angelus had put in her mouth and now she was babbling to Gunn, begging him top help—as if he was going to go against Angelus and save either of them. Not bloody likely. Spike nearly groaned aloud. The naïve woman was totally oblivious to the fact that Gunn was looking at her like a snack. The big guy was young. The blonde vampire knew a newbie when he saw one and at this stage, the fight-fuck-feed instincts were nearly impossible to control. Naked, bliund and bleeding, Fred was like a gift-wrapped a-la-carte meal.

Gunn was practically drooling. "Bloody hell…" he muttered, getting Gunn's attention off the human and onto him. "Leave the bint alone, mate," he croaked, licking his swollen, blistered lips, "Angelus has done enough damage without you adding to it."

Gunn turned to him, golden eyes glowing brightly. He clenched his big fists, "From the looks of you, I'm gonna say your opinion don't mean shit to Angelus, so keep it to yourself, man."

Spike had to agree, but still…if the git touched to Angelus' plaything—there's be hell to pay. Spike knew his old sire well enough to know the prick didn't share. Biting without permission would bring about another lesson in obedience and Spike had had enough of Angelus' punishment for two lifetimes-thank you very fucking much! He didn't need another session because this newbie got peckish. "If you eat the chit—you'll be joining me down here…man…trust me," Spike said drolly, chuckling at the sudden fear Angelus' name inspired in the big fledge, despite the pain it caused.

"Aahh, I see you're getting it. Now, be a good boy and untie and I'll promise not to tell Daddy…"



"So…where were we?" Buffy purred, trailing the riding crop along the inside of Angelus' naked thigh. His chest, belly and thighs bore several marks where she'd laid the firm leather to his flesh already, but as she brought the frayed tip higher, over his pubic bone, coming perilously close to his groin, Angelus began to writhe in his restraints—raising his hips and bringing her attention to the long, thick cock riding high on his muscled belly. "Mmmm, right about here…" she said watching with appreciation as he sucked in a sharp breath, his already flat stomach concaving as she ran the leather along the impressive length of his erection. He bucked his hips, letting out a muffled roar when she swirled the crop around the weeping tip before giving it a playful swat with the whip. His entire body arched off the bed, only his wrists and leg restraints kept him in place. "Beautiful…" Buffy breathed, staring at his nude body. He was a work of art—a magnificent animal and Buffy bit her bottom lip, stifling her own whimper of pleasure at having him under her control. "Yes, we were definitely here…" she said breathlessly, giving his thick penis another firm slap with the crop.

He hissed behind the gag, but his eyes rolled back and he moaned, panting and trembling. His eyes were a brilliant shade of amber, but his face remained human. He wasn't fighting her anymore. Buffy moved to untie the gag. This wasn't as much fun without hearing his seductive voice letting her know what he was feeling.

His eyes flew to her face when she began untying the scarf. Buffy paused, "Promise, no name calling this time?" He glowered at her for a moment, but when Buffy moved away as if to leave the gag, Angelus gave a quick nod. "Good boy," she cooed and untied the silk from around his face, being careful not to put her fingers near his teeth—he'd promised no name calling, but he just might bite. Buffy was under no illusions—Angelus was still royally pissed at being forced into this role tonight. Normally that would have worried her, but she was sure he had feelings for her now and she was just as positive she'd enjoy his punishment—when she finally did release him.

"I'm no boy baby," were the first words out of his mouth, "I'll be sure to remind you of that slowly and painfully once I'm free."

Buffy giggled. "Oh, I'm sure you will…" She sauntered around the bed until she was at the foot again.

Angelus' eyes traveled over her form. "I gotta tell you, lover, I like the wardrobe change," he said licking his lips. "Especially the corset and fuck-me-pumps. Leave those on when you're riding my cock."

"Who said it'll be your cock I'll be riding—maybe I want you to put that mouth of yours to better use than taunting me," she said with a smirk, trailing the crop along her own well toned thigh teasingly, noticing how his eyes followed the movement. He whispered how good the leather looked against her tanned flesh and if possible his dick got even harder. Buffy felt an answering pull in her belly as a new wave of wet heat pooled there. Buffy turned, giving him a spectacular view of her curvy rear end. She bent over just a bit, and looked back at him over her shoulder, batting her lashes at him and giving a seductive little smile. "Like this, baby," she said, tapping the frayed leather against one nicely rounded cheek.

