Floating in Mid-Air

All Human.

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BPOV "Bye, dad. See ya later." My dad works in a hospital downtown. He worked in the surgery ward, so he wasn't home a lot. I was used to being by myself.

My name is Isabella Cullen, but I prefer to be called Bella. I live with my family in Forks, Washington. We live in a kinda big house, but I don't like to brag. My dad's name is Carlisle. He worked at the little hospital we had downtown. My mother is Esme. She works in a little boutique in the next town over, along with my sister Alice. My big, bear of a brother Emmet works with me at the Foot Locker across the street from my mom's boutique. Back to the story….

My dad worked at the hospital with a lot of different doctors, but the one my family knew the most was Dr. Edward Mason. He was at our house every other night for dinner, by expectations of my father, of course. I was glad. I mean, I'm not a pervert, but that man was sexy!

Tonight was one of those nights. Alice had picked out my outfit. A nice white top, black skinny jeans, black heels, and a necklace (on my profile). Alice thought it would be nice to look good, thinking that Dr. Mason and I were made for each other. 'Edward,' he was always correcting me. Ugh, sexy, and his voice flowed like silk… it made my legs runny. The things that man did to me…

So, tonight he was coming over. That's all that ran through my head as Alice fixed my hair and makeup. (Also on profile) Nothing too flashy, she knows me well. Closing my eyes to allow her better access to my eyes, I started to think of Edward. Hmm, Edward. Finally, after seemed what was like forever, Ali was done with my face.

"You're good. Don't touch your face, or hair. Here, let me help you put on your outfit. You'll ruin it by yourself." Humph, sometimes Alice was a pain in the butt.

6 o'clock, on the dot, the door bell rang. Alice had gotten my entire outfit ready, from makeup to clothes. Edward was on the stoop, wearing a tight-fitting tan sweater with a white collared shirt underneath. And, tight-fitting jeans… huh, tight…. He looked me up and down and smiled, that crooked, beautiful, alluring smile. Oh, no I'm gonna faint. Breathe, Bella, breathe.

"So, um, come on in." I smiled hoping I didn't seem too overly happy. He smiled back. Good.

"Uh, thank you. Excuse me," he said, squeezing past me.