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Chapter 16: Changes

Soft hands and gentle chaste kisses woke Harry up the next morning. Sleepily, Harry blinked and gazed up at Tom who was now kissing up his neck. Smiling, Harry leaned up and kissed Tom on the lips.

"Good morning, Harry," said Tom while ruffling Harry's always messy hair. Harry pouted for a moment before giving in and leaning into Tom's touch.

"Morning," he whispered back, his voice still groggy from sleep. They stayed there for a moment just enjoying the peace that was sure to shatter once they left the confines of their quarters. Quite honestly, a big part of Harry didn't want to leave and face Hogwarts to day. This part of him wanted to crawl back in bed with Tom, cuddle for a while, read, study at his own leisure and forget about the world.

As if sensing his thoughts, Tom wrapped his arms possessively around Harry, "Halloween will be here soon and then you can escape all you want. I look forward to escaping Dumbledore as well." Harry smiled at this. "But until then, be strong. I know you can," finished Tom as he kissed Harry on the head. Harry nodded before sighing in resignation.

"But thank Merlin that today is a Saturday," he said happily before finally dragging himself out off bed, "Oh, Tom, did the house elves bring fresh robes?"

Tom chuckled while looking at Harry fondly, "Yes, they're already in the wardrobe. And it is a Saturday, Harry. Congratulations on learning the days of the week!"

Harry shot Tom a piercing glare while retrieving his robes, "Way too early for sarcasm. Especially from you." Tom merely rolled his eyes. Harry, feeling childish, stuck out his tongue while pulling his robe on.

"Have you noticed something, well, odd about Luna Lovegood, the fourth year from Ravenclaw?" asked Harry while Tom summoned a pot of tea. The dark lord stopped, mused for a bit, and then smiled quite evilly.

"In fact I have," he murmured in a rather sultry voice, "What have you noticed, Mr. Potter?"

"She's very . . . Spacey. She seems to notice everything and nothing all at the same time. But she has the brief moments of lucidity," said Harry, trying to ignore the crimson blush traveling up his cheeks. Tom walked over to his black haired minx, his evil smile transforming into a smirk.

"So," he drawled while wrapping his arms around Harry's waist, "Does she often speak of imaginary friends or animals?"

"How did you know?" asked Harry through gritted teeth as he come to the realization that he had no other option than to play Tom's silly game. Tom shrugged but still had an insanely happy look on his face. However, this could have been because Harry had flipped himself around and pressed himself flush against the older man.

"Is she what I think she is?" whispered Harry while wrapping a leg around Tom as the dark lord placed him on the bed, "I wasn't sure, but judging by your pleasant persona, I'm guessing she is."

"She's not the only thing making me happy," Tom whispered a deep, sultry voice that had Harry shivering in pleasure.

"T-Tom," whispered Harry wantonly, "S-shouldn't we- Ah!" Tom had started attacking a very sensitive spot on his neck.

"Shush," commanded Tom, "All of that can wait until much, much later." And with that he set about thoroughly ravishing his young lover, making him feel only pleasure and nothing else. Harry groaned as talented fingers played with his torso, feather light touches that teased and brought nothing more.

"Tom," he whispered in pleasure before their lips crashed together, their tongues dancing sensually. Harry's senses were on fire in a way he had never experienced before. The slightest touch threatened to send him over the edge. In desperation he grabbed Tom's hair in his hands.

"Harry," whispered Tom softly, "Don't be scared to stop me. I only wish to bring you pleasure, my love. Nothing less for my Dark Prince." He looked Harry in the eyes, his gaze full of care, love, lust, and concern. "Do you understand?"

Harry nodded in response and brought Tom's lips to his once more.

"I love you," he panted breathlessly when they parted for much needed breath.

"And the feelings are reciprocated." Tom nuzzled Harry's neck. Harry's hips suddenly bucked forward of their own accord, surprising both himself and Tom. A smirk appeared on the dark lord's face and he gyrated his hips experimentally, watching Harry writhe under him in wanton pleasure.

"Like that do you?" he asked sensually as Harry grasped the bed sheets and nodded.

"M-more," begged Harry his emerald eyes clouded in pleasure. Tom inclined his head.

"But of course," he whispered before indulging his precious prince as his hands danced ever lower on Harry's skin. Harry gasped as he came, soon followed by Tom himself.

