Prince Charming Sequel

It's been 13 years, Matthew is now 18, Piper is 16 and Vincent is 12. Matthew is wanting to follow in the footsteps of his father, grandfather's and uncle's and become a great WWE superstar. Piper wants to follow in her mother's foot steps and work behind the scenes but there is only one thing stopping her. Vincent knows who he is named after and respects everyone around him. He wants absolutely nothing to do with the WWE or wrestling.

Cameron is now 27 years old and married to Andrea with a baby of his own on the way. Cheyenne is 23 years old and getting ready to graduate college.

**Disclaimer: I only own Lorelei, Matthew, Piper and Vincent Rhodes, Ryan, Andrea Michaels, Abigail Michaels and any other OC's. Vince McMahon owns the rest.

Chapter 1

"Matthew, Piper, Vince, we're leaving now." Lorelei called out to her's and Cody's three kids.

"Ok. Mom. See you when you get back." Piper stated from the living room.

"Mom, do you have to go?" Vince asked.

"Yes, sweetie. We have to go. We won't be back until very late. Don't stay up all night." Lorelei answered.

"Ok. Bye Mom, bye Dad." Vince stated as he went back towards his room.

"Piper, you may go out tonight, but be home by 11pm. Matthew is in charge tonight. And he will tell us if you don't come home by curfew." Cody told his only daughter.

"Thanks dad. I promise to be home by 11." Piper stated as she flipped her cell phone open and text her boyfriend.

"Sometimes I wish they had never moved up here from St. Louis." Lorelei stated.

"If it wasn't him, it would be some other boy. At least we knew his parents before we had kids." Cody stated as they headed out to their waiting Limo.

It was the night of the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. Both the ceremony and Wrestlemania were being held in Stamford, Connecticut that year. Lorelei and Cody were both looking forwards to the ceremony that night.

"I can't wait to see everyone. I really hope that Aunt Linda will be there. It's been such a hard year for her." Lorelei stated.

"I'm sure she will be there. Do you have your notes for ceremony?" Cody asked.

"Yes. I'm a little nervous. I've never done this before." Lorelei stated.

"I'm sure you will do just fine. Your parents are going to be there, my parents will be there and so will Stephanie and Shane. Remember it's the three of you that are doing the tribute." Cody stated.

"I know. But I am still nervous about it. Stephanie and Shane are used to doing things like this. I've never done something like this." Lorelei responded.

Cody squeezed Lorelei's hand as their limo pulled up in front of the arena. They took their time getting to the front as other stars were arriving as well. When it was their turn, the driver opened the door and Cody and Lorelei got out of the limo and headed inside.

Lorelei and Cody quickly found Stephanie and Shane who were with their spouses and their mother. Dusty and Michelle and Shawn and Rebecca arrived shortly after Cody and Lorelei. Once their entire party was complete they headed to their seats. Stephanie, Shane and Lorelei made their way backstage just before the ceremony began.

"Are you ready for your first Hall of Fame Ceremony?" Stephanie asked.

"About as ready as I ever will be." Lorelei answered.

"Well it's just about show time. Ladies." Shane stated as he offered his sister and Lorelei each an arm.

"Please welcome Shane McMahon, Stephanie Levesque and Lorelei Rhodes." the announcer stated as the three walked out on stage.

"Thank you for joining us here tonight. This past year has seen it's ups and downs." Shane stated.

"Most recently things seemed like they couldn't get any worse, but then it did." Lorelei stated.

"Everyone in the WWE Universe lost a member of their extended family as we lost a member of our immediate family." Stephanie stated.

"Here is a tribute to a great man, father, husband, uncle, grandfather and friend." Lorelei stated as the slideshow began.

After the slideshow tribute to Vince, Lorelei took her seat next to Cody and the rest of the ceremony went on. After the show everyone headed to the ballroom for the after party.

Meanwhile back at Cody and Lorelei's house, Piper's boyfriend had just picked her up and they drove to their favorite spot. After parking the car they started making out and one thing lead to another.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Ryan asked.

"I have never been more sure in my life." Piper answered.

