My story of Pikmin follows the original story after Pikmin 2. Olimar, Louie, and Shacho(yes, that's how it's spelled. It's the Japanese translation for "Company President") have returned home to Hocotate. That story follows.

Oh yeah, I do not own Pikmin or any of its related subjects. Copyright shtuff, all rights reserved by Nintendo.

Lastly, new Pikmin colors and species have been a big topic as always for anyone who's played before. Right now, I'm not sure if creating new ones would flow well with the game unless I plan it out ahead of time. I'll work on that if this story goes well. Now that I'm done wasting your time, you may read.

Hocotate, home planet of Captain Olimar, his boss, Louie, and millions of others, got bigger and bigger as "The Ship" exited hyperspace and began the short trek home. Olimar sat in the pilot's seat, once again relieved to see his home planet.

Several weeks ago, Olimar had left Hocotate to fly off to a vacation spot. He crossed paths with a comet halfway through and found himself on an uncharted system. Only a desperate alliance with the wildlife of the planet, his beloved friends the Pikmin, saved him from dying in the deadly atmosphere.

The next time Olimar came back home, overjoyed and bursting with happiness to be alive, his beloved S.S. Dolphin was sold and he was told to return to that wretched planet to pay off a loan of 10,100 pokos, accompanied by Louie and a smart-alec ship.

Finally, the last time Olimar returned home, in the same ship and no Louie, his boss decided to go back and gather ALL the treasure. They even recovered Louie in the process, and leaving the planet ended with an emotional yet beautiful goodbye.

Olimar had been grinning ever since. He was content with their journey, the Pikmin made a spectacular exit in that chapter of his life, and now, after being denied time with his family twice, he'd get to spend all the time in the world. No doubt The President would be so happy with his huge amount of extra cash that he wouldn't need Olimar for at least a week or two, or five, or fourteen.

Touchdown! The Golden ship reached the Hocotate Freight's yard, and the Research Pod detached moments afterwards. Olimar and the President came tumbling out of the polished ship and took off their helmets. Captain Olimar took a deep breath, taking in the refreshing air of his home. He didn't even notice as the President ran over to where the Research Pod was dumping the huge load of extra treasure. Between two loads, a small blue object came down. It was Louie, the newest employee of Hocotate Freight and, while no one knew it, the reason the company had gone into debt.

No one was aware of that, and therefore Olimar felt a bit of guilt for what happened to the novice pilot. Louie got lost and somehow ended up on a massive creature named the Titan Dweevil. Whether this was by accident or some other story, all had ended well, minus the giant spider itself. Since then, Louie referred to himself as the King of Bugs, a title Olimar's imagination ran off with for quite some time.

But that was over with now. Whatever Louie and the President did, he didn't care. He told the President he was taking a break from work, and walked off. The President didn't argue. He probably barely heard him. But with all this money, who cared?


Louie walked off. He had a lot on his mind. Everyone knew that he was quiet, and whatever lurked though his mind was impossible to get out of him unless he wanted you to know. Sure, he had a full cookbook on new recipes for every beast he'd found on the Distant Planet, but what use was it if none of those things were here?

A barrage of ideas zipped through his head. Books, restaurants, importing beasts from there to here, every little idea came through, and every single one got shot down as he knew that none of them would work. It didn't matter. He'd find something to do. And when he did, there'd be no reason to come back.


A few days past. Olimar had spent all of that time enjoying his family's company. Judging by how much time he'd been away, there was no doubt they enjoyed his return just as much as he did. Olimar told them all about the Pikmin, his adventures, the creatures he encountered, what they were called(that one got a lot of laughs), and his family told him what he had missed in the past two and a half months.

Soon enough, Olimar's logs fell into the family's hands and they got to read Olimar's journals from his first arrival and the much more descriptive video logs of each beast out on the Distant Planet.

The family spent hours watching every creature on the planet from the recorded videos on "The Ship" and the Pilot helmet cameras. Every time a bulborb appeared out of nowhere, or a new enormous creature attacked and scared the crap about of them, Olimar would laugh. He'd already been there and jumped out of his skin. He found himself almost looking forward to the part where the Waterwraith, Segmented Crawbster, Gatling Groink, and each Creeping Chrysanthemum appeared out of nowhere.

He thoroughly enjoyed the group's laughter when they saw the first Bulborb, suddenly realizing why they were named after Bulbie. But most importantly of all, they all "awww!"ed and his wife practically cooed when they laid eyes on each Pikmin, one after the other.

The Red Pikmin was always first, and instantly, all three of Olimar's family members were entranced. Both perspectives, from Louie's cam and Olimar's, were displayed. Olimar skipped to the yellow Pikmin straight afterwards, wanting them to see the Pikmin in the same order he believed they should be introduced.

