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Bella's POV

I woke up to feel someone's arms wrapped around me. I remembered Edward and me were watching the notebook . I looked over and saw champagne. Aww I felt bad now that I fell asleep on him. Then realization hit me. I took a pregnancy test. Edward said I wasn't pregnant though which was a good thing. I couldn't handle a kid right now.. I would like to have kids someday maybe in a few years but not now....

I took a quick glance at the clock it was 9 in the morning. I needed to go to the bathroom but Edward wouldn't let go of me. I tried squirming and prying his hands off. God this guy was strong.

"Edward?" I asked I hope he isn't grumpy in the mornings
"Hmm" he said into my shoulder
"You need to let me go"
"And why would that be?"
"Because if you don't let go im gonna pee myself" he instantly let go and I leaped out of the bed. I ran towards the bathroom and did my thing and I went back and got dressed Edward had fallen asleep again. I heard the door open up downstairs and the pixie was home...

She was running up the stairs in her stilletios I don't know how the girl did it I can barley walk in them..there a death trap...I knew she new I was awake but she still had to yell..

"BEEEELLLLAAAAAAAAAA WAAKE UP WE HAVE SOME SERIOUS SHOPPING TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"GOD DAMMIT PIXIE YOU KNOW I AM UP SO DON'T YELL" I yelled back at her. Edward heard me cause I was in the room.
"Im sorry Bella please open up the door"
"Fine" I opened the door and there stood the Pixie with the set of pipes.
"Come on we have to go shopping!"
"Can I at least get dressed"
"Fine 2 minutes but if your anything over I am dragging your ** to the car" she smiled sweetly and turned on her heal and walked out. I stared at her in confusion man the girl can be mad then go straight to happy. I went to my closet and grabbed my short shorts and my purple tank top. And my blue converse.. Alice would probably disapprove but whatever.

"Sorry Edward I gotta go against my own free will" I said smiling.
"Ok hurry back" he said giving me a crooked grin..

Alice was waiting at the bottom of the stairs looking at me and tapping her foot. She grabbed my hand and we got in her car. We drove the mall.

"Alice what exactly are we buying?"
"Oh you'll see" she said with an evil grin with innocent all over it... Something about her made her less innocent. Though.
We walked into the mall and Alice dragged me over to lingerer. My face went brighter then a tomato.

"Alice what are you doing"
"Buying you this' she said holding up a blue top with lace at the bottom with a small pantie which was see though. I gasped. I couldn't wear that. God that pixie was evil. I tell you what.

"Alice I am not wearing that!" I hissed under my breath
"Oh yes you are!" she said
"Aww come on Bella please Edward will love it" she said smiling in reassurance.
"YAY!" she squealed we brought it to the check out counter and the lady rung it up. Alice insisted on paying and its no use arguing with Alice she always wins.

We stopped off at Dairy Queen and I got a blizzard I got cookie dough and Alice got a mint chocolate chip girl guide cookie thing. I tried her when she wasn't looking and it tasted pretty good. We got back in her car and we were on our way home.

I couldn't stop thinking about how Edward would react. We got in the driveway and I carried my "bag" to the door hiding it from view. When I got in I ran upstairs and hid it away.

Edward was down stairs and he and Alice were talking. I went to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of water. Ice cream always made me thirsty.

"Hey Edward" I said smiling. Alice went left us along.
"Hey Bella what did you buy"
"Um nothing really" I blushed I tried to hide it.
"Ok well do you want to go to the park its perfect day outside" I nodded my head and we got in his Volvo and we got to the park

We go to the swings and he started pushing me. I was laughing like I was a little kid and Carlisle would do this with me. He sat down beside me and he started talking about his job. I just stared into his gorgeous green eyes......