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Blood on the angel

Chapter -1: Kidnapped

(P.S- Might contain lemons)

In the Yagami household Gatomon was sleeping on the couch while Hikari was watching TV. Her older brother was out with his friends and Agumon had went to a place with A friend he

met called Guilmon (lol). The name of the place was 'Guilmon's Bakery (lolz)' "Hey Gatomon, look at the cute cat on the TV." Kari was saying this before she noticed that the little white cat

was asleep. "Ohh... sorry to disturb you. Hehe." She giggled as she continued to watch. She did not know that something was creeping through the window. It was inching closer to the


Gatomon's ear moved and she woke up. She noticed the evil aura behind them and jumped at Kari. "Kari look out!" She and Kari jumped out of the way as soon as a hand slammed on the

couch. The shadow became visible and it was Vamdemon. "Hello there Kitty. Miss me?" he said in an evil tone. Kari was shocked "How did y-you?" "It doesn't matter! Kari pick up your

digivice and get me to digivolve!" Gatomon said as she interrupted Kari. "Ok" "Gatomon Digivolve" Gatomon said as she got covered in white light. Her feline body turned into a woman's

body with beautiful curves and fair skin. Wing grew out of her back and a helmet was placed on her head. "To Angewomon" The angel in a tight white body suit appeared.

"You are going to die Vamdemon." She said as she raised her bow. Vamdemon smiled as he threw something at her. She felt a sharp pain on her left shoulder she looked down to see a

dart which was dripping something yellow. She started to feel dizzy and she dropped her hands as she fell to her knees. "What w-was Th-that?" She asked as her vision was blurry. "Just

a little drug to put you to sleep but it wasn't enough to make you unconscious. Because I would like to do a few things." He said that as he turned towards Kari who was paralyzed out of

fear. Angewomon looked at Kari and said "No.. Kari g-get out o-of here.." then she turned to Vamdemon who looked at her. "W-what do you want?" She stammered. It was getting hard

to not fall down. "I want you Angewomon. You are an angel who defeated me. I want you to come with me." "Why s-should I? I'll never G-go with y-you." She protested. A smirk appeared

on his face. "If that is your choice then I guess your little Partner Girl will have to die!" As he said this he grabbed Kari's throat and began to squeeze the life out of her "No! Get your dirty

hands off of her" Angewomon screamed as she gathered all the strength to get up and charge at Vamdemon. He punched her and she easily fell down to the ground. But he also noticed

her helmet had come off. He dropped Kari to the floor where she lay unconscious and moved towards Angewomon. She had her back towards him and tried desperately to get her mask.

Her legs as well as her wings were senseless. She crawled and got to her helmet before him. As soon as she laid her hand on it, his foot came down on her hand as he stepped on her

hand to prevent her from getting her mask. She cried out in pain and she hid her face from him. She tried hard to hold back the tear as her right hand was being crushed under his foot.

"Why don't you let me see that angel face of yours?" he said as he leaned down. "You don't deserve to see my face you Low-life!" she snapped as she kept her face down from him.

Because of that remark he put more pressure on his foot and started to twist it on her hand causing her to cry in pain. She tried to pry his foot of with her other hand as she was still

trying to hold back her tears which was flooding her eyes.

Suddenly out of nowhere Kari jumps from behind Vamdemon and stabs a small knife in his shoulder which made him immediately move his foot. She gasped as the pain got released. Her

glove was torn and her hand was raw red and with a small cut. It was in bad shape. But she didn't have time to think as she looked up to see him holding up Kari by her neck with one

hand and on the other he was holding a blood dripping knife. "Time to die you little bitch!" He said as he brought the knife back. "No!" Angewomon cried as she grabbed her metal mask

and hit his Knee. It hurt a lot and he threw Kari across the Room and in to the wall. He put knife in his pocket and grabbed Angewomon's blonde hair as he picked her up. She shrieked as

she got pulled up by her hair and was hanging by it because her legs couldn't move. He pulled her up to his face and saw her face. It was as fair as her body and she had blue eyes which

were leaking tears out of pain. She quickly closed her eyes and tried to get him to release her hair. He dropped her to the ground causing her pain. She looked down at the ground, too

scared to look back up.

