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Sublevel 9: Previously covered in Bulborbs of almost all species.

Not anymore, though. Now the bodies of all the creatures that had died here were being taken by breadbugs, but burrowing snagrets had taken a liking to them instead. Snagrets and Cannon Beetles fought for resources and the battles ended up being extremely chaotic. That was the sublevel Shiyo, Cehla, the pilots and their horde of Pikmin had walked into.

Louie brushed the blue Onion smoothly. Contrary to Olimar's first encounter with this onion, the blue onion already had pikmin stored inside, which Louie had left behind before and now had access to. He checked the number of pikmin inside: 219. Wow!

Olimar and Shacho left the enourmous wildlife battle behind them as they walked into a mound of dirt that had obviously been placed there recently. At first they thought it was a monster of some sort, but Captain Olimar spotted pikmin tracks…

Serbol's troops were responcible. They were building a sort of trench in the ground on Serbol's command, and the remaining blue pikmin he had with him were working on a special job. Serbol was watching the work proudly, until a motion tracker in his suit went off. He spun around to see Olimar and Shacho arrive and stare down into the trench. Even though they were a good yard apart(Which is a lot for people their size) they stared right into each other's eyes with a feeling of longing to meet, and yet also rivalry. All three of them knew that this was what they had been headed towards…

Serbol had a full army of Green pikmin, GREEN included. The blue eyed green soldier turned to see his master Serbol staring at two other similar beings, both followed by huge numbers of different color pikmin. Olimar and Shacho had RED, YELLOW, their color armies, and whites behind them. This battle had been counted on for a long long time… finally, the stare contest ended.

Serbol called for all of the Green pikmin working to stop and return to him. This trench was done. The time for battle had come. He called his 100 troops to his side and smirked. Captain Olimar and President Shacho smiled in return, in a proud and confident way. As Serbol whistled for an attack, Olimar and Shacho called for a charge. The battle had begun.

For Shiyo and Cehla, the battle was happening around them and they were just the reward. They had to get across the sublevel, but that involved crossing the sea of Cannon Beetles and Snagrets. Instantly after they entered, two Cannon Beetle Larvae took interest to them and attempted to flatten them. Shiyo took his Purple pikmin while Cehla and the pilots took the Bulbmin and whites.

They entered the sea of chaos and were strangely thankful for it. As the larvae attacked them, A burrowing Snagret appeared from the ground and attacked the larvae so to keep the pikmin for itself. After it finished, it reached down to snatch over twenty pikmin, but it never got the chance. A boulder rolled out of nowhere and hit the snagret in the face. A decorated Cannon Beetle was responsible. Another snagret attacked in for being a problem and Shiyo found himself deciding to run beneath an angry Pileated Snagret. Turns out that kept him and his troops safe, as it was too occupied with the Armored Cannon Beetles nearby to take notice of them.

Cehla took her group of White Pikmin around a Burrowing Snagret as it unknowingly fended them from an attacking Armored Cannon Beetle. As those two fought, Cehla ran underneath another Armored Cannon Beetle, and it kept them safe from a Burrowing Snagret attempted to snack at them. Those two giant monsters began a fight and Cehla made another leap for the exit.

WHITE's pilot had suddenly been crushed by a Decorated Cannon Beetle's boulder, and he, with the other white pikmin and some Bulbmin, now sat leaderless in the middle of the entire mess. Shiyo ran past them and called them, barely saving them from being eaten, but it probably wouldn't last forever.

Three armies against one definitely meant victory for the former. Captain Olimar was leading an incredible strategic move against Serbol's 100 troops, while President Shacho kept the green pikmin under stress at all times. It didn't take long for Serbol to realize he was going to lose. He called the surviving 37 green pikmin he had left to follow him as he ran up the trench. Olimar and shacho called their 256 pikmin to follow.

Serbol ran faster, and he reached his destination quickly. There, the remaining 14 blue pikmin Louie'd left behind were digging the upper section of the trench, but for a specific reason. Serbol commanded his green soldiers to get out of the trench and then ran and pulled out his gadget again. He pulled out what appeared to be a flare gun and pulled the trigger. As he'd hoped, a Gatling Groink was the only creature who'd heard the high-pitched screech and came to investigate.

Olimar and Shacho, still in the trench with them pikmin, watched the flare and stared as a Gatling Groink appeared and aimed its cannon at Serbol. This appeared to be a victory, as the explosion would kill Serbol and the 14 blue pikmin nearby. But instead, Serbol dove out of the way, onto the solid ground.

