Disclaimer: I do NOT own Teen Titans. If I did, the show would not be airing on cartoon network, and there would be a lot more nudity.

Pairing: Slade and Robin

Warning: Slash, man-on-man smex.

A/N: So, I've been wanting to start my own drabbles collection, seeing as there are many authors who have rather large and sexy collections of Sladin or Sladin X. This will not deter me from my story, I was just in the mood to write some sexy Slash, (my first one too) so I hope you all like. I'll gladly take some suggestions of different drabbles I can do, or suggestions on grammar mistakes and lame ass sentence structure. Do not be afraid to tell me you hate it! I can get better! Everyone needs to start somewhere.

I hope you enjoy!


"This doesn't change anything." The hoarse voice came from a rather flustered and red faced teen, currently shirtless, and spread out on top of a king sized bed. There was a chuckle from an unknown person, who was shirtless as well, towering over the smaller form.

"Oh but Robin, I believe it does." The voice purred, making the boy under him shiver in delight.

Robin lightly drew his hands over the taunt and overly large giant on top of him. Pinching dusky brown nipples, running small hands over defined abs, strong hips.

"I still hate you…Slade."

The man smiled evilly, placing his unmasked lips to the boy's lithe stomach, trailing his rough tongue upwards, making the boy groan and buck in glee.

"No more talking." Slade growled. "Mmm…" was Robin's only response.

Slade traced his tongue over a hardening nipple, sucking the perk flesh into his mouth. The boy gasped and arched his back, trying desperately to allow more flesh to enter the villain's mouth.

"So sensitive." Slade purred again, causing Robin to cry out softly at the mixed sensations the man was causing him to feel.

The one-eyed villain grinned predatorily, gazing at the panting wreck on his bed. The man began to pull off the boy's tights and boxers, throwing them in a random direction across the room.

The boy panted, beautiful ocean-blue orbs clouded over with lust. Slade smirked and removed his own remaining clothing.

He roughly grabbed a hold of Robin, pulling him towards the man.

"I'm going to fuck you through the wall, little bird." Slade snarled out, covering his cock in some type of oil that Robin hadn't seen before, and neither cared. As long as he was fucked, he didn't care what was used or where it came from. His length was rock hard, sliding up against two stomachs as Slade got into position.

"Promise?" Robin answered lazily, mischief dancing in his eyes.

The villain smirked, forcefully pulling the boys legs over his shoulders, placing the head of his aching shaft inside of the teen's tight entrance.

The teen groaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure, feeling the blunt pressure of the man above him, entering, slowly.

"No need to be gentle! I can take -ooooooh."

Slade promptly thrust inside, tearing at Robin's entrance, hitting his prostate on the first shot. The boy hissed and arched, in pain or pleasure, Slade didn't know. The man pulled out and thrusting back in, steadily growing faster, each plunge pulling a new and louder sound from the teen underneath him.

"Oh god…yess!" Robin gasped, his hands tightening into fists over his head. Slade's hips continued slamming into the boy at a pace that seemed almost impossible, but absolutely delicious to the teen.

The one-eyed villain pushed the boy's legs off his shoulder and, still inside of him, picked him up and off the bed, pushing the teen against a random wall, thrusting upwards. This caused the boy to wrap his legs around the man's hips.

Robin cried out as the new position allowed Slade's cock to slide deeper inside of him. The teen mewled and clawed at the man's shoulders, banging his head against the wall, as Slade fucked his weeping hole for all he was worth.

"Fuck…yes, yes, yes…"

The man grunted in response, having nothing else to say, never before feeling quite this aroused. The boy was rather attractive in the throws of passion, Slade realized.

As the pace continued, the thrusting deeper, Robin knew he wouldn't last much longer. He could already feel the tightening in his lower regions.


The man wrapped a hand around the boy's shaft, stroking it harshly. Robin arched back against the wall, crying out loudly, coating their stomachs in white.

As the boy's impossibly tight entrance got even tighter, Slade growled and with a small groan of his own, released inside of the boy.

Robin fell from bliss a few moments later, panting loudly, trying to fill his lungs with precious air that had been stolen from him by his orgasm.

The one-eyed villain was softly gaining his own breath, moving away from the wall, and throwing the boy onto the bed.

"Hey!" Robin snarled, crossing his arm's over his chest, glaring at the man in front of him.

Slade chuckled, picking up the remains of Robins uniform and heaving the items on top of the boy's head.

"Same time next week?" The man grinned, while picking up his own clothing.

Robin sighed in annoyance and began dressing.

"This changes nothing."

"You say that every week, my boy."

"Shut up!" Robin blushed, throwing a random object at the villain, which happened to be a bottle of baby oil that the man had used as lube.

The bottle hit a wall behind Slade.

"What's with the baby oil Slade? Are you gonna be a daddie?" Robin grinned, as the man picked up the pink bottle with a small cartoon baby on it.

"Shut up boy."

Robin was still laughing as he sauntered back into the Titans Tower an hour later.


A/N: No plot, just sex. Love it, hate it, could be better? Hope you all enjoyed! It was fun to write! Hope it turned out ok.