You some times I love where my job takes me and working alone and for my father just makes it so much more fun. Exceptionally when I get to mess with the Volturi and kill someone at the same time. I really do like my life, it is perfect just the way it is, my father Charlie tells me I should try to find a mate. Pft what for so he can drag me down, so I can get emotionally attached to someone, I am an assassin for Christ's sake I mean the first rule I was taught was never get emotionally attached, so why my father one of the most powerful vampires on the face of the earth would suggest something so idiotic was beyond me, maybe he is going insane with old age. Oh well he had a good run helped take over Germany with Hitler, that was fun I hated when it ended but oh well just like every normal stupid pathetic human just as Hitler was about to get everything he went insane. Pft serves him right, that man really was an idiot and not to mention the fact that didn't have the stomach for it hence the reason he went insane.

Umm… I guess you guys are wondering who I am well my name is Isabella Marie Swan and I am a vampire. I was changed when I was seventeen by my father because he couldn't stand to see me grow older. That man only loved me and my mother Renee other than that he didn't pay attention to anyone and when Aro tested him by killing Renee…well lets just say it was not a good year for the Volturi, but very fun for me oh you should have seen the look on Aro's face when I snapped his mates neck right in front of the whole Volturi it was priceless, oh and then when my father and I turned his city to dust right before his very eyes ah I really did love messing with those idiots. When are they going to get that they can't own anything they want what a joke. Anyway I have been trained as an assassin my whole life since I was even human. I have killed too many vampires to count and have gone down in history as indestructible; though it is true they could have come up with something better. You see I can't die ever, it is very amusing to see people try and one time I even let the Volturi 'kill' me just so I could see there shocked faces when I pulled myself together from ash. It was hilarious, my father wanted to kill the Volturi a lot of times and I mean a lot but then again Charlie really does have a short temper and also really hates the Volturi, but I just love messing with them it's so fun, seeing Aro get so mad that his eyes turn completely black, you have no idea how many times I have exposed myself as a vampire, though I have to wait a couple decades for humans to 'pretend' we don't exist. Humans really are stupid and weak two things I hate they have all these feelings that make them even weaker. I telling people that feelings are pointless, but hey if they want to be weak and pathetic fine with me.

Anyway what was I talking about…oh yeah me? Not my favorite subject but if you insist okay well I am an ancient... who though Aro, Caius, and Marcus were the only ancients. Ha! Yeah right there are eight including me. Aro, Caius, Marcus, Myself, Charles but I call him Charlie or dad, Castor no not the guy that is in control of Cuba, Annaline my best friend the only person in the world I care about except for Charlie but sadly for him I like Annaline more, and Langston I like her she is very like well me almost but she has feelings and that is what makes her weaker than me. Well most of the ancients have powers of coarse but only Annaline, Charlie, Langston and I have control over all powers. Now when I say this I don't mean all powers, they are broken into one group and then three smaller groups of powers. Lets start with the most powerful group, the power over the mind which is what I have what makes it so powerful is that you have the power over everything basically the power over the mind allows me to manipulate anything I want, like the elements or the weather, almost anything in the world.

My dad Charlie has the power over elements only changing basically anything with the elements what make that so strong is he can destroy the world if he wanted to, that is something I cant do sure I can open up the earth and through some vampires in but I cant bring forth the lava from inside and cover the earth to start all over basically to only people who would survive it is Charlie, Myself, Annaline, and Langston. Mostly because fire or lava doesn't bother us we don't feel it.

Anyway Annaline has something similar to mine but she can only inflict mental and physical pain and blink to places, so basically she has Flex's power and Jane's power times fifty. I haven't felt it but I have done it to lots of people before and they didn't look like they were having fun, but Annaline has a power I don't have and it is something that totally doesn't fit with anything, so how she has it I have no idea she has to power to either heal a broken heart or soul and rip it apart or give someone a soul and a soul is basically a curse well that's how I look at it, I mean I do I can curse someone make them human again as a freak, but I rarely do that, what's the point it's so much easier to kill them not to mention the warm fuzzy feeling I get inside when I kill someone, haha did you really believe that psh warm and fuzzy yeah right.

