I walked out of first period and to second hoping Edward wouldn't be there. I breathed deeply, crossed my fingers and turned out my hope was in vein; as soon as I breathed in I smelt his sweet, sweet smell. I breathed deeply again and heard someone do the same. I turned to knob to the class room and then breathed again and walked in. I walked straight toward the teacher who saw me imminently and thought 'Wow she's hot; I wonder if I gave her a detention would she give me something in return.' I growled in annoyance and heard a growl out of anger I smiled slightly and breathed deeply once I breathed in his scent I instantly relaxed and continued walking his thoughts for us this evening where graphic and I heard a growl again and I looked over at Edward and smiled slightly, his whole body relaxed and he gazed into my eyes until I was rudely interrupted by the teachers thought again, god this guy was disgusting I cringed and heard a growl.

"Do you mind?" I snapped.

"Oh yeah here, you'll be sitting next to Mike Newton." The teacher said and then checked me out. Perv.

"Ugh." I said and walked down the asiel to sit next to Mike who was grinning ear to ear. I sat down and looked over to Edward who was growling.

"Hey Bells, mind if I call you that." 'Good nickname when she over at my house I can use that...'

I balled my hands into fists and said through clenched teeth "Yes I mind Mike."

'God she's even hotter when she's mad I wonder how good she is in bed…'

I rubbed my temples and heard Edward growl and glare at Mike like he wanted to rip his throat out, he was clenching the table so hard I thought it would break. I laughed and Edward's eyes softened at the sound and looked to me. I smiled slightly and nodded then turned my attention to the teacher.

I felt a paper slide across the floor, I smiled and picked it up then heard Mike's gross thought 'She has a tattoo that even hotter I can't wait till I get her in my bed…' God his mind was graphic I heard Edward growl again and I smiled and opened the note.

You don't look too happy.


I smiled and looked up at him. He was still glared at Mike who was thinking about us in bed as if. I was safe to stare at him for a little bit. God he was beautiful wasn't he his eyes even black with fury is hot. His muscles are perfect and his hair is messy but perfect, he was wearing a black V-neck T-shirt and dark blue jeans with a gray jacket over it. Man he is gorgeous who am I kidding I would have never been able to stay away from him.

I didn't realize how long I was staring at him until Mike thought 'Man she's been staring at Cullen for days.'

His eyes snapped to mine and I smiled slightly then I opened the note again and wrote.

Would you be with Mike Newton's graphic thoughts in your head.


I slide it across the floor and he picked it up and read it he growled again and wrote something on it, I was staring at him when someone tapped my shoulder and said "Hey Bells I was wondering if you would go out-

"My name is not Bells Mike that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard and no." I snapped at him then picked up the note off the ground and smelt it. I relaxed at his scent and closed my eyes then I opened them to find a very curious gorgeous vampire staring at me I smiled slightly and opened the note

I could always ask to teacher to switch partners I don't have anyone sitting with me.


I smiled at it and felt him staring at me I looked over to him and gasped slightly he had a breath taking gorgeous crocked smile on his face and I felt my whole body melt. I was dazzled for the first time in my life I was completely dazzled by someone. Oh but his smile was so beautiful it make everything around it except the owner look plain and dull. He was staring in my eyes for something and I then I felt a tap on my shoulder I cringed and growled.

I turned and said "What Mike."

'Oh if only I could just take her away to a broom closet anything it doesn't matter where in this class room even.'

"What do you want Mike." I snapped and Edward hissed like he was any moment going to punch on Mike.

"I wanted you to go on-

"Mike how many-

"A date with me." He finished and I clenched my jaw and dug my nails into my hand I hissed to low for humans to hear, I was losing control.

"Bella?" I heard a velvety soft voice rap around me like satin and I relaxed and unclenched my jaw and turned to look at Edward who looked just like me, only surprisingly worse.

"Edward its okay don't worry focus on your work or you will fail." I teased to low for human ears. At the sound of my voice his whole body relaxed but glared daggers at Mike who flinched. I scoffed "Wimp."

Edward burst out laughing and I was lost in the sound I sighed slightly so no one would notice but Edward did and looked at me I quickly diverted my attention to the note and wrote.

If I don't I will kill Mike, how are you doing you look like you want to rip his throat out.


