OK here it goes guys. This has been a plot bunny that has been bouncing in my head for a coupla months now. Standard disclaimer applies—HP and Bones ain't mine (sigh).

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Without further ado…


All but Death, can be Adjusted --

Dynasties repaired --

Systems -- settled in their Sockets --

Citadels -- dissolved --

Wastes of Lives -- resown with Colors

By Succeeding Springs --

Death -- unto itself -- Exception --

Is exempt from Change –

--Emily Dickinson

Chapter One

"Sweetie, your new assistant is here."

Angela Montenegro tapped her foot impatiently as she stood in front of a brilliant, beautiful, and rather oblivious forensic anthropologist.


Temperance Brennan was observing the details of photograph sent from her contacts in China.

It was a grainy, blurred image of what could have been a 3rd century Emperor and for the moment, it was the sole recipient of said brilliant anthropologist's attention.

Her best friend huffed and she nearly stamped her foot. Then Angela's voice and eyes softened.

"Bren, I know this is hard, but Cam is right about this. I'm glad she finally hired someone for you. He's not Zack but…"

She was cut off with a curt, "Fine.'"

Brennan pushed back from her desk and joined her friend at the door, not looking at her.

Angela looked at her retreating back sadly.

She knew Brennan was having a terrible time trying to accept Zack's absence, but it was time for her to work toward healing the gap the young man had left.

Hiring a new, permanent forensic anthropologist was part of that healing.

They headed to the main lab, where Hodgins was steadily ignoring both Cam and the slender man standing next to her.

Sweets was sitting nearby, observing Hodgins and chatting with the man, though as Angela and Brennan walked in he stopped short.

There was an awkward silence before Cam took the initiative.

'Dr. Brennan, Angela, this is the newest addition to our team.' Brennan barely glanced at him, leveling her bright blue gaze at the concrete floor after a brief look.

He was thin, very thin, and tall, probably about 6 feet. His black hair was short and messy, streaked a bit with white, though he couldn't have been more than 25. His face was pale and he wore black slacks with a dark green button up. And nearly hidden by thick lenses were two emerald orbs.

A quiet, tired voice, heavily accented, said, "I'm Harry Potter. It's a pleasure to meet you all."

Angela smiled at him. "I think you've met Dr. Sweets and Jack. This is Temperance Brennan and I'm Angela Montenegro." She held out her hand and shook his, before pulling him into a warm and unexpected embrace.

"Welcome to the squint squad."

A glimmer of amusement played behind the round glasses even as he tried not to flinch from the sudden hug.

Before anyone else could speak, a strident voice and quick beep announced the arrival of Special Agent Seeley Booth.

"Ok guys, we've got a new case, body found in the Library of Congress…"

Cam interrupted him, holding up a hand.

"Seeley, meet Dr. Potter our new permanent forensic anthropologist. This is his first day."

Booth looked the new guy up and down. There was something unsettling about him, an aura that was giving Booth a major case of the heebie-jeebies.

He didn't feel bad so to say, just different. He was way too skinny,

(though most of the squints had a similar frame that came from forgetting to eat), looked like he needed some sun, (again, a common trait among the scientists), and had circles under his eyes like nobody's business.

And those eyes were so fucking green

Seeley Booth, snap outta it. He shook himself and brought himself out of rather unsettling thoughts. He eyed the man again, this time as an FBI Agent and former soldier.

This guy, he had something about him that Seeley did recognize, beyond that kinda spooky mojo feeling. It screamed military—this guy had seen some serious action.

It was in the way he moved, carefully and hyperaware. In the way his hair was shot with silver too early. In his tired, beautiful eyes.

Seeley would keep an eye on him, if only because his weary demeanor reminded him of the years he spent rotting in gambling hall after gambling hall.

But for now…

"Yeah, nice to meet you, hope you like the headquarters of Brennan's brain trust, blah, blah, blah."

He waved his file, eyebrows lifted.

"Hello people, dead body?"

Hope you guys like it! I'm planning on much longer chapters including—PTSDHarry, romance (harry/booth/bren) Hurt/Comfort and so on…