Now on to Langston she is really a devil this one, if anyone wouldn't have a soul it would be her, oh wait that was before she found her mater and blah blah blah, anyway she has the power to kill, to basically turn people to dust or rip them apart molecule by molecule, she can always awaken powers that have been asleep, basically gifting people but everybody has a power inside them it's just the matter whether it awaken but a strong and powerful emotion or event or if Langston awakens it, Langston also has something that I don't have something I haven't seen since my mom died, she can let someone see your past life and show anyone there past and there future but not like I can no she sees your whole future till the day you die and can change it anyway she likes, well all future's except mine and Annaline.

Langston and Annaline are my best friends they are older than me yes by a hundred years, but it doesn't feel like it, I do shamely admit to having loving feelings for them and would kill anyone who hurt them as they would for me and that does make me weak in some ways but it is a very small love so it doesn't really effect me.

So now you know my background your probably wondering why I am about to walk right into sunlight, in Volterra. Well first I am on a job and second my five decades are up and I can finally walk into sunlight and third well I really want the Volturi guards to come running after whoever has disobeyed there wonderful leader, just so they can see who it is and forth oh well I just miss my dear old friend Aro and I think a surprise visit will be just lovely, right. Right so that is why I am now currently walking through the streets of Volterra to Aiden Covington's house he is my target, why? Well I didn't ask and quite frankly I don't really care what he did to piss off my dad, but he did something.

I reached and old red brink house and kicked down the door not bothering to knock most likely he would try to shut the door and run at the sight of me, one of the bad things about be known as death and the best assassin to ever walk on earth is that I don't get to have as much fun as I use to everybody already knows me and I miss the cocky attitudes I use to get from my targets oh well.

I stepped inside and said "Oh Aiden darling." He didn't answer though I could sense him hiding in a closet up stairs, typical.

I sighed and ran up stairs I opened the closet and he tried to run I slammed him into the wall making his body imprint on it. "Hello Aiden my name is Isabella Swan and I will be your executioner today." He flinched and stiffened fear running through his everywhere, ugh how gross I hate fear, it's disgusting and the weakest emotion there is. "Please Aiden have some pride and cover up your fear, it's making me sick."

"I-I'm sorry, p-p-please." He whimpered.

"Ugh begging how pathetic." I said bored already and then light him on fire, I heard him screamed and said "Just isn't how it use to be anymore." I sighed and walked down stairs.

I walked out into the sun and people froze in place staring, I smiled as I passed them, I wonder how long it would take for-

"Miss, you need to come with us now." Demetri said from behind me and I grinned finally, the fun begins hopefully I get at least one fight out of this, my target was weak and pathetic didn't even put up a fight I scoffed.

"Miss." Flex said this time and put a hand on my shoulder, oh big mistake. I grabbed his hand and flipped him over to the ground Demetri went to tackle me when I side stepped him and tripped him, Demetri never did pay attention to his surrounding's still had be back toward Jane and I felt her power touch my shield there was no way it would actually work and I laughed at her angry expression

They froze when they heard my laugh and I heard Jane hiss and say "What the hell are you doing here freak."

"Oh big mistake." I said and then Jane crumpled to the ground screaming in agony, you I had Jane's power just multiplied by about hundred.

I laughed when I heard Flex say "Stop it Isabella." He sounded pathetic. I just turned up the pain and Jane let out a blood curdling scream that made me laugh and Flex and Demetri flinch.

"God Flex have some balls you sound pathetic, hasn't Marcus taught you anything." I said and smiled sweetly at them only to laugh when I heard another blood curdling scream and then turned to Jane who was pulling out coble stones and turning then to dust. I grinned and said "Okay this is boring, time to go see my beloved friends." Then I released Jane who was sobbing, that made me break out laughing harder.

Jane whimpered but I think she was going for a hiss she was just in so much pain that it turned out to be a whimper, it was getting pathetic now I mean I had gone through it and with Langston's power and Jane's and I was still standing after, sure it was painful but I sucked it up. I looked down at Jane and said "Oh suck it up Jane, geez has Marcus taught you guys nothing, glad I didn't learn from him or I would be as weak as Aro."

"How dar-

I flashed a glare at Demetri and then jumped it the air and kicked it back into the wall he landed in a very shocked and scared ladies living room and I said "I swear you would think people would get smarter with old age. Oh well off to see Aro."