Author's Notes: Not a lot to say really. Eternal Sailor Moon from Sailor Stars switches
places with Sailor Moon from the first series of BSSM. In case you can't tell, she goes
back to the end of episode 26. The events at the beginning aren't from any episode of
Sailor Stars - none of them really fit, so I had to make something up, but it's between
episodes 182 and 187.
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Anyways, on with the show -

Moon Squared

The Sailor Senshi were all fighting against Sailor Aluminium Siren and her latest victim
- a minister who she had turned into Sailor Preacher after taking his star seed.

"Jupiter Oak Evolution!" Sailor Jupiter sent her most powerful attack at Sailor Preacher,
causing the Farce to stagger backwards and knock Aluminum Siren over.

"Stupid thing! Get them, not me!" Siren yelled, pointing at the Sailor Senshi as she got
up. The Farce, which looked like an amorphous mass of robes in a pink tutu and armed
with boxing gloves, nodded dumbly at it's mistress.

"Sermon Blaster!" Sailor Preacher yipped in a high pitched voice as it fired several
crosses at Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Mercury never had the time to dodge it herself, but was saved when Eternal Sailor
Moon dived towards her and pushed her out of the way in the nick of time. "Arigatou!"
The senshi of ice thanked her saviour.

Sailor Moon smiled in acknowledgment before returning her attention to the battle.
Despite the fact that the senshi outnumbered Siren and her farce nine to two, the Anima-
mate was doing a surprisingly good job of holding her own. "Galactica Tsunami!!" Siren
screamed out the name of her attack as a massive wave of dark energy smashed into
Neptune, Uranus and Venus.

The three senshi were knocked down by the attack, and seemed to be quite hurt. Siren
grinned as she readied her follow up strike. Raising her forearms up, she fired three blasts
of energy from her bracelets. Just before the hit, Sailor Saturn leapt in front of her friends
"Silence Wall!" She raised her glaive and a powerful barrier easily deflected what would
have been a lethal attack.

Meanwhile, Sailor Mars and Pluto had gotten behind Aluminium Siren without her
noticing. They nodded to one another before attacking.

"Mars Flame Sniper!"
"Dead Scream."

The burning arrow merged into the purple sphere of energy and the combined attack
floored Aluminium Siren.

Deciding the odds were turning against her, Siren called for the phone booth which could
return her to the relative safety of Galaxia's lair. Seeing this, Mars called out "Sailor
Moon! Get her now!"

"Hai!" Sailor Moon rushed over to get a clear shot before Siren could enter the phone
booth. Getting into position, she raised her Eternal Tier. "Starlight Honeymoon Thera-

She never managed to finish the attack as Sailor Preacher blasted her with a salvo of

"Ja ne!" Sailor Aluminium Siren called out cheerfully as she slipped into the booth and it

Picking herself up, Sailor Moon shook her head as she tried to get the ringing out of her
ears. She didn't notice the Farce bearing down on her.

"World Shaking!"
"Deep Submerge!"

Luckily Sailor Uranus and Neptune had recovered, and they weakened the Farce with
their attacks. Seeing her chance, Sailor Moon raised the Tier once more. "Starlight
Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!!" Waves of energy washed over the warped Farce, turning it
back into the kind minister he really was.

Everyone visibly relaxed as the tension from a hard battle washed away. Well, almost
everyone. "Dammit!" Sailor Mars snapped "We nearly got her! I can't believe you
messed up again!" She turned on Sailor Moon.

Rei wasn't really mad at Usagi. She blamed herself as much as anyone, but the
frustration of having Siren always escape was getting to her, and the outburst, however
harsh, wasn't a reflection of Rei's true feelings.

None of this made Usagi feel any better. "I'm sorry Rei-chan!" Usagi sniffed back tears at
the harsh words from someone she really admired.

