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Moon Squared Chapter 5

Shortly after arriving at school, Ami and Usagi were met by Minako and Makoto. "Are
you looking forward to your first day at high school then Usagi?" Makoto asked jovially.

"Ano..." Usagi pursed her lips "High school looks like more fun than junior high, but I
don't think I'm ready for the work..."

"Don't worry Usagi, we'll try to help you through today. You'll be fine." Ami said

Usagi wasn't really listening as she adjusted her skirt.

"No she won't!" Minako exclaimed urgently. "She's supposed to be doing a make up test
in modern Japanese with me today!"

Ami frowned "It would be unfair for Usagi to fail a test because her past self doesn't
know the material. I can make some notes for you to study before the test, what time is it

"Just after lunch." Minako sidled up to Ami "Would you be interested in making notes
for me too?" She adopted her most pathetically cute impression and batted her eyelashes.

Ami sighed. 'It's going to be a long day...' she thought miserably.

"Yo, Odango!" Seiya approached the girls, but only greeted Usagi.

Usagi's blood boiled. It was bad enough that she was going out with that baka Mamoru,
but for his insulting nickname for her to be common usage among the student body in the
future was pushing things just a mite too far. She turned round to give Seiya a piece of
her mind, then stopped as she got a look at him. All thoughts of anger instantly dissipated
from her head. 'He's gorgeous!' was all she could think as she stared unashamedly at him.

Seiya walked closer, and looked at the blushing Usagi curiously. "Something on my face
Odango?" He asked cheerfuly.

"Iie..." Usagi giggled nervously. Her three friends were now looking at her VERY

Seiya was confused. This was the reaction he normally got from star struck fans, Usagi
would normally brush him off quite rudely 'Perhaps she's finally giving in to me...' he
smiled wolfishly at the thought. 'Maybe I'll ask her on a date now.' He leaned in closer

"Hai?" Usagi replied breathlessly. She was no longer annoyed by his use of the hated
nickname. In fact, she thought it was quite cute.

"Look at the time! Gotta go to class now!!" Makoto grabbed Usagi with the help of
Minako and the trio rushed off to class, with Ami hot on their heels.

"It's just a matter of time now..." Seiya grinned to himself in satisfaction as he watched
the girls depart.


It was lunch time at the Ginga TV third production office. The fact that breakfast had
barely been finished was irrelevant. Any time that Sailor Aluminium Siren was hungry
was automatically considered lunch time.

Sailor Lead Crow walked in on the familiar scene of her 'rival' stuffing her face with
instant noodles. "To think that you once competed with me for the position of top
Animamate." She sighed loudly.

"What? Are Animamates not allowed to eat?" The blue haired woman said inbetween
slurping her noodles.

Crow tried not to smile. Encouraging her behaviour would do her no favours where
Galaxia was concerned. "Do you even have a target?" She asked.

Siren picked up a photograph "He's a well respected holy man who runs a shrine in town
well known for it's accurate fortune telling."

Crow looked at the photograph of the grinning short bald man. He looked familiar
somehow... "Wait just a moment!" She ran back to her own office.

Siren shrugged her shoulders and returned to her lunch. She was interrupted when Lead
Crow returned wielding a magazine. She flicked through the pages before handing it to
Siren. "Read the article." She commanded.

"Young girls warned to stay away from shrine run by lecherous old man?" Next to the
headline was a picture of her target being whacked with a broom by a girl in miko

Crow sighed again "I don't know what goes on in your head sometimes. There's no way
such a man could hold a star seed which shines forever." She handed Siren a photograph
"Luckily you have me to look after you. I've already found a worthy target."

"So what's his story?" Siren commented as she looked at the photo of a young man
wearing a bandana.

"His name is Hibiki Ryouga; a master fighter. Such a warrior is quite likely to hold a
real star seed." Crow said smugly, quite pleased with herself for selecting such a good

"Just 'cause he knows how to fight doesn't mean he's not a pervert as well." Siren pouted


As Usagi sat through her first high school class, she was acutely aware of the presence of
Seiya behind her. It was taking all her willpower not to turn round just to stare into those
piercing eyes. 'I've never felt this way before...' she thought deleriously.

