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Chapter 28: A lost card

A few days had passed since the whole kidnapping incident. Ren had properly apologized to his little sister's friends; after Yori had given him the silent treatment along with Misato. Yori had told the older girl what he had done. Knowing those two, Yori was sure that if anyone could open his eyes and knock some sense into him was Misa. After all, her older brother had been in love with Misato since they were kids and vice versa. They just weren't aware of each other feelings and that suited Sayori's agenda just fine; for now, at least.

They were at the guy's garage hanging out. Only Rua and Ruka were missing as they had to study for their upcoming tests. Wait. Wasn't that the reason why Aki had dragged her here too?

"So, tomorrow we are starting the quarter finals," Aki said to the guys talking about the Ranking Tournament. "And the final duel will probably be after two and visitors can come too."

Yori sighed.

"-Right, Yori?" Aki said as she looked at her.

"Sorry. What did you say?" Yori asked her, she was still out of it.

"The tournament?" Aki repeated to her.

Yori looked at her confused for a moment before she understood. "Right, the ranking tournament starts tomorrow." She said absent-mindedly.

"Yori, the tournament started yesterday." Aki stated. "You haven't lost a single duel yet, right?" she asked unsurely.

Yori thought for a moment. "I…" she shook her hand. "No, I have not. I will not lose that easily, even if I am not concentrating." She wasn't looking at anyone. "You should know that Aki." she turned to her friend and smiled, finally coming back to reality.

"Not paying attention during a duel is disgraceful." Jack said with a huff. "You are disrespecting the duel and your opponent."

Yori looked at Jack with a blank expression. He was sitting on the chair they had by the stairs.

"Surprisingly, I agree with him." Said Crow. "That is kinda rude."

"Forgive me but it is not that I do it on purpose. I just cannot concentrate. Not on anything." She sighed again.

"What the matter?" Yusei asked looking up from Aki's physics homework. Aki looked at her sympathetically as she put a hand on her shoulder.

Yori's phone rang and she immediately stood up to answer it. "Misa-chan!" she exclaimed. Her eyes widen with whatever the older girl told her and she sighed in relief.

The guys, including Aki, watched her curiously.

"He knows too?" Yori said worriedly. "Misa-chan, can you buy me some time? Just one hour. I will get it this time." She waited for an answer for a few seconds but she started walking towards the door. "You are the best! Good luck!"

"Uh, Yori?" Aki said confused.

"Sorry, I have to go. Aki, if Ren asks for me, could you cover for me?" She did not even give any of the guys or Aki herself a chance to reply. "Later!" She was out and the guys completely bewildered.

"I'm beginning to think that is normal for her." Crow said and went back to his business.

"She left her bag." Yusei said as he noticed it.

"I guess she will come back later then." Aki replied, still confused about what just happened but shrugged it off.


The door opened abruptly, almost startling Yusei who was now working on some program on his computer.

"Yori…" he noticed. "What's the matter?" he asked as he saw her fumed.

She was wearing different clothes from before. She had left wearing her school uniform and now was wearing her usual clothes: jeans, a gray vest, a black strapless shirt, black glove and her boots.

She let out a sigh as she tried to calm down. "I met an idiot who thought he was a hero." She said as she looked around for her bag.

Yusei pointed towards the chair she had been previously sitting about an hour ago.

"Thank you, Yusei." She said as she took her bag and sat down. "I apologize for barging in like that."

Yusei nodded in an assuring manner. "So, what happened?" he asked, not particularly curious. He just felt she wanted to talk to him about it but she hadn't made up her mind yet.

She looked at him and then away. "…I lost the card. I failed." She said in a low voice.

"You went hunting for one of those cards?" he said slightly surprised. "I thought you weren't doing that anymore. Ren told you not to put yourself in danger."

She stood up and gave him a lot. "It is my job, Yusei." She said looking away from him pouting. "Also, that card was the first card from the Naturia series my mom created for me." She said a bit sadly. "Of course, dealing real damage was never part of what my mom wanted."

Yusei sat on the shirt across from where she was and motioned her to sit down, which she did. "So, what are you going to do? Can't you track it again?"

"The thing is we can't track the cards. They are one of a kind so their serial number is not up for tracking. Misato managed to track the guy who used it before. We have been tracking that card for three years." She explained still feeling frustrated. "That guy is sneaky! So, finally I had managed to surprise him at the docks. He challenged me to a duel and of course I beat him and then…"

The man was lying around on the floor after a powerful attack from Amazoness Queen which had wiped out his life points. Sayori had finally used her sense after a very long time and for the first time she had managed to control their destructive force. The strong hit had been enough to send him down to the ground but if she had not been able to control it as before her coma, he would have been unconscious.

"I won, now give me that card. That was our deal." She glared down at sneaky thief.

"Like hell, I will! Crazy b****!" He took a knife and slashed her as he got to his feet. He was tall and a bit bulky, which was bad for her.

Sayori dodged his attack and easily knocked out the knife out of his hand and grabbed it.

"You are a thousand years too early to try and pull that off, baldy!" she said mockingly as she pointed the knife towards him and use it to corner him between some metal containers.