BLUE was there, working on the bridge, and had been for some time. He looked up to see a Galting Groink firing at them and his leader leaving them. His last thought was one of confusion. Why did Serbol leave them? BANG!

Serbol smiled as the blue pikmin all died. He sacrificed them, but worse, the trench they'd been digging to open finally collapsed, just as Serbol had planned. Behind the trench, a river waited to flow. It splashed straight into the Galting Groink and then towards Olimar, Shacho, and their pikmin.

Olimar's eyes widened as his first move was to move all pikmin out of the trench. All 256 pikmin of yellow, white, and red pikmin ran as fast as they could. Shacho followed them with his division of their horde, just as the water and Gatling Groink flowed at full speed behind them.

YELLOW and most of his color army made it out first, followed by most of the reds. The whites had a good number of their army get out, too. But Olimar was at the back of the horde, and he, with RED and a few other pikmin from each color army, where washed away. Shacho watched in horror as a small bite of their army was taken away and Olimar, too, was washed away in an instantly. His shock and thoughts of loss switched to hatred and anger in a heartbeat as he turned to stare at Serbol, who was standing there summoning more pikmin from the Green Onion. Shacho stood up and called the horde of pikmin. This would end now. He charged.

Olimar tumbled through the water, the ice cold feeling numbing him and the impact from the water nearly knocking him out. The water was washing across the Wistful Wild violently and quickly, and he was sure that most of the pikmin that had washed along with him had likely drowned or died from the impact of the water or the rocks they were sliding past. At the end, the water flowed to the Dream Den and began to drain down there. The Gatling Groink's body rolled down the river and then was engulfed by the hole, likely to crash down at the bottom, the very, very bottom. Olimar strained and his arms flailed for something to grab onto, until he managed to grab onto a plant root of some kind just before the newly created waterfall threw him back into the Dream Den, a place he never wanted to visit again!

He spotted a pikmin flowing down the river and he reached to grab its stem. It was a red pikmin. The pikmin was dazed but awake enough to realize that its master had just saved it from falling down a dark hole. The pikmin got the idea and grabbed the next pikmin it saw, a random yellow. The two swung back and forth, collecting three more pikmin, two whites and another red, until they formed a chain of five.

The red at the bottom of the chain was RED himself, who had been the last surviving pikmin not to die or fall down the hole. Their leader was straining to keep hold of them now. Olimar's grip on the plant root was slipping and his family's voices screaming for him to keep holding on wasn't helping either.

RED began to sway back and forth, and his four pikmin brothers realized what he had in mind. The other side of the hole was within their reach, if they could reach it. Olimar took notice and tried to assist as best he could, because he wouldn't be able to hold on for much longer…

RED got enough momentum and made a reach for it. He grabbed the edge of the rocks and got a sturdy grip! As he managed to grab on, Olimar's hold on the pikmin slipped. The five pikmin were now hanging on the opposite of the hole, free from the water, and they slowly climbed up. All five of them were safe, but Olimar, hanging on to a weak plant root and water rushing up against his face and pushing him into a dark hole, was the farthest thing from safe.

There was no way RED or the other four could save him. But out of nowhere a pikmin's arm came from the water and grabbed Olimar's wrists and pulled him from the root, out of the water, and onto dry land. After Olimar managed to catch his breath and wash his helmet off, he saw that the pikmin group responsible for saving him was blue. A chain of five blue pikmin led by Louie, and 95 more blue pikmin behind him. Louie outstretched his hand, motioning for Olimar to take it. Olimar and Louie clasped hands and the latter pulled his old partner up, off the ground. RED and the other five pikmin rejoiced. Louie and Olimar met eyes, and, for the first time in a long time, it was that look of a team.

Shiyo and Cehla met and clasped arms in the same way, but this way to keep each other out of danger. WHITE and PURPLE were among the many pikmin avoiding death, but finally they made it to the other side of the sublevel. They began to climb, more than eager to get out of this chaos. The next level was their salvation!

Shacho was losing. Although he had more pikmin, Serbol would simply summon more pikmin from the onion every time he lost some. Shacho knew he would run out eventually. They both would, but Shacho was nowhere near his onions.

