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Chapter One

"There it is Guilmon!" said 12 year-old Takato Matsuki, and his red dragon-like partner Guilmon following closely behind.

Hm…?" A scarecrow-like digimon, now intrigued by their arrival, turned its attention over to the strange pair. Its body, held together by what seemed to be an old potato sack, was extremely twisted. Slanting its old, sandy hat forward, the scarecrow leaped backwards onto a tree located behind it and held its lantern off to the side, staring at them keenly. "Well? What are you waiting for?" It cackled.


The dragon-like Digimon shot a fire laser towards the scarecrow. It leaped out of the way, moving towards Takato. Thrusting its lantern towards the ground, a blinding radiance appeared that caused Takato and Guilmon to shield their eyes.

"I thought we could be friends, but it's very clear that you had something else in mind!" The scarecrow fumed. "Oh well…"

"Wait a minute…you're…you're a Meldramon, aren't you?" Takato asked inquisitively as he held his D-Arc in its direction.

"Have we met before…?" Meldramon raised his right hand above his head while holding a green flame, readying himself for attack. "No, this is a first…"

"Uh… no." Takato scratched his head. What's it getting at?

"LIGHT OF RECONFIGURATION!!!" it screeched. The scarecrow tossed the ball of flames towards the human boy in front of him, watching as it covered him within waves of green light before he was able to respond.

What's going on?! Takato shielded his eyes with his arms, until the light died down. He was perfectly fine… for the time being. Guilmon was too worried about Takato to notice the Meldramon slip into the shadows.

"Are you okay Takatomon?" asked Guilmon is a worried voice.

"Yeah… I'm fine Guilmon." He felt too tired to correct Guilmon. "I'm just a little tired. Let's go home…"

After leaving Guilmon back at the park, Takato felt dead tired by the time he got home. Not bothering to eat anything, he walked upstairs to his room, collapsed onto his bed, and fell asleep.

[The next day…]

It was very early in the morning when Takato got up. He never got up this early before, not even his parents weren't even awake yet. He was groggy to notice anything then. Takato walked to the bathroom, and nearly woke up the entire neighborhood. Though somehow, he was able to clamp his mouth shut before that happened. He was wide-awake now, and had a very, very, big problem on his hands.

He was turned into a girl.

"What the heck happen to me?!" He uttered in disbelief, also noticing his voice was girlier. But that wasn't all…. He had breasts too. He covered his mouth with his hands to stop himself from screaming again.

So that's what Meldramon's attack did to me… Takato shook his head. Oh boy… how am I going to break this to Mom and Dad..? Maybe I can move in with Guilmon or something.

Takato tiptoed into his room as quietly as possible, then shut the door. He looked down at his chest again. Maybe they're fake… He though to himself as he poked one. His stomach lurched. …Or not…

He was in big trouble. He couldn't possibly stay in Shinjuku while he was like this! It would be too embarrassing, and Kazu would humiliate him further. He made up his mind a couple minutes later. He was going to leave Shinjuku. Takato had to leave his Guilmon sketches, which made him sad, but he refused to leave his D-Arc and yellow- rimmed goggles. He crammed other stuff he thought he would need, then, had the predicament of getting dressed. He chose to wear a red jacket instead of his usual blue hoody, and wore his same plain khakis.

Quietly, he slipped out of his bedroom window, and left Shinjuku and Guilmon behind. He swore he would return someday, but by then… everything had changed.

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