Blue Pikmin got a lot of praise, especially from Olimar's son. His wife and daughter loved them all, but both like red best. Next came the purple Pikmin, something the three of them were waiting for. Immediately, the family laughed. Olimar smiled. He already missed the little troops, every single one of them. Watching the purple Pikmin awaken and get used to its new form(since it was just a red Pikmin thrown into a Candypop Bud), brought back memories that felt like it had happened years ago.

White Pikmin were Olimar's daughter's favorite. They're beady red eyes fascinated his son, and their ability to see underground fascinated him more. The fact that they were poisonous put him in awe.

Lastly were the bulbmin. They were unexpected and thoroughly enjoyed. It was like seeing the mystical Pikmin combined with their dog. In short, beloved and adored.

Needless to say, there was no Pikmin the family didn't like. They wanted to watch the rest of the video and see every beast, but Olimar decided that they enjoy the Distant Planet, one day at a time. His wife agreed, and the kids thought it would make it more realistic. They turned the video off and went outside to spend some long overdue family time.


Late at night, Hocotate Freight was empty, dark, and dusty. Or so it seemed. The President had fallen asleep at his desk admiring his new financial support, and so one light was on.

The Golden Ship stood alone in the yard, waiting for a load to come someday. But the only load tonight was a passenger who was sneaking into the yard. Obviously, it was Louie. His suit was already on and his helmet camera was offline.

He climbed up into the cockpit of the Golden Ship and looked back one last time. He wanted to go back to the Pikmin Planet. He had a good reason, and now, he was going to leave the world he knew behind. Why? That was his new Dark Secret. Redirecting his attention, the engines started. The characteristically clanking sound of the ship roared loudly, startling the President as he fell out of his chair. Before he could get up and look out the window, there was nothing but a trail of smoke leading straight up. Louie quickly past the two rings floating around Hocotate, turning around one last time for a final glance.

He quietly said his goodbyes as Hocotate and the two planets nearby got smaller and smaller. The sun was to his back, and finally he requested the ship take him back to the Pikmin world. Without question, the ship activated the power necessary and sped off. In seconds, the Golden Ship was long gone.

Shacho ran outside and looked up, following the trail of smoke with his eyes. He looked around, suddenly remembering that his ship had just been stolen and his only methods of contact were mail and the cameras, which the culprit no doubt turned off already. It was ironic how every time the ship left, the security cameras went blind. One Louie's first mission with the Golden Pikpik Carrots, he forgot to turn on the cameras. This time, the culprit would have either shielded them, kept them off, or shattered them.

He stomped the ground angrily and shouted. His wife probably wouldn't care. He had to find someone who could find that ship, wherever it was going, and fast. Naturally, the famous Captain came to mind.


When the call ended, Olimar was in a situation he hated. His boss called bright and early, and demanded he follow a thief that stole the Golden Ship. The last thing Olimar wanted to do was leave his family now, but now that he had seen them and spent time with him, maybe he could find a way to keep some sort of contact.

Sprouting an idea, he linked his suit's camera to the screen in the house. That way his family could watch him work at any time. He also set in a comm. Link for them to talk as well. No one was happy to see him go, but the video and audio connection made it much easier.

The only reason the President was able to get Olimar to come was with a reward he couldn't resist. Shacho had already set in the order and the debt collectors had accepted the trade. Hocotate Freight would trade a good amount of their new money in exchange for an old payment that they needed back, a replacement. By the time Olimar arrived to the Freight's yard, the hovering claws were collecting the treasure and dropping off something they had taken a month and a half ago, the S.S. Dolphin.

Olimar's family had come to see him off. The President greeted them warmly and thanked them for their patience with Olimar's work. As Olimar hugged each of them goodbye, his son asked, "Where's Mr. Louie?"

Shacho had called Louie earlier, but the employee's grandmother responded, stating that Louie had come and gone. Shacho had somehow not made the connection, but even Olimar's daughter figured it out as soon as Louie came up.

Olimar's wife suddenly stated that Olimar not go. But the Captain believed that he might be the only one capable of stopping the cadet. Besides, now they knew where the novice was going. Olimar jumped eagerly into his beloved ship, and took one last long look at his wife and kids. He tapped his helmet, and the three of them nodded. They'd be watching him very, very often. The President waved goodbye. The kids jumped up and down and waved, cheering him on, while Olimar's wife held back tears and blew a kiss. The Captain could hardly bear to look any longer, and ignited the engines.

The Dolphin blasted off of Hocotate. Olimar was looking forward, or up, as he left his home a fourth time. As a final goodbye, he exited the atmosphere spiraling, a motion he learned early in his career and one his family enjoyed watching him perform. His kids laughed and his wife smiled, and none of them left the yard until they knew he was gone.

The Dolphin, much sleeker and more capable of holding together, instantly went to hyperspace. He counted the seconds, just like last time. He was just waiting to get back, grab Louie, and go back home.


