Rika's POV

Rika had finally made it to the playground, and saw Renamon fighting two Ultimates by herself. The girl she saw earlier was nowhere in sight. Rika sighed with relief, but the trouble was just starting.

"Rika—!" Renamon was slammed into a wall by one of the Megadramon. Rika gasped.

"Renamon! Digivolve!" Rika yelled as she was about to slide a card through her blue D-Arc, but she was hesitated, when she heard a voice… It sounded a lot like Takato's, but different in a way. She turned around and saw a figure in the digital field, next to it was… Guilmon? Then that meant…

"Biomerge Activate!"

Crimson light flooded the area, and Rika gasped… It was him.

The Crimson light died down, to reveal the royal knight, Gallantmon.


The knight stood there, staring at Rika, but wordlessly nodded.

"Lightning Joust!" cried the Dual voice of Gallantmon. Electricity crackled around Gallantmon's lance, then a split second later he jabbed the two Megadramon, knocking them down.

Renamon had finally recovered from the impact, and jumped to Rika's side. But she didn't even notice Renamon. Rika stared in awe… it was him… But she quickly snapped to her senses. She was going to make sure that this time, this time, she was going to stop him.

"Lightning Joust!" He charged again, and this time, both went down, and dissolved into data. Then stood there, completely immobile.

'Why isn't Takato saying anything? Why does he sound… different?' She wondered silently to herself, then yelled to the Crimson Knight, "Hey Gogglehead! Why aren't you saying anything?!"

Gallantmon glanced at Rika.

"Yeah! I'm talking to you!" She threw down her arms angrily. "Where have you been all this time!?"

Without warning, Gallantmon jumped into the air, away from the park.

"Grr…GET BACK HERE!" She yelled as she ran in pursuit. But it was no good; he was getting farther away, out of sight. She stopped running, and looked forlornly into the sky. "Why are you running away from us…?"

"Are you alright Rika…?" Renamon said worriedly. "Rika?"

"…He couldn't have gotten too far…" Rika turned to Renamon and slashed a card through her D-Arc. "Let's go!!"

Takato's POV

"Let's take care of this quickly, Guilmon." Takato reminded, as he advanced toward the dual Megadramon. Renamon was slammed into a wall, and Rika was staring at him, with cards and D-Arc held limply in her hands.


Takato looked at Rika, and nodded, but he was surprised. He had never heard Rika's voice like that. He turned away, and faced the pair of Megadramon again.

"Lightning Joust!" He cried as he charged at the foe Digimons, knocking them down on top of each other. Before they had time to recover, he charged at them again, and this time they were deleted.

"Didn't that seem a little too easy, Guilmon?" asked Takato, who was doubtful of their first win in a long time. "I mean, they didn't even do anything."

Before Guilmon could answer, he heard Rika yelling at him.

"Hey Gogglehead! Why aren't you saying anything?!"

Takato turned to Rika. He didn't know what to say, let alone tell her of his situation.

"Yeah! I'm talking to you!" She threw down her arms angrily. "Where have you been all this time!?"

Unable to let the words form in his mouth, he jumped away from the battle scene. It wasn't the right time or place to tell her… Though he felt even guiltier when he saw her running after him again.


He sped up, until she was completely out of sight.

"Are you sure that was the right thing to do Takatomon?" Guilmon's voice echoed around Takato. "Are you sure?"

"… I don't know Guilmon." Takato sighed. "Y'know… I really missed you guys. I missed this too…" The feeling of being Gallantmon was a wonderful feeling, but before Takato could relax, he cautiously looked around. He couldn't see Rika anywhere in sight. "I think it's safe to separate now, Guilmon."

He spoke too soon. He heard the familiar childish voice yelling, "Hey, Henry! Look up! It's Gallantmon!!"

"This better not be one of your jokes again…" said Henry as he looked upward, and then yelled, "Oh my god… it IS!"

"Oh boy."

Henry's POV


There was no mistaking it. There was Gallantmon, standing on a building right over their heads.