That night Piper and Ryan took their relationship to the next level. While it was the first time for both of them, they both enjoyed the moment. Ryan dropped Piper off at home shortly before 11pm. She wasn't about to have her brother tell their parents that she came home late.

Lorelei and Cody arrived home sometime round 2am. They tried to be as quiet as possible so that they didn't wake their children. Everyone needed their sleep for later that day. Cody and Lorelei were going to be the only ones in the house not getting enough sleep.

Later that morning, Lorelei, Cody and the kids were all up and getting ready to head out the door to the arena for Wrestlemania. Vincent was more or less looking forwards to seeing their cousins and family than the show. Matthew was going to be helping Shane backstage while Piper was going to be making her debut appearance with her mom as the in-ring announcer.

"Mom, are you sure about this?" Piper asked as they sat in hair and makeup.

"Of course I am. I know that you are only 15 years old, but I have confidence in you. I was only 3 years older than you when your great-uncle let me be ring announcer. But since your dad and I have such an influence around here, we were able to bend the rules for you." Lorelei answered.

"Ok. I'm really nervous, though. What if I mess up?" Piper asked.

"You'll do just fine. You've watched wrestling since you were a baby. It's in your blood." Lorelei answered.

"There is my favorite niece!" Jeff stated from behind Piper.

"Hi Uncle Jeff!" Piper smiled.

"Are you ready for tonight?" Jeff asked.

"Yeah. I'm still nervous though. How is Aunt Krista and the boys?" Piper answered.

"That's normal. They are doing good. They just got to their seats." Jeff stated.

"Cool." Piper stated.

"Jeff, everything is all set for the party on Saturday." Lorelei stated.

"Great. I'm sure Krista and the boys will be surprised." Jeff responded.

"What party?" Piper asked.

"Never you mind, Piper." Lorelei stated.

"Ok. I need to get changed before the show starts." Piper responded.

Lorelei was waiting in the ring when the show started. She introduced Piper and she made her way into the ring. Lorelei stayed with Piper during the show to make sure that she did everything correctly. Piper enjoyed being in the ring as the announcer, but knew that she had to wait until she was 18, before she could be hired by the WWE.

After the show, everyone headed to the party. Piper met up with her boyfriend, Ryan, while Matthew hung out with Ted DiBiase III. Vincent played with Declan and Kenyon, Shane McMahon's sons. Lorelei and Cody made their rounds throughout the party. Shawn and Rebecca were there as well as Cameron and his wife Andrea, who was just about due with their first baby.

"Hey Andrea! How are you feeling?" Lorelei asked her sister-in-law.

"Hi Lori. I am so ready to have this baby." Andrea answered.

"I understand that one. I've been there three times." Lorelei stated. "When are you due?"

"In a week. My doctor doesn't know that I'm up here." Andrea answered. "What is going on with Piper and that boy?"

"That is Ryan, her boyfriend. He is the son of Randy and Samantha Orton. They moved up here just before Piper was born and Ryan was 1." Lorelei answered.

"I knew that Cody and Randy were associated, but to have your kids dating, wow." Andrea responded. "Ouch."

"Andrea, are you ok?" Lorelei asked.

"No. Go find your brother. I think the baby is coming." Andrea stated.

Lorelei searched the crowd and pulled out her phone to text her brother.

Cam, where are you?

With mom and dad, why?

Andrea thinks she's in labor. We are near the tables. Find Cody as well.

On my way.

Cody and Cameron arrived at the table just as a contraction hit. Matthew soon came up to his parents.

"What's going on?" Matthew asked.

"Go get your brother and sister and go with grandma and grandpa. We need to get Aunt Andrea to the hospital." Lorelei stated.

"Ok." Matthew stated.

Within a half hour, Andrea was admitted to a local hospital and Cameron was with her. Cody, Lorelei, Shawn, Rebecca and the kids were sitting in the waiting room waiting to hear from Cameron.

As the hours passed, the kids one by one started falling asleep. It was nearly 6am when Ryan arrived at the hospital. He sat with Piper while the rest of the family tried to be patient. Cody and Shawn went to get coffee and water for everyone.