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"Abby! I need in the shower!" Ted shouted as he pounded on the bathroom door. He groaned when he didn't get a response and he leaned against the wall, waiting for his baby sister to come out. He didn't understand why his dad didn't put a second bathroom upstairs so that him and his sister didn't have to share. He would have preferred to share with Brett over Abby.

A few minutes later, Abby walked out of the shower dressed in a pair of white cargo short shorts and a turquoise v-necked short sleeved tee with a white camisole tank top underneath it. Ted looked at her then looked at how short her shorts were and thought about following her and hassling her to change but thought better of it and walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

Abby was brought out of her thoughts as the doorbell rang and when nobody else seemed to jump up to get it, she walked down the stairs. She checked her reflection in the mirror before pulling the door open to see Cody Rhodes standing there, Ted's best friend. She smiled warmly at him and let him in before she shut the door behind him.

"Hey, Codes," Abby said as she walked into the kitchen to get something to eat for breakfast and Cody followed her. "You hungry, Cody?"

He nodded his head and sat down at the kitchen table and watched as Abby poured herself a bowl of Lucky Charms then poured Cody a bowl as well. She handed him one of the bowls before setting hers beside his. She walked over to the fridge before pulling out the jug of milk and she set it on the table before she grabbed two spoons and handed one to Cody before sitting down at the table. She glanced over at Cody before taking a spoonful of her cereal. Her attention was on her cereal until her younger brother, Brett walked into the kitchen wearing a pair of basketball shorts and just a t-shirt.

"Who are you trying to impress, Brett?" Abby teased as she looked at her younger brother of three years.

"Nobody, Abigale," Brett grinned as he grabbed an apple from the bowl sitting in the middle of the table then took a seat next to Cody. "It looks like you're trying to impress somebody though. Has Teddy seen you yet?"

Abby smirked at Brett and ruffled his hair, messing it up a little before she took another spoonful of the cereal. She took a moment to think about that little question before she shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't care if he did," Abby said taking another spoonful of cereal just as Ted walked into the kitchen dressed and ready to go.

"Abby, are you ready to go? Is your hair done? Is your make up done? If not get up there and get it done," Ted ordered as he grabbed a bowl then the box of Lucky Charms.

"Okay, Teddy Bear," Abby grinned and then dumped her bowl of milk down the drain then skipped back upstairs to touch up her hair and do her make up.


Ted parked his car in front of the school and glanced in the back seat at Abby as Cody got out of the car, his backpack slung over his shoulder. Ted grabbed his own backpack and got out and Abby rolled her eyes as she slowly got out of the car, almost nervous about going to a public school.

"Abby, you're going to be like a brand new fish in a mucky old fish tank, beware," Ted said as he lead them inside, Cody trailing behind with Abby.

"Such a wonderful comparison, Teddy Bear," Abby said with a roll of her eyes as she looked around at the three story building of a school. "This place is huge."

Ted nodded as he shoved a piece of Big Red gum into his mouth then tossed the empty wrapper at some kid with multi colored head. Abby looked at the guy who seemed to be a loner and Abby sort of felt sorry for him but had no time to converse with him before Ted pulled her into the building. She sighed as she looked at a bunch of teens that were just standing around doing nothing until she heard somebody shouting at Ted and Cody.

"Cody! Theodore!" a man with blonde highlighted hair said as he pushed his way through the crowd, shouting obscenities like 'jackass' and 'assclown' at some of the students. "Party at my house this Friday. And who is this beautiful girl?"

The guy's eyes were looking Abby up and down like she was a piece of meat and she just raised an eyebrow at him then looked at Ted who just shrugged his shoulders, acting as if he didn't care that this guy was scamming on his baby sister.

"Chris this is my little sister Abigale and Abby, this is Chris Jericho," Ted mumbled an introduction to Chris.

"You can call me Abby, Chris, it's nice to meet you," Abby said politely as Chris shook her hand, almost too eagerly.

"You're invited to my party too; I need all the hotties there that I can get there," Chris smirked as he slinked his arm around Abby's waist, wasting no time in flirting.

Ted rolled his eyes as they stood around, talking about nothing in particular until the crowd parted like the Red Sea as two men and a girl walked through them. One man had long blonde wavy hair with a girl hanging on his arm as he was dressed in a pair of jeans and a form fitting graphic tee that hugged his muscles. The other man had very short brown hair and piercing blue eyes and was about an inch shorter than the blonde man. He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a very nice shirt and his eyes were on Abby, who had taken some sort of a liking to Chris.

"Ted, who is this?" the dark haired man asked as his steel blue eyes continued to stay on Abby, who was completely oblivious to him staring at her.

"Yes, Ted, who is this?" the other man asked as he slung his arm around the girl's neck, his green eyes looking at Abby now.

Ted sighed before looking at Abby as she was too busy to notice the new guys in front of her. Ted laughed when he realized that Chris and Abby were arguing over how to throw a party but then frowned when he heard Abby talking about different sorts of alcohol. He didn't even know that his baby sister knew about alcohol.

"Abby, this is Randy Orton and Adam Copeland but for some reason, he likes to be known as Edge, guys, this is my little sister, Abby," Ted said, pulling Abby away from Chris' grasp and making her pay attention to Randy and Adam. "Oh and the girl on Adam's arm is Mackenzie."