"Yes," he growled, rattling his chains. "Let me up, Buff and I'll show you exactly how I like it…"

Buffy went to the dresser across the room and plugged in the CD player she'd previously put there for the occasion. She shuffled through a few disks before selecting one. She glanced over her shoulder at her naked and bound vampire—his brown eyes glowed back at her and she smiled. Perfect. She put it in and hit 'play'. There was a quiet hum before a dark sultry beat thumped from the speakers. The song was slow and sexy. Hypnotic and the blonde Slayer began dancing, swaying her hips as she moved to the rhythmic beat. It was Nine Inch Nalis' 'Closer' and it was a song that suited her far too complicated feelings for Angel/Angelus perfectly.

"Listen to the words, lover," she sing-songed, running her hands up her body, lifting her hair and twirling around so that her back was to Angelus. She danced provocatively, singing along, changing the words of the first verse to 'I let you violate me-I let you desecrate me-I let you penetrate me-I let you complicate me…' Angelus watched her dance not really understanding her meaning until he really listened…

Her words amde him hot and bothered-aggressive and possessive. He did want to violate Buffy-penetrating her was soemthing that he fucking ahd wet dreams about and God help him if he ever-ever desecrated her-she damned well better be a vampire because he'd never-ever kill her.

She pouted at him pretilly, using the tight whip as a tool, milking his arousal as she played with his body and her own. He perked up when she slid the thin crop between her legs, tapping the frayed edge against the moist crotch of her panties. She moved to the song, singing and using the whip...

**Help me, I broke apart my insides
Help me, I've got no soul to sell
Help me, you're the only thing that works for me
Help me get away from myself

I wanna fuck you like an animal
I wanna feel you from the inside
I wanna fuck you like an animal
My whole existence is flawed*

He was about to explode! "Jesus fucking Christ, Buff…" he panted, trying to get free so he could give her what she wanted…

The sound of heavy breathing, chains shifting and soft growls made Buffy more daring and she got even more into the song, twisting and turning, undulating as she unlaced the corset, flashing Angelus a tantalizing view of her perky breasts as she danced. He growled in lust and Buffy lost herself in the erotic beat of the song, undressing slowly, gyrating to the music in a sensuous dance designed to entice, and entice it did.

**You get me closer to God
You can have my isolation; you can have the hate that it brings
You can have my absence of faith; you can have my everything

Help me tear down my reason
Help me, it's your sex I can smell
Help me, you make me perfect
Help me become somebody else

I wanna fuck you like an animal
I wanna feel you from the inside
I wanna fuck you like an animal
My whole existence is flawed

You get me closer to God
Through every forest, above the trees
Within my stomach, scraped off my knees
I drink the honey inside your hive
You are the reason I stay alive*

Angelus was a willing voyeur as she gave him the strip-tease of his un-life. She was perfection—all hot, bronzed flesh-toned and sweet. He was beyond enchanted. He was fucking hooked. He itched to touch her as she shimmied around the room wearing nothing but a naughty little lacy thong, black lace thigh-high stockings and those damn 'come-fuck-me' heels. He was hard enough to drive steel through plywood…It was actually painful.

"Buff…" he panted, planting his feet on the mattress and bucking his hips, using his own methods of seduction. Buffy was as addicted to him as he was to her so he used his body to remind her why she wanted him a willing participant in this game of hers. Buffy turned; still dancing. Her arms were over her head, buried in her hair and she was undulating, swiveling her hips in a way that made Angelus thinkj of hot, sweaty sex. Her hazel eyes landed on his arousal and she stared, licking those lush pink lips of hers. He growled and the scent of her answering need filled the room. The tension between them was thick—lust hovering like the invisible elephant in the room. They both knew it was there, but neither would admit to it.

Finally Angelus relented, another first for him. "Come on, baby…get over here," he urged. She turned and faced him, still writhing to the hypnotic beat of the music. Her body was covered in a fine sheen of sweat and Angrelus let out another growl. Fuck-she was sexy! "You know you want it too, lover—why deny yourself?" he cajoled, begging without begging.

