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Yori: Yusei is so cool!

A girl typed to her friend with whom she was chatting.

Lil'butterfly: I haven't really watched Yugioh 5d's but I think I might start. So, he's your new crush?

The girl even though she knew no one could see her face still blushed as she wrote her reply.

Yori: it's embarrassing! I mean, I'm already 19 and I still have crushes with anime guys. *sighs* Can't help it though because he really is like my ideal guy. I wish he was real or better yet that I could live in that world. It'd be awesome! ^-^

She normally wouldn't admit it but this was her friend who liked anime as much as she did. She was someone who she could trust and also someone who understood her.

Lil'butterfly: I know what you mean. I used to have a crush on the Pharaoh and trashed Tea. I really hated her.

Yori: I didn't hate her. I actually wished they ended up together although I also had a bit of a crush on him. That's why I think it's weird because my feelings for Yusei are different. I actually don't want any girl get close to him! I feel jealous. That's why I hate Aki so much. I used to like her at the beginning but after she got close to Yusei I no longer like her.

Lil'butterfly: Same as me. Well, it's late so see you.

Yori: G'night, Aiko.

The girl stretched and looked at the clock at the right corner of the screen. 12:33 AM it read. She yawned and began to shut down the computer.

'I have to work tomorrow.' She groaned. 'Better go to bed now.'

She lay in bed and recalled the conversation with her friend Aiko. 'I really wish I could live in the same world as Yusei and be someone who's close to him. I want to be his friend too.' She thought as she drifted into slumber.

It flies through the dusk sky…the mystifying store, Dream Shoppe. They say any dream can be made true…in exchange for something dear to you.

She opened her eyes and found herself in front of a house floating the middle of the sky. "Where am I?" She asked to no one as she reclined over the door of the store as feared she might have fallen when she freaked out this place was floating in mid-air.

"ooh! A customer!" a small voice said behind her. She turned around immediately almost as if it was a reflex and saw that the door of the building was now opened.

"Who… where are you?" She said feeling confused.

"Down here, down here!" exclaimed the little voice. "My name is Alpha!"

The girl looked down and saw a bunny stuff animal. It was cute and surely she would have thought so too if it weren't for the fact that it was moving and talking to her! She became pale and stared at it completely paralyzed.

"Welcome to Kira Yume Dream Shopped," said a gentle voice behind the door. "I'll grant your wish…" a young woman appeared in the doorway. "For a price" she smiled.

The girl was surprised the person before her was wearing strange but pretty clothes and her hair as her as cherries.

"I'm the Shopped owner, Rin." The young woman who was wearinga a long robe and a matching orange hat, introduced herself. "What is your wish?" Rin asked as she let the girl go inside the store as Alpha tried to push her in.

The question sort of surprised her. "You'll grant me a wish?" She asked confused. 'I must be dreaming. Yes, this is surely a dream then…' she convinced herself this was not real. "I want to go the world of the anime I like to watch, Yugioh 5Ds. I want to be able to meet my favorite character Yusei Fudo and if possible…" she trailed off feeling shy. "I want to be someone important to him." She added in a small voice.

Alpha jumped into the girl's shoulder. "Do you like this Yusei guy then?" The bunny asked knowing already the answer.

The girl blushed despite her efforts to hide it. "I…I do." She admitted reluctantly.

Rin had stepped away from them as she was trying to look for something. She frowned. "Your wish," Rin called Cindy's attention. "Could you repeat it, please?"

"I wish to go to the world of Yusei so I could meet him and be someone important to him." Cindy said.

Rin turned around facing her. "I'm afraid I cannot grant your wish." The woman said with a somewhat sad expression. "However, I can send you to that world, where it'd be as if you have always been there. Chances are that one of your friends there might know him and you will eventually meet him. Do you want to try that?"

"Yes," she said without a second thought.

"I must warn you," Rin said. "You will have to pay a price that will be equal to your wish. Are you still sure you want to go?" Rin asked one more time.

Cindy nodded. "Yes, because I really want to meet Yusei."

"Very well, then in exchange I'll take something at the end of your journey. You have six months to find a way to go back to your world on you own, if you do that I won't take anything. Do we have a deal?"

"If I find a way to go back to my world I won't have to pay the price but if I don't find the way to go back, what is going to happen?" Cindy asked, not really scare of the consequence just with feelings of uncertainty.