Her tears were still flowing as she tried to stop them. She then saw his feet move away from her. "Well if you don't want to come with me I guess its bye to your friend" he said as he got

his knife out and held it at the unconscious Kari. "Wait.. W-wait. No I'll come-e. J-just don't h-hurt her." She said as she cried, letting her tears flow freely. "Please…don't.." "That's a good

girl and if you are wondering why you aren't changing back, it's because of the dart. It makes you lose your powers and forces you to stay in the form you got hit in." He explained as he

dropped Kari once again and went to Angewomon. He knelt down to her height as she turned her crying face away from his. He grabbed her hand and held it in front of him. She tried to

move it away but he didn't let go. He then used one of his hands to bring out a syringe with more yellow liquid. When she saw that she struggled harder to get away from him. He was

trying hard to hold her "Hold Steady!" She didn't listen she slapped him away with her right hand when searing pain went through it. She forgot about its condition and cried harder in pain

as she grabbed her hand. It was still red and blood was flowing out of a wound. It hurt like hell. Vamdemon got up and saw her holding her hand. "I'll punish you later." He said as he

harshly drove the syringe through her neck and inserted the poison. She screamed at the pain in her neck and began to feel very dizzy. Her vision was very blurry and her crying started to

stop. She held her self up with her left hand as long as she could before she fell sideways on to the floor. She saw everything turning black.

Vamdemon smiled as he picked her up bridal style and jumped through the window. He flew to the roof where his carriage was waiting. Phantomon opened the door as he put her on one

seat and he got into the other. After the door was closed he put her on his seat and put her head on his lap. He smirked and looked outside thinking of her punishment.

Chapter-2: No Escape.

Angewomon woke up and saw that her vision was a little blurry. It was adjusting to a dim light above her. She felt bad. Her eyes were swollen from crying and her right hand was hurting

badly. She felt that it had been bandaged. She tried to move it but she felt that she couldn't .She looked up and saw it was chained to a steel table she was lying on. She could move her

legs a little but it was chained too. Her wings were movable but not much. She then noticed a tall figure above her. "So you Awoke at last?" it was Vamdemon. "What are you going to do

with me?" She asked in a panicked voice "Ha ha. You are in my castle and I am going to cut your wings off so that you can't escape" He said in an evil voice. She looked scared. "Please

don't! They are part of me. If you cut them I will feel a lot of pain." She was pleading him with tears in her eyes. "Oh, I did not know that. Then this will be your punishment. I will cut them

nice and slow." He said smoothly. She started to struggle against the chain. Just then a thought came to her mind.

"Where's Kari? Is she safe?" "Yes she is living but with a few broken bones and cuts." She was shocked "Broken bones… Cuts??!! You said you won't hurt her if I came!?" "I said that I

would not hurt her. But I never said that my henchmen can't, hmm?" He then began laughing like a madman. "You bloody bastard! You are sick you lying creep!" She started screaming like

this and struggled even more. "Silence! Now where were we?" he said calmly as he brought out the knife. Her anger got invaded by fear. "You can't do this to me!" "Oh? Then how am I

doing this?" he said as he dug the edge of the knife on her top left wing, causing blood to come out. "Aaah..." she led out a loud gasp as she suppressed the scream of pain. Her tears

were falling uncontrollably. "No..." she whimpered as he started to cut deeper. His reply was "Yes!" and as soon as he said that he pulled it through, cutting of her first wing

"Aaaaaaaaah!!!" she screamed as blood came out of the cut wing. She started to cry heavily and loudly. "Please…n-no more.." He replied by cutting of her second wing. She screamed as

much as she could and her crying could be heard in the whole castle. "Yes! Scream for me, Cry for me!" She kept screaming and crying as the last two wings on her left side was cut off.

"Please.. P-please just s-stop… Please" she begged through her loud cries. The left side of the table was covered in her blood, soaking her formerly white body suit. "Why should I stop?"

