So I have once again started a new story…

I should stop but I can't…

This story just won't stop or shut up…

So I present to you my newest story…

I hope you like it!

Before I forget italics are Sasuke's flashbacks of Hinata.

Chapter 1: She's gone

I, Sasuke "The Great" Uchiha am an idiot.

Just wanted to put it out there…

I should've noticed when it started to happen, when the only girl I ever loved started to fall in love with another guy.

Hinata Hyuga (is how I'll always know her! I don't accept her husband's last name!), has always been a part of my life since…I don't know forever?

I took her for granted because she was always just there. I mean I never even imagined she would leave me for another guy. Sure I never told her how I felt, hell, I didn't even really realize it until she was gone.

I never even thought how it would feel without her in my life. Even now that she is married she's a part of my life…not how I envisioned but she's still here.

That is until now…

I open the door at around midnight to see a police officer on the other side of the door.

Wait, what did I do?

Nothing, I'm sure of it!

No wait there was this one time when I did that to that one chick…no she wouldn't report me because of that…after all it isn't illegal.

"Sasuke is it okay for me to come in?" the officer asks, I look out and notice the rain.

"Sure," I say. He comes in as soon as I step away from the door. He takes off his hat. Wait, I know him from high school. "Shikamaru?" I ask surprised.

"Yeah…" the look on his face makes my stomach clench then drop. "Sasuke I regret to inform you…" he chokes on his words, I keep my eyes on him. He suddenly looks up into my eyes; I notice the pity he's feeling towards me. "I r-regret t-to inform you-u that Hinata and Naruto Uzumaki have died…I thought I should tell you since all three of you were so close…" he rushes out.

My already dark world suddenly becomes cold and silent.

Nothing comes out of my frozen lips.

What? I look up at a crying Shikamaru, I can't…no…this can't…

This is just a cruel joke! I just saw them this afternoon!

"I'm sorry…" Shikamaru says.

I keep my eyes on him and focus them on him. If I don't…I'll imagine her smiling face. Why is Shikamaru crying, why aren't I shedding tears? What kind of…

Hinata the only girl I loved…the one I let get away is gone…for good…

It wasn't enough for Naruto to take her from me but now he's killed her…

"The kids are being held at the police station, they were there in the car when…" Shikamaru stops suddenly I sense his eyes on me but I can't focus on him. I can't even think…

My world is gone…I have no reason to go on…

"Their grandparents are on vacation do you have a number where I could reach them?" what was he going to say before?

"When…" I pause feeling my tongue become thick, my mouth is dry. "When did they die? What time?" I ask.

"The corner on scene said around five pm," he confesses, "the children stayed in the car the whole time…they didn't…they don't understand…" Shikamaru can't continue.

"You guys got to the accident scene at what time?" I ask growing angry.

"…" he looks down at my carpeted floor, I wait feeling my anger boil in me. "Ten at night…" he admits.

I don't say anything; I can tell Shikamaru feels like shit, I can see it plain as day.

"They were traveling to their home in the country, the loser takes the back road that no one but the locals know of. You couldn't have known. I just thought she forgot to call me to tell me they were there. I should've known or felt something!" I stop myself from going on.

Putting the blame on me or Shikamaru or even the loser won't bring me Hinata back.

I loved Hinata but why didn't I feel anything? Fuck! I need to sit down. I close my eyes and see Hinata's face I open them suddenly.

"Was it…" I pause swallowing down my salvia, "did they die…instantly?" I ask finally feeling my tears gather in my eyes. Shikamaru doesn't look up he keeps his head bent down. I hear him gasp, I watch as he sways for a bit.

"Wh-when we found them Hinata was holding onto Naruto's hand…I went to make sure…she was still…still…" he gasps for air, "…warm…" he admits to me. I step back she was… "If I got there ten minutes earlier I could've…she would still…

…so disfigured…kids traumatized…unable…" his words are jumbled up. The hot tears fall quickly as I try to pay attention but I can't. "Naruto…instant…Hinata survived...died …on…kids… dead…" I can't keep up with Shikamaru's voice.

I don't want to know anymore but I listen as he continues. I don't…I can't…

"…haven't talked…the kids…no words…don't eat…" he suddenly says. "Minato only said your name then he never spoke, Hana just hides behind her twin brother."

