A little song I came up with for the Day of Anti-Hardwicke.

Fang: Which Saint here would like to make into the next Christmas.

Me: Nah. There's no snow.

Fang: -rolls eyes-

Me: So....

Disclaimer is Coming to Town!: I do not own Maximum Ride. (Darn.) I have never met Ms. Hardwicke, Mr. Pattinson, or Ms. Stewart and have no idea what they're like. Anything bad about them is either assumed or made up for my own and other's amusement.

To the tune: "Santa Clause is Coming to Town."

You better watch out

Better hide your books

Stick them in your safest nooks

Catherine Hardwicke's coming to town


She's got the bestseller's list

And she's checking it twice

Make the books into movies that are not as nice

Catherine Hardwicke's coming to town


She loves Robert Pattinson

And Kristen Stewart, too

But if she puts them in Maximum Ride

All the fans will shout out "BOO!"


Robert's not Fang

Kristen's not Max

If they were it would ruin Fax

So tell Catherine to keep looking around

Me: It's catchy!

Fang: Great. I'll be hearing this all night...

Me: So, do you not like the idea of Kristen Stewart play Max or Robert Pattinson playing Fang? If not, sign my petition! (There's a link on my profile.) If you don't have an e-mail address, which you're required to have to sign, tell me and I'll sign it for you.

You could also check out my other Day of Anti-Hardwicke story for more info.

Fang: Can we go to bed now?

Me: -sigh- Yeah...