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Chapter 6: What Sasuke Wishes

"Do you two have your lunches with you?" I ask the twins.

"Yes!" they shout.

"We're going to be late," I murmur to myself as I hear the kids rush past me and run to the car. It's become a really bad habit. I let the kids sleep in and they always get ready late. I'm too busy not messing up their lunches to focus on them and hurry them alone. "We'll eat in the car," I announce to the empty house, as I take some fruit in plastic containers and some French toast on plates.

"Sasuke, you have to stop letting us sleep in," I hear Hana say with her mouth full of strawberries.

I don't say anything. I hear them at night screaming out and crying in their sleep. They still have nightmares about the night their parents died. I know I should let them see someone about this but I've been avoiding the issue. I can't explain why but I feel that with time they'll get over it. I feel that I should be the one that cures them of what they are scared of.

I've read that it's always better to talk about what is happening with kids instead of hiding it or holding it in. I'll have a talk with them tonight. It needs to be out in the open, they need to let out their feelings.

"What's your new excuse today?" Minato questions me as he takes a bite of French toast.

"There is no excuse, just the truth," I explain Minato. I pull up to the school's parking lot and find a semi-angry Sakura-sensei waiting for us. I get out of the car to help Hana and Minato out of their seat belts. I'm really just doing it to think of an excuse to give to Sakura.

"Good morning, Haruno-sensei," both kids say and they walk to her.

"Good morning, Hana and Minato go on to class I need to speak with your guardian for a bit," she says in a tight and sort of high voice. I bend down to kiss each child on their cheek and I look at Minato as he whispers good luck and Hana looks worried. I smile at both of them and direct my eyes at Sakura.

"Good morning-" she cuts me off before I could continue.

"Don't think you can sweet talk your way out of this one!" she shouts, "I've been very lenient with you because of the circumstances but you've brought them in tardy all last week and this week too. It isn't acceptable Sasuke-" it's my turn to cut her off.

"They are having nightmares, I hear them scream and cry…" I tell her the truth. She is the first person I'm talking to about this.

"It's expected after what they went through. It's best if you see a specialist about this," Sakura softens her tone.

"I don't want them to suffer more than they have to. They've already talked to so many strangers it won't be good for them," I say more to myself than to Sakura.

I hear her sigh and she rubs the back of her neck with her palms.

"I'll trust your judgment for now, since Hinata and Naruto trusted you with their most precious treasures. If it continues you have to take them to a specialist do you understand?" I give her a small nod. "But, please stop being late. If you're late tomorrow then I might just have to beat some sense into you," she says, a frightening smile appearing on her mouth and she waves good-bye.

I go into my car and make the half hour drive to work. I should change their schools but I'd feel bad about doing that to them. They've been at this school since the start so to change that might not be good for them mentally.

Today is the last day I have to report to work from tomorrow on I'll work from home and work online sending everything to Itachi through a secure network that was set up at the house. Knowing Ino, she probably prepared a good-bye party for me. I sigh, mentally preparing myself for it.

"Sasuke it's good to have you here with us tonight," Hiashi Hyuga says as I enter behind Hinata and Naruto. He ignores the fact that Naruto is there with his daughter and focuses on me. I turn my gaze to Hinata and she avoids looking at me. This is why she wanted me to come.

"It's nice of you all to invite me to a family dinner. Thank you," I reply taking a seat next to him and in front of Hinata. Hanabi says hello to me and Naruto and their mother walks in followed by some Hyuga clansmen. I look over at Hinata who keeps her eyes on Naruto and doesn't look away from him. He's not looking at her, he's just looking around at all the people around him they ignore him.

I've learned that it's best to act as if nothing is going on in this household. It's always better to act ignorant with her family then acknowledge that they are being assholes. It's the same with my family, it's best to ignore everything and live however I want.

Everyone sits down and even Neji is invited this time and he sits next to Naruto. They greet each other and Naruto happily smiles at Neji as they speak to one another. I watch Hinata as she lets out a shaky breath. I notice her shoulders shaking as she looks down at the table. Why is she this nervous?

"What news do you bring us?" Hiashi questions his wife who he hasn't seen in years as if she is an employee at his household.

"There is a man worthy of marrying into the household. He requires that Hinata go now in order to train with his family so that she could become worthy of marrying into his family," she starts off not even caring that Naruto is sitting there.

"The whole point was that he would come over here and run the business not the other way around," Hiashi shouts spilling his sake.

"What is going on?" Naruto asks the people around but they all avoid looking at him. He stares at me waiting for me to answer him.

"Hinata's potential marriage partner is being decided," I answer Naruto, his eyes grow huge.

"Do you want this Hinata?" he asks her right away and she still avoids looking at him.