She nodded. "I do, but I want to hear you beg for once…" she taunted, shaking her hair wildly—letting him see the side of the Slayer that she'd kept leashed for far too long. Buffy was claiming her mate. He had to prove himself worthy now. She crawled up on the mattress on her hands and knees and turned around facing his feet. Her blonde hair trailed down her back and her naked breasts swung free as she straddled him, wriggling her nearly naked ass up close and in his face. Angelus snarled, yanking at his chains. L:ifting his head as far as he could go he fluttered his tongue out—she was right there…He needed to taste…

Buffy giggled impishly and leaped forward, just a bit, but far enough to keep her tasty treats away from her lovers' lips. "You want..? Tell me how bad…" she taunted, pumping her hips back, arching her hips and driving Angelus crazy with the peek-a-boo-pussy show.

His face shifted and he lunged for her. All control gone. He needed her, but his restraints kept him firmly attached to the bed. "Buff…" he gritted out, jaw clenching, his body shuddered as lust unlike any he'd ever known raged inside him. "I need you. Get that sexy ass over here, lover and fuck me like you've been promising me for the last hour!" he said, trying for demanding, but they both heard the plea underlying the order. Angelus; Scourge of Europe needed the Slayer and they both knew it.

She gave him a coquettish look over her shoulder and teased him further by pulling off her thong with excruciating slowness. She shimmied her hips and Angelus responded with a grumbling purr of desire. Buffy batted her lashes at him. "Tell me you want me," she said as she slid the tiny bit of black lace down her thighs. "Tell me you want me like I want you." She kicked off the thong and on her hands and knees, she spread her thighs just a bit, flashing him and letting him see just enough of her pouty lips and glistening golden curls to really get his motor revving.

"I want you," he repeated, beyond caring if he looked weak.

"Tell me you love me…" she begged, backing up until, her dripping core was hovering over his mouth. "Tell me…tell me you love me like I love you, Angelus…" she whimpered, putting her wet folds against his lips for a brief second.

"I—l" Angelus lunged up and attached his lips to her clit. "Mmmm, fuck…Buff…" he groaned as her sweet taste flooded his mouth. "So good," he purred, lapping at her while Buffy cried out, sitting back on her heels. She let him lick and suck at her for a moment, totally lost and absorbed in the amazing pleasure he was giving her with his mouth, tongue and fingers.

"Tell me…" she whined, grinding against his face. Her nails bit into his shoulders and Buffy humped Angelus' mouth. His tongue was magical-really it should be registered as a deadly weapon. Buffy was writhing, panting and crying. He felt so good-so soft-so sweet. "Pleease…" she pleaded, sliding her finger along her folds as his tongue worked her clit-she was right there. Right on the edge. "Please, Angelus, I love you—tell me…"

The words almost tripped right off his tongue and Angelus put a brakes on those thoughts. "Buffy…" he growled, trembling at how close he'd come to crossing the line of no return. The day he told Buffy he loved her was the day he'd never be the same. Pushing aside those thoughts, Angelus focused on the more pleasurable acts of his relationship with Buffy as he gripped her hips and brought her down hard on his mouth. He used his tongue and fingers to bring her to orgasm quickly, swirling and tapping at her clit as his fingers tickled and teased her G-spot. Angelus reveled in her taste, drawing out her reactions before taking that sweet nub into his mouth and suckling it with gentle firmness. She came undone in his hands. His golden Goddess—she was everything to him. It was time to admit defeat. Angelus had to admit he wanted her desperately and much to his consternation, he was very close to begging her to love him too. Never had any woman held this much power over him. Not since Darla. But unlike Buffy, his Sire's attraction had always had as much to do with the fact that she was a vampire courtesan who knew a man's body inside and out as it did with any feelings beyond their sexual/blood connection. Darla was a magnificent fuck—always had been. She'd shown him things—blown the top of his head off even, but he'd never loved her. Never. He hadn't even thought himself capable of such an emotion. Buffy was different—as different as night and day. She made him feel and her hold on him surpassed anything he'd ever known. She was his obsession. His mate. He loved her and no matter how he'd tried to fight it she was in his heart—an organ he'd have sworn he didn't possess until she'd managed to worm her way into it.

Buffy fell back, panting. She curled up next to him. "Angelus…" she sighed, throwing her arm over her eyes as she tried to get her breathing under control again.

Before she could recover he'd rolled her under him. With one thrust he was a part of her. Deep inside. Buffy wrapped her arms and legs around him, holding him in her loving embrace.

