So I have decided to rewrite this. Why? Because this is one of the first fics I ever posted on here, and as such, it's been written before my skills continued to improve. I'll leave it where it is for nostalgia's sake. Because this is one of my favorite stories, I decided to touch it up a bit and bring it a bit up to standards with my other fics. I guess I was inspired by the fact that they're doing a reimagining of the original Silent Hill (too bad it's not a straight-out remake of the first, considering I never really got to play it- I don't even believe I was brave enough to get further than the school when I played). I'm also contemplating whether or not to add one more chapter to tie in with Homecoming. I have an idea on how it will go, I just don't know whether or not I want to write it.

Oh, and don't worry, I won't delete the original version. I'll leave it where it is for nostalgia's sake.

This fic all started last summer. I received my copy of Silent Hill: Origins through the mail, as well as another game that I'd purchased online, and decided to combine my love for the Silent Hill video game series with my love for Transformers. Origins unfortunately turned out to be a dud and I haven't bothered finishing it, but fortunately the other game I bought, ObsCure: The Aftermath, more than made up for it. So all you out there, wondering what game you want to play with your cousin this weekend, may I suggest either one of the ObsCure games? It's a two-player survival horror and is loads of fun. I play it all the time with my sister, although we tend to spend more time whacking each other's characters with baseball bats than hunting monsters. XD

Also, I have no access to spell check on this computer. I fixed as many spelling errors as I could find, but I'm only human. If I missed anything, please let me know.

And now without further delay, "Blackout and Barricade Go To Silent Hill: Remake".

Barricade stood unimpressed by Blackout, looking around at their environment. They couldn't see very far ahead as the whole area was shrouded in thick fog. The ground was covered in bloodstains and any car, metal pole, or street sign they came across was covered in rust and showed signs of abandonment. Trying to leave the area was a futile attempt, as any street that led out of the area was blocked off or dropped off into an endless chasm of waste. Barricade glared at Blackout, who was trying to act innocent.

"I'm sorry..." Blackout whimpered when he noticed Barricade's glare.

"That is the last time I ever take one of your damn shortcuts," Barricade grumbled.

"I'm sorry..."

"First some freaking little girl runs me off the road and puts a huge aft dent in my side, and now we have no idea where we are!" Barricade tried to avoid touching the dent, but the attraction was too strong. You'd think he'd learn to stop poking it after a while, what with how much it hurt, but yet he couldn't stop.

"I'm sorry..." Blackout continued to apologize, even though the dent wasn't his fault.

"This place reminds me of your Aunt Vertigo's house!" Barricade pointed out, looking at a body that was sandwiched between two cars.

"I said I was sorry!" What was the point of apologizing? Barricade didn't even seem to want to hear it. He continued to try anyway, hoping it would at least make Barricade less angry with him.

Barricade sighed and continued onward, grabbing Blackout's wrist and pulling him along with him. "Come on. Let's at least try to find out where we are."

Blackout looked around for some evidence of where they were and spotted a sign. "Hey! Look at that sign!" Blackout said, pointing at it so Barricade could see it. "It says, 'No pointing'!" After a few minutes of wondering why Barricade was looking at him funny, he quickly lowered his arm. "Oh..." They continued looking around when Blackout found another sign. "Barricade, look..."

"What does this one say? 'Do not read this sign out loud'?" Barricade interrupted sarcastically.

" says, 'Welcome to Silent Hill, Oosa'." He paused a moment, wondering where this 'Oosa' place was.

Barricade looked at the sign and double face-palmed. "That's 'USA', dumb ass!" he corrected. "Silent Hill, huh? That place sounds familiar..." Where had he heard of this town? Barricade scanned the furthest reaches of his mind, hoping to find the file that told him where he'd learned of this town. Blackout could swear he could detect smoke in the air while he did so. "Oh! I know! Silent Hill is the name of that video game that Frenzy likes to play!"

"Silent Hill's real?" Blackout replied, remembering watching Frenzy and Bonecrusher playing it earlier that week.

"It would appear so," Barricade shrugged. He noticed something else underneath the welcome sign. "Hey Blackout, does that sign say something else?"

Blackout had to move closer to see it through the fog. "Yes. It says, 'As seen on America's Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters'."

"Oh, great..." Barricade and Blackout both grew silent as they both could swear they heard static from their comlinks. They looked at each other, wondering if the other could hear it as well. Barricade's radio began to emit a horrible sound to accompany the static.

Blackout jumped back away from Barricade in shock. "AH! What is that horrible sound?!" he asked.

"I don't know! I think they're called N*SYNC!" Barricade replied, trying frantically to turn off his radio. He wouldn't even know what this boy band was called if it weren't for Frenzy and his habit of listening to variety. Which normally wouldn't be a problem if variety didn't mean that he'd listen to everything from death metal to freaking classical and pop...his poor little friend was musically bipolar.