Unfortunatly it seemed that Seiya was one of the most popular boys in the school,
especially given the reaction of the other girls when he arrived in the classroom shortly
after Usagi and her friends. 'I'll make him mine with the power of my love!' she told
herself confidently, unconcerned with any competition.

Minako watched Usagi with growing concern. It wasn't that she was worried about losing
Seiya; she had resigned herself to the fact that he only liked Usagi a while ago, besides
she still had Taiki and Yaten. But she was worried in case this Usagi commited an
indiscretion with Seiya before being returned to her own timeline. That would make
things far too complicated.

When the lesson finally ended, the teacher left the room and everyone had a few minutes
to prepare for the next class. Seiya prodded Usagi on her back to get her attention.
"Hai?" she turned round and blushed slightly as she looked at him.

"Odango, I was wondering..." He began, only to be interrupted once more.

"Usagi-chan! You have to get ready for the next class! Hurry hurry!" Minako had
appeared beside her and was rummaging through Usagi's schoolbag.

"Minako-chan, we have five minutes!" Usagi protested.

Minako sweatdropped. She shot a look at Makoto and Ami which screamed 'help me!'

Ami stepped up next. "Usagi, I have to talk to you... about something very important!"
She said, though she wasn't sure how she was going to follow it up. All she did know was
that Seiya could not ask Usagi on a date, which it was clear he was going to do.

Usagi waved her away. "Can it wait? I'm-" She was abruptly cut off as Makoto stepped
into the breach.

"Usagi-chan! You have a fever!" The tall brunette put a hand on Usagi's head, which was
at a perfectly normal temperature "I'm taking you to the nurse's office!"

"But-" Usagi tried to protest to no avail.

"No buts! You can't take chances with your health!" She grabbed Usagi and dragged her
out the classroom followed by Minako and Ami. One of the boys tried to protest, but was
silenced by a punch in the ribs from the girl next to him. The female population of class
1-1 had no desire to see Usagi getting together with their idol.

Seiya blinked several times in confusion, and noticed Yaten was laughing at him. 'The
life of an idol is never easy...' he sighed.


"Okay, stop! Stop!" Usagi struggled free of Makoto in the corridor and glared at her
'friends'. "Now just what was all that about?" She demanded angrily, standing with her
hands on her hips.

"Usagi-chan, you can't date Seiya!" Minako said firmly.

"Why?" She pouted at them.

"Because you have Mamoru-san." Makoto said, trying to sound more gentle.

Usagi hmphed. "I really can't understand what I see in that baka. I want Seiya-kun!" she
stamped her foot for effect.

Minako put an arm round Usagi "The Usagi from this time loves Mamoru-san very
much. If you went on a date with Seiya before you returned to your own time it would
hurt Mamoru, and then Seiya would be hurt when the Usagi from this time didn't want to
date him anymore." She was quite proud of her reasoning.

Sadly, Usagi was still unconvinced. "Maybe Seiya-kun is perfect for me. Maybe I can
save my future self from Mamoru-baka!"

Minako and Makoto looked aghast at Usagi. They didn't know what to do to convince
Usagi to remain faithful to her future boyfriend. Then Ami sidled up to Usagi "Mamoru-
san is the secret identity of Tuxedo Kamen..." She whispered.

Usagi's eyes instantly changed into lovehearts "Tuxedo Kamen-sama..." She sighed

"Leave it to a genius!" Makoto playfully punched Ami on the arm.


The day passed pretty uneventfully after that. All of Seiya's attempts to get Usagi's
attention were politely rebuked, much to Yaten and Taiki's amusement. "You know, it
wouldn't kill you two to be more supportive once in a while." Seiya griped to his friends
as they walked back to their apartment.

"Gomen." Yaten stifled a chuckle "But it is pretty funny."

Taiki smiled "It just affirms my faith in human nature to see that there are still women
out there who can resist your charms."

"I still have a chance..." Seiya said, but it was more like he was trying to convince

On the other side of the street, Ryouga was wandering around wondering where on earth
he was, when he was accosted by Aluminium Siren and Lead Crow in their civilian
clothes. "Hello sir, do you mind if we take your star seed?" Siren asked politely.