Louie, on the other hand, had come out of hyperspace a bit too early. The planet was in sight, yes, but still a bit far. Still, resuming hyperspace wouldn't help at all. Little did he know that in the short time it took him to get close, he lost his head start. The S.S. Dolphin appeared ridiculously close to the golden ship's left and both pilots jumped in surprise.

Already, Olimar's family was watching. They saw exactly what he saw, and they could also watch from the Dolphin's cameras, and so they watched his ship pull away from the red ship, and, conveniently, another comet, only to let Louie speed up, entering the atmosphere. The Dolphin followed, half a second behind.

When they came side by side. Olimar looked to Louie on his right. He tapped his helmet, hoping Louie would understand that it meant he wanted to talk. Louie turned on his mic, and unknowingly, his suit's camera. Before either of them could mutter a word, Louie's ship drifted to the left, scratching the Dolphin's hull.

Olimar flew a few feet away, trying to get Louie to turn back. But he wouldn't. Instead, he swerved towards Olimar as if he were trying to ram into him. Olimar skillfully dodged this "attack" and watched Louie somehow already lose control of his ship. The S.S. Dolphin sped after it, thinking of someway to help. Instead, the golden ship crashed into the Dolphin fast and hard, the collision shaking both pilots off their seats. Louie fell back and the cockpit opened. Just like his last arrival, he fell out of his seat and went spiraling towards the planet. The Golden Ship sputtered as the ship's "conscience" took control, but Olimar had fallen out of his seat, and his ship was heading straight for the planet.

Needless to say, Olimar's kids and wife were screaming for him to wake up. Ten seconds before impact, he did. He jumped to his seat and pulled up, skimming a huge lake, and he pulled up, he felt a glimmer of hope, as did his family. But he found himself headed straight for a mountain. Even before the impact, he knew that pulling up wouldn't stop the crash. But he pulled up anyway. As a result, the tip of the mountain still hit him. At that moment, he got a glimpse of where he was. There was nothing nearby but rock and dirt. At first he wondered if he was at the Forest Navel, but he then noticed that the placed was littered with huge crevices and canyons. He went spiraling into one of the bigger ones. He did what he could to minimize the damage to the ship before ejecting with the Space Float mere seconds before the impact. The float may not have kept him in the air, but it made his fall much less painful. At most, he had a few bruises.

He got up and took the huge Space Float off, and ran straight for his ship. There was a large crater where it had hit, and the Dolphin was unable to fly at the moment, but in was intact, much to Olimar's relief. The Repair-Type Bolt would automatically start repairing all the damage, and soon it would be up and running again. Olimar finally stopped to listen to his family's calls. He responded. He was okay. He looked around, knowing they were viewing the same thing he was.

He was in a huge canyon. It was much like the Forest Navel, but deeper into the earth itself. Distantly, he could hear the distinct sound of the fire hazards he'd seen on this planet. It was midday, but it was dark anyway. He took a few steps forward and heard a faint flow of water. He could hear a number of things, but none of them sounded distinctively friendly or dangerous. A little more relaxed, he decided to stay by his ship until it could work again. With the Repair-Type Bolt, that would be quite soon.


The Golden Ship faired better than the Dolphin in a landing, but was without a pilot, and worse, was in a canyon far away from any maps that either of the other two adventures had recorded. The steep canyon seemed new, as if it has recently been torn apart. Intelligence suggested an earthquake must have torn the land apart. A quick scan revealed nothing. Trails of ions in the sky showed the path Captain Olimar's vessel took. The absence of radio communications led to assume that the S.S. Dolphin was damaged. Lastly, the search for an active pilot was activated. Signs showed that Captain Olimar was positioned close to a chunk of metal, most likely the Dolphin. There were faint signs of another pilot, several miles away. Where this second pilot, undoubtedly Louie, stood, there was a massive count of other life forms. Louie was most likely in the presence of a Pikmin horde, or a flurry of other native beasts.

Louie ran for his life, something he found he did quite often on his planet. Behind him was a boulder, a huge boulder that was shot from a huge black beetle. He'd not encountered this kind of creature last time he was here, only the larva forms. But he had the basic idea. This was an Armored Cannon Beetle, and it was angry.

Cliffhangers in Pikmin can't be very exciting, because there's only three characters that have even been around the Distant Planet, but I'll do my best for later chapters. Maybe I can do something unexpected... I considered bringing Olimar's family into the mix, but maybe that's just not what a Pikmin story needs. What do you think? Olimar's family joins the fray? Or someone else?? Your choice. Anyway, more will come, I'm not one to leave a story half-finished. But I hope you enjoyed it. Review if you liked it, loved it, gotta have it, or just hated it. I'd like opinions to improve from. Thanks for reading!