Sakuya Izayoi

The Perfect and Elegant Barber of Fleet Street.

By Circleninebaka

Based off the movie "Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street", which is loosely based off the play "The String of Pearls: A Romance".

All characters used in this fan fiction are copyright ZUN/Project Alice.

Chapter 1: Better left unmarked.

"Miss Izayoi...? Hey! Miss Izayoi!"

It took her a bit to come too, having been day dreaming the entire time. It was only hours ago that she was picked up from the cold and unforgiving waters of the ocean, her clothes still slightly wet, even from the gentle and slow broom ride. The blank stare to her savior softly shakes away when the girl rubs her eyes a bit, only then does she come to realize where she is.

It was along a broomstick, with the great magician herself, Marisa Kirisame. Still in her black dress, with that large obsidian witch had ever glued on top of her head, covering only the beginning of the long strands of golden hair that slink down to her shoulders.

The port of London itself was gloomy, a heavy fog hanging in the area, the sun deep behind gray clouds, a setting similar to that of a a ghost town.

Marisa grins at her passenger, riding side-saddle along the broomstick, a soft wind kicking up to blow that long blonde hair around softly, her arms suddenly reaching up to give a soft stretch above her head . "Ahhh! Back in London... I've been everywhere in this new world! Japan, America, Brazil, even Transylvania, but there's no place like London! Right, Miss Izayoi?"

"...Yeah. No place like London." She spoke as if it were the most despicable thing on this side of the planet, sniffling softly as she moves to rub her nose with her left arm, her gaze fixed upon Big Ben itself as Marisa's happy personality suddenly changes, her smile quickly fading as a look of concern comes to form. "...M...Miss Izayoi...?"

"You're still young, Marisa. Even with your 'occupation', the Law of Karma seems to be quite generous to you." A small look is given to Marisa, an almost half-asleep look of boredom, just before she glances back at London. "...You'll learn soon enough."

Miss Izayoi narrows her eyes gently, moving to just gently grip the magician by her shoulder. "This place is just better left unmarked on the maps, every low life lives here, people are rude, obnoxious, and they have the nerve to call it some big name like London."

Her gaze continues to stare at Big Ben, her eyes narrowing softly at the landmark, both of her fists clenching softly on Marisa's shoulders.

"Sure, there are the rich people here, but all they do is mock and insult the lower class. It used to be such a nice place, until they ran it down into the filth it is..." She looks to Marisa. "I, too, have seen the world, Marisa. The ways of humans are just as wonderful as Gensokyo, I assure you." She glances back at the entrance of the port... heaving a small sigh just as her hands relax... and she adds on with a hint of sarcasm, "But there's no place like London..."

Moments later, Marisa guides the broomstick down onto the strong stone port of the city, allowing both her and Miss Izayoi to hop off gently, taking a moment to stretch out softly.

"..Ah... Miss Izayoi, is everything alright?"

And there was no better time for her to ask. Her passenger had a grim look on her face, almost of fear, and sorrow, glancing at the small stone archway that leads to the streets. She makes a small sniffle once more, wiping away a tear from her left eye with a brush of her arm.

"Don't mind me, Marisa. I'm just..." She glances to the magician... then turns her eyes to the empty and dark streets. Smoke rises softly out of the sewer system, and with how late it is, hardly anyone is on the street. Not even the homeless. "I do feel... like I'm being watched. Even in this place I called home."

"Watched? Don't be silly, ze." Marisa adds with a small smile, reaching to reassure the girl with a gentle pat to her shoulder. Marisa only finds herself in shock as, without even seeing it, her wrist is suddenly in the girl's hands.


Miss Izayoi then softly lets go of that wrist, moving to take a few steps down the street...

"... Here, there was a barber, and her wife... the most... beautiful and perfect wife someone could ask for. The barber dedicated her life to that girl... every little bit she had. To her and their daughter. But... she was too 'naïve' to what was happening around her." Miss Izayoi turns softly to Marisa.

"There was another girl there... a judge. A corrupted judge... and with one gentle swift of her finger..." The girl snaps her own finger, and points... "...Jailed is a barber for a crime that never happened... And then that judge took her turn, at that perfect wife. After losing her lover, who better to comfort her?"

An eerie silence comes about the two as she starts to think about that fateful day, day dreaming again.

It was a sunny day, probably the brightest of them all in London. The birds were chirping, smiles were all abound, and life couldn't have been better. Dressed in the finest of clothes, Miss Izayoi had just plucked a flower from a vendor, giving the owner a gentle smile before bringing the flower to a baby girl in the arms of her mother. The small child would grab onto the floor and just cluelessly keep it in her grip, purple hair flowing all around when her hand starts to shake the flower gently. The mother adjusts her green cap with the star on it, giving a gentle smile to Miss Izayoi, just as a pair of Youkai suddenly grab onto her arms. In a fit of struggles, she's carried off kicking and yelling in protest. Panic and confusion fills the area, but that's just when that Judge... one with a strange black hat and deep green hair shows, moving to calm the crowd. Especially the mother...

"...W..Well, what happened then?! You can't just stop there and expect people to not ask for the rest of the story, ze!" Marisa pushes Izayoi out of her daydreaming once more, her teeth gritting softly. Clearly, she seemed moved by the story.

Miss Izayoi gives a soft sigh to herself... and glances over her shoulder. "It... was a long time ago. I don't know the rest of the story." She turns to the streets again. "... And I don't think anyone here even knows of that old news. Not even Aya." Miss Izayoi then softly turns around, and gives a soft and gentle nod to her savior. "I need to thank you though, Marisa. If you hadn't found me out there... I would have still been lost in the ocean."

Marisa gives a soft smile, and gives a rather goofy salute with two fingers to the brim of her hat. "No sweat! Think I'll see you around here before I head off to the next big heist?"

With a small smirk of her own, Miss Izayoi looks over down the street again... "...Try Fleet Street. I'm sure you'll see me around there." Marisa's arms then softly open, as she looks to the girl with almost sisterly eyes. "Until next time, ze?"

"..." Miss Izayoi stares at Marisa for a moment, shaking her head some as she starts walking away with a slow pace, which only picks up as she turns a corner, her face turning to a small look of anger as she starts to walk on.

"This place is just better left unmarked on the maps, it's filled with people that are full of shit! and all the low-lives gather here..."