Abby just raised an eyebrow at the two men standing in front of her then looked at her brother then back at Randy and Adam and placed a smile on her face. She tucked her golden blonde hair behind her ears, looking Randy over, choosing not to ogle the other man, figuring he belonged to Mackenzie. She just shrugged her shoulders, not giving into Randy's good looks.

"Ted, you never told me you had a little sister," Randy said as he turned his attention back to Ted. "And a hot one at that; if you're lucky, Abby, you could be seen with me."

"Randy! It's so nice to see you again!" some blonde giggled as she walked over to Randy, a skip in her step, cutting off Abby's chance to answer what Randy had said.

"Hi Barbie," Randy said in a monotone as she leaned against him, peering up at him. "How was your summer?"

Abby rolled her eyes at the scene before turning to look at Chris, who was rolling his eyes at the scene as well. Barbie giggled as she leaned into Randy, snaking her arms around him and then looked over at Ted, Cody, Chris, and Abby. Her eyes lightened up when she saw that Abby was a "new" kid. She peeled herself away from Randy, ignoring his question about how her summer was and stuck her hand out in front of her for Abby to shake. Abby looked at the girl like she was crazy.

"I'm Barbie Blank but you can just call me Barbie," she gushed as she looked at Abby, just waiting for her to shake her hand.

"I'm Abby and I'm not shaking your hand, germs, you understand," Abby smiled as she crossed her arms over her chest. "But I'm sure Randy would love for you to walk him to class, right Randy?"

He sent Abby a glare before Barbie squealed in delight and pulled Randy away from the group, causing Adam, Mackenzie, Cody, Ted, and Chris to burst into laughter. Abby just looked at them with an eyebrow raised, not understanding what the big deal was.

"You just became my best friend," Chris said between spurts of laughter and he slung one arm around her neck as the other one clutched his gut.

"What's the big deal? She's just walking him to class," Abby said with that same lost look on her face as she looked at them all laughing.

"Randy hates her but her dad is on the school board along with his dad, he thinks he has to be nice to her," Ted laughed as he leaned on Cody for support. "God, Abs, he's gonna hate you."

Abby shrugged her shoulders as Chris gasped for air on her other side, trying to stop laughing. He took a deep breath and shook his head before pulling his arm away from Abby's neck. He grinned at her then waved goodbye.

"Well, I have to get to homeroom, my friends. Audios," Chris said dramatically as he began to walk off.

"Abs, you can go with Cody; you and him have Mr. Flair as your homeroom teacher. Then Cody will show you to your business class with Mrs. Michaels, got it Cody?" Ted said, shooting his friend a look.

"Yes, Ted, I will show your baby sister around but you're lucky that I actually like her," Cody grinned before pulling Abby towards the hallway.


"Everybody calm down," Mr. Flair said as he walked into the bustling class room and he set his coffee mug down on his class. His eyes scanned the class room and sighed when he saw the new freshmen. "Okay, I don't feel like taking role call so just come up here and sign your name on this sheet of paper."

Abby rolled her eyes as she got up and bumped into somebody. Her eyes landed on Randy Orton and her eyes narrowed at him before her lips curved into a smile.

"How's Barbie? Does she meet your standards? Or is she lucky enough to be seen with you?" Abby commented as she walked alongside him to the line.

"You know for a freshman you sure are talking back to a senior," Randy said as he checked her out from behind, not noticing that she had glanced back at him just in time to see him do that.

"You sure do fit the typical stereotype of a senior, Randy," she shot back at him as she moved forward in the line to sign her name. She tucked her hair behind her ears and grabbed the pencil as she signed her name in perfect, flawless print then handed the pencil to Randy and walked back over to her seat next to Cody.

Randy walked past the table that Cody and Abby were sat at and he gave Abby a look before taking his seat next to some jock that was also in the same homeroom as them. Abby just rolled her eyes and then turned to talk to Cody, the only other person she knew in the room.

"God, I've only been here what, ten or fifteen minutes and I all ready can't stand that guy," Abby told Cody who chuckled.

"Abs, his dad is on the school board and donated a lot of money to the school; just like your father and my father," Cody said as he doodled on the cover of one of his notebooks.

Abby rolled her eyes and looked around the classroom and noticed a cute guy sitting just diagonally from her. She looked him over from his brown hair to his cute body. She looked over at Cody again before looking at the guy.

"Codes, who's that?" she asked, pointing to the guy she's been looking at.

"Who? Oh, him? That's Evan, he's pretty cool. Why? You want to meet him?" Cody asked with a grin, knowing it would drive Ted crazy if she started to date Evan. "Evan! Come here, man."

Evan turned around to see who had shouted at him before getting up and walking over to the table. He did some manly handshake with Cody before he looked at Abby.

"Hello, I'm Evan Bourne and you are?" He asked with a grin as he too looked her over. "You look familiar though. Vaguely familiar."

"I'm Abigale DiBiase but you can call me Abby," Abby said sticking her hand out for him to shake in which he did.

"Ted's little sister, he's talked about you before," Evan said as he pulled a chair up and sat down on it, backwards. "You're way cuter than he mentioned."

"That's because he didn't tell you what she looked like, Evan; Ted didn't want people to know what she looked like," Cody said as he shoved his notebook in his bag. "What do you have next? Business? Good, you can take Abby with you to that class."

Evan smiled warmly at Abby and she blushed and looked away while Randy watched on with a jealous feeling in the pit of his stomache. The bell rang to go to first hour and he watched as Evan held out his hand for Abby to take and then another surge of jealousy ran through his body as he saw Abby take his hand. Oh he had a plan.