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Male Order Bride

chapter 1

His eyes watched over the white screen as a blue box came up. Yes. No. Instructions. Save. He clicked yes and was quickly taken to another page. It showed several people, different ages, different genders and nationalities. His eyes scrolled down the screen. Skimming through biographies, along with their prices and what they came along with. Drugs, toys, what they could do, their stats. A few pages in, he was quite flattered with someone he saw. A blond haired boy.

50.9kg, 166cm, Blood type B, blond hair, blue eyes…

He moved the mouse again, clicking on the buy box that came up.

"He's gonna regret messing with me…" He chuckled, leaning back into his chair as he grabbed his mug. "Gonna regret so fucking badly."

Three week later

His dark eyes opened hazily as he awoke to the sound of a loud buzzing from the downstairs call box. Someone had been at the door and he didn't care a damn for it.

He slowly moved out of his bed, naked, pulling over his clothes. He hadn't a clue of what had happened last night. He only remembered there was a party and he was there, and his brother was there…and there were some other people who he couldn't remember. Oh yeah, his birthday party. "Did I fucking sleep with the stripper or something?" He threw something over to the corner that wasn't his–he just wanted to get to the infuriating call box and rip out its vocal chords. Sighing, he pulled on his pants, and groggily walking out of his room.

Finding it too early to be up, he growled when he reached the door. Five in the morning, give or take a few minutes. He was so used to waking up later than this. Opening the door, he watched the man at the entrance, standing in his brown and tan delivery outfit. He had a smile on his face.

"Are you…Uchiha…Sasuke?" He read the name with uncertainty

He nodded, moving out of the way so the man could roll in a large box which read, Fragile.

"I didn't order anything…" He still examined in the box, large enough to fit a refrigerator.

"Well, it's in your name."

Sasuke sighed, grabbing the electric board from the deliveryman. "The elevator is over there; put it in the door next to the set of stairs."

The deliveryman nodded as he rolled the large box off, letting the owner do what he wanted to in the privacy of his own house. Even he wanted to know what was inside of the box. He usually never had such a large box, with such a lightweight inside.

Sasuke sighed, moving to the kitchen to grab a black mug with a matching coffee pot on the counter. He poured the coffee into his cup in a waverley fashion (still quite tired and wanting to sleep again). It didn't take him long to cook some vegetables before watching the man who headed once upstairs, come back down to grab his boards, the metal cart; and leave.

"What the fuck was that about?" He grumbled to himself, moving to a cabinet to grab a small black bowl to put the vegetables in, a pair of chopsticks he left in the bowl, and his coffee.

Quickly he headed up stairs, looking at the box that took up the space in front of his desk. He took a breath, moving to put down his food on his end table. He wondered how he would open this. It was fragile, and he hadn't had a clue what made it that way. He decided to grab at some of the tape, and then began to rip at the cardboard with his hands. Not bothering to find his box cutter. He wanted to get it done much fast. His curiosity killed him.

When he pulled off the cardboard, he gave an infuriating sound. Under the cardboard, was a wooden box that Sasuke kicked angrily, hurting his foot in the process of being barefoot. He then went to his closet, searching for a box of tools he remembered he had gotten a while back from his housemaid (and never gave back). Pulling out a crowbar, he came back to the box with sigh, pushing it on the top, and yanking it down.

And in a quick swift, it was opened.

Sasuke looked away to move the box piece into the hallway, then shifted the box away from the door. He hadn't even looked inside yet. Well, that was until what was in the box fell on top of him.

It was warm…the skin that touched his chest. And it was really nice, the sudden heartbeat that slowly was in pace with his. He didn't want to move, but he did. He pushed whatever fell on him, off.

"W-what the hell?!" He was astounded, mortified, baffled. He had no words at all for what he saw as he stood up. A young boy, naked, beautiful in any case. But laying on his bedroom floor, because he fell out of a box. A box! What the hell was he doing in there anyway?

Sasuke watched the boy, groaning slightly, opening his blue eyes slightly. He said nothing as he laid there, watching as the man moved about erratically. He first grabbed the other package inside of the box, and then threw the wooden box out into the hallway with the other part.

"Who the hell? What the hell are you doing in there?" He shut his door when he entered, watching the boy who had gotten up, wavering and shifting around in his place as if he could fall over any second. He still didn't say a word. "Aren't you going to say something? Like, tell me your name? Why you were in there?"Sasuke huffed, moving over to where he set the other package, and opened it. A few papers on top, he removed them and read them aloud.

"Thank you loyal customer for buying one of our newest members of our district, Lucky Charms. Where only the luckiest can order and be served by some of our most obedient servants. This boy can do many things, and being brought at such a high price, is certain to please…"

Sasuke stopped reading, and looked down into the box. Toys. Sex toys. It made him shiver. Made him wish he knew what was going on. Among the toys was a small container of pills, with a paper to show which was which, and their effects. Turning back to the boy, who was half-asleep while sitting up.

He then turned back to the papers. There was a sheet of the information about the boy, then a receipt at the bottom. It read the boys name. Naruto.


He had slept for three days. Three long days that Sasuke had to sleep on the couch, worrying about the boy. He hadn't said a word, didn't even decide to get up and talk to the strange man. The blond must have known why he was here though. And when he did wake up, hot and bothered, the only suggestion was if he wanted something to eat, and if he needed a bath.

"Are you okay?" Sasuke was calm now, or so becoming that way. He had set the boy downstairs on the couch with a bowl of ramen. He still looked tired and frail.


"Why aren't you talking to me?" He put his hand on the boys shoulder and he turned away. "Look at me, damn it." He turned him back forcefully.

"I-I'm sorry…master…" He turned back, away to his food.

"What?!" He turned him back.

"I'm sorry!"

"Why are you sorry? I'm not your master…what's wrong with you?"

"No, you are. You own me now." He put down the bowl. "That's why I'm here. Cause you bought me."

"I didn't buy anything."

"Then I wouldn't be here…"

"Look, I'm sending you back. That's it. I have to get the number and you're going back to where you came." Sasuke got up angrily, grabbing the phone book. He knew they would be in there, under the same name. Just a different ad. Maybe they were a dating site now.

"You can't do that." Naruto got up, grabbing his owners hand. "Once I'm here, you either can have your way with me…or…send me back after thirty days."

He looked up at the boy. Confused and turned on. He was adorable, but he didn't want to own such a thing. It wasn't right. Why on earth would someone sell people for a living?

He shut the book and put it down on the table; grabbing the boy's hips and pulling him back down onto the couch. "So…what am I supposed to do with you? I already have a maid."

"Well, as long as you don't…enter…" Naruto's hands were on his owner's shirt, pulling at the buttons that were left on it. "I was sent to please…you know…"