'So I was right… Takato is here in Shinjuku…"


"Huh? What is it Terriermon?!" he said as he snapped back into focus.

"He's getting away!" The green rabbit-dog pointed to Gallantmon, who was already on a different building. "He's not gonna wait for us, y'know!" Then he yelled eagerly, "Henry, let me digivolve!"

"Out in the open? No way—!" He stopped as soon as he saw Kyubimon and Rika, who was riding on the nine-tailed fox's back.

"You better step on it, Einstein!" She called to him as they passed, hot in pursuit.

"See, Henry! Hurry it up! This is waaay beyond Momentai!" Then he added, "Don't you want to catch Takato??"

"These guys…" Henry pressed his temples. "Fine! Just this once!" He slashed a card through his D-Arc.


"Terriermon Matrix Digivolve to… Rapidmon!"

"Sweet! There's no out-speeding me!" Rapidmon said impatiently as Henry climbed on.

"Go Rapidmon!"

"No need to tell me twice! You better hang on to something Henry!"

Takato's POV

"We're in sooo much trouble…" Takato sighed as he looked back, and saw Kyubimon in hot pursuit. "Sorry for dragging you into this boy."

"You don't have to apologize Takatomon."

"Thanks Guilmo—"

A familiar green blur sped in front of him, and yelled in an extremely comical manner, "Hey! I order you to stop! You're going waaay over the speed limit! Now, are ya gonna come along quietly, or am I going to have to get rough with ya!?"

"…" Gallantmon sweatdropped, then stopped in mid-air.

"Well, aren't ya gonna say something?" Rapidmon said rudely, and then he slightly eased up and added, "…Like how fast and awesome I—?"

Now! Gallantmon sped past them, only to be confronted by Rika and Kyubimon. So much for that plan.

"Not this time Gogglehead!" she yelled.

They were surrounded. Things were looking pretty bad… With Henry and Rapidmon behind and Rika and Kyubimon in front, escape seemed impossible. Quietly, he landed softly on the ground. Henry and Rapidmon shortly followed after.

There was an odd moment of silence, as if they were waiting for Takato to do something.

"…Aren't you gonna split?" Asked the newly de-digivolved Terriermon.

"…" Takato was too afraid to talk.

"Grr… Why aren't you saying anything?!" Rika shouted at him. He sweatdropped. "What are you afraid of!? We're your friends!"

Unexpected words from an unexpected source… but Rika was right. Why was he running from his friends?

Because I was turned into a girl… He reflected. … I really hope I'm doing the right thing.

A blinding light enveloped Gallantmon, and he heard Guilmon's voice before they split.

"… No matter what happens, I'll always be here for you, Takato."

He smiled weakly, as the light enveloped him too…

Rika's POV

The light was incredibly dazzling… Rika instinctively shielded her eyes, but tried to keep them open to make sure he wouldn't escape again.


The light had died down, and standing next to Guilmon was… huh?

"Henry…" She heard Terriermon stammer. She couldn't blame him.

"What the—?!" She and Henry cried out at the same time. "You're—"

Henry's POV

He and Terriermon shielded their eyes. The light was incredibly eye-blinding for some reason, as he recalled the last time Takato and Guilmon biomerged, that it was much more weaker. The light was dying down; he looked to the figure next to Guilmon… Wait. WHAT??

"No way…" he muttered so inaudibly not even Terriermon could hear.

"Henry…" He heard Terriermon whisper to him. Henry couldn't blame him. He was shocked too.

"What the—?!" he and Rika shouted out at the same time. "You're—"

Rika's POV

"The girl from the park!?"

Henry's POV


Takato's POV

"The girl from the park?!" Rika's eyes widened considerably. Even Kyubimon looked suprised.

"Kotoka???" Henry looked at him in disbelief. Terriermon's mouth gaped.

Takato gestured to his goggles, and then gave a nervous laugh.

"Hey guys…" He scratched his head timidly, and gave a small smile. "… Did you guys miss me?"

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