"I love you. Love you, Angelus," she murmured against his neck as he moved inside her body.

Angelus recoiled, but she held him even tighter. He felt it like a disease-a cancer spreading throughout his bit his lip hard enough to draw blood, but emotions were a crazy thing. To Angelus they were an oozing sickness that couldn't be stopped. He tried-God fucking knows, but he was fast finding out he couldn't help himself. The words bubbled up in his throat like vomit and he wanted to bite his own freaking tongue off before uttering them, but he was helpless they wouldn't be denied. Angelus was in love...

He pulled her on top of his chest. His brown eyes searched her face, looking for deception, but he found none. She loved him—he knew that. He couldn't say no anymore. He tucked a sray lock of hair behind her ear and said the three words Buffy never thought she'd hear from him…

"I love you…" he said, wonder and disgust warring equally.

Buffy squealed in delight and attacked him, hugging him so fiercely-he feared for his un-life!

"Don't expect me to say it again unless you're going to do that on my dick!" he growled.

Buffy wasn't fooled. He loved her. It was killing him, but he actually loved her! Seeing her euphoria Angelus wasted no time in making it about fucking. He flippe dher onto her belly, hefted her up and entered her from behind, thrusting into her tight sheath with vigorous enthusiam. She was his obsession-he had to rid himself of this love. It made him sick. Angelus placed his hand on her back, pressing her face first into the mattress as he pounded her into the bed. She aided him by arching back into his driving thrusts. She was pure nirvana and those damend words sprang to his lips againj. He bit them back, snarling. "Such a pretty little pussy..." he panted crudely.

Buffy looked at him over her shoulder. "I love you."

"Don't!" he snapped, but his balls tightened at her words and his belly clenched. Those words made him feel high. Ugh!

"I love you-I love yuo-love you-love you-love you..." Buffy chanted, meeting Angelus' dark eyes until he threw his head back and roared his release.

"Fuck-fuck-fuck!" he panted, thrusting into her once-twice more before coming hard-shooting jets of cool sperm deep into Buffy's womb. He collapsed on her back. "I love you..." he admitted-fianlly giving in.

Later and after many, many orgasms, Buffy and Angelus finally came together, sharing blood and mating. It happened quite by accident really. Buffy was riding him-leisurely, actually. Angelus was blissed out on the sex and blood and was basically just holding her hips gently as she moved up and down his cock. His eyes were closed and he was in a state of euphoria when it happened. Angelus' cock hit Buffy's G-spot over and over and when she came this time Buffy bit Angelus. Bit him hard enough to break the skin. His blood gushed forth and she drank. His eyes snapped open and he came with a violent shudder and scream as she fed on him. He immediately sank his fangs into her and they fucked and fed on each other for several seconds-not long enough for Buffy to turn vampire, but long enough to mate.

Angelus groaned deeply when Buffy finally let him go. They'd mated now. A growl of lust rumbled in his chest as Buffy suckled and lave his healihng wound. She'd bit him-he was stunned, but sharing blood was te final part of the mating ritual. Angelus continued to sip her powerful-intoxicating blood. She was beyond nirvana-she was perfection-sheer bliss. No wonder the damned soul had lost his soul-Buffy was as close to heaven as he was ever going to get. His cock hardened inside her and he thrust deep again.

"Angelus!" she gasped. "I-how?"

He chuckled. "Vamp stamina, babe."

It didn't take any convincing at all to get her back in the mood. Within seconds they were rolling on the bed, moaning each others' name as Angelus pumped his hips, sliding in and out of Buffy's wet sheath. Their sex was so easy-hot and natural. Buffy had already accepted him-now all that was left was for Angelus to accept Buffy.

He got to his knees, hooking her thighs over his elbows as he fucked her. "Buffy-Buffy-Buffy!" he groaned.

"I love you!" Buffy screamed as she came again, her fourth and most spectacular orgasm hitting her with the force of a run-a-way bus.

Angelus' balls drew up and he was a goner. He bit his lip, but it came out again..."MINE!" he roared as he held her to him, shivering as he spilled his cool semen deep into her womb…

Angelus tucked her into his chest..."I love you...dammit," he said softly.


Outside the room:

Spike smirked, "Well now, isn't that bloody well interesting. That'll be the death of you-ya prick..." he snarled softly, creeping away to plot his revenge...


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