"Make it stop before I rip the damn thing out!" Blackout begged.

Barricade began clawing at the radio when he couldn't get it to stop. "IT BURNS!" he screamed of the music he was being forced to endure. He was going to need a metalcore drip after this experience was over. He finally got the music to turn off and sighed in relief. They could both still hear the static in their comlinks.

"What did the static in the game signify again?" Blackout asked curiously. He unfortunately never really paid much attention to the games. He preferred first person shooters.

"I don't know...I don't play survival horror. I play platformers and MMORPGs," Barricade replied. He was sure Frenzy had told him at one point, likely while he was trying to sleep or busy doing something else. He looked through his memory banks, searching for any memory of Frenzy telling him of this game. "It signifies that..." he began when he finally found a memory. "Oh! It signifies that there's a monster nearby!"

They both paused as soon as Barricade said this and took note to how loud the static was. Slowly turning around, they found what looked like a corpse wrapped in a body bag. It seemed to be squirming against its imprisonment and was drooling a thick, acidic ooze. The monster cheerfully greeted them with a friendly "Why hello, there!" Blackout and Barricade both screamed and took off running in the other direction. Standing there by himself, the armless freak laid down in the street and started crying. "Why do they always run?" he sobbed.

Blackout collapsed on a car, crushing it under his weight. "What the hell was that thing?!" he asked Barricade.

"I don't kinda looks like the time we gave Brawl a hot glue gun, and he somehow glued his arms onto his body," Barricade replied, leaning against a wall and panting.

"That was kinda funny...especially when Bonecrusher hung him upside down and started whacking him like a piƱata," Blackout snickered, trying to crawl off the car so that it would stop poking him in the gut.

They both lay there for a moment to catch their breath when the static started to come back in their comlinks. Barricade stared at Blackout with horror. "Blackout?" he finally said.

Blackout froze. "Yes, Cade?"

"Don't turn around..."

He listened to a wet, dripping sound behind him, followed by a sizzle when what was dripping began to corrode the asphault. "There's one of those things behind me, isn't there?" he asked. Barricade nodded slowly. "RUN!" He grabbed ahold of the Mustang and carried him as he ran away from the Straight-Jacket behind him.

"You do realize that I have legs, right?" Barricade asked with minor annoyance at being carried.

"Yeah, but you run too slow!" Blackout countered as he streaked through the street, zig-zagging around confused Straight-Jacket monsters and jumping over fences. Tired out from running so much, he finally collapsed against a wall and slid to the ground, landing on top of Barricade, who squirmed and struggled to pull himself out from under him.

"Blackout!!" Barricade hissed, struggling under him.

"Can'" Blackout replied, panting.

Barricade looked around and spotted something on a doorstep. "Hey, look! There's an energon cube sitting on that doorstep for no apparent reason other than to replenish your health meter when you get hurt or run out of breath! Because it's totally safe to drink something you find laying out on the street!"

"Convienent!" Blackout replied when he saw it too. After Blackout reenergized, they both continued to wander aimlessly through the town again. After about 15 minutes of running around, they began to grow helplessly lost. "Where the bloody hell do we go?!" Blackout screamed in frustration. Sensing his anger, several Straight-Jacket monsters quickly turned around and ran the other way.

"I'm not sure. Give me a second to check the strategy guide," Barricade replied, pulling a book out of his subspace. Blackout noticed that the cover said, Blackout and Barricade Go To Silent Hill Strategy Guide: Because cheating is fun!

"Well?" Blackout asked impatiently.

"It says we're supposed to go to some place called Alchemilla Hospital," Barricade read out of the guide.

"Why is it always a hospital?" Blackout groaned, following Barricade to Alchemilla.

Using a map of the city that they found at a bus stop, they quickly made their way towards the hospital. "I think that's it!" Barricade said, pointing towards a building. A counter on the front read, Alchemilla Hospital: Now 3 days without any patient deaths. They both heard a scream from inside and watched the counter reset itself.

"That's just like the counter in front of the medbay...except Hook has it set for minutes instead of days," Blackout stated as they walked past it towards the building. They both stepped inside the building and looked around curiously. "How is it that we're suddenly able to fit inside human buildings?" Blackout asked Barricade.

"Fanfiction isn't supposed to make sense, Blackout," Barricade replied, walking past him. They were both standing in the hospital's lobby. Looking around for any sign of another person, Barricade suddenly realized an urge he strangely didn't have until right this second. "Blackout...I have to pee..." he informed his companion as he started squirming.

"Since when do giant robots go to the bathroom?" Blackout asked.

"Like I said, fanfiction isn't supposed to make sense," Barricade replied again, looking around for the bathroom. "I can't hold it in anymore!" he whimpered.