"Hey!" A voice came from above after a loud metallic thump sound. "What do you think you are doing?"

It was a conditioned reflex to look up. There stood a young man with silvery, long hair. Unfortunately it gave the older man the distraction he needed to unarm her. The man took the knife again, "Stay there, girly. You," he pointed with the knife to the other guy who unwillingly helped him. "Come down."

"What's going on?" The silver-haired man asked confused.

"You are letting a thief escape that is what is happening!" Sayori glared him.

"You know, miss, if it wasn't for you I would have never known how truly valuable this card was." From his pocket he took out a Synchro-monster and showed it to her, Naturia Barkion. "Now, I will be rich thanks to this baby!" He kissed the card.

Sayori took that second to kick his hand and disarm him once again. She tried to get the card but the other man stopped her.

"You'll get hurt!" the young man tried to reason with her as he hold her.

"The only one getting hurt will be you if you do not let me go!" She screamed as she struggled.

The older man who had also dropped off the card picked it up and started to run away.

"He is escaping!" she was panicking. "Get off me, old man!" she said as she pushed the guy off him and dashed after the guy.

The unwilling accomplice hit his head when she pushed him off of her. He rubbed it and stood up. Realizing what he had done he decided to try and help her and followed after them.

After a few minutes, the whole dock was aware there were unauthorized people there. Security came and created even more confusion. Amid it all, Yori once again managed to catch the guy; she was so close of getting the card when a Security caught them. The man was fugitive and got caught and she had no choice but to escape from there.

"And I had him, I had finally caught him!" Yori groaned and growled as she couldn't bring herself to use any cursed words. "And the thing is the card is missing." She put her hand down the table and started hitting herself against it, lightly. "Ren is going to be mad."

Yusei made a soft noise as he looked sympathetically. "What if it fell during the chase?" he thought out loud. "Any chance you might find it?"

"I had not thought of that" she looked up instantly, brightening up a bit. She then groaned again. "But I believe it will be harder to look because they are probably more vigilant." She stood up. "I will just face music and come up with a plan." Yusei stood up too.

"I'll help." Yusei offered.

Sayori smiled amiably. "I appreciate the gesture, Yusei." She gave him a quick hug. Yusei froze for a moment completely taken by surprise. "However, I cannot allow you to accompany me. It is my problem but thank you for hearing me out. It helped calm me down." She started making her way up the ramp and towards the door. I will keep you inform on how things go."

Yusei nodded. "Good luck."

"Thank you, I will need it." She said and as she was about to exit someone blocked her way.

The man standing before her was tall and because of the setting sun, his face was dark to see. His clothes looked familiar however.

"It's you." The man said as he looked down at her. She was forced to take a step back to let him in.

"Kiryu, you're back." Yusei said as he saw him.

Sayori looked the man who was standing next to her, then Yusei and back. "You know this…guy?" she was skeptical.

"You know this kid?" Kiryu asked as he pointed at her and then walked down the ramp.

"I am not a kid!" she whined behind him. "I am eighteen." She informed him slightly annoyed. "Old man." She added trying to tick him off.

Kiryu Kyosuke gave her a half-sided look and smirked.

"So, I guess he is the one who-"

"Yes, Yusei, he is the idiot who let the thief get away!" she could no longer hold it in.

"It wasn't on purpose," Kiryu finally turned to look at her directly. "I thought it was the other way around. You were the one holding a knife."

"So, what? It was none of your business." She glared at him and poked him in his chest.

"I saw someone who seemed to need help and tried to help. Sorry, I know I messed up but I can't just let anyone who is in danger alone." He grabbed her wrist and held it as he looked at her glaring at him.

"Because of you I lost a very important card!" she raised her hand, ready to hit him but he held her other wrist.

"Yori, calm down." Yusei said patiently as he watched them. "Kiryu, let her go."

Kiryu did as Yusei said and Yori turned on her heels fuming, once again.

"You mean this?" From his jacket Kiryu procured the Synchro monster she had been looking for.

She immediately turned around and snatched the card from his hand. She admired it, felt the texture of it and brought to the light as if she was looking for something on its background. She sighed in relief. "It really is the original Naturia Barkion." She smiled to herself.

"You're welcome," Kiryu said.

She looked at him as she put the card in her card holder. "If you are expecting any gratitude from me, I would suggest you do not hold your breath. I could have gotten it without any trouble if not for you." She narrowed her eyes at him. She kicked him on the shin, hard, which made him squint as she headed toward the door.

"I will see you tomorrow, Yusei. Thank you for everything." With that she left.

"She hates me." Kiryu smirked as if he had made a major accomplishment. Though he could feel the throbbing pain.

Yusei chuckled. "That card was just really important to her." He explained.

"How did you meet such a feisty girl? I think that if it wasn't because you were here she would've killed me, man." The long haired young adult chuckled.

Yusei made a soft noise like a chuckle or snort. "Maybe." He shrugged. "She was just really worried about it. Yori is usually a nice girl. I'll get you some ice."

"Thanks." Kiryu said as he sat down and pulled up his pants. "Nice girl, huh?" he murmured to himself, it was really red, as expected.