"Tom . . ." murmured Harry grasping at the older man's robes, "Thank you." Tom gave Harry a puzzled look.

"Whatever for?" he inquired, a rather amused look on his face.

"For loving me," Harry said simply. This straightforward reason caused Tom's heart to break and he wrapped his arms around his sweet, little lover, as if to protect him from the world. They laid like that for a while, content to merely be with each other.

"So," said Harry breaking the silence, "Back to Luna."

"Say it!" said Tom ecstatically as energy poured back into him, "Say it!"

Harry raised an eyebrow while wiping sweat from his forehead, "Just how many cheering charms did you cast this morning? And she's obviously an oracle." At this Tom's smile grew broader unnerving Harry slightly. "Why hasn't anyone else noticed?"

"Honestly?" said Tom "It's most likely because nobody cares about her."

Considering this thought and others, Harry went into the shower to clean the mess on himself. He sighed as he threw his newly soiled robes to the side, they had just been washed. Poor elves, what else did they have to deal with?

"Bloody hell Tom," he yelled out of the bathroom.

Tom stuck his head in the bathroom, a quizzical look on his face. "Yes?"

"You cannot jump me like this when I've just put on clean robes! I doubt the elves enjoy cleaning sticky stuff off robes!"

Tom merely chuckled, "Go shower."

Harry stuck his tongue out before he shut the door and complied.

The more Harry thought about Luna, the more sense Tom's statement made. Luna was special, mused Harry as he washed his hair. Anyone with half a brain could see that the girl was different. Yet few could see the fae-like girl for what she truly was- an extraordinary oracle of magic.

Oracles were extremely in touch with magic, which was understandable seeing as an oracle was literally a portal to magic herself. However, this connection could cause oracles to often be in a slightly dreamy state- as seen in Luna.

As for the nargles and wrackspurts, well . . . As far as Harry could figure, they were envoys from magic herself. And one did not simply ignore messages from magic, for she was a selfish mistress.

As Harry showered, Tom simply spelled himself clean; he'd shower later. He was ecstatic. Harry had just cemented the growing idea that had been bugging him for a while. And according to his dark prince, Luna had joined their side. The dark lord cackled a bit. After all, he rationalized, he was a dark lord and thus allowed a certain amount of mad laughter.

"Umm, Tom?"

Tom's eyes focused on Harry as the teen walked out of the bathroom in fresh robes, his hair still damp. Tom's eyes sharpened as he saw a gleam of amusement in Harry's emerald orbs.

Tom raised an eyebrow in response.

Harry grinned and walked over, a certain swagger defining his steps that Tom found undeniably attractive. Stopping, Harry pressed himself close to Tom and stood up on his toes to whisper in the dark lord's ear.

"We should do that more often," he hissed as he licked the shell of Tom's ear in an unnaturally dominant move.

Tom was instantly aroused and his eyes twitched. Having gotten the results he desired, Harry gave an impish smile and ran.

"Why you little minx!" growled Tom as he chased after the dark haired teen. He skidded to a stop in a very un-dark lord fashion when he found a giggling Harry hiding in a corner.

"Love you!" he said happily before kissing Tom passionately and running off once more to the Great Hall to find his friends.

"Little minx, indeed," mumbled Tom as he walked towards the Great Hall at a much slower pace than Harry. After all, he had a reputation to maintain, right?


The week turned out to be a very interesting one, to put it mildly. Someone had managed to put two of Hagrid's nifflers in Umbridge's office leaving the Ministry minion in shock, much to the students' and staffs' delight.

The good money was on the Weasley twins, although some swore on the their great auntie's grave that it had been Hannah Abbot's attempt at revenge. Apparently Umbridge has insulted her half high-elf mother last week. Rumor also had it that Umbridge would be taking the week off to recover from the "malicious act." This particular rumor did indeed come true.

Thus Tom taught Defense the entire week to, once again, the students' and staffs' delight. The students not only were eager to learn but also looked forward to going to Defense- with the dark lord as their professor. This fact never failed to send Ginny into a fit of giggles, much to Tom's chagrin. Supposedly dark lords' did not "send people into fits of giggles."

Tom's popularity as an instructor had increased to such that no less than five third years had to be forcibly removed from the fifth year defense class after they were discovered missing from History. How Binns had ever noticed the students missing was still a mystery to all.