"Please.." "No" He raised the knife, ready to cut her four remaining right wings. "Lord.. Vamdemon p-please stop." He paused and said "Sorry dear still no, but for being polite I'll be fast."

He said as he smiled at her. She kept crying but also braced herself for the pain. Thud. The sound of the knife colliding with the table, cutting through all her wings like butter. The blood

started coming out at once. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Ohhh god!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. She felt like her body was being torn in half. She continued to cry softly as she

coughed up blood. "Oh now look what you have done? Your scream tore a few of your vocal cords. Don't worry I have a medicine to help it heal." Vamdemon said as he grabbed a glass

behind him containing something like honey except blue in colour. He took it in front of her face and she slowly shook her head. She was filled with fright and the pain in her back and

throat were unbearable. "Do you want the Pain to continue?" He asked as he shook the glass a little. She then opened her mouth slowly and drank it. As soon as she did the pain in her

throat disappeared. He then took a key and unlocked her chains. "Take some rest. You can't escape because you are weak from blood loss. Don't move too much." He said as he unlocked

the last chain. She quickly got off the table and fell to the floor face down. "See? Let me help you." He went closer but she quickly crawled to the corner of the room and lay on her side,

hugging her knees while crying softly.

He opened the door to go out but before he did he looked back at the room. The table was dripping blood and the stone floor below was also covered with blood as well as feathers. The

blood on the floor led to a dark corner where his angel was lying, soaked in her own blood and shaking violently. She was looking at him with hate and fear, her arms around her knees.

He longed to drink that blood but he resisted the urge and closed the door.

She saw him close the door. She listened for anymore noises before Trying with all her might to get up. When she got up she leaned on the wall for support. Her legs were feeling cold and

she saw that she wasn't wearing any shoes. She dragged herself along the wall while leaving a bloody trail from her back. She then saw a table full of weird liquids in front of her. Any of

them could be poison. She kept going holding onto the table for support but careful not to make it fall. She finally reached the door and turned the handle. It wasn't locked and she got out

of the door and into a brightly lit hallway. She stood still for a moment and when her eyes adjusted, she continued through it. She passed under a stairway and saw the large doors which

kept her from freedom. She limped through the room. She was so close to the door when suddenly something hit her from behind and made her fall. She quickly turned and saw a great

Devidramon above her. It had blood on its lips, her blood, and was licking its lips. It bared its teeth, ready to bite her. "Help me!! Someone Help!" It bit down on the floor, she had barely dodged it.

Sure she was ultimate and it was a champion, but without her powers, she was just as a human. "Help me! Anyone! Please!" she tried to shout but she couldn't say it loudly. The monster

reared its head as it was ready to bite down. She put up her hands and tried to stop it from biting. But it bit her left arm. She wanted to scream but she could. It would've torn her arm off

but a voice made it stop. "Let go" a deep voice from the stairs came. The Devidramon let go of her arm and flew off towards another corridor. Her savior was Vamdemon. "You tried to

escape didn't you? Even after I told you not to? You disobeyed me." He said as he went closer to her. "Your arm will have to be bandaged. Luckily the bite did not poison you." He said as

he got up and brought out a leather whip. "I cannot hit you with my crimson lightning because you lost too much blood. However you still need to be punished" He said as he spread his

cape. Lots of bats came flying out and flew over to her. They grabbed her with there legs and together they pulled her up. She was a few feet off the ground held in a T position.

Vamdemon smirked as he lashed his whip out at her. She bit her lips and cried as it left a red mark on her stomach. The second hit her on the left thigh while the third hit her right

shoulder. The fourth and fifth hit her on her right leg. Then he withdrew the whip which made the bats let go of her causing her to fall on the floor. She faced the floor and was crying

deeply. She hated to show him her face, ever since he got rid of her mask. Her arms couldn't carry her anymore and she collapsed to the floor. She kept crying. He just called Phantomon

and told him to get her to the infirmary. She remembered seeing him picking her up before she fainted.

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