Crow gaped at her 'rival' "Why do you always do that?" She asked.

"It never hurts to be polite." Siren said as she handed a business card to the eternally lost
martial artist.

"Er... " Ryouga scratched the back of his head as he examined the card "I don't know
anything about that, but do either of you two ladies happen to know where the Tendou
dojo is?"

"Oh to hell with this!" Crow tore off her business suit to reveal her rather skimpy fuku
underneath "Hold still... please!" She shot a look at Siren as she said please, then fired
her bracelet blasts at Ryouga.

Ryouga barely saw the attack coming, but he still had the well honed reflexes of a
longtime practitioner of the martial arts, and he deftly leapt out of the way.

"Oooh, he is good Crow! I think you made a good choice!" Siren said as she changed
into her sailor fuku.

"What's going on?" Ryouga demanded as he adopted a fighting stance.

"Nothing you need to worry about... Now Siren!" Crow said as she fired again. Siren
joined the attack, and Ryouga was unable to dodge all of the fireballs.

Sadly for the Animamates the all to familiar sight of a star seed turning black played
itself out. "Oh well, tomorrow is another day..." Siren shrugged their failure off.

"Star Serious Laser!" A blast of white energy came straight at the two Sailor
Animamates, but Crow saw it coming and pushed Siren out of the way.

"What were you aiming at?" Siren laughed at the Starlights who had just appeared.

"Baka! It would have hit you if I hadn't pushed you out the way!" Crow bopped the back
of Siren's head.

The Starlights ignored the squabbling of the Animamates and went on with their
introduction "Penetrating the darkness of night... Sailor Starlights are here!" They struck
dramatic poses as they said it.

Meanwhile Ryouga transformed into a farce. He was wearing a cross between a martial
arts gi and a sailor fuku. Needless to say, he did not make a pretty farce.

"Why don't you play with the farce?" Siren suggested as she summoned the phonebox
and got in with Crow. The pair disappeared, leaving the Sailor Starlights to face the farce
on it's own.

"We can just stop it hurting anyone until she get here to heal it." Star Maker suggested,
referring to Sailor Moon.

Luckily by some weird, yet very common twist of fate, the sailor senshi were nearby and
saw what was happening. "This is the worst timing!" Minako muttered.

Rei suddenly realised something even worse "Um... we don't have Eternal Sailor Moon to
heal it..." She said, letting the implications of that sink in on her friends.

"You mean... we have to kill it?" Makoto was horrified at the prospect. "But it's a
person! We can't do that!"

"We don't have a choice..." Rei said sadly as she summoned her henshin wand.

"Matte!" Ami stopped her "There might be a way!" She turned to Usagi "Usagi, do you
have the moon stick?"

"Um... yeah..." Usagi took out the aformentioned magical item.

Rei's eyes lit up "Of course! If it can turn youma back into people, it can do the same for

"We hope." Minako said, she wasn't entirely convinced it would work "Everyone
henshin, Usagi, you should stay back until we weaken it."

"Mercury Crystal Power... Make Up!"
"Mars Crystal Power... Make Up!"
"Jupiter Crystal Power... Make Up!"
"Venus Crystal Power... Make Up!"
"Moon Prism Power... Make Up!"

The girls all transformed, then ran onto the scene of battle. Luckily it seemed that the
Starlights had already nearly killed the farce, which was no longer putting up any

"Hey, where are your wings?" Star Fighter asked Sailor Moon.

"Huh?" Sailor Moon didn't understand that question at all. "What wings? Is this a
tampon question?"

Everyone - even the farce - sweatdropped at that statement.

"Sailor Moon! Just heal it!" Mars said insistently.

"Hai!" Sailor Moon began twirling the moon stick around "Moon Healing...
Escalation!" The farce was bathed in waves of energy which turned it back into Hibiki

"Yatta! I did it!" Sailor Moon began skipping around with joy.

The Starlights looked on disapprovingly "I think we're providing too good a service."
Star Healer muttered before the trio disappeared.


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