In her absence, Umbridge's ministry propaganda was shoved to the side. Yet the effects of the campaign were everywhere. The school had never been so united before and the feeling of unity stayed even with Umbridge's temporary absence. It was now common to see students from different houses becoming friends- even Gryffindors and Slytherins. Most conspicuous of these friendships was the merging of the so-called Golden Trio and Co. of Gryffindor with Draco and his Slytherin "court."

Up away in his study, the headmaster watched these happenings happily with no small amount of pleasure. Mr. Malfoy and Miss Parkinson of Slytherin were powerful of course, as only the strongest survived and came out on top in Slytherin. Such power being joined with Harry and ultimately to the light would be a much welcome boon.

Things seemed to be looking up and Albus had completely pushed all of the cryptic messages he had received earlier in the year from his mind. Although Harry's request at a break worried him at first, the more the headmaster thought about it the better such an idea sounded. From all accounts, Harry's summer had been . . . eventful. By granting Harry his request Albus could continue to ear the boy's trust.

Albus smiled as he popped another lemon drop in his mouth, ignoring Fawkes' disapproving squawk. The silly bird had been making so much more noise as of late and it had been rather annoying. The headmaster's complacent smile quickly turned to a frown as a raven swept in, dropped a piece of parchment and left as soon s it had come.

Watch carefully the machinery of your plans. Soon the gears shall be jammed by your own neglected wrench.


Despite the recent good events, Harry had the nagging suspicions that something just wasn't quite right. He couldn't explain it and therefore didn't tell Tom; Harry didn't want Tom to see him as too paranoid. Yet Harry couldn't help but feel the hairs on the back of his neck rise every once in awhile when he was totally alone. Thankfully, Harry was usually either with Tom or with his friends.

But right now, he was alone. He'd left his book bag in Gryffindor Tower during his free period and Professor Flitwick had been kind enough to let him fetch it. Harry jogged down the hallway; he didn't want to keep the tiny professor waiting when suddenly that feeling arose. The hairs on the back of his neck rose and his stomach dropped. Harry looked around nervously while biting his lip what was going on?

Well whatever it was, it couldn't be too much of a danger because Harry's wand was . . . Harry cursed as he remembered he'd left his wand in the classroom. Of all the most idiotic things in the world . . . Seeing no other option, Harry continued further; he was closer to the Tower than the classroom at this point so there was no sense in turning back.

"Harry," called a voice slowly. The voice was low and mocking causing Harry to turn about wildly.

"Who's there?" Harry demanded bravely.

Out of the shadows stepped a sneering Zacharias Smith fiddling with a slender wand.

"Evening, Potter," he said cordially as if discussing the weather, "Perfect timing."

"Timing?" asked Harry, trying to hide how nervous he felt. His stomach sunk as Zacharias gave a laugh and advanced. But . . . He shouldn't be scared! He couldn't be! With this thought in mind, a little confidence returned.

Harry backed up slowly, wary of the fact that Zacharias was slowly growing ever closer.

"Scared?" taunted Zacharias, a smirk growing on his face. Harry's face remained blank. The Hufflepuff could do nothing to him, not with Tom around.

"Why would I ever be scared?" Harry asked softly while leaning against a stone corridor wall. An annoyed look crossed over Zacharias' face.

"Because I can and will hurt you," he said menacingly his wand straight towards Harry.

Harry sighed, "Tom, we've an issue." Harry was shocked when he didn't receive an immediate reply and heard only silence. "Tom?"

Zacharias smiled maliciously, "Having difficulties, Potter? Can't reach your master?"

Confusion clouded Harry's face, "Master? What the hell are you talking about?" Harry tried to not let his worry show. Perhaps Tom was momentarily busy with extremely important Death Eater business.

Zacharias scoffed, "Oh come off it, you're not fooling me Potter. Your master, Professor Evans. And you," The Hufflepuff's face contorted into a sadistic smile, "Are nothing but his whore."

Shocked, Harry stood silent.

"So you don't deny it?" asked Zacharias matter-of-factly.

"I'm not a whore!" Harry shouted back vehemently. He was not! No!

A cruel smile slipped onto Zacharias' face, "But you are being fucked by Evans, right?"

Harry gritted his teeth and looked levelly at the other boy, "No I'm not!"

"Oh?" asked the Hufflepuff, "But I heard you were a lovely toy for your uncle."

Harry immediately paled. Where had Zacharias heard that? Nobody knew . . . except for Tom, Petunia, Dudley . . . And the Order! Had someone let it slip?