"If you wish as strongly as you did now to go to that world then you'll probably come back here. Otherwise you might stay trapped there, permanently. Nevertheless I will go visit you in six months, if you have find a way to go back but have not use it I will not take anything in return. If you haven't then I'll ask you whether or not you want to go back depending on your answer I may or may not take my payment at that time." Rin replied. "Do we have a deal then?"


Rin took a pink star-shaped magic staff from one of the stands. She murmured an incantation and a magic circle appeared underneath Cindy. "Girl, what's your purpose to meet that person?" she asked before sending the girl who was taken by surprised and didn't have the chance to answer Rin's question.

Everything was spinning around her, so fast it was like flashes of lights; a strong wind pulling her. 'What's my purpose?' She thought as she felt herself falling.

Chapter 1: Yori

The girl opened her eyes slowly. The light in the room felt painful and her entire body felt heavy. She groaned. Her head was throbbing painfully and that annoying beeping sound didn't help at all.

"Where am I?" she asked herself as her sight became lucid.

A woman entered the room, she was wearing white the girl could tell but her vision was slightly blurry. That was normal though because she didn't have her glasses on. As the woman got closer she noticed by her clothes that she was a nurse.

'Did I have an accident?' she thought. "Excuse me," The girl said her voice sounding slightly hoarse as if she hasn't spoken in a long time. "Where am I?"

The woman looked surprised and suppressed a gasped before she ran out of the room. A moment later the nurse came back accompanied by a doctor and another nurse.

"Where am I?" The girl asked again as the doctor proceeded to check her. The doctor opened one of her eyes and used a light which bothered her.

"You're in Domino Hospital. You were brought here after the car accident you had," the doctor looked at the history of his patient "Miss Yori."

'Yori? That's the same name as the one I picked as a nickname.' The girl thought.

"Yori," a woman rushed into the room and hugged the girl as she cried. She was followed by a man in suit who also hugged her.

The girl 'Yori' felt uncomfortable being hugged by these two strangers.

"Who are you?" she asked timidly. "Why are you hugging me?"

The woman who looked around her early forties gasped before she began sobbing.

"Doctor…?" the man, who Yori presumed to be the woman's husband, asked with a tone of concern.

The girl felt confused. Her body felt as if she hadn't move in a very long time, too.

"It seems she has amnesia. During the accident she did hit her head after all so this is the side effect." The doctor explained.

"Will she recover her memories, doctor?" The woman who was still crying asked.

"Hmm." The doctor looked extremely serious. "I'm afraid is hard to say. We'll have to run a few tests first. It is possible it is only temporary but…I'm not going to lie there is also the possibility she won't recover them. The best you can do is let her live her life like usual. That would probably help her." He explained.

'I do remember everything. I am not from this world but I can't say that. I guess I'll have to play along. That's my best option.' Yori thought as the doctor explained about her amnesia.

"So, who are they?" Yori asked though she already had a guess those people were 'her parents.'

"I'm your mom, Mizuki." The woman forced herself to smile. Yori couldn't help but feel a little sorry for her. "This is my husband and your father, Akio."

Yori felt awkward to say the least not to mention a bit sad.

"Would it be okay if I were to rest a bit?" She said after a moment of silence and discomfort.

"Yes, indeed. We should let her rest a bit before we start running some tests. If everything is fine then you'll be able to go home." The doctor said.

Everyone in the room was leaving when Yori talked again.

"Um," the doctor and 'her parents' stopped on their tracks and turned around. "How long have I been sleeping? My body feels as if I haven't moved in a long time." She tried to explained and felt rather timid.

"You have been in a coma for about four months." The doctor answered. "It certainly is a miracle you have wakened up."

Mizuki was about to start sobbing again and Akio swiftly took her away. Seeing them together like that and their reactions when she woke up it made her realize that parents really love their children. It also made her realized that she was being selfish when she made that wish because she never thought about her family for a second. They were going to be worry for sure. At first when she was making her wish she had thought that if she liked that world and got used to it then she would remain there. Now, she knew that her time here would have a limit because she had to go back no matter what. Whether or not it would take the six months as agreed was up to luck since she didn't have a clue as how to get back to her own world.

'I guess I can worry about that later for now, I'll enjoy my time here… at least for a little while.' She thought. 'If I can meet Yusei, that'll make me really happy.'

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