Sailor Mars was starting to relax, but she couldn't resist one last dig. "You always klutz
out when it's really important." She remarked snidely, before instantly regretting her

Sailor Moon spun on her comrade, a rare expression of anger on her normally gentle
features. "That's not true and you know it!" She snapped, recalling all the harsh battles
she had been forced to fight, from Beryl to Death Phantom, not to mention the times
when she won by refusing to fight like with Mistress Nine and Black Lady. "You've
always judged me based on how I was when we first met! I've changed Rei!" She
accused angrily.

Sailor Mars knew she had crossed a line. "I'm sorry Usagi. I understand you aren't like
that anymore." She said sincerely.

"No. You don't." Sailor Moon said shaking her head. "I wish you could... I wish you
could see..." she finished sadly.

Suddenly the eternal compact on her fuku started to glow.

"The Ginzuishou!" Sailor Uranus whispered in awe.

As Sailor Pluto watched in breathless anticipation, she felt her talisman begin to respond
to the Ginzuishou. Her Garnet Rod started to glow in synch with the crystal. "No..." she
breathed. Something unexpected was happening. Sailor Pluto had watched the Time
Gate for eternity; she knew everything, even if she could never act on that knowledge.
But this was unexpected.

"What's happening?" Sailor Moon asked, her voice tinged with wonderment.

"The Ginzuishou is responding to your heart's desire." Sailor Neptune said, looking as if
she had just realised her life's ambition by witnessing the Ginzuishou exercising it's

Suddenly Eternal Sailor Moon disappeared in a blinding flash of light! Before anyone
could react, there was another flash, and a slightly younger, very confused looking,
Sailor Moon stood there.


"Supreme Thunder!" Sailor Jupiter blasted the Boxer Youma. The creature was rather
silly looking, with bird feet and wings, and boxing gloves with a bell on his belt.

As the creature staggered from the attack, Luna yelled at Sailor Moon "Now Sailor

"Hai!" Sailor Moon took out her moon stick and was preparing to attack, when she
disappeared in a flash of light!

Luna and Sailor Jupiter stared in shock. Even the youma paused at this unexpected turn
of events. In the recesses of it's warped mind, the dumb monster wondered 'Did I do that?'

Before anyone could say a word, another flash of light lit up the cemetary, and Eternal
Sailor Moon appeared, looking rather surprised at her new surroundings. "What
happened? Where am I?" She asked, not realising that it might be more appropriate to
ask *when* she was.

"Sailor Moon, what happened to you?" Luna asked, her voice filled with confusion.

"Luna? What are you doing here?" Sailor Moon knelt down to her guardian cat.

"We were fighting the youma remember?" Sailor Jupiter walked over to join them.

The youma in question was just standing there stupidly. It idly scratched it's rear as it
wondered why everyone was ignoring it.

"A youma?" Sailor Moon asked disbelievingly "But I was just fighting Sailor
Aluminium Siren."

"Sailor Aluminium Siren?" Luna repeated incredulously. "That's preposterous, the only
sailor senshi are named after the planets.

Sailor Moon adopted the same tone Luna tended to use when she lectured her. "There are
planets outside this solar system too y'know." She playfully bopped the cat on her head.

By now the youma's short attention span had expired. It recalled it's primary purpose was
to fight, so fight was what it would do! Letting out a squawk of fury, it charged Eternal
Sailor Moon.

"Look out!" Luna called in alarm as she saw it bearing down on them.

Sailor Jupiter adopted a grim expression and placed herself in it's path, but Sailor Moon
gently pushed her aside. "I'll get this." She smiled before withdrawing her Eternal Tier.
"Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!" Her attack worked on the same principle as the
Moon Healing Activation, only much more powerful, so the youma quickly reverted
back to the minister it had been before Zoicite used the Kurozuishou on him.

Speaking of Zoicite, he was battling Tuxedo Kamen in another part of the cemetary, but
when Eternal Sailor Moon used her attack, he became startled and decided he should
report to Queen Beryl. "You haven't won yet Tuxedo Kamen!" He said angrily, before
disappearing in a flash of sakura.