Ren gave Yori a lecture for disobeying him but in the end, he couldn't stay mad at her. He understood her motive and this time she swore she wouldn't do anything like that again. Misato also promised not to do something like that behind his back.

Now, the tournament at Duel Academy was underway. The semifinal was taking place and it was a big turn out, with the school stadium completely full. Ren, Yusei, Jack, Crow, and even Kiryu, who had nothing better to do had gone to watch. Ralph and Aki were currently sitting with them as they had just finished their duel. Aki had won and she was moving on to the final.

"Everybody listen!" the MC said through the microphone. "The second before last duel of this tournament is going to begin! Presenting, a duelist with a strong determination and who so far has kept her game one step ahead all others…Yui Mishima!"

The crowd was roaring and cheering, they were so eager to see the duel and the girl was also popular among her peers. She walked out on the arena and wave as she took her place on the stadium.

"And now… presenting a real prodigy of duel monsters, the Princess of Duels, the girl who has defeated all her opponents without losing a single life point so far in this tournament; and current number one duelist….Sayori Tenma!"

Yori walked out to the arena and stood a few feet in front of Mishima, ready for the duel and ignoring all the people watching. She took a few deep breaths slowly so no one would see how nervous she really was.

"Ok, it's time. Duelist, please activate your duel-disks." The MC with the crazy hair instructed them and they both did.

"Duel!" Mishima and Yori said to each other as they started.

"I'll start with this!" Mishima said as she picked a card from her hand and showed Blizzard Dragon as she summoned it to the field. Next, I use the spell card, Double Summon and summon Delta Flyer!" Mishima smirked. "I will now use Delta Flyer's effect and increase Blizzard Dragon's level by one! Now, merge and create a new destructive force, I Synchro-summon, Crimson Blade!"

The tall machine-like knight monster appeared and the crowd cheered as that monster was Mishima's ace.

"I place three face-downs and end my turn." Mishima smirked. "Your turn, princess." She said in a spiteful voice.

Yori sighed and didn't react to the remark. "I draw!" she looked at her hand as she decided what to do. "First I use Giant Trunade to return your face downs to your hand." Yori said as she as did aforementioned action.

"I activate Dark Bribe!" Mishima's flipped down card stood on the field.

Yori added a card from her deck to her hand: Megamorph. "Now, from my hand I activate Lightning Vortex!" she sent her Dandylion to the graveyard.

"No, you do not! I activate Solemn Judgment by paying half of my life point." Her life points went down to 2000.

"And that's two." Yori muttered to herself and was not able to stop a smirk forming on her lips. "From the graveyard, Dandylion's effect activates and allows me to special summon two fluff token in defense mode to my field."

The tokens materialized in her field. "I will now remove Giant Trunade from the game in order to activate Spell Striker's effect and special summon it in attack mode." She took her spell card and put it in a different compartment of her duel-disk.

"Now, Chaos-End Master takes the field!" The angel-like creature appeared in attack mode.

Mishima clenched her fist and then look at her monsters. 'No need to worry. Crimson Blader has twenty-eight hundred attack points, it won't be destroyed so easy. I should survive to my next turn. Yes…' she reassured herself.

"From my hand I activate the equip card, Black Pendant and equip it to Chaos." The pendant appeared on her monster's neck and raised it attack point to 2000. "I will now tune Chaos with Spell Striker and one token Fluff!" as the three monster join for the Synchro summon, Black Pendant is destroyed and sent to the graveyard. "Awaken from your slumber and come forth, my guardian, Ancient Sacred Wyvern!"

The giant wyvern manifested itself on the field and glowed as its attack points went from 2100 to 4100. "Since Black Pendant was destroyed, you take five-hundred points of damage" Yori pointed out as Mishima's life point decreased to 1500 and Ancient Sacred Wyvern rose another five hundred points.

Mishima became pale. She knew it was coming and she couldn't stop it. It was over.

"Ancient Sacred Wyvern attack Crimson Blader! Holy smite!" The markings on its long body started glowing, it opened its mouth and from it a bright beam of light covered the monster. Mishima braced herself for the attack by putting her arms in front of her. She expected a hard hit but she only felt a light breeze as her life points depleted to zero.

"And the winner is Miss Tenma! With a One-Turn-Kill, once again showing us why she is the top duelist of this school!" said the referee into the microphone.

The audience was quiet except for Yori's brother who was calling her out. After a second, all the cheers and yelling and shouts began as well as claps for such a good, yet short duel.

"Now," said the MC. "We will take a break for lunch and be back in half an hour!"

Yori proceeded to leave the arena and Mishima followed soon after. As she was going to reunite with her friends she stopped as she heard the girl behind her.

"Wait!" called Mishima as she looked at her rival with a confused look. "You didn't use your sense. Why? You would never pass up a time to use it and humiliate me."

Yori turned around. "That was never my intention. I just never knew how not to use it." She replied with her back still turned.

"When we were kids you didn't use it." Mishima pressed on.

"When we were kids, I did not know how to use it. After I learned, I never knew how to stop." Sayori said sadly. "If that is all, I will take my leave."

Mishima did not stop her as she had said what she wanted to say to her.

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