I never got along with their kids because I don't like kids.

Hana always seemed scared of me and Minato was so much like his father that I couldn't stand him.

I don't care for them, not like how I loved Hinata; after all they only carry half of her blood the other half belongs to the idiot who stole Hinata from me.

I shouldn't see them. I wouldn't know what to say.

Shikamaru glances up at me and utters the question I shouldn't answer.

"Would you like to see the twins?"

Before I was known as Sasuke and Hinata, I had a singular name that didn't go with any other.

I was just plain: Sasuke "The Great" even as a kid I was known as The Great.

"I don't remember when we became friends," I confess to my only good friend Hinata.

I look over at her she's in our high school uniform, her long hair is loose and she grabs it with both hands so that it won't fly onto her face.

"What? How could you not? It was so memorable!" she says to me in that sweet-soft voice.

Hinata never gets mad; she never raises her voice or anything.

Hinata is just…nice…yeah that's Hinata.

"I can't…" I confess with a smile as she tries to glare at me but doesn't succeed.

She suddenly lets go of her hair to hold down her short skirt so that I won't see her underwear.

"What I do remember is me seeing bunny underwear!" I suddenly say, I can see her blush between her flying hairs.

"S-shut u-up!" she says softly.

"OI! Hinata what are you doing up there?" I hear the voice of her friend: Naruto. I see her blush deepen. I watch her closely.

"Nothing!" she shouts down at him. Wow, she could be loud. How come she's never raised her voice at me?

"Come down I have that DVD you wanted to borrow!" he says then laughs. "I never imagined you liked anime!"

My eyebrow goes up in question, I didn't either.

"Shut up! Everyone could hear you idiot!" she shouts down.

"OH, I know where you can find that figure you saw in my room!" he says, my jaw drops.

"You've been to his house?" I shout.

"Who's up there with you?" Naruto asks at the same time.

"Yeah," she admits to me. She gives me her back and runs to the door. Leaving me behind for the first time without looking back, she always asked me if I wanted to come with her. I just stare at her as she escapes into the staircase that leads back into the school building.

I think that was the first step for her, the very first stage of her leaving me behind, I realize that now. I walk into the office that Shikamaru pointed towards.

When I open the door I find it empty. I don't see the twins anywhere. I was about to leave after my initial look over but then I heard something. I look at the small closet in the corner. I walk to it and open the door. I only see jackets in here but as I look at the bottom part of the closet I see two small figures there. I look away from them, they're huddled together and they both have their mother's eyes.

I noticed the fear they have glaze their eyes over.

They have dead looking eyes…like a part of them died tonight.

I was about to say something but Hana throws herself at me. I take in a breath, Minato has always had to set an example and come to me first before Hana did…

I then look over at Minato's eyes, they seem older…haunted…they are just different then this afternoon…

"Hana was asking for you," he tells me with tears in his eyes. He bends his head down on his knees as he crouches down and cries by himself…

"Look Sasuke at your God kids!" Hinata tells me as she holds onto both of her newborn kids. "A boy and a girl, they are so cute…" she whispers crying as she looks at one then the other.

She should be holding our kids…

"Where's the idiot?" I ask looking around her private hospital room.

"Naruto fainted, he's in another room resting," she tells me as she fights against her fluttering eyelids that threaten to close.

"Shouldn't you rest?" I ask concerned.

"Nah, I'm too happy to sleep. Here hold Hana," she says handing off her daughter to me. "Don't flirt with her; she won't fall for your charms!" Hinata says shaking her head trying to keep fighting against her sleepiness.

"You are the only one who wouldn't fall for me," I force out in a teasing tone.

"Liar, I fell hard but you never noticed," she admits with a yawn.

I look down at the closed eyed baby, almost as if sensing my foul mood she starts to wail loudly. I feel my ear drums pop.

"See…" Hinata whispers, "my Hana can see through you…" she says before drifting off.

"Here, let me take them," I hear Sakura say. "They should be checked over once more, Hinata needs her rest." I stay even after Sakura said I should leave. I watch as Hinata sleeps soundly.

"I loved you…" I hear Hinata mutter, "You never did…" I walk out then. I softly close the door behind me.

I didI do