Edwin yawned as he read the daily newspaper that he received every few days. He forgot to read it and since it was around 1am he decided to begin reading it. Just to pass the time. It was quiet and that was new. Usually Jack or Ben would be snoring loudly, but instead you could only hear the clock tick back and forth. He actually enjoyed the peace. No Ben yelling for him to wake Jack, no Jack whining about the last piece of toast, no Emily saying something unlady like about boys, and more.

The guy then got a feeling in his stomach. It was weird. Like he should be getting ready for something important, but after a few minutes it died down and he shrugged it off. Edwin then jumped when he heard the door swing open and slam shut. Edwin shot up from his seat and ran to the main room to see who was there. He gasped when he felt arms around him. He looked down to see Emily holding tightly onto him, not wanting to let go. His night shirt, which was white, began to feel wet as he noticed the girl crying.

Ben then opened the door and closed it shut. He had an angry expression as he stomped up to Edwin and yelled, "Did you know Camazotz was back?!" Edwin let out a small gasp. Camazotz? He placed his hands around Emily to give her a small hug, but never looked away from Ben. Ben continued, "Jack ran a way last night after you went to bed. I ran to talk to him and came back, but then saw the bats. I thought they were normal, but…" Ben looked towards the window, "I saw someone die. Like before, when Camazotz was around. Emily had already left to get Jack. Then…"

Edwin narrowed his eyes and looked down at Emily and noticed the many scratched on her, and then notice them on Ben. He was shocked when Emily spoke up through her sobs, "They took Jack! Uncle Edwin! Jack's gone!"

The man's heart skipped a beat. Jack was gone? The Harkett boy couldn't be gone! He was like a son to Edwin and losing a family member wasn't acceptable. But… if Camazotz was behind all of this then they were all in trouble. There was one question though. What do they do and where do they begin?


"Let go of me!" screamed the only Harkett boy. He looked around, eyes wide. He was held down by two vampires, but he didn't care much of their appearance. He could barely see anyways. The kid bit down on his lip when he felt something sharp press into his skin and he yelled in pain. After being able to free his arm, he pushed the creature of the night away. 'One down… two more bites to go.' Jack thought to himself.

A chuckle was heard as Camazotz, while in some random person's body, walked into the dim light. His face was in a wicked smirk and it freaked Jack out, but he wouldn't show the fear. Nothing was heard as it was quiet through where ever they were at. The only thing that could be heard was the movement of two vampires as they began to tie the Harkett boy's arms and legs down. He wasn't going anywhere soon.

He could feel the hard wood under him, probably a table to some kind. He pulled his arms, but they didn't get far. The rope tightened and began to cut through his skin causing him to bleed. Camazotz just smirked more, but still, no words.

The boy glared at the creature. "Why would you want to turn me? Huh? Why not just kill me! I could still defeat you!" Camazotz has a thinking face on as he walked around the table the Harkett boy was tired up to. Then he stopped and chuckled.

"I guess killing you would be a lot easier then turning you, but then again, buts the fun in that?"

Another sharp pain went through Jack's arm and he groaned in pain, not wanting the vampires to actually see the amount of pain they were dealing.

The boy was expecting more pain to come, but it never came. Actually, the pain went away and only left a constant sting where the ropes have been. All was quiet, but Jack knew that this was just a test. A game. He took this chance to run.

Jack knew all too well that he was playing the game, and the only winner would be Camazotz. He didn't want to, but this was the only chance he had. He had a chance to escape. He needs just a speck of light. Any kind of light, as long as it could get rid of the creatures of the night.

But Jack knew all too well.

There would be no light for a while.

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