Serbol walked through the pikmin battle and found Shacho, and punched him in the helmet. Shacho fell to the floor hard. Serbol picked up and threw him across the pikmin war, only to grab him by the antenna and pull him back. The antenna broke off and Shacho was already looking beat up. He kicked kneed in the crotch and then in the chest, and then was whacked one last time in the back of the head. Serbol was smiling the entire time, almost happy to be beating up this annoying president of a Hocotate mail system.

He took the President and rolled him across the field and then by the newly created river. He grabbed him by the collar and threw him against the ground, Shacho's head inches from the river. Serbol glared at him and then readied to throw him in. Exactly a moment before he did, a random blue pikmin slammed against him. Serbol fell back and Shacho fell coughing. Serbol looked up to see Olimar and Louie standing side by side, a horde of blue pikmin behind them(with an extra five of white, yellow and red). The battle would continue.

Out of the Hole of Heroes shot Shiyo, Cehla, and their pilots and pikmin. They made it! They surfaced! Shiyo and the others just had to celebrate! But they could see the pikmin battle upstream… What did they miss?

Not enough, but they joined the fight. They saw their leader, Serbol, against three other pilots, one of them Captain Olimar. Which side did they chose?

Olimar found Shacho and helped him up. The president had taken a beating and his antenna was gone. But then, Louie had been through worse and he was still in action, so the president would be alright. The more pressing matter right now was what to do with the neverending horde of green pikmin.

Serbol had one last trick up his sleeve. His gadget had one last flare, and it had fired. Like green pikmin, it contained a specific chemical that another species of wildlife here was immune to. But Puffstool creatures were not just immune to toxic gas, but they released it.

A puffstool soon arrived, and spotted pikmin to corrupt.

While a puffstool provided a minor annoyance, the flare had once last unintended side effect. It alerted one last creature, one Louie and Shacho had both met up close before. The Titan Dweevil.

How the heck was that thing still alive? Its face was scarred and one of its legs was ridiculously hurt and yet it was still alive, roaring, and charging!

Olimar was first to spot and have his jaw drop. He recognized it from the blasts he'd taken! How was that thing alive? Louie saw it second and almost turned to run, but he decided against it.

Cehla was speaking to Olimar and Shiyo to Serbol, and they had to decide right there. The other pilots all wanted to follow Serbol, but Cehla and Shiyo felt no such desire in mining this beautiful planet. As soon as they realize they wouldn't come to an agreement, everyone reached instantly for their whistles. Pikmin who they believe were on everyone's side were called to random pilots, and their own civil war broke out.

The Titan Dweevil arrived and slipped on its broken leg, slamming into the ground and knocking Shiyo off his feet and almost into the river. Only a quick act from Olimar saved him from going for a swing. The Puffstool was terrified and released a cloud of poisonous gas, which only green pikmin and white pikmin were immune to. A minor number of purple, red, yellow and blue pikmin and bulbmin all became malformed muchroom pikmin and served only the puffstool.

The battle became a war of four sides:

Serbol and all the other pilots.

Olimar, Louie, Shacho, Cehla, and Shiyo.

Puffstool and its mutated pikmin.

Titan Dweevil.

The battle raged. The Titan Dweevil took a violent turn towards the Puffstool, knocking it over. The mushroom pikmin, unorganized, simply attacked any soldier they could. Shacho was knocked over and assaulted by a poisoned muchroom pikmin and only saved by YELLOW.

WHITE moved through the poisonous gas and assaulted the Puffstool as it got back up. The giant mushroom took a wrong turn and slipped into the river. WHITE barely managed to jump off in time as the giant fungus was taken away by the water. Now all that remained of its influence were the poisoned pikmin, now severely losing the fight.

The Titan Dweevil moved angrily on the ground and crushed many pikmin all at once. Shiyo commanded the bulbmin to jump onto its face, and it slipped again and fell forward, crushing PURPLE. The poor pikmin had not chance of surviving.

Louie and Serbol came to blows. The former was feeling betrayed and had finally decided, in the heat of it all, to save Olimar from the river and return to the light. While Louie wasn't too happy about having to go back to Hocotate, Serbol was a much more evil person and had to be taken down.
Olimar leaped onto the Titan Dweevil with RED and began trying to stress it more than usual. It was working. The Titan Dweevil was roaring at and intense level and doing everything possible to be deadly. Olimar was knocked off and nearly cracked his helmet open.

Finally, the Captain decided to end this creature once and for all. He reached for his suit systems and called for the S.S. Dolphin's remote contact. The Nova Blaster had one last task to complete.