Picking up the discarded rainbow crystal fragment, Tuxedo Kamen allowed himself a
smile of triumph before departing himself.


Sailor Moon looked around nervously. 'What's happened? Who are these people?' before
she saw Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. "Ami-chan!" She yelled and glomped onto a
surprised Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Uranus was giving the newly arrived Sailor Moon an appraising look. "I didn't
think it was possible, but she's even more kawaii!" She whispered to Neptune.

Neptune shot her a look of disapproval "Stop trying to corrupt young girls!" She pouted
"That's what you have me for." she said in a more gentle voice, putting a hand on her
partners shoulder.

Everyone sweatdropped at their antics.

"I think we should go somewhere more private so we can figure out what's happened."
Sailor Venus suggested before Haruka and Michiru could continue.

"You're right." Sailor Mars agreed "We'll go to the shrine. Then figure out what Usagi's
done to herself."

"I didn't do anything!" Sailor Moon wailed.


Zoicite teleported into the Dark Kingdom with his customary flurry of cherry blossom.
Kunzite was waiting for him, arms crossed, an unreadable expression on his face. "You
didn't get the Nijizuishou." He said. It was not a question.

"Tuxedo Kamen stole it." Zoicite spat the name out as if it were a curse. "But something
strange has happened, Sailor Moon has become much more powerful." He tried to
explain his failure.

"Really." Kunzite said non-commitally.

"I have to tell Queen Beryl about this." He said before starting in the direction of Beryl's

Kunzite seemed to flow over the ground as he moved to stop the other general. "She will
be angry. Perhaps I should tell her?" He offered, placing a hand on Zoicite's chest.

Zoicite wavered. He loved that Kunzite was so protective. But he hated being seen as
weak and submissive all the time. It sometimes seemed like Kunzite had no respect for
him, and that fact tore him up inside. "No." He said firmly as he removed Kunzite's hand.
"It's my responsibility."

Kunzite watched Zoicite walk off, a curious expression covered his features, before he
shrugged and walked off in another direction himself.

Zoicite entered the throneroom and bowed before Queen Beryl. The Queen was sat in her
usual position, observing her crystal ball. "What?" She snarled at her general.

Zoicite felt ill with fear. 'I must be strong, I must be strong' he kept thinking in his head
'for Kunzite.'. Standing, he addressed his Queen. "Queen Beryl, I am sorry to report I
failed to obtain the Nijizuishou."

Beryl arched an eyebrow. She did not seem surprised or displeased. "Oh?" She said, her
tone neutral.

Zoicite felt even more fear. 'No shouting or threats? Something's wrong! I have to be
careful with her.' he repeated his earlier mantra in an effort to stave off the terror which
was creeping into his soul. "I..I..." 'Stop stuttering you fool!' he desperately told himself
'that'll just make her even more angry!' "I must also inform your majesty that the moon
brat has become even more powerful, though I cannot say how."

Beryl smiled.

It was not a happy smile, or a triumphant smile, or even a sardonic smile. It was the
barest curling of her lips. Her eyes showed fury however. "If what you say is true." She
began, her voice thick and cloying. "Then that means we need the Ginzuishou more than
ever, does it not?"

'Run!' Zoicite's mind screamed 'Run! Get out of here and don't look back! Go!!' But he
remained rooted in place, abject terror crawling through his body. "Yes, my lady."
Zoicite said, the words tasting like ashes in his mouth.

"I am sure that you know how I despise failure's so." Beryl continued in the same tone.
"After all, we still remember Jadeite do we not?"

'I'm going to die.' thought Zoicite. 'The only question is how do I go? Will I fight it? Or
will I beg for my life like a coward?' Tears threatened to leave his eyes as he made his
choice. The only choice he was capable of making. "Please my Queen, give me one more
chance, I can get the remaining fragments, just give me one more chance!" He begged
abjectly. 'Kunzite is right' he thought dejectedly 'I am worthless.'

