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First it was seconds, then minutes, and after that it slowly became days, weeks, months, and then... a year. Jack Harkett sat on the docks; feet slung over the edge and hung dangling above the cold night water. He did this every night, nothing new. He didn't know why, but he enjoyed the docks at night. It was so peaceful. The nice cool breeze was the best part of it all. It calmed the young boy.

But sadly, his calmness died down when he felt someone watching him, sending a shiver up his spine.

He looked over his shoulder quickly, but didn't see anything. He then decided to shrug it off and quickly forgot about that strange feeling. Then he felt it again. This time when he turned his head he came face to face with a boy the same age as him. Jack was startled and jumped, almost falling into the calm smooth water.

"Shesh, mate! You startled me Ben!" The street boy yelled and quickly stood up. His friend, Benedict Cole was staring at him with sadness sin his eyes. Jack noticed this, "What's wrong?"

Ben spoke, sadness being the only emotion in it, "You ran away. How come? I thought you liked it living with me and Emily. Uncle Edwin even enjoys you being around!" He grabbed Jack's thin short sleeve brown shirt and brought him closer, "We love you like you're one of us, a Cole!"

The Harkett boy just looked to the ground, but then he slapped Ben's hands away. He looked back into Ben's eyes and spoke, "But I'm not a Cole. I'm a Harkett. I grew up on the streets, I have the mind of a person on the streets, and I do not like being bossed around for no reason. I didn't grow up with it and I'm not ending my life with it." It hurt Jack to say those words, but it was true. This boy wasn't going to ruin his life dealing with bossy adults.

A hurt expression grew on Ben's face. This was his best friend. His sisters first love. The boy who risked his life by pretending to give up and go to Camazotz side just a year ago, but instead destroyed the vampire god before He Who Walks by Darkness turned the world dark and full of blood lust vampires. Jack Harkett was the reason this world wasn't destroyed, but with the help of Emily and Ben.

Jack started to walk away, but Ben stopped him, "Please, Jack. Just come back. I'll talk to everyone about it!"

Jack just chuckled, "Listen, mate. I'll be seeing you around." Then he quickly disappeared in the darkness, leaving Benedict alone on the docks in the dark night.

Jack ran in a small sprint, easily going around large objects, jumping over things on the ground, or ducking from something above. He was slow after spending a while with the Cole's, for he gained a little weight. His long hair stuck to his face as the sweat became a stick substance on his pale skin. Usually he wouldn't sweat like this, but everything changed once he met those Cole's.

I'm sorry… Jack thought to himself as he came to a stop. His old home stood in front of him, a small shed near the forest. It was very small, but it was home for Jack. The boy reached for the door, taking a few steps in the process, but just then something caught Jack's eyes before he reached the handle to open his small home that he hasn't been around for about a year and a half, maybe more.

He whipped around and looked around, "Hello?" No answer. He shrugged and continued to his hell house, but then something stood at a nearby tree. Jack looked at the thing, confusion everywhere on his face. The cloaked figure was camouflaged by the darkness, but Jack knew what that thing was. A red glare came shooting from the things eyes, aiming straight for Jack. Jack shuddered at the sight. It scared him deeply.

Camazotz?! Jack shouted in his head, but it was more of a question then a statement. The thing then disappeared in a blink of an eye. Jack couldn't understand what he just saw. Was that… No! We killed him! I killed him! I saw him die with all the other crazed vampires! But… could he have lived? Jack didn't understand anything anymore. He entered the small shed and threw himself onto his cold hard bed

The Harkett boy gazed at the roof for very long time thinking. It could have been a man that was crying or something… right? But those eyes...they weren't blood shot from crying…

Jack couldn't sleep that night, not just from coldness or the hardness of his old bed, but from shock and confusion.

The night slowly went by and Jack found himself wondering the streets once again, but not in a sprint this time. A yell was heard from a distance, "Jack! Where are you?" Jack turned his head to see a girl with a long dress on that almost touched the ground and long beautiful hair flung behind her as she ran. He remembered her being a tomboy, but in that dress the tomboy disappeared and it was all girly.

The girl stopped and took in deep breaths, "Jack! I finally found you! We have a problem!" She grabbed his hand in hers and with a great amount of strength started to drag the poor boy in the direction of the Cole's household. Jack sighed.

"Emily, let go." Jack said, but the girl didn't even look at him. His first day away from any rules and now he has to be dragged back to them… His voice rose as anger shot threw him. "Emily! Let go of me!" The girl stopped and looked at him with a hurt face. He just yelled at her. She looked down at her feet, but then glared at Jack.

"Jack, you have to come with us! Now! He's back!"

Jack shook his head and it was his turn to glare at her. No, that thing was gone. He was defeated in London, lived, and then defeated in Mexico. He knew it! But then again… Camazotz was a god. He shook the thoughts away.

"No Emily! He can't be! I defeated him back in Mexico!" The girl even more at him. Fear replaced the anger as she shakily pointed to something in the darkness. Jack feared what he was going to see, but turned his head to look.

"If he's not alive, then who is that?!"

There, in the darkness, were red eyes. They stared back at the two kids and glared. It read DEATH. It confused the Harkett boy when he noticed the eyes on him. Then it hit him like a ton of bricks… Camazotz wasn't going to die until he ended Jack's life. It was all Jack's fault. If the poor boy would have never met Ben then he would be controlling the world right now. He was here, for revenge.

I LOVE THESE BOOKS! Every time in the book the Cole's (Plus Edwin) asked Jack if he wanted to join them I always had a feeling that I wanted Jack to say no. So this is a year after joining them. Jack is the coolest, but I know Ben helped as well as smart Emily and 'So called dead' Edwin.