"I-I'm not a toy!" Harry declared. "Tom! Where are you?" Once again there was only silence from Tom's end of the connection. Zacharias shook his head mockingly.

"I told you, Potter, that's not going to work," a malicious glint lit his eyes, "You're all alone."

What the hell was going on? How did Zacharias know about his connection to Tom? How did the Hufflepuff know so many things no one was supposed to know? This wasn't good. Harry was unarmed and facing an enemy armed with secrets.

"I'm not alone," scoffed Harry amused as Zacharias' face turned pale, "Get him! Now!" As Zacharias turned to face whoever Harry was talking to, Harry ran as fast as he could. Of course Zacharias had been right, he had been alone. But a bluff always came in handy.

Running, Harry took as many turns as he could, hoping to avoid his assailant whose heavy steps he could hear. There! Harry breathed a sigh of relief as he turned into a hallway that would lead to Tom's quarters.

"Oh no you don't!" screamed Zacharias, " Muffula moenia!" Harry ran into a shimmering, transparent wall that now blocked his entrance into the next segment of the hallway. He was trapped.

"Now you can't leave," said Zacharias gleefully, "This wall will let an outsider look through and see a normal hallway whilst dissuading them from entering. It was rather rude of you to leave me."

"Leave me alone, Zacharias," gritted Harry while thinking wildly of anything he could do and coming up with nothing. In desperation he tried the link again, 'Tom!'

Zacharias rolled his eyes, "He's not coming for you." Harry watched the boy levelly as he advanced. "So you might as well stop tr- FUCK!" Harry had punched the boy in the face and attempted to grab his wand. His nose bleeding, Zacharias managed to hold onto his wand and muttered, "Petrificus Totalis" at Harry leaving the Gryffindor bound. Evilly, Zacharias kicked Harry, smiling as pain entered Harry's eyes.

"Tom!' tried Harry again. There wasn't anything else he could do, "Please answer! Tom! To-"

"Oh do shut up," groaned Zacharias, "He's not coming. In the meantime, let's have some fun." Zacharias loomed over Harry's slight body and sat, straddling the Gryffindor.

"So small and delicate," muttered the Hufflepuff while cradling Harry's cheek, "Just like a girl. You do know you look like one, yes?" He analyzed Harry's face for a moment, "A very beautiful one at that."

Harry's eyes widened in surprise. What was Zacharias going for? Surely not . . .

"No wonder your uncle wanted you," Zacharias whispered running a hand through Harry's hair. The movement sent Harry into panic.

"Tom! Tom!" Harry screamed mentally, "Tom! Please answer! Please!" Zacharias winced, presumably from Harry's mental cries for help seeing as he had herd the other ones.

"Shush!" he commanded while delivering a stinging blow to Harry's cheek. "Your beloved master," his voice dripping with sarcasm, "Isn't coming for you! Crucio!"

The pain was terrible, worse than anything Harry had ever experienced. It felt as if one thousand tacks were being pushed into his skin while lava poured down his throat. He was freezing, he was on fire. Extreme sensations of varying forms of pain racked his body. His head felt like it was going to explode from pressure and pain.

Yet despite all this, Harry couldn't move, couldn't scream and this made the curse ten fold worse. Finally after what seemed like ages, Zacharias lifted both curses. Harry breathed heavily and felt the beginning of what seemed like convulsions. He ached all over and it was terrible.

"Don't like it?" asked Zacharias mockingly, "I'll make it all better." With that, he pressed a kiss to Harry's forehead.


"Shut up!" yelled Zacharias while easily casting another crucio that had Harry screaming now that he was no longer paralyzed.

Even through the terrible pain and screaming, Harry kept chanting Tom's name, "Tom, Tom. Tom, Tom, TOM!"

"Crucio," came a low, dark voice dripping with anger. Zacharias gave a shrill scream and fell from sitting atop Harry's chest and Harry felt the curse once gain lifted from him. Still dazed, Harry could barely recognize the form of Tom, shaking with fury.

"Tom," he called weakly, his tongue feeling clumsy. Tom strode over to him and transfigured the stone underneath him into pillows and cushions.

"Wait just a moment, my love," he said gently.

"D-don't kill him," said Harry while trying to not to convulse, "W-we can use him . . . on Halloween."

Tom nodded before facing the now sniveling Zacharias again, "I shall give him much worse."