"Of course my loyal general." Queen Beryl said sympathetically. Mockingly. "I know
that the next time I see you you will have the Ginzuishou." Her voice carried a deadly
threat of just what would happen if she saw him and he did not have the crystal.


Usagi sat with Makoto, Rei, Ami and Luna at the Hikawa shrine. "Okay, just so we're
clear, you ARE Tsukinio Usagi, but not the one we know? Right?" Makoto tried to
make sense of what was happening.

"Not exactly." Usagi sighed as she explained again. She was having enough trouble
understanding this herself without explaining it to others "I AM your Usagi, just from
two years in the future."

"Wild." Rei muttered. It was bizaare, but she knew it was true - she could easily sense
that this was no imposter.

"Wait a moment." Ami said politely to get everyone's attention "If you're from the
future." She indicated Usagi "Does that mean we beat the Dark Kingdom?"

Usagi was on dangerous ground here and she knew it. 'Can I risk telling them about the
future?' she wondered before remembering her daughter. There was no telling how things
would have turned out if Chibi Usa hadn't come to the past, but things seemed okay, so it
must have been a good thing, therefore Usagi concluded that there was nothing to stop
her interfering in the past.

"Well?" Rei prodded Usagi out of her reverie impatiently.

"Hai minna-chan." Usagi smiled confidently "We did beat them."

"Alright!" Makoto and Rei high-fived each other. "We rule!"

"Hold on there!" Luna admonished the two "We haven't won yet!"

"That's right, you have to work really hard to win, but you can do it." Usagi told them

Luna blinked. Was Usagi encouraging people to work hard? Luna wondered if she could
keep this Usagi instead.

Ami decided to change the subject before everyone became overconfident. "So Usagi, do
you know how you came back through time? I always thought time travel was

Usagi stuck her tongue out "The magical girl think's time travel's impossible?" She said,
chuckling as Ami blushed. "Well, we had just finished fighting, and Rei-chan started
being mean and blaming me because Sailor Aluminium Siren got away."

"Well I'm sure I was right!" Rei crossed her arms arrogantly.

A wicked smile played across Usagi's lips. "That's not what you said after I lost my
temper." She said quietly.

Rei stopped short. "Nani?" She asked in surprise.

Usagi's smile grew wider. "You said 'I'm sorry Usagi, I understand you're not like that

Rei had a horrified expression on her face. "I apologised to you?" She seemed revolted at
the very concept.

Usagi hadn't finished her story "But I was still very upset, and I said that you didn't
understand." Usagi then blushed "I must have lost control of my feelings, because the
Ginzuishou made that wish real, it must have switched me with the Usagi from this

Everyone stared at Usagi in shock.

"The Ginzuishou?" Luna repeated, scarcely believing Usagi could speak so glibly of the
most powerful object in all existence.

"Yep." Usagi said proudly. She took out her Eternal Compact and showed the crystal
inside to everyone.

"But why do you have it? Doesn't it belong to the Princess?" Ami asked, hesitantly
reaching out to almost touch the crystal, before deciding against it and pulling back.

"Have we not found the Princess yet by your time?" Makoto asked worriedly.

Rei of course, immediately assumed the worst of Usagi. "Usagi no baka!" She yelled
angrily "The Ginzuishou isn't a toy! Did you steal it from the Princess 'cause you thought
it looked pretty or something?"

Usagi blushed. "Now you're really gonna hate me..." She murmered before telling them
the true identity of their Princess.

The force of the Sailor Senshi's facefaulting at that revalation was picked up on
seismonotors throughout Tokyo.


Author Notes: Just setting the scene in this part mostly. Things will be changed from the
series more in future chapters as the influence of a different Sailor Moon is felt upon
different times and Pluto tries to figure out what the hell happened.
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