I slide the note back and Edward smelt it quickly but I saw him smell it. I breathed in and then I mentally slipped myself and told myself love makes you weak don't go there you shouldn't have said that why did you say that. I laid my head on my desk and closed my eyes in the direction of Edward because I didn't want to look at Mike. I felt eyes on my both in front and behind me than I felt a hand slide down my arms I snapped open my eyes and they were white with fury. Edward hissed but then saw my eyes and went soft.

"Bella it will hurt him if you'd like." He said trying to get me to laugh I instantly relaxed at his voice and my flickered back light blue and then I laughed a little until I felt Mikes finger on me again and heard Edward hiss.

I shot up and glared daggers at Mike who flinched but grinned and I whispered so no one but my, Edward and Mike would here me "Mike if you ever touch me again I will hurt you very badly." The threat in my voice cut threw Mike I felt his fear of my but also his lust his fear made me want to gag. "That's it." I said loud enough so that everyone could here I was pissed and was trying very hard to control my eye color.

I stood up grabbed my bag and walked to the teachers desk. There was no way I was going to spend the next half hour next to Mike Newton when I had my soul mate right next to me. Damn it I'm suppose to be ignoring him oh well I would rather not ignore him than sit with Mike I just might snap his neck.

"Yes Bella." The teacher said checking me out 'Maybe she likes me.' God was everybody a pervert here I growled out of fury and heard Edward growl. Everybody was watching me and I know they will be shocked as to what comes out of my mouth next.

"Umm… I was thinking if it wouldn't be too much trouble could I maybe move to Edward Cullen's table, Mike makes me uncomfortable." I whispered the last part and everybody gasped at what I was asking all the girls were thinking.

'What a slut.'

'I can't believe she might sit with Edward Cullen.'

All the guys were thinking.

'Damn lucky Cullen all the girls like him.'

'I will have her she's just playing hard to get, she'll be in my bed at the end of the week tops, then she'll be begging to sit on top of me.'

Edward hissed viciously at that and I growled and waited for the answer.

"Since it seems you are just as smart as Mr. Cullen maybe smarter I don't she it as a problem, would you like to sit there for the rest of the year." He said and I heard Edward chuckle at the smart thing, I smiled slightly trying not to get lost in Edwards voice.

"Yes thank you." I said and made my way to a smiling Edward, to say that the girls hated me now would be an understatement, the loathed me but I could care less, I was sitting with my angle now. No! Stop it don't think about him like that close you eyes and lay your head on the table. Don't look at him he is not your angle. Love is weakness. So many things were screaming in my head but the loudest was to one saying go ahead who cares so you love someone do you really want to be alone all your life. He is your twin soul you can't just ignore that it is calling your towards him.

I breathed in and sat down and shut my eyes then laid my head on the table. I was in bliss until Mike Newton had to ruin it again.

'She'll be mine, she will be, by the end of the week she'll be mine.'

"Do you think Carlisle would care a lot if I killed him?" I whispered my eyes white and looking into Edwards black ones. Wow black and white I guess that proves it were meant to be together we are twin souls. Oh come on Bella your basing love on eyes your worse than your father.

"Yes." He said and I sighed and closed my eyes, breathing in his scent I opened my eyes and they were light blue again I was completely calm, at peace.

"Guess I couldn't wait till tomorrow." I said and smiled slightly.

"I'm glad." He said still staring into my eyes. Oh yeah this was a mistake. Oh just kiss him you know you want to. No! I will not love this gorgeous man. Ugh I never had two voices in my head telling me what to do before now.

"Mike Newton is such an annoying human." I growled.

'Umm…I wonder have good Bella will be in bed, I can't wait till I tell my friends.'

"I could kill your friends in one of your heartbeats." I growled fuming.

"Bella may I ask you something." Edward's voice sang to me.

Oh crap what could he want. I searched to find his mind. Nothing. I didn't here a single thought has that always been like that. I snapped my eyes opened put my hands on his face imminently and I felt him freeze I looked into his eyes searching for his mind. Nothing. How is that even possible?

"Ugh!" I groaned annoyed and dropped my hands to the table.

'She better keep her hands off my boy friend.'

