The medbay was relatively silent, only the soft beeps of machines reading the vital signs of some residents resonated in the room.

The farther back one went, however, the more likely one was to hear the strained groans of Nyota Uhura. She was Dr. McCoy's newest patient.

Uhura squirmed against her restraints, deemed necessary by the doctor himself. She probably would have left by now to do more damage. The plastic cuffs held her arms and legs to the bed, while one was put across her stomach for extra safety. Her head throbbed, she was seeing in warped, unnatural colors. The clear plastic descended into grey, and the usually blue walls of the medical bay grew black with spots of green. Everything was swirling around her, and she felt herself sinking into the bed. The cravings this disease gave her were wrecking her insides. She groaned in pain and closed her eyes, which only magnified the pain. She groaned again, whimpering and trying not to cry. It was growing difficult to hold the tears, but there wasn't anything McCoy could do for the pain. It was only part of withdraw from not having what she wanted. There was a noise next to her, of the metal rings of her curtain sliding against the metal bar. Her eyes sprung open.

"Nyota? I had to come and see you. McCoy told me what had occurred. I apologize, I should have followed you back to your room…"

"Don't apologize, Spock." Her voice was seductive, but raspy, almost to the point of hoarseness. Uhura was surprised at her voice, even though she was in searing pain. He was alarmed at the sight of her. Her blue hospital gown was haphazard from her wriggling.

Spock moved closer to her and grazed his hand over the cool, plastic restraints. His eyes questioned her own, which he could clearly see were a far lighter shade of brown than before. They were also bloodshot. Spock had been barely briefed in what really happened, but was glad that both she and Kirk were alright.

Spock held up a bag of blood, while in the other hand hung the long cord from beneath the bag.

"I brought you this. Apparently the disease is not fond of Vulcan blood, so I am the safest person to bring you these bags. Or at least, that is what Doctor McCoy told me. I am not well versed on this subject."

"Thank you", she muttered.

Spock brushed Uhura's loose hair out of her face, his eyes filled with concern. He then punctured the tube seal on the bag, which was a relatively quick action. The blood flowed out, and he placed the tube to her mouth. Uhura took the tube and drank, much to the horror of Spock. The look on her face was orgasmic, but it was simply because her pain was beginning to subside. Her arms grew goosebumps, and Spock couldn't help but find the sight somewhat arousing. He found his human side most at his disadvantage during times like these. She drained the bag completely, and her eyes flickered back open. They remained the same amber shade, but filled with wanting. Her mouth was slack, and the blood on her teeth began to marbleize.


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