"Well you're going to have to. I don't see the bathroom anywhere," Blackout pointed out.

Barricade glared at him. "I am going to piss on your freaking leg if we do not find a bathroom now!" he threatened.

"Alright, alright! We'll find the bathroom!" Blackout quickly reassured him. He didn't want to tempt Barricade. He knew he'd do it. He'd done it before, actually. He quickly found a Faceless Nurse in the next hallway over, fighting some human trucker. They both paused when they noticed the giant robots standing there. "Can you tell us where the bathroom is?" Blackout asked her. She nodded and pointed the bathrooms out for them. "Thank you," he added, pulling Barricade behind him. The nurse and the trucker exchanged looks before they both went back to trying to stab each other to death.

Finding the men's bathroom to be locked, Barricade was forced to use the women's bathroom. Opening the first stall, he found a corpse of a janitor with the name tag "Colin" stuffed into the toilet and wrapped in barbed wire, the words Dare you dare you double dare you! written on the wall behind him. "Nice," he mumbled before flushing the toilet and walking to the next one. It was locked. Barricade knocked on it and received a knock back. Figuring that someone was in there, he shrugged and walked to the last one. He paused when the locked stall slowly creeped open. Looking back towards it, Barricade waited for someone to leave it. Curiosity overcame him when no one left, and he leaned over to look inside. There was no one there, but the whole damn stall was drenched in fresh blood. Backing away from the stall, he looked back towards the next one and found it to be clogged. There was a wallet stuck in it. Standing there a moment, debating what to do, Barricade turned around and peed on the wall. After his business was finished, he left the bathroom and found that Blackout was gone.

"Blackout? Blackout, where are you?" he called out, looking around for his companion. Blackout never answered, and he could not find him. He shivered at the prospect of being alone in this place and began to search the hospital for him. Along the way he ran into some weird guy named Kaufmann who refused to help him, a nurse in a red outfit with a strange accent that Barricade had never heard before, and some more of those decayed nurses like the one that had guided him to the bathroom. Finally after all his searching, he found Blackout with two of the Faceless Nurses.

"So, how long have you two ladies known each other?" Blackout asked the nurses in a flirty tone. The nurses both giggled in response.

"Blackout! There you are!" Barricade said, running to his side.

"Oh...hey Cade! This is Lydia and Ida," Blackout replied calmly, pointing to the nurses. "Say hi, Ida!" Ida let out a shrill, inhuman screech which Barricade guessed was supposed to be a "hi".

"Blackout, why did you leave me?!" Barricade demanded angrily.

"I got tired of waiting for you. You must piss like a race horse or something, because you were taking forever!" Blackout explained.

"Well let's go so we can hurry up and get out of this place!" Barricade replied.

Blackout sighed and followed him out. "I'll call you!" he said to the nurses. Lydia and Ida waved goodbye.

After doing various tedious and monatonous things that I don't feel like explaining because everytime I played through that part all I did was complain about how it made you run back and forth across the hospital just to get some freaking glass eyes to open a door in the basement of the basement on the other side of the hospital, Barricade and Blackout both took them to that door that I just mentioned.

Blackout waited while Barricade put the eyes back in the door when a thought occured to him. "Wait a minute...I've got all these high-tech guns and missile launchers, right?"

"Yes?" Barricade agreed, wondering where he was going with this.

"And there's a sledgehammer over there, right?" Blackout pointed out.

"Go on..."

"And my superiorly designed mechanical body can probably exert more force on the door than the thing can hold..."


"So why did we run around willy nilly through the hospital looking for fake human organs and have to use a sentence from a note we found in a bathroom to figure out how to put the organs back in the dummy who isn't really a dummy and is actually a real dead body according to the Silent Hill Otherside, but we aren't supposed to know that yet because we haven't got that far, to get the glass eyes, when we could have just smashed the door down and gotten through this area in like, 10 seconds?"

Barricade was momentarily silent. "That answer wasn't in the strategy guide..." They both went through the door, considering the mechanics of this game along the way.

"Okay, you know what Cade? I'm getting pretty sick of this place, which is ironic because it's a hosptial. Why are we even here?" Blackout asked.

"Because you can't figure out how to work your GPS," Barricade glared.

"No, I mean in this hospital! It's not helping us to be here! We're just here because some guide said to come here," Blackout replied.

"Good point...there's the exit. Maybe we can just leave now," Barricade pointed out. He tugged on the handle. "It's locked. I guess we have to do some more pointless and frustrating puzzles to get the key..." Blackout interrupted him when he pulled out one of his high-tech missile launchers and blew the door open. "...or we can just do that."

Blackout motioned for him to go out ahead of him. "Ladies first," he said.