I snapped my head in the direction of a girl name Lauren and growled. She didn't here so I glared daggers at her and she flinched and moved her seat father away from me. Good you should be scared you little bitch. Since when have I been so possessive of something that isn't even mine? I laid my head on my desk and breathed in Edwards scent then closed my eyes and internally sighed of happiness. Like I would ever tell him that I am still fighting that and I will win by the end of the week I will no longer like Edward Cullen. I don't care if we are twin souls or whatever that shit is I don't like anyone I don't fall in love it's a weakness and Isabella Marie Swan has no weaknesses.

"Bella?" He said my name like a question but I melted away forgot totally everything I was thinking about I stopped breathing and then I could think clearly. This is going to be much harder.

"Bella may I ask you something." Edward whispered and it sent an electric shock through my body. Oh god don't make me answer him. I can't do this I'm not… Don't you dare think that Isabella Swan you are strong enough you can fight this he isn't so great just don't breath around him or look at him and you'll be fine. Great now I am going crazy I have voices in my head and I am talking to myself wonderful Isabella what next delusions. Just then I got a vision I saw Edward and I kissing we were in his bedroom wow it is really gorgeous in here I mean just how I would have my bedroom and all those CDs, focus I was mad before I could feel it but now all I want is… Oh no this is so not going to happen I am not in LOVE.

"Bella." Edward said my name again and I melted he sounded worried now.

Ugh I opened my eyes, lifted my head and then I opened my mouth to speak but the bell rang. Yes I grinned and ran out the door before anyone else could. Yes I know I was being weak and pathetic but I can't talk to him or see him or I will crack. I took a deep breath to steady myself and then headed toward Chemistry. Hopefully Edward wasn't in this class.

I walked to the door and breathed okay no Edward. I breathed a sigh of relief and walked towards the teacher's desk another male. Great. But to my surprise all he was thinking about was his wife and having sex with her and not me. I grinned and breathed another sigh of relief I walked towards the lab table and nobody was there I took the set to the aisle and pulled out my I-pod and played my own piece of work from the piano with me singing. Okay so normally I don't listen to my own tracks but I liked this one because it meant a lot to me I wrote it right after I snapped with Carlisle a couple hundred years back. I was focusing on the lyrics when I smelt the most heavenly scent ever. Oh great there goes my wonderful class.

'Oh good Bella in here I can look at her all period and think about the near future.'

"Ugh." I groaned and I heard my Edward growl. My Edward no not my Edward not at all. Don't sit by my, don't sit by me, don't sit by me and what does he do ladies and gentleman he sits by me great.

"Bella." Edward said.

I turned my music up and then flipped my head the other way. Wow that hurt a lot I wonder how much it will hurt to stay away from him. Oh god that hurt just thinking about it. Okay breath no wait don't breathe sing, hum do something predictive other than breathing or talking. So for the rest of the class I sung my song too low for human ears of course, but Edward could here it and I felt his eyes on my. Okay relax Bella your fine just one more minute, this period was unbearably long and next was lunch that better go fast.

The bell rang and I was out of my seat faster than anyone else here. I walked fast my I-pod still in my ears blasting and walked into the cafeteria and saw the Cullen's all looking at me smiling. I smiled sadly and grabbed a lemonade and chicken sandwich from the line and walked outside. I actually felt bad for not going over and sitting with the Cullen's and felt even worse when Edward came in his face bright and then saw were I was sitting, his face when he saw me sent excoriating pain through me and I just kept staring out at the woods. Hoping this day would end so I can go and track Victoria. I really needed to kill something. The bell to lunch rang and walked towards my next class which was P.E which is fine because I am great at sports, but today I got to sit out. I noticed that Rose, Emmett, Jasper and Alice were in this class. All the Cullen's except Edward I looked over to them and breathed a sigh of relief and then plunged in my earphones and listened to my song. As soon as I pressed play and the song started all the Cullen's looked at me dazed. Was my singing really that great, I never noticed? I shrugged it off and closed my eyes thinking of killing Victoria. That put an evil grin on myself and felt my body tremble with excitement for the kill. Maybe she will fight at least oh I have to ask Charlie if the other guy put up a fight I bet he did, being a black belt in all. It's so like him to get to good ones; I haven't had a good fight in a long time.

As soon as P.E was over I raced out of Gym and walked deathly slow in human pace to the woods. I got out a little earlier because I didn't have to dress out today so as soon as I got in the forest I took off to find Victoria.