"It's not what I want but what the clan decides," her hallow voice replies easily.

"That's stupid!" Naruto shouts angrily. With that she looks up at him, her eyes glisten with un-fallen tears.

"You will shut up!" Hiashi roars angrily. "You have nothing to say in this meeting. I just let you in because you are play thing to Hinata, nothing more. Do you think I want my worthless daughter marry you? The disgrace of this village? I only let my idiotic daughter stay with you for now. Don't you even think for a minute that you have a chance with this weak and pathetic girl. Why was she even born to me? It's your fault!" he yells at his wife throwing angry glares at her. His wife says nothing as she stares at him defiantly.

"As always I'm to blame but you have done nothing wrong am I correct?" she questions him angrily. No one speaks up. No one even looks up. The only one who doesn't get this is Naruto who is watching the both of them with rage.

"Yes, you are to blame for giving me this failure of a daughter. She fails at everything. She can't even walk straight or stand up straight! She can't think for herself, or speak up for herself, she can't even argue! What kind of parent wants this pathetic daughter?" I watch Hinata as she visibly flinches almost as if she's getting hit physically and is just standing there letting the blows connect to her small body. She even looks like she's making herself smaller to avoid the hateful and appalling words.

I'm used to this. After dinner Hinata is going to lock herself in her room and sob her eyes out. I can't do anything about it. This is the life she was born into and she can't fight it. It's her destiny to live through this until she is able to get out. And the only way out is marrying the man her family orders her to.

But the most surprising thing happens, Naruto yells so loudly everyone has to stare at him in awe.

"YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!" his voice roars so loudly that I feel I lost my hearing. "Don't talk about Hinata like that! You have no idea how awesome your daughter is! She is a wonderful person who is better than you! She doesn't deserve this treatment! She needs love and understand and all you do here is yell at her for being this person you accuse her of!" everyone is too stunned to speak, his face is contorted to reflect the fury he feels. He's even breathing quickly. His glare turns to me. "How could you just sit there silently? Don't you love Hinata? How many times have you just silently sat there as this asshole speaks to her like that?" he accuses me the disgust in his eyes is directed at me. I want to explain that it is best that we act as if nothing is wrong but at the moment words escape me. I can't give that shitty excuse.

"I'm taking her away," Naruto announces to everyone. "You can't stop me. Hinata deserves to be loved and she'll get that at my house. She doesn't have to live here anymore and if any of you come looking for her it better be to beg for forgiveness. Hinata is a strong woman who has wonderful dreams and you fuckers don't get to ruin that for her!" He pushes his chair back and reaches his hand out to Hinata. She doesn't hesitate to take it. But she looks over at me finally making eye contact.

In those eyes I can see…she wanted me to stick up for her just like Naruto did. She's wanted me to speak up against her father ever since the first time I ever came to dinner. She wanted me to do that and if I did she would've chosen me and not Naruto. It leaves me in tears as she walks away with Naruto next to her. I feel everyone watch me but I ignore their inquisitive stares. I stand up and leave crying in sorrow.

That is all it would've taken…

"SASUKE!" I flinch and stare at Ino surprised to find her in my office. "I've been calling out to you for the last minute! Come to the break room we are having a small party for you, jerk!"

"Wasn't it supposed to be a surprise?" I question her as I remove my suit jacket and leave it on my chair. I walk behind her.

"No, you aren't that special plus you'll be coming to the office once in a while so there doesn't need to be such a big fuss for you," she replies angrily. I'm not sure what I've done to piss her off but it seems like it was something serious. I walk into the break room to only find a handful of people there. "No, one wanted to come because they don't like you," so that's why she's mad. Her party didn't go as planned so she's taking out her anger on me. I smile and greet everyone thanking them.

After eating some cake I leave. I have no need to stay in the office. I say good-bye to Ino and thank her for the party.

"You should come over to see the kids," I find myself telling her. Ino's eyes grow huge with wonder.

"I'm married, Uchiha," she replies quickly.

"Stupid, I'm inviting you and your husband so that you two can come and see how the twins are doing," I reply easily. She nods and says she'll call me to confirm when they'll be able to go. I say good-bye once more and walk out of the office. It feels like I'll never step into the offices anymore.

I've just been thinking about Hinata this whole time. Why couldn't I have been this dedicated when she was still alive?

"You have unfulfilled wishes," a strange pale man says as he stands outside the office building. "Uchiha Sasuke, I've been called here by you," he says as he lifts up his head and I notice his reptile like skin and eyes. I step back fearfully and continue walking away. "You wish to go back to when Hinata was alive," that stops me and I stand absolutely still yet I find myself whirling around to face him. "I told you that you called me here. Uchiha Sasuke do you wish to change the present?" he asks me as he takes slow and deliberately small steps towards me.