Shiyo and Cehla fought the pilots they'd been fighting alongside for some time now with disgust. How could they turn their backs on this planet? Serbol wanted to take this planet and mine it for riches, and then industrialize all for power! This world did not belong in the machine age! It belonged where it was, free of the attacks and stress of other worlds!

Shiyo kicked a pilot in the chest and then moved on. He called WHITE to his side and tossed it into the fray. This brawl was simply too much chaos. The leader had to be taken down.

Louie seemed to be doing a pretty good job of that. He grabbed Serbol by the helmet and rammed it into the ground, only to bring it back and punch him in the gut several times. He spun him around and kicked him in the back, forcing Serbol on the ground. Three blue pikmin jumped on him and began beating him. Serbol threw them off and tackled Louie. Both rolled across the battle and Serbol ended up gaining the upper hand, pinning Louie to the ground and punching him in the face.

Olimar made some last calculations and then backed away, telling Shacho, Shiyo, and Cehla to do the same. All of them heard the characteristic roars of the S.S. Dolphin's engines and it was rocketing towards them at an intense speed. Soon enough they spotted it. Inside the cockpit, the targeting computer had taken aim and both the Nova Blaster and Guard Satellite had taken action. The Titan Dweevil was in their sights. The Guard Satellite fired tiny rounds of bullets that dug into the Titan Dweevil's legs while the Nova Blaster charged an extremely hot and powerful burst. It fired and missed. The Dolphin came around for another pass.

Louie had had enough. He lifted his leg and kicked Serbol in the crotch. Serbol, needless to say, found himself very weak, and Louie took his chance. He leaped up and threw Serbol to the ground.

BANG! The Dolphin came around for another shot and hit head on, literally, scarring and burning the Titan Dweevil's face. The monster roared as it fell over to its left and into the new river. As it passed over the pilots, one of its legs swiped by Louie and Serbol, knocking them both unconscious.

The Dweevil fell into the river and was washed away. It followed the entire current and fell into the Dream Den, where it had first been seen.

The remaining pilots surrendered as soon as Serbol and his green pikmin were defeated. Serbol's unconscious body lay on the ground, covered in dirt, as did Louie's. Shiyo and Cehla commanded the entire fray of victorious pikmin to create a circle around the pilots.

Olimar lifted Louie and carried him into the Golden Ship, putting him in the passenger's seat. Serbol was placed inside the Golden Ship's Storage. Shacho decided to take care of him from here on out.

It was decided. Shacho would fly back to Hocotate, deliver Serbol to authority and allow his fate to be decided and then bring a shuttle back here to come back for the other fifteen pilots, Shiyo and Cehla. The pilots had not commited any extreme acts, and if Serbol's trail wouldn't be too horrid, neither would theirs. Captain Olimar chose to fly with Shacho back to Hocotate, to see his family again and take care of Louie.

Back on Hocotate, Olimar's family waited for him at the docking bay. He greeted them with more joy than ever before! He then decided to formally forgive Louie. He approached the sleepy novice pilot, and they shook hands. Louie was worried, but Olimar decided Louie's fate would not be a dark one.

Shacho took Serbol to authority. While they original movement to heading to industrialize a natural planet was not recommended, attacking and attempting to kill President Shacho and Captain Olimar, not to mention nearly getting a novice pilot Louie killed in the process, was obviously not forgivable. Serbol would be sentence to a decent amount of time in jail…

The shuttle coming to pick up the other pilots along with Shiyo and Cehla, came soon. The fifteen pilots were charge with minor offense, since they were simply following orders. Shiyo and Cehla were merely forgotten during the dispute.

Captain Olimar returned to the Distant Planet one last time for a final farewell to the pikmin. He'd had time to study the green pikmin and greet all the others all over again. Losses like BLUE and PURPLE and so many others along the way, but they had ended with a successful moment. While the terrors of the planet would never stop, the world of Pikmin would never end, either. For that final night, Olimar did as he always did. The countdown ended, and he ran to his S.S. Dolphin. He blew his whistle, and all reds, yellows, blues, whites, and green pikmin ran to their onions(purples would find shelter as they did last time somehow) and as soon as they were all safe, Olimar would take off. That characteristic roar, the liftoff, the onions lifting off with him, and then that sendoff. Captain Olimar left the Distant Planet. As a final farewell, a flurry of seven other onions, never before seen by Hocotate eyes, flew to the atmosphere to say farewell. The Purple Pikmin would definitely find an onion.

The S.S. Dolphin flew off into space, back home.

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